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decent story (so far), horrible female lead.
Starts off interesting enough. got me watching episode 2.

However, from the pilot, i couldn't help but notice how mediocre the acting of Sarah Jones (detective Madsen) is. Not at all convincing for her role. She was hardly like-able. If anything, i wished her character in the show would die (and this was by the second episode). The rest of the cast performed as expected of what is suppose to be a hit TV series.

There were a few tiny loops too. I know it suppose to be fictional (sci- fi?), but still it should still maintain within the boundaries of everyday-life reality. For example, how she knows the answer/reason for a crime within 5 minutes of appearing at the scene of the crime. Or finding the bullet casing in a park after just a minute (when it isn't even positive to be a crime scene)

I guess the jury is still out for me on this show, but one thing is for sure, detective Madsen must go!

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