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  • This was a good action flick.

    Think of the Movie the Guardian but instead of the Coast Guard it's the Seals, and instead of becoming a rescue swimmer he's becoming a sniper to go fight in the middle east.

    Brady Cooper delivers a great example of Texan patriotism, and Sienna Miller does an excellent job being attractive.

    The pace of the movie will keep you watching and interested, but the movie lacks depth of plot.

    It's a well done tribute to a great man, but not a movie that will change your life.
  • 16 August 2012
    While the actors are good, the plots are fine, and the show has potential.

    The power ranger level monsters are SO lame. 100% ugly. Seriously, if you're going to have main character monsters at least make them palatable (yes I'm talking about our resident werewolf.) It's like I'm watching this really good show.....then flash! horribly low level graphically depicted mess of ugly.

    Who are they paying to make this crap monsters???

    My advice is to fire them.

    (Side note: I understand some monsters are inherently ugly, but I'm referring to the hatchet job done making them super fake.)
  • I tried to love this show, I couldn't. It hovers on the edge of two faces: annoying and potential.

    Elisha Cuthbert is attractive, funny, and compelling. Her character is believable and well written. +1 Zachary Knighton is a good match for Elisha but not a compelling lead. I can't say if it's the actor or the writers, but somethings missing. And from what I've seen from Knighton elsewhere he's not the problem. Maybe this just isn't his role? 0 (Writers need to make him more cocky with quick one liners.) Eliza Coupe while sometimes her role is funny, it is so often annoying it's painful. -1 Adam Pally is the only reason to watch this show. He's hilarious. He lands his lines and sells his charm. He owns the role. But he's gay, and that really limits his story line. The whole show already has TOO much of a gay feel. =0 Damon Wayan Jr. is awesome. Just not in here. =0 Casey Wilson an amazing actress and comedian, just blows. She's so annoying on Happy Endings that sometimes she literally has me standing up and turning off the TV walking out the back door and shooting myself. -2

    Happy Endings had such potential. But it ended up being about annoying people. You just don't walk away loving the characters.
  • Surprisingly funny and keeps you entertained. I love this show! It's full of young fresh actors all guaranteed to show up in the night sky. It's got just enough Scyfy to hold the intellectuals, it's got hot girls for the guys, and some studs for the ladies. The action intensity and the plotting could be stepped up. Overall it's worth it's time on the air.

    A spiderman feel, classic nerd gets hooked up with some sweet powers and starts kicking ass only to still have trouble with the ladies though not for long. His powers mostly boost his endurance and strength but not so much to make him OP (overpowered). He also has the sweet advantage of tweaking electronics wirelessly along with some hacking skills if he's free to focus in. However, with power comes enemies and he's got some waiting on the horizon.

    Check this show out!
  • Very well done. Solid characters and cast. Plot is fluid and intriguing. This show makes you think. Makes you question.

    Think Matrix meets The Island.

    It's Lost without jumping the shark. Honestly I think what really kills a TV series is running too long. (Movies are inherently superior because they have a one sitting time limit.) TV will often beat around the bush until the bush dies. Dollhouse gets to the point and makes a mark. In two seasons it's as impacting as any series is in ten seasons.

    And Elisa Dushku is guaranteed to steal your heart.

    God bless America.
  • Not enough Charlize.

    Too much chick flick.

    In the NOT SO epic action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, Snow White (badly cast as Kristen Stewart) is the only person in the land fairer (she's fair if you're into that 'always high' look) than the evil queen out to destroy her. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman dispatched to kill her.

    The previews that sold the show.....sold the show. It's not much more than what you saw on your commercial breaks.

    I had hoped Kristen Stewart would step up out of her vampire bad acting. Nope.

  • This show starts out STRONG. Rachel Nichols is hot and in charge. The technology is represented really well, with whatever TV magic they're using it's working.

    However, there is an underlying premise emerging that technology can't match human intuition. It's the whole "turn off your targeting computer" thing that I'm not on board with. Human intuition is of course the ultimate edge, but we're watching future cop because we like the future tech. And she's hot.

    There's already enough boring cop shows. I hope this one stays techy, and continues to be BETTER than the rest.

    In summary, Rachel Nichols is hot and Continuum starts STRONG.