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Amazingly well written, disturibing yet beautiful and incredible performance by Joaquin Phoenix. Joker shines not only as a comic book movie but also as a thriller and proves that you don't need CGI to make a movie this entertaining. Gives you the feels everytime something gruesome happens ans i loved it.

Captain Marvel

The plot is boring, this "Never give up, stand up" flashback thingy is so lame and the actors are stiff and lifeless (especially Brie). Only thing i accept is the plot twist that Skrulls are the good guys and not Krees but that's about it. Awful movie and worst movie in the MCU. Even worse than Thor: The Dark World.

If you want to see a good Captain Marvel movie, skip this and watch Shazam! instead.

Jersey Shore: The Icing on the Cake
Episode 13, Season 6

The ending of Jersey Shore!
I'm not a fan of Jersey Shore and don't like every episode. But this is the only episode thats not bad. This is the final episode of the show and the probably the last time we see these gang together. Everyone celebrate as they make a bonfire on the beach with family and friends. Later, the roommates celebrates Mike & Pauly's birthday with cakes to both of them. The Situation's ex which gave him a cake. The only one who ate that cake was Mike, Pauly and Deena. Later, Sam tells that the cake Paula gave to Mike had someone with it boll-sack on the cake. Mike calls Paula and see if this is true, but Paula doesn't answer and Mike gets mad and smash the duck phone. Later, the next day is the final day and everyone starts to pack and saying goodbye. Everyone stands on the streets giving a group hug and saying goodbye with some of the cry. Later when they leave, Danny comes and put a sign on the house saying it's for rent with then a picture comes up in memoriam of the Duck Phone 2009- 2012.

The episode is the only good episode of the series because the other ones were crap but this was the only good episode and a episode to watch if you wanna know what they do on their last day at the Shore House. It was a entertaining episode and the one who bringed this episode an end.

6/10 for some boring moments.

The Expendables 2

Track em, find em, kill em!
The Expendables 2 is better then the first one of course. The first one was very good but this one is much better. In this one, The Expendables goes to a mission but when they find Billy the Kid who has been caught by Villain and later get killed, their next mission is to "Find em, track em, kill em". The team goes to find them with the help of Maggie, the team must now seek for revenge for what they have did. Barney also meets up with Trench and Church which they are going to help, the team also meet up with Booker who was an Expendable as well. He is mostly doing solo now. The team must now kill Villain and rescue citizens in an poor city where most of them works with Villain.

This movie is the best movie i have sawed this year, its really awesome to see Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis team up and i love when they make references of Rambo, Terminator and Die Hard. I like that i get a little feeling that feels like John Rambo, Terminator and John McClane are team working but they are but with another characters instead. We have Jason Statham, Dolp Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews back, Jet Li appears in the film but only in the beginning because he took home a man back to his home in China so Yin Yang stayed there. Chuck Norris makes an awesome appearance as Booker which the name comes from a early movie of Norris. Bad thing is that Tool who is played by Mickey Rourke doesn't appear in this movie but we still got Lundgren which except Stallone is the best Expendable. For me, Stallone and Lundgren deserves an Academy Award for their awesome performance, its also good to see Liam Hemswhorth which gets killed by Villain which is played by Jean- Claude Van Damme which is bad-ass.

Anyway, The Expendables 2 is a really funny movie and the Gunnar, Hale, Toll Road, Trench and Mr. Church has a better role here then they had in the last one. This is one of the best Stallone movies ever and it was kick-ass and bad-ass.

10/10 Stallone and the rest of the Action gangs knows how to be bad-ass!

The Nostalgia Critic

Thank you for remembering it so i don't have too!
Nostalgia Critic is freaking hilarious and is one the greatest series of all time. Its about a guy who calls himself Nostalgia Critic and like the Angry Video Game Nerd, he reviews something bad but not video games. He reviews bad nostalgic movies so he is not a ripoff(Irate Gamer is the only ripoff of AVGN). Nostalgia Critic is very funny like in Rocky IV review of The Wizard. But my favorite episode of him is when he plays Bebes Kids for the SNES. I freaking laughed my ass, the most funniest part is when he smashes the cartridge. Why he did a review because he challenged AVGN(AVGN reviewed a bad movie called Ricky 1).

