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A beautiful slow burn
As my title has indicated, Tom Hardy's "Taboo" is a beautiful slow burn, as the story builds through each episode I was hooked on how Hardy's character would react to certain situations and was never left disappointed, without spoiling the story itself there are some wonderfully tense and sad moment's throughout. The cast were amazing throughout the whole show, the story so gripping, the sets were down right amazing and overall production couldn't have been better! I can't wait for a second season to see what will happen next.


Win for the effects department
The special effects in this film are pretty impressive, the final fight scene was again pretty cool but the overall content felt weak, the story lacking, the characters rushed and random. I did find the psycho killer scene quite amusing, there were moments of humour throughout the film. At some point during the film I got very confused over location as one moment it was said location (a), then suddenly without explanation was location (b) and (c) in completely different countries within Europe... overall final feeling to the film was that if you want something to not pay attention to or a harmless bit of fun but if you want to engross yourself in the film this is not recommended.

Babylon 5

A true classic
Babylon 5 is in my opinion a classic syfi show that ended too soon, with 5 great seasons, and spawning several films and a spin off show. Babylon 5 offers a great way to escape into a wonderful exciting story, the universe of endless potential. A true 90's show, with a great cast, and the effects for the time it was made were amazing. I grew up on this show as a kid and was obsessed, the war with the shadows was thrilling when I was young, and still wish I could have more episodes to this day.


Good concept poor film
If you consider the concept only, it could have been a decent film, if it were more along the lines of the manga, Dead Tube, it could have further potential. With the first act, it seemed to be okay, if you ignore the poor aspects the overall set up is good, when the moral matters are brought up the message is overly played, really pushing a message, whereas if you took the concept to Dead Tube, you could have a successful message if not so on the nose, a message played through the events and what is seen rather than the ending that is given. Much of the overall film feels as though something exciting is about to happen but is unfortunately lost to draw in viewers to the the message the film and studio try to push. It is unfortunate this is a missed opportunity, the cast were also an issue in that they were selected for attracting a younger audience. If we had unknown actors, with a darker plot we could be left with something that makes the viewer consider what they have witnessed compared to the message that is painfully spelled out.

Stan Against Evil

3 Great seasons
This is one those shows you can easily enjoy, something light hearted and not too serious, it is a shame the show was cancelled but I'm glad we at the very least have three great seasons to enjoy.


That's one hell of a flare
This is a terribly great film, everything that is wrong with this flick just couldn't stop me from laughing, got to love 90s sci fi sorta b movie level, though we do have quite the cast everything just feels very off with the film, yet if you want to enjoy something for a laugh this would be the film, the effects are poor, the acting is very wooden, and the plot is well been done many times before. I first court this film on late night tv in the uk back when channel 5 used to do there late night films that were always guaranteed to be a terrible movie and had the wonderful pleasure to rewatch the film found on YouTube, this is a little bit of a guilty pleasure. Enjoy!

The Terror

Season 1 review only at this time
For season 1 only as yet to watch season 2.

Season 1 was a great adaption to the fictional story by Dan Simmons which is in turn based on the true events around Franklin lost expedition for the northern passage. I recall back in school we learnt in history about what we knew regarding the Franklin mission, of course unfortunately we only know so much as much of the information was lost, so Dan Simmons had some great material to start a story with, retaining key points that were still very shockingly true for the history of the real crews, with the infamous cannibalism between the crew, how several of them feel ill to scurvy and lead poisoning from their tinned meats. To top it off the setting, the environmental factors were hell, no real quick way to resolve a food issue. Overall I loved the first season, and since completing it has pushed me to wanting to learn more about the true events and what is actually known to us. AMC done a fine job of crafting this setting, the cinematography was amazing and the acting couldn't have been any better, I would highly recommend seeing the first season, and if your like me you might find it interesting to read Dan Simmons book, and to also watch the documentaries available regarding the true story. When I have the time I will work my way to the second season.

On a side note, the documentary does have some interesting information, especially when the graves were discovered and how several the bodies had been perfectly preserved, you can find a documentary available on YouTube if one is not easily found.

Freddy vs. Jason

Such a guilty pleasure
The caption says all, I love this film from the poor acting, to the questionable decisions, and the plot holes, everything this has to offer is so enjoyable, so much fun, I remember when this first came out and had the pleasure to watch it many times over. I would love to see another showdown one day, before Robert Englund is too old. Doesn't even have to follow on, just needs to be to the same level as this film. Or if we could have an ultimate smack down all heavy titles battle it out awesome horror match up!


Loved it!
This is just my opinion but I loved the Joker, the performances, cinematography, directing, style, all build a great story. And the acting from Phoenix was incredible, he done a great take for the iconic character, and wow does he commit, with loosing the weight for the role, to developing the laugh.

