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Kaena: La prophétie

Never seen it before today.
I had seen (via CN/AS) ads for the DVD and was very curious. I am an avid fan of anime from anywhere and anyone. The delivery and technique that is put into them is just beyond words.

Very, very good. The fluid like structure of the movie was about the hardest part for me. I couldn't define what began and what ended at some points. On the overall, it was a solid story with a woman taking the weight of her people's survival on her tiny shoulders. HURRAY!!!!

I do hope there is a prequel as well to get more definition of who's who. David Keith has always been a STRONG animation voice for me and he does well with this one. I recognized him voice the instance he spoke. Although I am not a 'gamer' and have no reference to 'copy-cat'/'look-a-like' comments here, I scream for utmost ORIGINALITY. This 90+ min is just that, creatively original. Keep up the most excellent work Chris Delaporte and Crew. Well done, well done!!

Secret Window

Not A Horror Flick
For me, I saw no horror here. It was never advertised as such really. When I actually see blood squirt, that's horror. This was a psycho-thriller that I wanted to be scarier and wasn't. Although it was a good movie, it's not great. I saw to many scenes were I was asking myself 'isn't that a so and so movie reference.' Mort's ill-placed humor was the weight of the movie. His appearance, little side remarks, gestures plus facial expressions are what kept the flow as all else was just that, all else. His funniest line, to me, was when Amy was leaving their house and he comes out behind her... PRICELESS!

It just didn't have me on the edge of the seat at all. Shooter was as frightening as gum stuck on my shoe bottoms. I was MORT-ified (horrified, no pun intended) when Amy closed the door and Rainey was behind it. Like many before me, it was very predictable. I had more fun making symbolisms than I did getting scared at what I thought I should be scared on.

My rating... 6 of 10 stars.

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