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The Walking Dead: Rock in the Road
Episode 9, Season 7

Very Metaphorical Message
What do Rick, King Ezekiel, and Negan all have in common? They all live inside their own reality and interpret the world through filters of their own choosing, unhindered by the world around them. In other words, they are all crazy in their own way. To be an effective leader in an apocalyptic world, you must have a mental resilience of the kind that only a psychopath or insane individual possesses. This episode does a great job of poetically comparing Rick's mental perceptions with Ezekiel's, and by extension, Negan's - our favorite trio of crazy but effective leaders; they are not effective in spite of their insanity, they are effective because of their insanity. For them reality is perception, you are what you believe you are - mind over matter. There is depth, there is meaning, there is metaphor, there is soul brought out in this episode which I greatly enjoyed witnessing on screen. It was pure poetry of the human psyche.

The Walking Dead: JSS
Episode 2, Season 6

10 out of 10 is an understatement. That was awesome! Comic fans rejoice - If you haven't read the comics, you ain't seen nothing yet!
This was one of the greatest TV episodes of any TV show that I have ever seen in my entire life - definitely on my top 20 list of BEST TV EPISODES OF ALL TIME.

The episode was just flawlessly done and perfectly captured the antithesis between Pacifism (Morgan) and kill or be killed mentality (Carol) in a post-apocalyptic world. It's no wonder Carol is one of my favourite characters on the show. The Walking Dead has been such a treat since the beginning of season 5. If the writing continues in this direction, this season may actually cement the Walking Dead as one of the greatest, if not "the greatest", TV show of all time.

If I could give the episode 20/10, I would; it was even better than the Season 5 opener with Terminus.

As a fan of the comics, even though I know where the story is heading in the general sense, I love how the show switches things around a bit so that I can't predict what will happen next. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say the show played around with the order of events a little bit - I always seem to like the changes, however, as well as the slight additions to the story. For example, the Wolves actually aren't characters in the comics, and neither is Terminus (In the comics the Terminus group are actually called 'the Hunters', a marauding group of cannibals that Rick disposes of very quickly- so I think the show handled the "hunters" much better than the comics, and dare I say, I think the show's rendition of the Wolves equals or even surpasses some of Robert Kirkman's best writing in the comics regarding certain other groups - for those who haven't read the comics, you'll see soon enough - no spoilers). Those are just some examples to prove how the show is sometimes better than the actual source material, although that isn't always the case if I'm picky. Generally though, I prefer the show to the comics because for one, live action story telling is much more effective for ingratiating us with the characters, and secondly, the actors are just phenomenal.

With that said, I'm a little worried for the show's future now that it's slowly catching up to the source material; season 6 will come very close to the last comic book issues published this year, and as a fan I have some concerns. For instance, I wonder if the writing will be as good in season 7 and 8 (if the show goes that far) once the writers no longer have comic book source material to draw upon. I really hope it will; I mean, the show has done a great job adding to the story already, so I have faith that they'll come up with something great if need be. Regardless, I hope Robert Kirkman gets off his arse and starts writing more of those damn comics. The success of the show depends upon him - we all saw what happens when you don't have great source material for a zombie show - you end up with Fear the Walking Dead, which any real zombie fan must admit is a complete crap shoot - not that it can't get better, but that it certainly didn't get off to a good start.

Folks, THIS was the REAL Walking Dead tonight, and, if things continue as they are in season 6, 7, and 8, the Walking Dead will certainly become top on my list for greatest TV series of all time (that's right, even above Breaking Bad!). Enough said.

Fear the Walking Dead: Cobalt
Episode 5, Season 1

Can tough Mexican and mysterious black stranger redeem this show?
This week on Fear the Walking Dead:

The last 4 episodes, nothing much happens. But on the 5th episode .... yet again, nothing much happens.

However, the plot is thickening and there is a glimmer of hope now that there are 2 characters who aren't complete morons - 2 characters that are actually interesting enough to warrant viewer attention. In the blue corner, a disgruntled bad-ass Mexican father on a mission to save his precious wife gets his hands on the guy with the hots for his daughter, who ends up revealing the military's dark and terrifying 2 step program for the community - code-name Cobalt.

In the red corner, some would call him a magician. Others would say he's great at sleight of hand - one minute your keys are in your pocket, the next minute, well, poof.

Can tough Mexican dude and mysterious black stranger save this show and this horrendous cast from the depths of oblivion? Will Madison make a facial expression resembling something other than constipation? Will Travis grow some man parts and develop something that looks like a brain? Will Alicia and Chris do something productive with their time? What's in store for the community now that hoards of roamers lurk nearby?

Find out next time on the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, where hopefully something will happen.

P.S. Next to Mr. Salazar, the mysterious black stranger is the most interesting character revealed so far. Isn't it weird how a character revealed in episode 5 can be more interesting than the entire main cast? Hmm, one wonders why.

Fear the Walking Dead: Not Fade Away
Episode 4, Season 1

Meh, I'm rooting for the zombies.
I've read all the Walking Dead Comics and have watched every episode of the Walking Dead. With that said, I don't think Fear the Walking Dead is even remotely on par with the original show. When the October 11th premiere of the Walking Dead comes along, nobody will remember Fear the Walking Dead. I'll keep watching only to see if it can get any worse. My main problem is with the slow pacing and the poor writing. We are 1 episode away from the season finale and a) This spin-off has yet to add anything new to the original Walking Dead universe (= false advertising) and b) the only character I find even remotely likable so far is Mr. Salazar, not even a main character, which in and of itself is an undeniable symptom of a larger problem with the show. Are there any redeeming qualities in the rest of the cast? Maybe, but it's taking TOO LONG to show me; 1 episode left until the finale, hello??? Earth to writers??? If there's anything survival literature has taught me it's that to succeed a good zombie story must be character driven. The characters must HOOK YOU IN TO THEIR WORLD, otherwise you won't want to stay. After all, if you aren't emotionally invested in the fate of the characters, then what's the point?

