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So ridiculous
What a senseless, boring, contrived and overrated film. Total waste of time! The only good thing is that I could fast forward. I will never understand the high marks on this one.

Skid Row

Only one side
This is a very sentimental and quite frankly liberal viewpoint. There really should have been a little more balance in order. It also needed more b-roll. It's a very limited documentary.

Anatomy of a Scandal

All wrapped up in nothing
This is mildly entertaining if you're mindlessly bored. I saw David Kelly's name all over it. I'd remove that if I were him. The flashbacks were so annoying and that confusion camera angle. No great acting here either.


Very Entertaining
I put this off for a long time because at first glance it looks boring but it's actually very good; well written; great actors; fast pace. I'm a huge fan! Keep 'em coming.

The Rachel Divide

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Why is this a documentary?

It's a pathetic attempt to make the public understand and take pity on a ridiculously messed up person. Wasn't interesting then, still isn't.

Deadly Promises

Terrible Acting!!!
What in the world is with the 5.8? The actors in this film must have reviewed it. Just horrible acting and a ridiculous plot. It's almost laughable but NO!


Molly's Game

33 minutes in
Boring boring boring! Could not stand another second of it AND WHO CARES! Why is this popular? Easy to turn off and easy to forget.

It's just a bad hand!

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

Well put together
I think this is well put together. You anticipate the disgust the entire way through. It's just too bad he died before all this came out. To think he was knighted and had that huge funeral.

Some people are so sick. Great footage.

The Borgias

Not sure why anyone liked this
What a load of nasty, disgusting scenes. The entire series, whether based on fact or fiction, is gratuitous. Do not bother watching this! Totally sickening. I used to appreciate Jeremy Irons. Not anymore. If you want to know the history of this pope, read about it.

The Butler

Wikipedia on film
Everything is nicely condensed in this film, just the way life isn't. It's a great cast and I still contend that Oprah is a better actress than talk show host. It's missing GUTS. FW is fabulous! He always is. The topic of racial divide is so difficult to portray because of exactly that. We boil it down into minutes of decades. It's tedious after the first hour. Been there, seen that.

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

So stupid and who cares

EVERY SECOND. Terrible. Just terrible.

Secondly, who cares? What a waste of my time.

So OVER DRAMATIZED and bad filmmaking.


The narration gagged me
I'm a huge Yellowstone fan but this was so lame and unrealistic and quite cliche.

The narration RUINED any chance it had. The viewer could not form an opinion.

Sam E. Is a disappointment. He couldn't save it.

The rest of the cast is forgettable.

Why the BIG REVIEWS????????

The Batman

So much is wrong with this film
Robert P is a terrible Batman. Absolutely no Bat-charisma at all. The Riddler character is a complete bore! I hated all of this film. I certainly do not understand the good reviews. It's not close to the Dark Knight caliber. Please do not make a sequel.

Margin Call

The most boring film ever made
What a strange conglomerate of actors in perhaps the most boring film in the history of cinema. I watched the entire film waiting for anything to be interesting. The very last scene was the best scene in the film!



I guess give the viewers what they want??

Why the high reviews??? I tried many episodes. This is nothing but SMUT. It is dark, depressing and rated X. It may serve as a guide for misguided behavior as well.

Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy

The old footage was cool but something is missing. Maybe it's the REAL Ye??? The editing was okay. Seemed to progress BUT SOMETHING IS MISSING. There is no internal "Kanye reality." Love his music! Fan for life.

American Dream/American Knightmare

What on earth is Suge saying?
You don't subtitles in this documentary, you need an interpreter. What in the world? Long, run-on, nonsense sentences ruined the entire story. I didn't realize Tupac was such a real life gangster. Hmmmm. Interesting story but Suge is impossible to follow.


Forgot who you were
I completely forgot who Cindy Adams was until I watched this. Very cool. Brought back a lot of memories. You're my kind of person Cindy and I appreciate your career. Your love story is fabulous!! Thank you.

American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story

Super interesting
The first person perspective with Hugh worked really well even with the corny re-enactments. What an interesting life he had! I can't imagine 1% of that. The documentary moves swiftly and continually captures your attention. Great interviewees as well.

Inventing Anna

Couldn't get past the accent
This series is so predictable and rather boring. The "at the last minute" childbirth was ridiculous! I only watched because I really like Julia G but her character was buffoonery.

I ended up hitting fast forward on the last 5 episodes just to get to it and there was nothing to get to.

Dexter: New Blood

Good "after series"
It's just too bad it has to end. I feel like it just got started again. Could have stretched this out a couple more seasons. Great characters!! I'm sooooooooo sad now! Ugh! Loved all of it.

Ray Donovan: The Movie

Hated this so much
Why ruin a great series with this junk? It is missing every element that made the series great. The script is trash, the acting is lacking polish and the plot is BORING. Why?

The Family I Had

Not at all emotional
While the story itself may be of interest, the documentary itself skips over all substance and emotion. The viewer doesn't even get all the facts. If you search online, the crime is more gruesome than what is depicted. There is just no real depth in this depiction.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez: Gabriel's Voice
Episode 6, Season 1

Very well done
This should win an award. Perfectly captures the evil of some parents in the world and the inept system that is supposed to protect children in danger. Definitely worth watching though difficult to absorb at times.


Another biased "documentary"
It's loooong, somewhat interesting but could have been greatly condensed. I remember this case. He did it. I don't care how biased you get, guilty guilty. Courtroom "drama" is interesting but I wonder how true to life it is when cameras are on.

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