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Van Helsing

An interesting twist and an unsolved mystery make VH an 8/10
Okay, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I go to a movie for pure unadulterated entertainment. If you are looking for deep feelings or in depth character development, go see mystic river or something. If you want a rock'em sock'em pull no punches action movie, go see Van Helsing. I laughed, and I found myself intently watching, trying to predict the next move. I left feeling I had gotten a good bargain for my matinee ticket... I would have paid full price, if necessary. Remember, guy movies are action driven, and this is definately a guy movie. So grab a tub of popcorn, but don't drink too much soda (like I did) and enjoy an inventive look at a vampire movie.

Big Fish

I would like to start by saying that I have always loved watching Albert Finney ever since I saw him in A Christmas Carol as a child. After seeing him in Big Fish alongside Jessica (I in no way look 80) Lange, I love his acting even more. I thought the entire tale was wonderful from beginning to end, and I did not want to see the story end, which, I would say, should be considered a defining characteristic of a feel good movie such as this. I felt all of the acting was superb as was the writing, directing, etcetera. I have only one thing about this movie that really baffles me... are you listening Academy? Why wasn't this movie the winner for Best Picture? Ohh, yeah... LOTR... my bad... on any other year, it should have been.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Go to the bathroom and buy snacks BEFORE this movie starts!!!!!!!!!
I have read several reviews of Kill Bill Vol.1 that have questioned this film's merit and I would like to take this opportunity to give us a brief pause for thought. Why do we go to movies? Is it so we can see subtle social commentaries? Doubtful. To watch an artist hone his craft? Possible. To forget our own world of troubles and the stresses of our every day lives? Definately. I promise anyone reading this that you WILL forget your problems if for just a moment watching Kill Bill. It isn't at the theatres, so you'll have to rent it April 13, but see the sequel at the movies. It is worth every bit of the $8 I paid and I only wish it had stayed in theatres longer, I would have watched it again. I have only been to two movies where the audience applauded for several minutes during the closing credits, Kill Bill and Trilogy Teusday LOTR. Since I seen hundreds of movies, that is saying something.

Dawn of the Dead

How do you make an original from a remake? Watch Dawn of the Dead and see.
As a longtime fan of the "Dead" series, which has stretched out for over three decades, I wasn't sure how much entertainment I was going to get for my hard earned dollar, so I did the matinee thing. I had nothing to worry about. This movie had comedy, drama, a little love thing goin', some gore, some tension and some very nice acting. The undead were even much more believable than in any of the originals. I think the running sarcasm played out among the characters set the tone for the film which help offset the well-established tension. I really enjoyed this movie, much more than I had hoped too, which is always a great surprise.

Two popcorns way up!

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