4 episodes in and Fear the Walking Dead hasn't hooked me in. It still doesn't have that "it" factor I had hoped to see. And I think the fact that the script seems to have been written by an amateur is mostly to blame. There's no way the great Robert Kirkman has anything to do with the sophomoric level of writing in this spin-off. The dialogue is amateur and uneven, the characters are made to say and do things normal people with common sense wouldn't say and do in given situations, and neither the characters nor the story progression seems to be very believable. I'm not even going to bother going into specifics because, frankly, it just isn't worth my time. If you can't see through the poor writing of this show, perhaps you need to read more great works in the genre to be able to appreciate the difference.

Here's an idea: Have a plane crash into the compound, kill half the cast, and let's deal with the aftermath of the explosion and the infected closing in. Now that would be an interesting story. Not this teenage family drama crap that has been done better by other shows numerous times. But, they actually wanted to make a clichéd family drama in the apocalypse, so what do I know, right?

Fear the Walking Dead: So Close, Yet So Far
Episode 2, Season 1

A Horribly Acted Soap Opera with Zombies
Wow, this episode is making the Walking Dead look bad. Walking Dead is SO MUCH BETTER, I can't even compare the quality of these two shows. As a fan of the Walking Dead, I am embarrassed by this episode. I know we are only 2 episodes in, and I'm still hoping the show improves, but this was truly awful.

1. Nothing memorable happens. Commercials feel longer than the actual episode.

2. The characters are more unlikable by the minute. I am finding myself not caring what happens to them. The only interesting character is still the druggy son - nearly everyone else is annoying.

3. The acting is dreadfully bad, soap opera style bad (e.g. mother's reaction to the school zombie-- ffs).

4. There is no gore. (For example, the one zombie kill focuses more on the character's reaction to killing the zombie, not the zombie itself- and I guess that's the whole point of the show, why it's so different from the Walking Dead, and why in my humble opinion it will fail if it keeps going in that direction.)

5. Too many plot holes to name - why is Tobias the only person who knows everything about the virus? Is he the only teen on the planet surfing the web? This isn't a plot hole per se, but it sure is irritating not having these answers.

6. The first 2 episodes do a terrible job giving us the viewers real ANSWERS about the plague. Everything we have seen so far has been filtered through the beady little eyes of this horribly uninformed and seemingly socially illiterate family. This is what really bothers me the most. It seems like this family doesn't watch the news, nor read the papers, and perhaps that's why they don't know what the hell is going on. I loved when the female turns on the TV of the shooting protest only to keep it muted and continue talking; that scene serves as a metaphor to show exactly what is wrong with this show.

Poor ol' Tobias is the only sane person there - I will sleep safe knowing he finally got his knife back.

Fear the Walking Dead

Walking Dead is better, but this show has potential to be great with time
Was the opening episode perfect? No. Were there things missing from the plot that I hoped would be included in the episode? Yes, Yes, Yes, but maybe these things will come in episode 2? We'll see. Was it enjoyable overall? Yes. I like the original Walking Dead with Rick waking up in the hospital much better as a series opener. However, if we are honest looking back, season 1 of the Walking Dead wasn't all that great either; only the first episode was really mind blowing and memorable, so let's try to be fair with this prequel and not come to any hasty conclusions.

In my opinion there was FEAR in this opening episode and I still feel hopeful for a great season. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was taking slow shall breaths in the early scenes. After the midway point, though, my excitement level kind of waned and the story felt a little off point. I began to nitpick the acting, the setting, the characters, and the lack of depth in the story a little bit near the end, not to mention that none of the characters except one (Nick) were at all interesting to me. Nick reminds me a lot of Daryl; that's probably why he's my favourite character so far. The family is highly dysfunctional, yes, but kind of boring too, if we are honest - except Nick. I don't know, I guess a typical 'boring' family is kind of the whole point of the series so we'll see where this goes.

This was a character driven episode, which some people might hate. Fear the Walking Dead has promise and I think a few more episodes will either make it or break it for the fans. Let's stay tuned until then and revisit my rating after watching a few more episodes. Who knows, maybe we'll find out that Daryl is somehow Nick's biological father and then we'll get a crossover episode with sonny coming home to daddy. Now that would be interesting - sarcasm intended. (Seriously though, I do like Nick, and Daryl).

Fear the Walking Dead: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Walking Dead is better, but this show has potential to be great with time
Was the opening episode perfect? No. Were there things missing from the plot that I hoped would be included in the episode? Yes, Yes, Yes, but maybe these things will come in episode 2? We'll see. Was it enjoyable overall? Yes. I like the original Walking Dead with Rick waking up in the hospital much better as a series opener. However, if we are honest looking back, season 1 of the Walking Dead wasn't all that great either; only the first episode was really mind blowing and memorable, so let's try to be fair with this prequel and not come to any hasty conclusions.

