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Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Friggin' hilarious!
My fam. And I love this movie! 😂🤣 You will def. LOL! Silly and ridiculous but that's what makes it funny!

Deadly Illusions

Wow! SMH
The reviews were more entertaining than the movie. Definitely isn't a family movie. Torture to watch.

The Cleveland Show

Never laughed so hard!
What is wrong with people? This show is hilarious and I'm very hard to please when it comes to comedy! Never watches the show this was spun-off from. Wonder if that makes a difference? My daughter and I love this show so much. We even bought the dvd set.

Cleveland is by far the funniest character. please give it a chance and form your own opinion. You won't be disappointed.

Jack and Jill

People are crazy! This movie is hilarious and a must-see! Judge for yourself.
If you like silly, lighthearted humor, this movie is for you. My daughter and I have seen it like 5 times and want to buy it. You have to watch it and judge for yourself. I laugh out loud throughout the entire film. It will be your fave too!

To give you an idea of my humor, I love Napoleon Dynamite, SNL humor, Friday, The Office, Parks & Rec, Austin Powers, Meet the Parents, There's Something About Mary, Portlandia, etc.

Made in Mexico

Definitely entertaining! Don't let the reviews keep you from it!
My daughter and I found this show very entertaining. I don't understand the negative reviews at all. The show is not called "The 100% True and Accurate Representation of Mexico". Jeez, ease up. Por favor, calmense. It's just a reality show about a group of young friends in Mexico City.

Just because you hear the word reality, do not expect the show to be unscripted. Very few "reality" shows nowadays are a true depiction of life. Just enjoy it. I like that every now and then, they speak a little English (maybe 5% of the time). It keeps my teen interested as well, as she is not a native Spanish speaker. It's really a good show. We binged watched it and enjoyed it. Give it a shot. You won't regret it!

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