Nostalgia Critic is one of the most hilarious guys of all time. Doug Walker should make his own movie and be in comedy movies because he is freaking hilarious and worth to watch. I promise that you are gonna like him and you are gonna laugh at his movie reviews and on some video game reviews he has made.

Nostalgia Critic is not a ripoff of Angry Video Game Nerd, its really nice that they are actually friends and Doug Walker will maybe appear on Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. But Nostalgia Critic is hilarious and entertaining.

10/10 I don't have to remember cause he remembers it!

American Reunion

A awesome comeback of the old American Pie cast!
American Pie Reunion is awesome and is the best American Pie movie now. Jim has now a child who sees him watching porn while Michelle takes a shower. There is a high school reunion coming up at East Great Falls so everyone(Including Stifler) goes there.

The film was very funny and worth to see, its crazy and its funny of course because its American Pie and American Pie is freaking awesome. I love Stifler as always cause he is one of the most classic character ever. Its worth to watch and a very funny film. I love that everyone from the original movies is back and not from the "American Pie Presents" movies and some of them blows. But this is a very funny movie and worth to watch.

American Pie Reunion is a great comeback to the American Pie cast and a awesome movie. I like how Stifler takes revenge on 3 guys in the beach who wet them down so Stifler made a revenge by take a crap on their lunch box and smash down their boats with the car. Best scene in the movie, but it isn't the best movie and there are better movies but this one is very funny and one of the funniest year 2012.

8/10 Stiffmeister and the rest is back on a very funny film!

The Amazing Spider-Man

A great reboot but not better than 1 and 2!
Amazing Spiderman is a reboot of the Spiderman movies by Tobey Macquire. The film is about Peter Parker who as a young child lost his parents cause they had to flee so Peter stayed with his uncle and aunt. Peter sneaks in a lab with a Spanish name who haven't showed up, Peter then gets in a room with full of spiders. Peter makes every spider fall down and one is on him. He then talks to Gwen Stacy which is his crush and gets bitten by a spider who gives him power so he can shoot web. Peter gets home and makes his uncle angry because he didn't pick up his aunt. Peter gets angry and just go away. Peter then goes to a store and he has no money so a guy behind gives the drink he wanted and runs away. The guy then shoots Uncle Ben and Peter want revenge by find this guy. Peter then gets a idea to make a costume and become Spider-Man. While Curt Connors finds a thing that makes his arm grow back, it makes him into a Lizard and is the main villain of the movie. Spider-Man now has to defeat Lizard to save the day.

The movie is a very good movie, better than Spider-Man 3 but not better then 1 & 2. But this is a very good movie and i recommend it. Cant wait for the second to come out but its not the best movie but still a very entertaining movie. Just that the Tobey MacQuire version is better but this movie is much better then Spider-Man 3 and i like that. This movie is a kick-ass movie and worth too see. This is a movie that you don't wanna miss this year so go and see with or without 3D. I recommend it on 3D.

8/10 Spider-Man is Amazing and awesome, i recommend it.


Funny silly guys that makes my Friday every time!
Smosh, ah what can i say about those classic guys. They are silly and funny and i appreciate that and i laugh most of the time. Smosh makes random videos like If Video Games Were Real or some music videos like Legend Of Zelda Rap and Firetruck. My favorite is Zelda Rap where Ian is dressed like Link and rap. The video came out the same day as the release of The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Europe. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla is really epic. They made their first video in 2005 where they lip synced the Pokemon theme. It became a success and was the most viewed video on Youtube with over 20 million views. Then some guys from Japan removed it from Youtube so a few years later they made a revenge video that was funny.

Smosh is a youtube series and they make my day every Friday. I like their epic videos and their jokes. The only one i like more on the Internet is Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic but Smosh is hilarious.

9/10 A series that is worth to watch!

Agents of Secret Stuff

It wasn't that much funny!
I like Nigahiga, they make funny videos like ShamWOOHOO and How to be series but i didn't like their own short movie. It's about a ASS agent(Agent of Secret Stuff) who begins high school and meets a girl who he is getting a crush on. The movie can be entertaining and nice jokes but it was sometimes not so funny and the part i liked the where Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla(Smosh) appeared. I didn't like the ending and i didn't like the fight. But Ryan Higa knows how to do a movie and should write a script to a 1-2 hour long movie and release it in theaters. But Agent of Secret Stuffs didn't make a success for me and sorry but i didn't like so much. But i liked a little but not much like 10 star or 5/5 star movie.