In my opinion there was FEAR in this opening episode and I still feel hopeful for a great season. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was taking slow shall breaths in the early scenes. After the midway point, though, my excitement level kind of waned and the story felt a little off point. I began to nitpick the acting, the setting, the characters, and the lack of depth in the story a little bit near the end, not to mention that none of the characters except one (Nick) were at all interesting to me. Nick reminds me a lot of Daryl; that's probably why he's my favourite character so far. The family is highly dysfunctional, yes, but kind of boring too, if we are honest - except Nick. I don't know, I guess a typical 'boring' family is kind of the whole point of the series so we'll see where this goes.

This was a character driven episode, which some people might hate. Fear the Walking Dead has promise and I think a few more episodes will either make it or break it for the fans. Let's stay tuned until then and revisit my rating after watching a few more episodes. Who knows, maybe we'll find out that Daryl is somehow Nick's biological father and then we'll get a crossover episode with sonny coming home to daddy. Now that would be interesting - sarcasm intended. (Seriously though, I do like Nick, and Daryl).

The Flash: Fast Enough
Episode 23, Season 1

Season 1 Has Officially Proved the Critics Wrong!
Many who wrote negative reviews of the Flash early on this season now have no choice but to admit defeat, eat their words and bow their heads in shame for being so quick to dismiss the series' potential - some called it "moronic", "juvenile", "cliche"; one guy even called the show "dumb" and "uncreative". Season 1 as a whole has proved these critics wrong, dead wrong. This finale was the magnum opus that has put the Flash in the running as one of the best TV series of 2015. The season 1 finale was stunning, emotionally gripping, extremely well interwoven and well written as all the pieces of the puzzle so masterfully began to come together- I literally cried, a grown man turned to tears by the magic I saw before me on the screen. The Flash has been on a roll since 2015 (since episode 8, I'd say, with episodes 14-23 being just amazing). This show deserves higher than 8.8/10 on IMDb, not an 8.3 - I do predict the rating will go up once the critics who voted negatively watch the later episodes and change their vote.

Although I do agree with the critics on some points, I disagree on their final conclusion about the show. For example, I admit some of the early episodes (say episode 1-7) felt rushed at some moments, sometimes the story felt inconsistent, the writing was sometimes silly, and the acting a bit off at times and perhaps a tad unrealistic. Yet even in these slightly weaker episodes, nobody can deny that the Flash was always FUN to watch, extremely pleasurable, always a 10 out of 10 for entertainment. Unfortunately, many of the critics of the Flash probably stopped watching after these somewhat weaker early episodes, and boy are they now missing out on the ride we have all enjoyed since then. As the season progressed, the story began to make sense and fit together like pieces of a master puzzle. The writing turned superb, and the Flash has been on a roll since 2015.

Critics, rewatch the Flash again without prejudice this time. Stop these comparisons to Smallville- which, by the way, was good for its time. If you make it past the early episodes, when the entire season is taken into consideration the Flash is far less cheesy and possesses much more potential and far better writing than Smallville. Season 2 will be MIND BLOWING. I am super excited for the Fall. The Flash has done the comics justice and a lot of the inconsistencies that bothered me early on in the show have now been dealt with. I'm one happy viewer. What about you?


P.S. The user who wrote the review "sorry, didn't float my boat" didn't even give the episode let alone the show a fair chance and imagines inconsistencies that aren't there. Everything in this episode made logical sense. He keeps telling us there are plot holes yet fails to mention even one that is convincing; the so called plot holes are just his personal prejudices and preconceived notions of time travel. Do us all a favor, don't write a review of a show you haven't taken seriously - sounds like you skipped more than episode 22 - more like 22 episodes.

Supernatural: Dark Dynasty
Episode 21, Season 10

Tough Love - Season 10 Writing is Forced, Clunky, Silly and Dull - Some Advice
To put it blunt, the writing has gone downhill in season 10 (Only a few episodes were done great, like the one's with Cain). I sincerely hope Supernatural doesn't end soon, but if this kind of writing continues into the next season I'm afraid this spells the end. The plot this season seems too forced, and the overemphasis on dialogue lulls and dulls my mind and interest. The recent episodes just aren't all that exciting to me. There is too much focus on dialogue (a very rookie mistake from the writers), too little focus on action and the main story. Compare Supernatural's early season's to this one and you'll see that dialogue was less, main story was more; season 10 is the opposite. Unless something mind-blowing happens in the finale, I'd say the whole Mark of Cain saga was done in the worst possible way- lots of wasted potential there and too many anti climactic moments to name.

As for tonight's episode, well it was just silly. The Stein family fights to the death to guard their family secrets, yet one gets captured and basically writes a whole book, plot, and review for Dean about the Stein family free of charge; okay, um, forced suspense a tad. Sure it was a nice twist, just would have preferred if Sam and Dean found that part out on their own, as detectives should, with a tad more effort - you know, by doing research or beating the info out of someone. No going back for Charlie. Sam's a moose. We've been here before.

My advice: -Less of Rowena -The return of evil Crowley and evil hell -Bring back the horror -New interesting characters, please, to refresh this mess -For season 11, consider more than one main plot- Mark of Cain was not enough to drive this season because the season wasn't done right -Introduce a new global catastrophe besides the western apocalypse to take away the focus on the brothers -the story shouldn't just be about Sam and Dean (previous seasons were better because they focused not just on Sam and Dean's fate, but the fate of the whole world. - Bring back the focus on "Saving PEOPLE, hunting things. The family business" - lately it's been too much of "Saving Dean, hunting things".

Other seasons had saving Sam/Dean too, don't get me wrong, but in the context of a larger story about the 'end', which was better.

Supernatural, I love you, but just get it together.

