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A good binge
First off I want to mention, I did not watch the original. But I enjoyed this version more than I thought, it was an easy show to binge with some great acting. The vfx and shots where subpar to say least but the story was compelling enough.

Is it the besh show ever? Nah. Does it keep you entertained? Yah. Jessica was a super annoying character imo, but she gets a little better later on.

Restaurants on the Edge

Might as wel be called something else.
When I saw the trailer for this I got pretty excited, I love these types of shows and tend to be good entertainment. But this show was a big snooze fest.

The restaurants are like 6% of every episode and the rest is just the hosts doing cool stuff and meeting 'awesome' locals and talking about how cool things are. You see one shot of the restaurant and heck the owners aren't even involved in learner the new menu or food they are going to have.

This show is just a big circlejerk of the hosts being all hyped about how amazing they are and how amazing they are discovering things that are wrong. I feel bad for the owners participating with this show, this is all about the host not about any restaurant on any edge.


Ignore the bad reviews. If you have seen the originally and you can appreciate weirdness, you'll appreciative this.
I'm so glad I ignored all the negative reviews. Cats was an mind blowing and amazing experience. I can't describe in words what I witnessed, but all i can tell you is that I left the theater a happy guy.

Was it weird to see CGI Cat/human hybrids act like dancing felines, yes it was. Was it a horrifying experience that will never leave my brain. No it was not. The movie was everything I expected the cats movie to be and more. Could it be better? 100% yes it could be better. But this movie is a perfect example if the negative hype reaches it before the positive does. The new Star Wars movie is a dumpster fire compared to this and I am a huge Star Wars fan.

If you love musicals, If you love weirdness and if you love CATS; go see this movie! You wont regret it.

Major Payne

Tries a little too hard sometimes, but stays funny
Mayor Payne is a must see classic to me. I was only two when it came out, but I remember watching it as a young kid, and i watched it many times after that. Now being old enough to actually have opinion about the movie I wanted to re-watch it. And it did not disappoint.

Damon Wayans as Mayor Payne is a comedic master piece. Every line he deliverers and every looks he gives is funny, even his laugh is hilarious. The movie itself is as good as a silly comedic movie can be, which is not amazing. BUT its cute. Watching the movie again made me realize there are some things that are weird, Like the deaf kid being able to hear. Of course I realize this is part of the movie, and its a message the movie is trying to send (I think its a good one) but its also a little hard to overlook.

This movie is and stays very close to my heart, even though sometimes it tries a little hard to be funny and silly. I realize this movie is not for everyone but people who enjoy movies like Police Academy will find Mayor Payne a funny movie with a good message behind it. Now I'll make sure I watch it every year!


Best thriller I have ever seen
And it isn't even a thriller. The tenseness I felt watching this movie is something I never felt before. This movie is a prime example of true investigative journalism, starting with something seemingly innocent and it ending up being one of the most disturbing things I have heard about. I believe this movie is a must see, even for people who do not like documentaries. Because this story could have easily been fictional.

David does a great job letting you see this movie trough his eyes and trough they eyes of the people affected by it, I can only imagine the dread and fear he and they felt making this documentary. I liked that David left in his struggles while making this movie, even though the movie sometimes slowed down because of it, and that's my only critique. I have great respect for the fearlessness David and Dylan had making this movie, and for the people they managed to interview.

Tickled is a crazy adventure about something I didn't know I wanted to know about. Its frightening, Interesting and sometimes a little silly. The title might seem funny, but believe me this movie is no joke.

Suicide Squad

Fan service galore
When I first heard about Suicide Squad I got excited, but the more was released about the movie, the less i wanted to see it. Now I've seen it, I wish I didn't.

The story was lazy and cheap, and really didn't make sense at all. Every choice made in this movie was weird. And it was weird because every choice was made to 'progress' the characters. This movie already started of lazily introducing the characters, and after that throwing in some random characters that weren't introduced yet, you know just because. The only characters I liked were, Diablo, Deadshot and Amanda Waller. They seemed to be the characters they managed to finish and give actual personality. The rest like Australia man (Captain boomerang), Unfunny sexy crazy girl (Harley Quinn), Captain America and his white Mayan goddess??? (Rick Flag and The Enchantress) where so badly written, it was cringy. I'm not even mentioning the Joker because that was one hot mess, if this doesn't ruin Jared Leto's career, I don't know what will.

