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Knives Out

My smile grew wider as the film progressed
After a slow start knives out turned out to be a winner!

The cast are all great and the mystery deepens until the truth is finally revealed in a beautiful parody of Agatha's typical style.

I rarely found this film laugh out loud funny, but it was humourous throughout and beautifully put together to both parody and pay homage to the classic mystery movies at the same time!

Well worth a watch 8/10

The Girl with All the Gifts

A thoughtful take on the zombie genre!
It's taken me an age to finally get round to watching this movie and all though it is good, it did fall slightly short of my expectations.

After a very strong start and a solid story throughout, it still felt a little anti-climatic by the end.

It is a clever take on the genre, and in a really odd way it reminded me of Matterson's novel 'I am Legend' (not the movie!)

It was brave and original to go for the finale the way they did in this movie, it just fell short of what I wanted.

It's good, it makes you think, it is clever and well executed in the most part, and it has some really good scenes that are littered througout the picture rather than thrust into one section of the movie.

Worth a watch if you're prepared to be patient and give it your full attention.


Bird Box

Slow in parts, but a good watch
Bird Box has a strong story that engages and is intriguing. The pacing is slow in parts, but the film doesn't feel boring at all.

Good performances throughout the cast and some really decent scenes make this move satisfying and well worth your time.


Brahms: The Boy II

Not a patch on the first movie, but an ok horror flick
I wasn't expecting much here given the score it gets!

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, but I totally get the reasons for the hate.

The boy 2 undermines the very essence of the first movie and twists the plot to fit a far more generic mould.

As a stand alone film this would have worked better, but as a sequel it languishes in mediocracy


Our House

A decent, well crafted, creepy tail
Our house takes its time, the pacing is slow but I found it very engaging. The build up was well crafted and the movie gradually built up a creepy vibe without ever becoming terrifying.

I was glad the movie makers resisted the temptation to overdo the climax with overblown ideas. They kept it subtle and within the feel of the entire film while still delivering some good suspenseful moments and low budget cinematics that really worked well.

All in all I enjoyed the film, and I would say it is on the high end of average, but you need some patience to fully engage with the story.

Simple and well made 7/10

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Why all the hate??????????????
I loved this!

The skywalker saga is complete and everything made sense in the end.

After the Last Jedi I was feeling pretty let down, but the Rise of Skywalker has restored my faith.

The new generation of Star Wars fans (my son is one of them) Loved this!

The balance of escapism, fun, thrills, humour, epic scenes and Jedi is right.

Haters, please hate away, I have to wonder why any of you watched this after hating the previous 2 movies so much????


Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Dissapointed and let down, but i can't hate this movie!
This is without a doubt the worst movie in the Star Wars Skywalker universe.

I do feel let down and dissapointed, but I have been fair with my score because I still enjoyed it!

The story in this one is weak, Luke is lacking in cool, too much is wishy-washy throughout the movie, and too much makes no sense at all????

It's watchable and it bridges the gap to the conclusion with some good entertainment along the way. But it isn't good enough and I will forever see it as a let-down.

7/10 and that is generous

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Star Wars for the new generation and that includes my son who loves this!
Ok, so Disney have got their hands on the Star Wars franchise and too many people don't like it - BOO HOO!

Born in 1975 I grew up with Star Wars in my DNA, and I realise that nothing will ever match the scale and success of the original trilogy, but don't hate this for doing it's best!

All the new characters work! They appeal to a new audience and they are humorous and very cool. Nostalgia is abundant with the return of Han, Leia and Chewy! What's not to enjoy????

Littered with epic scenes this movie builds a new Star Wars world with a new threat born out of the old evil empire. Yes it's similar, but does that really make it bad???? The tech has evolved along realistic timelines to deliver more powerful weapons that aren't too different to the old weapons, is that really so bad???

To score this movie with 1 or 2 stars is a joke, so along with the movie why don't you all hate this review and vote it down. Or you could simply stop watching these movies if you all hate them so much!

If, like me, you can unplug and enjoy Star Wars again then watch this and enjoy it. It's far better than the haters say it is!