The Walking Dead: What Happened and What's Going On
Episode 9, Season 5

Clever and Entertaining Episode if You Disregard the Contrived Stupidity of the Plot
There's a reason why Breaking Bad, not the Walking Dead, is known as the greatest TV show of all time: the writing in Breaking Bad is flawless, there are no plot holes, and there is nothing legitimate to complain about. Not so for the Walking Dead; although the Walking Dead is entertaining without a doubt, there are tons of things to complain about, the writing is sub-par, and the plot progresses in an overly contrived fashion. I'm sorry if you're a butthurt fan but that's just the honest truth. Yes, the episode was flawlessly directed and very imaginative and artistic with tons of symbolism and parallelism, I'll grant that; however, these positives just don't excuse the contrived stupidity of the plot...

Zombies literally come out of nowhere, out of thin air, like sneaky little ninja's to devour our favourite heroes. Characters make idiotic decisions and let their guard down in the most ridiculous and unlikely of situations solely for the purpose of dramatic effect. During this entire episode I was literally shaking my head screaming at the TV, "REALLY?!" "REALLY?!?!" And not because I was shocked at what I was seeing, but because I just couldn't believe something so stupidly unlikely could actually happen to a character.

The same problems that plagued the Walking Dead since season 1 are still here in season 5; there's a reason why many people even on IMDb rate this show 1 out of 10. I personally think the Walking Dead is a 10 out of 10 for entertainment, but not that great when it comes to writing. If you rate this episode a 1 out of 10 out of anger because you understand what I'm trying to say, I wouldn't blame you.

EPISODE SPOILERS NOW; Read at own risk:

1. Why in the hell does the group split up in the abandoned town? Why does Tyreese go alone with Noah? Surely by now you'd think the group would understand the basic principle of "safety in numbers." Nope. Not these guys.

2. How the hell does that zombie sneak up on Tyreese? Ninja zombie stealth skill level 100. Didn't Tyreese make some loud banging noise on the door before entering the house? If so, why wasn't that zombie drawn out? And why the hell wasn't Tyreese more alert? What, a bunch of pictures of pretty memories distracted him? Give me an f'ing break. The whole scene seemed too contrived for my tastes; no way someone as alert as Tyreese, especially upon entering the house as alert as ever, could be jumped from behind like that...unless....the zombie had a....a ninja skill level of over 100. OK, you got me. Damn these characters are so f'ing stupid...if I entered that house, I would be paranoid as F and look behind every nook and cranny....nope, not Tyreese.

3. Where the hell does the second zombie that attacks Tyreese come from? Same problem as above.

4. Why the hell isn't Tyreese able to push off this second zombie with his own strength? And don't blame it on shock and petite blood loss. We've seen him manhandle zombies much bigger and even handle hordes with ease. For some reason though, he isn't even able to push the damn thing off him. Wait, oh, I know, the scouter picked up the zombie's power level as over 9000!!! Ninja zombies, zombies with decomposing muscles stronger than the only big buff black guy in the show...right. Oh Walking Dead, what else will you give us?...

Like I said, the writing of this show needs improvement...still an amazing show though no doubt, if you disregard the blatant contrived stupidity of the plot, and the idiotic choices of the characters. Why is it that only idiots have managed to survive the final stages of the zombie apocalypse?

Tokyo Ghoul

Amazing from the midpoint on
Initially I thought the first half of season one was too slow paced and kind of boring because I just couldn't figure out the direction of the plot and the main point to the whole story. What happens to the main character just wasn't enough to drive the plot forward in my mind; the "now what? so what?" question kept nagging at me. But I was patient and kept watching and realized how wrong my initial impression was. I realized that the slow pacing and lack of a central purpose/goal of the early episodes actually works to improve character development so that the finale hits us that much harder. From the midpoint on Tokyo Ghoul turns into an absolute masterpiece; I began to see depth to the whole story and the shows profound take on ethics and psychology.

This series has potential to become one of the best anime's in recent memory if it gets a few more seasons. In fact, I think that the plot is thick enough here to warrant many more seasons. Season 1 does a excellent job setting the context and introducing us to the characters. It would be a shame if Tokyo Ghoul ended after just 24 episodes. I want more than that. If you fail to reach the midpoint of the first season, you will judge this series inaccurately based on limited data. If you make it to the midpoint, however, you will have that epiphany you've been searching for and the show will appear before you in a new light, as it has to me.

Don't judge this series based on the manga; they're totally different artforms and should be judged separately. It seems to me that a lot of people who negatively judge this series are extremely biased in favor of the manga, and that's just unreasonable.

If judged by the first half alone: 7.0-8.0/10.

If judged by the second half alone: 10/10.

If judged in hindsight taking into consideration everything I mentioned: 10/10.

Kiseijû: Sei no kakuritsu

Why does a Caterpillar become a Butterfly?
Everything in existence undergoes a process of change; therefore, change is inevitable; one might go so far as to call change a natural law, a universal "maxim". Parasyte: The Maxim is a stunning new science fiction anime with a unique story and rock solid character development. The series examines themes of transformation and change - Ovid's literary masterpiece "Metamorphoses", after which the opening episode is named, immediately comes to mind for comparison.

Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) is based on a manga series that ran from 1988 to 1995. Most of us won't realize this fact now, but bizarre science fiction focusing on alien lifeforms was quite popular in the 1980s and 90s. Great science fiction films like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), The Thing (1982), The Fly (1986) and They Live (1988) are but a few examples of films that popularized the genre. Parasyte has successfully resurrected bizarre sci-fi for a new generation, and the timing couldn't have been better.

