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Game of Thrones: The Long Night
Episode 3, Season 8

More like a Bollywood movie.
This episode really blew my expectations. First of all, lighting is awful. People must stop justifying this poorly lit up crap as 'genius' or 'artistic'. lighting is pure BS. Anyhow, battle scenes are fairly decent but lacks the momentum and realistic sense. The fact that a force that could wipe out entire horde of dothraki within few seconds struggling and falling dead around main characters is hilarious (they even can't beat Samwell Tarly!) Death of Night's king is a joke! he is accompanied by his generals and a big horde of white walkers and arya just leaps on to him from behind just like that? Really? writers want us to buy that? Its just a disgrace to Game of Thrones and George R. R. Martin's writing. Finally, all the main characters "magically" survives and some B list character death try to provide us the shock value- which also utterly fails. The Long Night is an utter disappointment and a disgrace to GOT universe- that is until now, filled with surprises and bone chilling events.

Hangar 1: The UFO Files

ridiculously biased and filled with weak 'evidence'
I had a big hope when i started watching the show. and the first episode was good. but from the second episode, it fell apart. the show is filled with four or five people just claiming "I heard this, we heard that" without any concrete evidence on their statements. and some of their points are ridicules. I mean, come on! what government would build an airport to cover up an underground secret base AND, put up drawings of alien invasion there to give us an hint?!- doesn't make any sense at all. and the show is so biased, that it almost try to brainwash the viewer with some silly and science fictional stuff, that they clearly have no evidence to proof. Shows like this damages the credibility of the channel and makes me wonder if low quality shows likes this are made by the government to cover up the real dark facts with hard to believe fantasies.

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