Men in Black 3

Josh Brolin as the young agent K is perfect in this time bending third outing for the men in black.

The comedy is strong again and the emotion runs high towards the end, very touching.

I loved Boris the animal as the bad guy and I loved the solid story that rounds off the triolgy with sentiment and good story telling.

Men in black 3 is a hit and a must see for fans of the original, definately superior to MIIB and maybe as good as the first???

Solid 8/10

Now You See Me

Enjoyable at the start, but fizzled out by the end!
I love magic and the showmanship that surrounds it! Now you see me starts off very much in the zone and entertains effortlessly for a while.

It's slick, witty, stylish and seems to be quite clever, but this is all an illusion!

The second act goes well and the story begins to unravel as the movie shifts to more action than substance.

By the the third act there is only a feeling of anti-climax as the truth is revealed and the movie tries too hard to dazzle you rather than entertain.

I enjoyed the ride, but felt let down by the final act.

Should have been way better 7/10


It's good, but it's a little disjointed (no pun intended)
The concept of this film is very strong, the cast is very good, but the execution is lacking a little.

I enjoyed this movie and actually found it pretty fresh despite the similarity to Alien. I really liked the Martian life form, it was different and opened up interesting possibilities which were utilised to good effect in general.

There was good tension and suspense at times and some understated special effects scenes that kept the movie well grounded even when things were stretching reality a little.

I guess my main gripe is the slightly disjointed feel throughout the second half of the film. It wasn't exactly rushed, but scenes seemed to be mashed together to move the plot along too quickly at times and it tarnished my overall opinion of the movie.

It's worth a watch and I give it 7/10

The Children

Decent, but lacking in scares!
The children is a decent british horror flick with a cool concept and some pretty slick direction.

My main issue was the lack of creepiness, murderous kids should have felt more scary than they did. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad movie and I thought it was executed with a great deal of realism.

The script and acting were fine, the story was good, i just wanted more scares! I never really felt the tension or the fear and it left this movie languishing in mediocracy when it could have been more!


Horrible Bosses 2

Laugh out loud funny slapstick for the modern era!
Horrible bosses was a riot and this sequel is pretty much as good.

The boys are back, but trying to be their own bosses, very badly! The plot is outrageous and largely mad! The laughs are big and largely mad! The cast are all brilliant and mostly mad! It's all mad, but it works!

It's slap stick comedy but updated for the modern audience. Most of the gags are toilet humour level and the plot is pretty unrealistic if I am honest, but it just doesn't matter.

Horrible bosses 2 entertains and is hillariously funny!

Does anyone else think that Jennifer Anniston seems to enjoy playing a sex addict a little too much? She is just brilliant in the role!


Game Night

A brilliant laugh!
Game night is exactly what I wanted it to be!

It had me laughing out loud on many occasions and has a really strong cast who all deliver with precise comedic timing throughout.

I had never heard of this movie until I stumbled across it on Prime, but I am so glad that I watched it now!

The plot is simple, but still manages to throw in the odd surprise. The characters are all easy to identify with and they all contrast nicely to deliver a variety of laughs and giggles.

Definately worth a watch 8/10

This Is Your Death

Thought provoking and Black Mirror-esque
The premise for this movie is pretty sick and the reality that we, as a species, could one day come full circle and find entertainment in watching people die like we did thousands of years ago is a scary one.

I like the interpretation of what this might actually look like in the modern world. And the movie packed a punch that made it quite powerful and engaging.

Clearly this movie isn't for everyone, and if the idea of it turns you off then you're better off not watching it.

But if you like Black Mirror, then this will probably work for you, it isn't excecuted quite so well, but it's definately similar in many ways.


Guest House Paradiso

Nothing new to add, it's exactly what you'd expect from Rick and Ade!
No idea why it took me so long to watch this movie.

Young ones and Bottom were always great fun and this is more of the same madcap humour that we have come to expect of this comedy duo.

90 minutes of mayhem that takes Fawlty Towers and Bates Motel to completely new places in classic slapstick comedy gold!

