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The Making of 'The Passion of the Christ'

The best biblical documentary...
After watching this PAX special and the Mel Gibson movie itself,I feel this is this best documentary that television can pass to the public. It also made me ponder on how other Jesus movies were made even though Mel defended his own project. I enjoyed the way how Jim Caviezel expressed his coincidences and feeling about portraying Christ. And the way Monica Belluci summarized that violence condones violence, I couldn't argue with her. If this documentary made PAX TV's ratings go up, I can't wait until the picture itself comes out on TV, though due to the intense violence perhaps only cable TV may telecast it.

The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John

A true inspirator for Christians...
This movie really shines when it comes to St.John's story about Christ's work and life. The way Christopher Plummer narrated the story really gave it true feeling as if the aged John is telling the story, since he did pen down the Gospel sixty-five years after Christ's death. Henry Ian Cusick was outstanding as Jesus, a true rabbi and friend to his brethren. The scene where he befriended Bartholomew really proved his love for humanity.Between this movie and "The Passion of Christ",both are true impactors and have the capability of drawing the multitude of the world closer to God & Christ.


Amusing relation between Judas an Jesus...
The way this movie depicted Christ's work and his relation with Judas Iscariot was a little different from the Gospels and quite amusing.Though Jonathan Scarfe wasn't a perfect choice as Jesus, he is quite handsome when it comes to confrontations. Especially in the scene where he faced the high priest after healing a man on the Sabbath and when he befriended Matthew.The crucifixion depictions weren't quite as accurate as most other depictions.I kind of felt sorry for Judas at the end,especially since in desperation he killed himself with no hope of redemption with God or his former friend,Jesus.I would give this movie on a scale of 1-10 a 6.5.

The Story of David

Good hebrew quotes...
This depiction of the life of King David is really live and down in heart.I liked the way God's hebrew name,Yahweh, was used through out the picture even though it would of been better if it would of been pronounced in English "Jehovah" like in "Solomon and Sheba(1959)", "The Story of Ruth", & "Sodom and Gomorrah". Anthony Quayle's performance of a jealous Saul was superb and Jane Seymour was totally sexy and breathtaking as King David's neighbor and future wife Bathsheba.Michaelangelo's representation of David was an original idea. My hat goes off to the producers and to Keith Michell.Anybody who wants to see this movie should also see "King David(1985)"

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