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Family Guy

Awesome Show! But...
Okay, "Family Guy" is one of the most remarkable, hilarious shows of all times. It uses jokes that reference, history, pop culture, and it even has (sometimes funny) toilet humor. The May 1st episode is no exception. However... Seth MacFarlane should consider rethinking what he chooses to satire. I think that religion and politics have no place in "Family Guy" (other than the occasional reference). Past episodes of "Family Guy" have not had quite so many political and religious puns as did the May 1st episode. It is a no-brainer that Seth MacFarlane is a democrat/liberal. However, he should realize that "Family Guy" is watched by millions of people, some that are Catholic and yes some that are republican. While the May 1st episode was not TOO offensive, I could see him turning this amazing series into the unfunny mess that "American Dad" is. MacFarlane should realize that approximately 80% of American people are Christian and HOW much money did "Passion of the Christ" make? Also, half (or more than half) of America is republican and that includes a lot of his viewers. His whole comeback is based on whether he can gain viewership and if he keeps doing this he may notice a decline in Nielsen ratings. I hope that he sticks with the hilarious pop culture references and funny jokes that have nothing to do with politics and religion and leaves that spoofing to his piece of trash..."American Dad"

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Rarely is it that we are graced with such an odd series that seems like such a painfully stupid idea that works so well. Aqua Teen Hunger Force details the lives of three roommates that fight evil forces. The odd thing about these roommates however, is that they are a milkshake (Master Shake), a box of fries (Frylock), and a wad of uncooked meat (Meatwad). Yes, it sounds completely stupid. And you need to see more than one episode to appreciate it. But it is surprisingly one of the funniest shows on television. My only complaint: that each episode is only about 11 minutes long. Aqua Teen Hunger Force really is "number one in the hood"! A+

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