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Ask the Dust

I loved it!
I couldn't understand why many critics attacked this movie, I thought it was so gripping and heartbreaking.

Idina Menzel, Colin Farrell and mainly Salma Hayek give so strong and convincing performances that the minor flaws in the film can be overlooked. The cinematography, so talked on the reviews is indeed beautiful and also are the art direction and costumes.

The beach scene is so intense and sexy that I'm sure it will become in of those scenes people talk for years.

Arturo Bandini never looked more handsome with Colin Farrell playing it with restrain and wit. He may be the cause why some people are bashing the film but he shows how much of a great actor he is.

Salma Hayek brings a touching performance, one so powerful that sticks with you when the film is over.

Donald Sutherland, Justin Kirk and Eileen Atkins get little to do but they do it as best as they can. Idina Menzel is the supporting cast member that stands out.

The movie belongs to Los Angeles, is a great homage to the city and its culture and history.

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