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Death in Gaza

Oscar for Best Documentary
I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 and while it is not in the category for best documentary in the Oscars anymore, and it probably would have won, it definitely comes second to this film. Death in Gaza exposes the true horror that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has caused to both the Palestinians and the Israelis. The story by James Miller and Saira Shah show us how everyday Palestinians live. They never give any biased opinions on whether the Israelis are to blame for the current state the Palestinians live in, yet they show in a true journalistic fashion Palestinian life and culture in its fullest form. The movie is a documentation of children in Palestine and the struggles and dangers they face on an every day basis. It shows how they are pushed by cultural ideologies to believe that being a martyr is somehow more glorious than living a peaceful life. In the movie the children are the focal point of the movie. From an American standpoint it is a real eye-opener at the way they live, what they are taught at school, how they create bombs out of cans, and the way they are recruited by radical groups in Palestine to perform acts of terror against the Israelis. We are shown the other side to a conflict we only usually receive an Israeli voice for. The fact that director James Miller died creating this movie only adds to this dramatic documentary that made me think about what can we do to make this world a better place?


I couldn't have written a worse screenplay if I tried
I saw the movie Cellular last night because the people I was with refused to go to the independent movie theater in my town and see Silver City. What a mistake and a waste of time. This movie starts of with Kim Basinger sending her kid of to school. We have no character development we are never introduced to a setting and the plot is just trash. As soon as Basinger goes home she gets kidnapped. She then uses a broken phone to call a random number, she reaches a young man and gets him to do all these absurd things for her in the pretense that she has been kidnapped. This is a waste of time for everyone and the writing, dialogue, and action are horrible.

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