The protagonist of Parasyte is not your typical hero and the plot is far from cliché. As a caterpillar undergoes change by transforming into a butterfly, so the protagonist undergoes change by transforming into a new man; your job as the viewer is to ask questions about this transformation and find the meaning behind it - ergo, what exactly has transformed and why does it matter?

The plot is believable and not outside the realm of possibility considering our limited knowledge of the universe. Like Ovid's masterpiece, the anime expertly probes the meaning of humanity; what it means to be human and what makes us human; as well as the psychological and physiological state of sentient beings. Ultimately, the series focuses on the protagonist's intellectual development or more precisely his intellectual "evolution". The evolutionary concept of survival of the fittest comes into direct conflict with the protagonist's views on empathy and altruism which proves problematic for decision making and creates for him a moral dilemma: should he place himself in danger in order to help others? The human part of him says yes, while another sinister part of him says no. But perhaps I've said too much.

The first 5 episodes set the stage for an astonishing and action packed story that follows. The series will make your jaw drop. I've seen every episode thus far and I see nothing but a bright future for this series. If you haven't seen Parasyte, what are you waiting for? This is the best new anime of 2014. It will become immensely popular. If you watch it now you will be amongst the few who can say that you were a fan from the start. Parasyte rivals Attack on Titan and Steins; Gate. If you loved those shows, you will love Parasyte as well.

A top notch science fiction anime with unlimited potential. DO NOT MISS!


Kôdo giasu: Hangyaku no rurûshu

Good but NOT Great because the Characters Aren't Used to their Full Potential.
The Show starts with a 10 out of 10. Shocking, Amazing beginning. Unlike anything I've ever seen. Midway is a 8/10. The final episodes of season one fall to a 7/10. Then we come to the second season, 7/10 at best because the main character's whole journey is anticlimactic. Season 2 dips to a 6/10 at times, though the finale is a 10/10. In both seasons, things happen that are just irritating. Characters aren't used to their full potential.

Beloved characters are killed off for shock value when they could have been used more effectively if they weren't killed off. Oh, but you see, just when you think a character is dead, you find out they are alive, but the writers do nothing major with that information and things continue as they were before. Then you think that the same character is dead once again for a few episodes, only to find out a few episodes later that the character actually survived. Wow, you say to yourself: "Why do I care about these characters again?". You watch a whole bunch of pointless battles with no clear person to root for and ask yourself: "Why am I watching this show again?" "What's the point to all these battles?" "Why am I finding myself hating and loving everyone at the same time?" "Why do I have no one to root for?" "Why is there no clear good guy and no clear bad guy?" "Why is everyone's reason for fighting so stupid?" Then you try to console yourself and justify these questions by telling yourself the show was made for a thinker, an intellectual like yourself, so you praise the shows attempts at symbolism and metaphor: "Ah, what a work of art; the pointless battles must symbolize the pointless nature of violence" and "Ah, the lack of good guy versus bad guy is intentional to reflect the unclear nature of morality, which lies in shades of gray, of course".

But then you get to the final journey, the answer everyone has been looking for, and the answer doesn't satisfy you nor the main character. Then you just get angry at how dumb the show is and how dumb the main character is and how pointless the whole journey is. Then you just mindlessly watch the next episodes just to see how it ends. Ah, good ending, very emotional, you cry, the ending wins you over and you think "Maybe I was too hard on this show"; then your tears make you forget everything you previously hated about the show and you rate it a 10/10 on IMDb. Fool. I won't make the same mistake.

Hunter x Hunter

You MUST Watch This Anime Before you Die. Better than the Best. You are Missing Out.
If you haven't watched this anime, your life is INCOMPLETE. An epic out of this world adventure between three friends whose friendship never dies. I have never had more fun, never laughed more, and never felt more emotion than after watching Hunter x Hunter. Every anime series I have ever seen pales in comparison. Hunter x Hunter is better than Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, better than Death Note, better than Naruto, better than One Piece, better than Steins;Gate, better than Attack on Titan, better than Code Geass. My eyes have been opened after watching this series: Hunter x Hunter cannot be rivalled. If Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a 10, Hunter x Hunter is a 15, no joke.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) has better script, better characters, better acting, better scenery, better pacing, and better story than every anime I have listed above. It's a journey; it's an epic adventure; it's a coming of age; it's out of this world. It's a shame a lot of people don't know about it just because it doesn't have an English dub; it's a shame it only has a few thousand votes on IMDb. If only everyone knew what they were missing.

I wish that I had seen the original series growing up; how different might my childhood have been; I grew up with Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and similar shows. My first time watching near the end of 2014, and Hunter x Hunter is now my favourite anime of all time, no question about it. The main characters of Hunter x Hunter (2011) will stick with me for the rest of my life. I have never laughed more than with Leorio. I have never cried more than with Killua and Gon who show the real value of friendship. The lessons I have learned from this show about friendship, love, and family have impacted me greatly.

Thank you Hunter x Hunter. After binge watching every episode within one week because I couldn't stop myself at the bliss, I have been reborn. Best Anime of all time, without a doubt. I have nothing more to say, except that you MUST watch this anime before you die. YOU MUST. YOU MUST. YOU MUST.


Slow Paced First-Half, But Turns Into Breathtakingly Beautiful Story
This is an amazing anime no doubt. Outstanding story and unbelievably unique characters that will stay with you forever. Unbelievably strong character development and plot structure. This is one of those anime's that you could easily re-watch the early episodes and every time you do you will end up connecting more dots - "oh, so that's why that happened! I get it now!", you will think to yourself.