Another Life

A Netflix fail!
Okay so to start I got through the first season painfully, I hoped from the get go it might get better give it a chance, around the mid way point I hated the characters, the story was frustrating, there was potential in the concept but the show is far from what the idea I thought I were getting. Firstly the characters all seem to care only for themselves and not the wider picture, the story is drama for drama sake. The story could have been something much more, if you happen to watch this you'll have that feeling that something is about to happen, but that feeling is constant, you get no resolution, you don't really get a story, it's this pointless venture into space that has a number of issues. I got through the first season expecting something more, but instead left feeling that Netflix have just pulled yet another Netflix on me, a mediocre show with little to no potential. The end leaves it open pointlessly for a second season that honestly I hope never comes, I don't want answers. Netflix has yet again produced something that is just a complete mess, sci fi isn't hard to make exciting, there was clearly the budget there but yet it felt like a waste, this is what we pay our subscription for... i would normally recommend people to watch for themselves but on this one I really wouldn't, unless you want to waste your time on something boring and pointless. Trust me you'll hate the characters, which is a shame as the actors would have done well if the material they had to work with had some level of imagination, another issue I noted which is probably the reason for such a mess with the show it had twelve writers, why so many... just don't waste your time please!


Supernatural is a hell of an accomplishment to get up to 15 season, now I must admit I fell out the loop on the show round maybe season 10, I couldn't actually say, to be fair this show is just great to have on in the background or if you just want to enjoy a little escapism, you can see and feel the actors having a good time, and everyone knows or has heard how good friends the cast are off set. If you just want a break something enjoyable to watch, something easy, this I would recommend, if you hadn't seen this by now, you've got a lot of catching up to enjoy, that would be one crazy binge haha.

Rick and Morty

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!
There's not just one thing I love about this show, everything that goes into the show, how the creators treat their fans, to the characters created, to the writing, everything what makes this what it is I love.

Biker Boyz

Just why!
If you want to see a pointless story, dragged out over a full 1hour 50 minute film, then check this out, I can honestly get what was the plan, fast and furious but on bikes instead, but every moment you feel a story is coming or we might be getting somewhere with this film, it is simply either forgotten, or just falls flat. I would have said the only redeeming part was the fact Laurence fishburne had been involved in the project, but even his storyline is just dull. If we could have a son of anarchy type of film mixed to fast & furious then this could have worked, but this is typical sort of films coming out in the early 2000's, still this film is better than Torque. I would say, if you want something on that pays no attention, something you want on when doing work, or just not actually watching the film just doing other things then check it out, but I wouldn't recommend actually watching the film, as the story itself as mentioned just isn't really there, several cliche are thrown in during the film. Good luck if you do choice to watch.

Fear the Walking Dead

FTWD downfall
I have given this show 7 stars on the grounds that I really enjoyed the original concept to the show, the Clark family, and the idea of something to fear... when the new show runners came on board, I was concerned, it can normally be something good for a show or something bad, this was mixed at first, as we had Morgan joined fear, from TWD, great no issues there, I love the Morgan character, and I really did like the additionally new characters like Jon. But what killed it was the fact it felt like what id enjoyed from 1 to 3 just didn't matter, Madison didn't matter, the world they were building didn't matter, the idea these could be villains in the making didn't matter, that is what season 4 brought me, a network that doesn't care over fans, the whole thing should have been handled differently, and now season 5... wow I am bored, so crazy bored I've been having it on in the background while I do other things as this no longer interests me, and that sucks, it sucks that it no longer interests me as this show was building something that I really liked. And I hate to say it but I am bordering on giving up. I will enjoy 1 to 3, the 7 stars are for what I enjoyed. I will continue to watch up to the mid season, but after that... I've just lost the excitement that used to be there... thank you new show runners you done a great job to killing something I enjoyed. To people who still enjoy this I am happy, keep enjoying, and I hope the show continues to live up to your expectations.

Update: After dragging myself through to the finish line of season 5 I can safely say it didn't feel like much of a season, and overall felt a lack of story. It was still a pleasure to see the characters but felt their stories were lacking, no major risk, and the villain is a little dull, there could be so many options followed for this show to go down, to have made it more exciting but instead it feels like a weaker version Of how it started out with a coherent story.


This is how you get ants!
I love archer, such a good show, been watching it since 09 when it started, and hasn't gotten dull yet, there has been maybe the odd episode here and there that aren't my favourites but that's not saying I still didn't enjoy them. And in recent series archer has allowed itself to explore other story lines rather than him just being the worlds greatest spy, so long Brett, he was always useless but he died doing what he loved haha. Then when they became drug/gun smugglers, was just brilliant, I would say the detective season is not top my list but that gave us archer in a coma world, and the stories we've had from that have been amazing parodies, season 10 has one the best archer moments or more quotable moments. But that's not to say archer isn't full of quotable moments, this ones just new to add onto the growing list, but I won't spoil it for people. To anyone that hasn't watched archer should really check it out, and I hope we have many more archer adventures to come.


Love it!
This film is terrible and knows it, you get what you expect, a great b-movie, with wonderfully bad acting, and a bonkers plot. Gave me a fair share of giggles watching this, if you haven't seen it, watch honestly just to experience this. I want more b-movies just like this.