I really don't know why people hype over Harley Quinn, don't get me wrong. Margot Robbie is not a terrible actress, its mostly due writing her character was bad. Her one-liners were so bad, I had to pause the movie at times. Her character was pushed way to much as a quirky crazy girl without really explaining why. Yet people LOVE her, while her and Joker where the worst characters of the movie.

The story was cheap and purely character driven, nothing wrong with that, but at least include all characters within the story and connect them to it. Why did Killer Croc ever come back? Why didn't they kill Amanda Waller or Rick Flagg? They could have done that with ease. Where did they get Katana from? Why did she go with them? Why does every character have a sad sob story that needed to be told? Why the hell was Harley Quinn a sexy girl dancing in a club? Why was The Joker a gangster and why did he drive a purple lambo? Why? why? why? Why was it always night? Why was it so dark and gritty, while the writing of the movie definitely did not feel dark and gritty?

This movie was a prime example of 'easy money grab' They didn't even try to make this a good movie. They choose the suicide squad BECAUSE of Harley Quinn, and that meant they could use the Joker (To be fair not really though, no clue why he was in the movie). This whole movie was fan service to advance a story in the DC cinematic universe in a very lazy way. Fan service is okay, but at least do it in a good way and don't write characters out of character.

Ansatsu kyôshitsu

A wild ride with a weird pace
Let me start of with saying that I have seen the Anime, and I didn't know it existed until i tumbled on this movie.

I had no clue what to expect when I decided to watch this movie, I was little worried to be honest. It's based on an Anime so i realized it might get crazy, and it did. The first 30 minutes of the movie or so were very enjoyable. It had a solid pace and was pretty funny. But after that I felt it was losing itself trying to tell the stories of too many characters. I found myself confused to who the main characters where and had a hard time bonding with the students, while that was obviously the intention. The only character I bonded with was the teacher. Towards the movie got a lot better, and everything seemed to be coming together again. The dialogue was a little vague sometimes, as if they were trying to push life lessons on you (But it might have been the translation).

The movie was enjoyable, but i had a hard time figuring out what kind of movie they wanted people to see. It was too silly to be serious, too serious to be silly. In the end this movie was just trying to push too much genre's at one, and it didn't work out. It was worth the watch, and I will suggest to people who like Anime, Crazy B-movies or just this type of aesthetic. Watch this movie with realizing this is based on an Anime. Just like making a movie based on a TV-Show its hard to push in a story in about 2 hours.



Big surprise
Storks wasn't specifically on my watch list. I had seen ads here and there, but it seemed to get overshadowed with the release of other movies. When i got the chance to watch it on a flight, i took it. Mostly because there was nothing else to watch. I ended up laughing out loud a couple of times and being charmed by some of the characters.

The movie was cute and a little awkward at times, and had a fun and not too serious premise. The awkwardness is especially what drew me in. This movie might not be for everyone, the comedy might be a bit too obvious and cringy, and kids might not understand the humor at times. I personally don't think those are bad things, since i enjoy that type of humor. The voice acting was okay. I mean Andy Samberg was Andy Samberg and Ty Burell was Ty Burell. I enjoy both actors very much, but it made it hard for me to get into their characters. Stephen Kramer Glickman, Kelsey Grammar and Danny Trejo were outstanding in their performance.

Overall this movie was a fun ride, and took me by surprise. I got a little lost in the storytelling sometimes, and wasn't sure what 'message' they were trying to convey. But overall it was enjoyable and cute, and not every movie needs a 'message'. I'm not sure if every kid will enjoy this movie, but i think adults who like awkward humor and great animation (I forgot to mention that) will enjoy this movie. This movie is definitely underrated and got drowned out by other (hyped) animated movies that got released around the same time.


Swiss Army Man

Worth the wait, Worth the watch
I have been following this movie since it was announced, and I finally managed to watch it. When I saw the first few trailers I fell in love with the soundtrack, which I then listened to a lot. But the quirkiness reeled me in and it became number one on my 'TO WATCH' list. Of course, like every movie i set out to watch, i couldn't find the time to do so.

After waiting such a long time, it did not disappoint. It was good to the eyes and the mind. The music makes so much more sense now, it fits perfectly. The movie was made for the music and the music was made for the movie, it made me feel emotional throughout. Paul Dano was excellent in it, and so was Daniel Radcliffe; who's probably one of the few actors who can pull of a role like this.

The only thing that bothered me sometimes was the 'deepness', which got a little too much some times. Maybe it was ironic and done on purpose and i just might have overlooked it.

In the end this movie is of course not a masterpiece, but it's certainly an instant cult hit. A lot of people will talk about this movie, whether they dislike it or like it.

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