The first 11 episodes are slow paced but for a reason. Don't give up watching because the early episodes are necessary to set the context for the outstanding story that follows. If you stick with this anime past the midpoint, you will not regret it. Episode 12 is where the action starts and from there the action doesn't stop until the end.

Okarin, the main character, is amazing in the English Dub. You will laugh with him, cry with him, and feel with him throughout his journey. Some characters seem annoying at first, but they grow on you too, so be patient. Honestly, everything about this anime is unique; the characters are unique, the plot is unique, the writing is unique; it's unlike anything I've ever seen before and that is what makes it so wonderful.

One of the best anime's I have ever seen.

If you are looking for a compelling story and strong character development, look no further.


Shingeki no kyojin

Amazing Story, Awesome Action, A Must Watch
A very unique and emotionally gripping story. Probably the best new anime of 2013. I enjoyed it so much I had a Netflix marathon and watched every episode of Season 1 over the course of a few days.

Pity we have some hecklers who are butthurt and say the character development is missing and clichéd and that the story goes nowhere. I disagree; I love the characters and I love the story; one of the most unique stories I have ever seen, in fact. It's only season 1, so stop expecting to know all the answers. Season 1 is meant to keep up suspense and interest in the show, and as far as I'm concerned, I want to know more. I want to know more about the Titans. I want to know more about the characters.

10/10. Can't wait for Season 2.

The Walking Dead: Crossed
Episode 7, Season 5

Um, Nothing Happened. Hope Mid-Season Finale is Better.
-The only exciting part was when Rick and the group ambush the cops. This salvaged what was left of this dull episode. Everything else was filler.

-So much filler that in fact I could wipe myself with it for days and have more on the roll to spare; anyone need toilet paper? I could have written a better script.

-Abraham on his knees the whole episode is meant to symbolize his hopeless state, yeah, whatever; showing him like this for the whole episode felt like a waste of screen time to me. I got the point the last episode; yeah, he's depressed and has nothing to live for, move on. I don't need to see him like this the whole episode. Filler. Don't even get me started on Eugene who did nothing in the episode. What a waste of the character's potential.

-Glen and Maggie go Fishing? Sounds like the start to a bad joke to me. Boring. I don't care. Nobody else does either. Waste of screen time.

-I would have preferred to see the conversations between Eugene and the group this episode; instead the writers chose to show Eugene asleep and Abraham doing nothing on his knees. Move this thing along, please, and stop repeating the mistakes of season 2 with these fillers.

-Bad dialogue between Abraham's group throughout. Boring and dull. Who wrote this script? At least have something exciting happen to the group besides let's go fishing 2.0.

-Gabriel leaves the church? Interesting. So the whole time after the massacre he's been plotting to leave. Could have been made more interesting by having something more significant happen to him than a Christian zombie attacking him, but okay, what do I know. Yeah, yeah, symbolism.

-Quit with all the water metaphors, too. Everyone's drinking water; Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, the cop, Sasha. I get it, water and similar necessities and resources symbolize a lot in the zombie apocalypse. However, nobody cares about symbolic episodes; we want zombies, action, and more zombies.

-Real machine gun bullets would have killed every police officer in that hospital car 5 times over. I'm just supposed to ignore this for the purpose of the show, I know, whatever, so not a big deal. I just like more believable scenes in my shows is all. Reminds me of the silliness of the van somehow magically landing on its wheels on the last episode even though physics would clearly have preferred the van hit the ground face first or upside-down.

-Maybe I'm just mad because I expect so much more from one of my favourite shows. I just hope the show gets better and stops with all these filler episodes.

-Oooooh, I saw the ending coming a mile away, not exciting to me at all. Not a good cliffhanger.


I don't want to wait every week for filler episodes. Let's hope for a killer mid-season finale that actually gets somewhere.


The Flash: Plastique
Episode 5, Season 1

Very Enjoyable, but FIX the Annoying Plot Holes and Inconsistencies
-The girl Barry is in love with (Iris) just happens to be one of the first people to see 'the Streak' in person? Ehhhhh, unlikely. Seems too forced and too soon. And she sneaks up on him, on the Flash? Really? Seriously?

-Barry musters enough courage to talk to Iris on the rooftop in his fancy costume, tells her to stop blogging about the steak, but fails to tell her the reason why? WTF. Dude, is it so hard to tell her to stop because her life may be in danger? Maybe then she'll listen. Don't dance around the issue and just say it. Instead, he just leaves without giving her a reason to stop? Um, OK....what a waste of a meeting.

-How fast is the flash early on? Does he improve in speed as time goes on? That seems to be the way the show is trying to explain it. OK, then perhaps this isn't an inconsistency, but I've been noticing a little too MANY things sneaking up on the Flash that shouldn't be able to sneak up on him. Like, for instance, the general shooting the girl right in front of the Flash. Isn't Barry so much faster than a bullet? If so, wouldn't he hear the freaking gun shot right behind him in super slow motion and prevent the death from happening?

-Iris is such a dumb-ass and so clueless and "friend zoned" Barry so HARD from childhood till now that she never even once considered that Barry may like her more than a friend? Wow, makes me not like her character at all. For crying out loud even her own father sees it. How the hell can someone be so stupid?

