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Carrol Baker shines as HARLOW
HARLOW is an interesting look at the life of Jean Harlow. Carrol Baker does her best to portray the silver screen siren, but the movie itself really doesn't lend much insight. This movie tends to make VALLEY OF THE DOLLS look like a cinematic masterpiece by comparison - over-the-top acting, bad script and corny scenes all contribute to it's demise. It's a shame, in a way, because Carrol Baker really is a good actress and is quite lovely to look at. To the best of my knowledge, this movie is not available on DVD ~ perhaps it should be, if only to warn future film students and actors

~ Don't let this happen to you....

Jeanne Eagels

A MUST for Kim Novak Fans!
This is truly a movie worth viewing, if only for the chance to see KIM NOVAK portray another talented actress, the late Jeanne Eagles. Kim's acting is superb, although the screenplay is a tad flat. Agnes Moorehead gives her usual fine performance, and Jeff Chandler does he usual stiff acting routine. I do think that Jeanne's story should be re-told in an updated version, but until then, this movie captures that time frame of the 1920's very well. It would have been nice to view in color, but the black and white print lends itself well to that time era. All in all, an entertaining film, and a rare chance to see Kim Novak in a Hollywood-bio piece. Wouldn't it be nice if this movie were on DVD?

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