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So boring I fell asleep woke up and tried it again and fell right back to sleep. Did not deserve a Oscar

Dark Waters

A must see.
It's very scary but it's all true. Look it up. We are not protected at all. We are just lab rats.


A must see movie. One of the best war ever. I was crying like baby.

Like a Boss

Once again go woke go broke. Terrible movie not funny at all.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

A terrible movie.
Why to go SJW. All it does s ruin every movie with a SJW agenda. The jokes were not funny at all. It was good to see everyone but sad it had to be the n this terrible terrible movie. Don't waste your time. I want my time and money back.


The first episode starts off good but some stupid fake effects take you out of the story. The next two episodes just got worse. What a waste of time.


Boring a smack in the face. Why do,they make such horrible shows.

A Christmas Carol

Not good
I was really looking forward to this. But I am so sick of movies changing characters just to fit with also Mary a witch and a well ho and not the Ho Ho ho. I was truly hoping that a fresh dark take would be good but nope. One good thing is the actors were good.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Great film
I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun. I wish JJ would have been the Director from the beginning

The Witcher

Loved it
Can't wait for season 2. I really enjoyed the show. Henry was awesome

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