-The chemistry between Iris and Barry seems forced and somewhat nonexistent, which becomes clearer as the show goes on. So she's hot, big whoop! She ain't all that special to me, and the writers haven't given me any incentive to actually like her character in the first place so I'm kind of hoping Barry leaves her permanently. ("We shouldn't see each other for a while" - good move, Barry. You finally stood up for yourself and left the friend zone). She deserves that for being so dumb.

I really like this show, but some of these questions drive me crazy. He freaking turns his back on the general and keeps talking to the earpiece even after the general just SHOT and KILLED his friend with a gun? Really, Barry? WTF, what if the general shoots you while your back is turned you idiot? God, I hate plot holes like this. Fix these plot holes and the show will prevent premature baldness from those of us who will pull our hair out from frustration. Thanks. "The Flash" -Preventing premature baldness since 2014, since episode 6. Let's hope.

Supernatural: Fan Fiction
Episode 5, Season 10

A Special Celebration Episode for the Fans
I'm not a big fan of musicals, and yet I really enjoyed the 200th episode.

Fan Fiction is not simply a love letter to all the fans, but a marriage celebration. As a fan, I felt like this episode sealed my marriage to Supernatural with a kiss. You know how at weddings there is usually a picture slide-show that reveals the progress of a couple's relationship over time from childhood to adulthood, with romantic music playing in the background? This episode felt like exactly that; it is a slide show of moving pictures (scenes) set to heartfelt and emotional tunes (the musical). I felt like I was the groom waiting for Supernatural, the bride, in all her majestic beauty as she walks down the isle, reaches out her hand, and encourages me as we both prepare to say "I do." But before we tie the knot, she reminds me of all the journeys we've shared and the obstacles we've overcome over the last 10 years, the good times and the not so good times, and the outright hilarious moments that we'll treasure for a lifetime. We're now officially one. There's no going back. This is it, Supernatural family, we've made it, so let's celebrate our marriage with a honeymoon. Never give up on the show; season 10 has just begun.

If we pay real close attention, the episode listens to the fans and gives us what we want. The writers do a great job giving a shout out to all the funny things and taboo topics about the characters that we like to joke about on social media, nudge nudge hint hint, and spoofing the criticisms of the show we sometimes tend to make. Such references make this episode absolutely hilarious, that is, if you have been following the show for a while and get these hints.

A risky episode, but very well done. The funny moments in the episode will soon become classic. I've seen every episode of the series and this one easily ranks in the top 5 for creativity. I imagine it will get positive reviews from loyal fans, while possibly negative reviews from casual observers who just won't get "the feels", if you know what I mean. 10 out of 10.

Supernatural: Paper Moon
Episode 4, Season 10

A Filler Episode: An Honest Review from a Longtime Fan
I love Supernatural. Supernatural overall is 10/10 for sure, but this episode doesn't deserve anything more than a pass, and this comes from someone who's been with the show from the beginning. I get that fillers sometimes happen in a show that runs for 10 years, especially one with almost 200 episodes.

This was clearly a filler episode no matter what you say. You have to be delusional to give this episode a 10 out of 10. I mean, come on, with all the great shows that are on TV right now (e.g. the Walking Dead), how can you even consider giving this filler episode where nothing happens a 10? This episode doesn't even come close to being anywhere near as exciting as some of the great shows on TV right now.

Don't get me wrong, the episode wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either. The only important scenes are the conversations with Sam and Dean which take up less than 10 minutes of screen time all together. The problem is the choice of plot. I mean, does anyone really care about that werewolf chick who happens to be a character from one of the worst episodes of the show's history (yeah, that crappy one filmed with shaky hands and a hand-held camera)? I know I don't. I mean, seriously. Why don't they revisit interesting characters like that one Anti-Christ Kid from Season 5 who once turned Castiel into a doll? What ever happened to that kid? Gee, wouldn't it be cool to make a follow-up episode about him? What about Cain? The Men of Letters? Yeah, anything but some random werewolf chick, even if her story is supposed to "parallel" Sam and Dean's.

One more thing. Since when did Supernatural become a soap opera? Is this Supernatural or the Day's of our Lives? I can't quite put my finger on it, but I have been having this feeling for a while now that I can't quite shake telling me that the show has lately been focusing TOO MUCH on awkward emotions and feelings between Sam and Dean. IT SEEMS AS IF EVERY SINGLE EPISODE I WATCH LATELY IS ONLY ABOUT CATTY EMOTIONS AND PETTY ARGUMENTS, and I don't want that. That's not what made Supernatural great in the past and it will not make it better in the future. When I watch an episode I want to feel fear, I want to feel excitement, I want an adrenaline rush, I want to be shocked, I want to be mesmerized, I want it to stick with me and to feel like I'm in that world. I just didn't get any of that from episode 4. Although the last three episodes were much better, I have to be honest and say that Season 10 so far hasn't lived up to expectations and has generally been on the whole VERY anti-climactic.

Awesome show, not so good episode. I hope the season gets better.

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary
Episode 1, Season 5

One of the Best Premiers I have ever seen...Best Episode Yet
The episode was euphoric, cathartic, near orgasmic. It was unpredictable and not at all what I was expecting. It had me gasping and gaping to the point where I couldn't swallow the food I was supposed to be snacking on. You cannot name one scene that wasn't awesome. The action was believable and mesmerizing. The show feels fresh for the first time in a long time. Unbelievable job, you sexy writers and producers! Keep this kind of writing going and this show will win every award you can name. The Terminus craze for human flesh doesn't come close to how hungry I am now for more of the Walking dead. 10 out of 10, 11 out of 10, hell 100 out of 10. Season 5 has raised the bar. I have never been more excited and left wanting more....well, except for that one time the backseat of my....ahh nvm. Shut up and take my money!

