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Meet the Deedles

If it was possible to give a negative score, I would!
Don't waste time seeing this movie! It's not funny, the actors are bad, and there is absolutely no moral in the story! It's a waste of money and time. I'm really disappointed to see Dennis Hopper starring in this movie. I hope he donated the salary to poor people, because otherwise he shouldn't have a reason to be there! I don't understand why they made such a brainless movie! The circus animals were the best actors there! And what a bad commercial for Yellowstone national park. They should sue the producers of this movie. Who said yes to this project in the first place? They must have known this movie didn't sell... Do yourself a favour. Buy all copies of this movie and recycle it. It doesn't belong anywhere.

Secondhand Lions

Loved it!
I like fairy tales, and this movie certainly is one. I wish I had those granduncles! The kid did the right thing. It's not often that movies like this is made nowadays. It really hit me. I liked this movie from the beginning. Even though it's pretty predictable, they still have a few surprises. I also think that this movie will teach someone a lesson of behaviour towards the elderly. You never know who you are dealing with... This movie shows human relations very well. The actors effectively shows this too. Not all actors are able to do that. Well, I will recommend this movie to all audiences. And finally a request for movie makers; please make more movies like this!

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