Agent of Secret Stuff can be a good movie for most of the people but it didn't make a good movie for me. I'm not complaining because its 30 minutes or something. Its because it just give me a boring feeling and they should do more action things like gun violence but it's a little good that they didn't use it to shoot each other.

5/10 Ryan Higa first movie makes a success for some but not for me!

The Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange isn't so much funny anymore!
Annoying Orange is annoying of course. Its an orange who lives in a kitchen with Pear, Marshmallow and other characters. The show was funny before but i gave after Epic Rap Battles of Kitchenery. Due to its so freaking boring and i don't understand it can still be entertaining and now its gonna get its own TV Show like Fred Figglehorn got and that Youtube series blows now. The one i like the most is Zoom episode where Orange drinks some energy drink by accident and gets really annoying and hyped of it. But the other episodes is just boring, really really boring. I cant understand of this Youtube series. It even has it own toys on Toys R Us. I don't watch Annoying Orange anymore and i will never do it. But if there is something interesting, i will watch it.

Annoying Orange is of course annoying and will be annoying forever. But the series has been annoying and same old gags almost in every episodes. Im just sick of it and i don't wanna watch it anymore.

4/10 Annoying Orange makes same old lame jokes almost every time that it is enough!

Rocky Balboa

A wonderful ending for Rocky Balboa!
Rocky Balboa is back and this time as a old 60 year old man. His wife Adrian is dead and owns a restaurant named after his dead wife. The new Heavyweight champion Mason Dixon is having tough now that needs to meet a a hard challenger cause every 33 fights have been easy. Rocky watches on TV that someone had made a computer animated video with Rocky Vs Mason(A parody of the computer fight of Rocky Marciano Vs Muhammad Ali) and the computer shows that Rocky wins. Rocky decides to take the boxing license back and meet the guy. He also reunites with Little Marie who he said to not to smoke and tough she would be a whore in the first Rocky film. Burt Young is back as the classical character Paulie. Duke is back and Robert Balboa(Milo Ventimiglia)is also back. The match begins and the match goes pretty good but a tough match. The match proofs that Rocky is not fake and proofs that the champion is still as awesome as always.

I loved this film, it's my second favorite film(After Rocky). The Rocky movies haven't been this good since Rocky and i loved it. Rocky Balboa is the greatest as always and proofs that he's not bad or fake.

10/10 Sylvester Stallone stunning performance is as awesome as always!

The Irate Gamer

If he is The Irate Gamer, how come he's not so much Irate!
The Irate Gamer is a guy that makes video game videos, he is a wannabe Angry Video Game Nerd. AVGN is not a wannabe because he came some years before Irate Gamer came. He's name is Irate Gamer but is he so irate? The answer is now. Like in Super Mario Bros. 2 review, he was not that much angry and the jokes just sucked hard that i almost slept. The toilet scene just wasn't funny cause i can get that star from that cliff in a second with Peach and he just stand and don't try. He knew that everyone said he's a wannabe so thats why he made Irate Gamer Neo where he reviews newer games and good games rather then old and bad games which is good but still so awful. If you write one single comment that isn't nice, he will block you and you will never comment on his channel or his videos. He can not act and he think that the animations would be funny but they are boring. The worst video he made that many also think is the worst is Top 5 Disappointments of E3 2011 and almost everyone disliked it because Skyward Sword was in that video and i also disliked it and i comment something that was not nice and now he blocked me. Sorry Chris but i don't like your videos and you are not much Irate so you be named The Gamer Neo instead.

The Irate Gamer - 1/10

The Angry Video Game Nerd

He's not good, he is the greatest guy in Internet!
Angry Video Game Nerd is not only a awesome game reviewer, he is the greatest guy in the Internet. I love how he show us bad games and how he hates them. It's very entertainment to watch AVGN and watch all the time. Even if i'm sad or angry, i always watch this and hope the AVGN Movie is going to be awesome. I hope AVGN never will stop making videos and we all will be sad if stops cause he is just pure awesome. AVGN, you are the greatest and the most awesome guy in the world and you will always be the greatest guy and the most awesome guy in the world. Hope you are going to make more videos and i hope the AVGN Movie is going to be a box office success.

Angry Video Game Nerd series - 10/10

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