Reservoir Dogs

Doesn't deserve the high ratings
Judging by how entertained I was and how interested I was in the story, this film just ranks in between bad to mediocre. Great camera-work and scene transitions, like a work of art, and hey the film's high ratings may entirely be based on that so maybe I'm wrong with my negative review. However, the positives don't change the fact that the plot doesn't progress farther nor show more intelligence than a comic strip. The acting is great, but the plot just isn't there to hold it all together.

By the end I know almost nothing about the characters, don't care to know, and have no interest in knowing any of their stories. Everything is just a big pile of "meh". The violence just seems abrupt and needless, which is I suppose an intentional metaphor, I get that. Still, the violence is kind of overdone. I really did try to like this film. I was expecting a great movie since it's rated so highly with so many votes, but I was disappointed. Some great dialogue in there, but it's a film I don't want to watch twice. This ain't no Pulp Fiction, folks. Pulp Fiction draws you in and holds on tight, Reservoir Dogs just beats the snot out of you and leaves you on the floor a bloody mess. By the end you feel the meaninglessness of violence, true, but also the meaninglessness of the film, equally.

Fargo: Morton's Fork
Episode 10, Season 1

A Beautiful Masterpiece of an Ending
Wow. At the edge of my seat, all smiles. What a release. What a season. The story has ended. Some beloved characters have been killed off in dramatic fashion.

Lorne Malvo is the coldest most brilliant criminal I have ever seen portrayed on screen. Billy Bob Thornton's performance this season was simply epic. It was a beautiful ending, a just desserts; the characters all got what they deserved. You can run from the law, see, but you cannot hide from the "law". Everyone always gets caught, if not by the law, then by the "law", i.e. fate/ karma. Every man gets his just desserts.

I just don't understand how this show can continue into season 2 based on this ending. Will there be a new plot, new characters, a new time line based on another time period and another story? Will Fargo become like American Horror Story by having different stories in different seasons? I don't know. Probably. Or will season 2 see Lester has actually survived and be based on Lester's trial? I don't know. Probably, probably not.

All I know is, I really enjoyed Fargo. It was an amazing series. I hate to see it go. Come back for season 2, please.

Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper
Episode 8, Season 4

Unbelievable, Unlikely, and Sloppy Writing
First, the episode had too many fillers. Second, the fight scene was utter crap. It was stupidly unbelievable, unlikely, and very short. The Viper kills the Mountain, spear through the guts. Check. The guy is dead, and even if not dead, physiologically speaking he should be totally paralyzed and sapped of strength. You don't just get up like that after getting a spear through your guts. Your body shuts down. You can't breathe. You can barely speak. But wait! Not in Game of Thrones!! Somehow the Mountain magically comes back to life, his vocal cords all in tact with the same force and vigor even though his GUTS were just f***** up in his belly, and kills Oberyn with his bare hands!?!? Riiiiight. I think someone at the studio had a few too many drinks. No chance in hell. No, just no. Stupid and impossible. The Viper's death would only makes sense if the Mountain is some kind of magical creature rather than just a man. As far as I know, he's just a freakishly large man. For the reasons above I don't accept this episode as canon. I don't accept Oberyn's death. Now I know this show is far from "real"(zombies, magical creatures, etc) and maybe someone may say crazier things have happened, but deaths in this show have been pretty realistic up until now, haven't they? Oberyn should still be alive; this episode didn't happen. It was retarded (Ahh, now I know why Tyrion spoke about retards, I was wondering about that!). It was a totally impossible death scene that can only happen in the magical fairy tale universe of a retarded writer's mind.

Supernatural: Do You Believe in Miracles
Episode 23, Season 9

Breathes new Life in the Supernatural We Have all Grown to Love
I want to start by telling the world how proud I am to be a Supernatural fan right now. Going strong since 2005! The season 9 finale of Supernatural was epic and stunning to watch. This season has had its ups and downs, with mostly good episodes but no too many of the episodes that make you want to scream at the TV and ramble "holy Sh**" to yourself a hundred times like a crazy person in response to what you just saw. You know a series is good if that's the reaction you make. I can give this finale a 10 out of 10 because it had me yelling "holy sh**" till the cows came home. I would say the finale has reinvented the series and succeeds in breathing new life in the Supernatural we have all grown to love. The finale felt like the scary and horror driven Supernatural of old, not the wishy washy Twilight rip off we saw in the worst episode of this season, #bloodlines.

Now the directing, the pacing, the storyline (loved the scenes with Metatron), and the acting was spot on. Castiel (Misha Collins) was stellar as always and Gadreel was phenomenal. I can't even start with how great Dean was in the episode; if Jensen Ackles doesn't get an award for his portrayal of Dean, then the world truly has gone insane. I have virtually never been as moved as I was watching the end scene with Sam and Dean; simply put, it was pure and utter perfection. Thank you Jared and Jensen. I want to see you both on the screen filming Supernatural into the 20th season.

WARNING *POSSIBLE* SPOILERS (For the smart people): There is new life to the show because we have a unique plot driven by Dean's redemption, much like the great TV series Angel (1999-2004) which was driven by a vampire's quest for redemption. I predict Dean will follow the path of Angel in his own quest for redemption in Season 10 of Supernatural. Angel went strong for 5 years centred just on that plot, so it's hard to see why the next season or even the next few seasons of Supernatural can't do the same. The possibilities are endless. I can't wait for Season 10.

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