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Meet the Parents

Worst. Movie. Ever.
Sorry, but I just don't see how anyone can find this movie funny. I put the spoiler warning on this comment since I am about to give away the biggest comedic device in the movie. As unbelievable as it sounds, the protagonist in the movie has a last name that rhymes with a naughty word. His last name is Focker! Why is this piece of information a spoiler? Because joke after joke after joke after joke is made on this simple premise. In fact, it's so hilarious that they felt the need to put it in the title of the next movie! In addition, the scenarios in this movie were so far fetched that instead of being able to enjoy it, I spent the entire time wondering why the writers were so lazy that instead of coming up with reasonable plot scenarios, they just passed off ridiculous decisions in order to force supposedly humorous scenes. Case and point - Ben Stiller's character loses his luggage while on the way to meet his fiancée's parents. The first morning he wakes up in his fiancée's family's house, he wants to change clothes but doesn't have any. His fiancée suggests that he borrow some of her brother's clothes. So far, this all seems reasonable. Stiller's character then asks her to go get some of these clothes. Instead, she tells him it would make more sense that even though he has yet to meet her brother, he should walk into his room unannounced and feel free to root through his bureau until he finds something he wants. Would any person in their right mind ever suggest such a thing? Needless to say, her brother then catches this man he doesn't know going through his underwear drawer. That's it! That's the big joke! And that is supposed to be funny! I could go on with numerous examples just as ridiculous as this that litter this movie, but I've wasted enough time. If I can convince just one person not to waste the 2 hours of his or her life on this abomination of a film, I will consider this exercise worth while.

1 out of 10

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