Jurassic Galaxy

Just not a good b-movie
Come on, Hal is what you name the AI robot thing, could you not think of something more original than that... I normally love terrible B-movies but this was too serious for my liking, it needs the terrible acting where you feel nothing is taken seriously. I want to feel the badness in the film so I can laugh and just watch pure rubbish. Sadly I was disappointed! Maybe I'll watch zombeavers again cos that was great!

Deadly Class

Decent adaptation
I love the comic series, big fan, when I heard they were making a show I couldn't wait, I was skeptic over SYFY being the ones behind the show, seeing as they have cancelled a lot of decent shows in recent months. And today it was sadly made official, we won't be getting a second season, such a shame, all fans of the comic know what would have been coming in the next season with the "die for me" arc. But not like it can be change, we have the one season to enjoy and at the very least we have the comics.

If you haven't read the comics I would strongly recommend, especially if you enjoyed the show.

Although the show has been cancelled I would recommend people to check it out, it seemed to be received well with critics, and viewer numbers weren't bad, it was never meant to be a mainstream show, I don't expect it to be a show for everyone.

If you want some fun, bit of change from mainstream tv shows, this is worth checking out.

The overall feel to the show was interesting, I loved the way it was filmed, the Vegas episode was a great take on fear and loathing, and overall was fairly close to the comic, with a couple changes here and there for tv reasons to fill out 10 episodes. So go check it out enjoy, and maybe check out the comic to.

Within the Rock

So bad yet so much fun
I saw this film once when I was younger, then recently had the chance to see it again. when I was a kid I actually enjoyed this film somehow. Now I just realise how bad the whole thing is, the characters, are terrible, the acting is poor but the whole thing is just funny to watch, you can't help but enjoy how terrible this film is. The plot jumps at times, and the editing doesn't help matters, much like the scene when they discuss the monster in their little base, the scene is so jumpy, one point their stood round a table talking, the next over to one side, the next back to the table, as if they couldn't turn the camera, maybe it was two different sets. And what was with the ending, the guy you think is dead, although we all know he isn't, jumps out at the last minute and attacks one his crew when they are in the middle of fighting the creature, it's a complete mess at that point. Still I enjoyed it for bringing back my childhood moment of seeing it for the first time. If you ever get the chance to watch, do! It's honestly not a good film, but you just enjoy how bad it is. So enjoy.


DC doing it right
DC has had a rocky road, but shazam, aka captain marvel was an enjoyable film, silly yet fun, found a good medium, and the villain was great. Can't wait for Black Adam. See it if you just want some fun and nothing serious.

Pet Sematary

It's an okay adaptation
Taking this film solely on adaptation bases and not comparing to the original film, this is an alright adaptation it has moments of tension, and good moments of horror in the first two acts. The acting is decent, and the final act really does pay off well, where you do really feel the tension suddenly building to a breaking point. I recommend people form their own view and watch this as more an adaptation than comparing with the original film.


A good take
I must admit, I wasn't sure at first what to take from the trailer when I originally watched it, but I must admit the result was pleasantly surprising. As with any film, and any review, everything gets a mixed bag, some will expect more story, but this isn't a story you need more to explain, everyone knows the idea of an alien coming to earth, much like good old Superman, based on that concept alone you role with what bits of information you are given, much like the bee story, a hive, now with no spoiling any of the content, like with everything I'd say check the film out for yourself, form your own view, but don't expect a back story, as this film focus is on the what if. As always it's good to see good reviews and bad, always like to see how people take things home. Now I hope this helps, but with every review it is an opinion. Take care. And be forever watchful of those skies.

Swamp Thing

Just my opinion
"Swamp thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything, SWAMP THING!"

As always, I recommend to anyone to check something out for themselves, but for me I am a fan of swamp thing.

In terms of the show, the first episode is exciting filled with good elements of fear in the swamp, the series continues to build tension, but not exactly the same level as the start. I personally still found the overall series to be enjoyable but you will find some plot points a little dull where the show had filler moments. It would have been great if there was more seasons to see where the show could have gone. The horror element I felt was more only in the first episode, after the gore and horror side tone down as the season goes on.

I found the characters and actors enjoyable, for the most part. The style to the show and the way it was shoot overall worked. It was great to see Sharknado guy in something else. The show does have potential, and could have grown to something new and exciting, the one season is still enjoyable, if you disregard some factors with plot issues.

Apollo 13

Great film
I honestly will recommend anyone to check this film out, it is long but of course you can't rush such an event, make sure you have a good free afternoon or weekend, get some popcorn and enjoy. On technically side this film has aged well, doesn't feel dated .

Max Steel

Just didn't work for me
So many points throughout the film I questioned why... the lead guy... WHY!!! The choices made in the film, WHY!!! So many points just didn't work, I loved Max Steel as a kid, this film is just a bad joke. But to those who enjoyed it, fair does to you, everyone has to enjoy something, all I say to any film or show, check out for yourself.

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