Definately worth the watch

RIP Rick, your fans miss you!

Black Mirror: Playtest
Episode 2, Season 3

The burning question, would you play?
A great black mirror delve into a classic horror concept.

I love the horror genre and crave things that scare me. Playtest takes horror to a new level, taking your own fears and turning them against you!

Fantastically imagined and well executed, if this bares any resemblence to horror gaming in the future, I wanna play! (Once the technology is tried and tested of course lol)


Black Mirror: Nosedive
Episode 1, Season 3

Loved this one, hillarious and also a genuine warning to a new generation!
Nosedive is satire at it's very best!

The story is so cleverly put together and played beautifully by the cast. It had me laughing my head off while shaking my head at the reality of the message aimed at our judgemental, social networking society. Of course, nosedive takes the message to a whole new level in classic black mirror style, but this is going on the world we live in today and frankly it's scary as hell to think that it may one day come to this!

Quality epsiode that really makes you think 9/10

Child's Play

Better than expected!
This reboot worked, it could have been dreadful, but set in the modern world with technology rather than possession as the drive behind Chucky the crazy doll actually suited the film.

There's some good slasher style deaths scenes and the movie was generally well made and acted.

I never expected this movie to blown my mind, but it was worth the watch and entertained me for an hour and a half.


Black Mirror: White Christmas
Episode 4, Season 2

One of the best episodes of Black Mirror!
This one hits hard and is an illustration of human cruelty that is, at times, difficult to stomach.

The blend of stories in this episode is a winning formula and all three stories are compelling and each gets increasingly more disturbing.

The cruelty is so well desgined it is easy to empathise with, this makes it an emotional ride throughout and has you questioning whether the human psyche could actually cope with the trauma and torture of these futuristic devices.

The concepts are genius and the execution is brilliant!


Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment
Episode 3, Season 2

This one appealled to me, although my wife found Waldo annoying lol!
The Waldo Moment is a brilliant satirical look at the state of modern politics.

This one isn't deep or even that clever, so far as Black Mirror episodes go. But it is very funny and actually quite tragic that it feels so true to life.

The Politics, the society, and the media are all very accurately portrayed. And in the real world we all have to admit that Waldo would get votes, he may even win if he really did run for office!

9/10 for it's sheer simplicity

Black Mirror: White Bear
Episode 2, Season 2

This episode doesn't hang about!
Black Mirror episodes often set a scene and take some time to lure you in and immerse you in the characters before frying your brain with a clever twist or a thought-provoking idea!

White Bear is straight in there, right from the off it's a hard hitting, fast ride, littered with tension, mystery and excitment.

There's a powerful message in this one and it's executed brilliantly come the reveal at the end!

Quality 9/10

Black Mirror: Be Right Back
Episode 1, Season 2

Good but not perfect!
Be right Back is a great concept, but there was something missing that I am struggling to put into words here?

Don't get me wrong, it is a good episode that realistically toys with a very chilling concept that, in part, may be somewhere in our future (Scary thought!)

I think the first two thirds of this story played out better than the final third, maybe it went a little too far and became less scary rather than terrifying!

As much as I enjoyed this, I was left wanting a little more.


Black Mirror: The Entire History of You
Episode 3, Season 1

Tragically sad, yet very engaging!
The entire history of you plays with the concept that we all record everything that we see. We can replay any event and analyse it, display for others to see, relive our greatest moments! Sounds cool doesn't it?

It isn't!

It serves to breed paranoia, suspision, doubt, anger, hate, pain, and anguish!

Brilliant invention that inevitably undermines the human condition and exposes its flaws.

Thought-provoking and clever throughout, this episode is great!


Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits
Episode 2, Season 1

My least favourite episode of season 1, but it's still good
Typically artsy and sylistic, you could say typically Black Mirror.

Fifteen Million Merits is an entertaining ride that hits pretty hard at times. I love the satire and the darkness in this tale of a dystopian future where humans are little more than generators.

Nothing to criticise here, strong characters and story, a solid episode!


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