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on the eve of the williams teams last race under their iconic founder frank williams
I write this with deep respect to the family that gave us so many years of the most entertaining and emotionally charged racing, an unaware witness to the successes as i was only a kid then, yet, probably cheering their victory without even knowing it as one of many young boys who loved the fast cars zipping by on the tele in 90s today sadly, the same legendary team is being sold even while its original founder is still alive, after several years of, not only racing, but personal, familial, tragedies struggle, to keep the team too alive, as this documentary very intimately portrays

War Machine

to be honest-one of the most honest reflections on americas war in afghanistan
No idea why this film is only rated 6/10 other than the fact that it has gone over most peoples heads sadly, despite being one the most important contemporary commentaries on the subjects, a lack of appreciation for the satirical manner, in which the truth about the failure of the war is v. cleverly portrayed by the script direction & acting, is not suprising to see given that a majority of the americans out there still dont know what the heck their war on terror is really about, while it is unfortunate to admit, that they have been duped by their own government throughout this pitiful ordeal, the victims are on both sides of the fight, include both the afghans and us soldiers to whom have been told lies, the real terrorists have become hard to define, given the perpetrators of the war may be behind a conspiracy, to say the least, to keep the general populace in delusion of all facts behind who the real enemy is, if it may be an enemy of their own creation even, that is to say the powers in play who manipulate innocent lives, and deserved a little more expose for their military aims, as simply an insidious game, for them to dominate the world stage, bless those souls whove died and still suffer today

Dark Waters

as its name suggests truly dark and chilling
This film sent chills down my spine the whole way through, i can't imagine anyone who cares giving it less than 10 stars - one shouldn't be judging it on its theatrical entertainment value at all (although the performances, direction, cinematography were on point none the less) but on the urgency of the message it delivers, starkly and powerfully based on true events that've literally spanned the last half decade, leading up all the way to today, no mainstream film could be any more relevant to the plight of the public people against the impunity of big corporation backed the cover-ups of governments who are meant to be protecting us, to whom weve paid our hard-earned dollars to, yet who are all the more devilish for it, using that very same money to effectively stifle our voices and kill us. this is an understatement -- the battle we face against greed and short-sightedness is a very frightening truth.

What the Health

a most revealing documentary that youll watch in your life time that will change it
This documentary was like godsend revealing truths about our true nature, human beings have v unfortunately become ignorant about our food choices that directly affect our health our wellbeing, the team of the film does a fantastic job of clearly going through our various misconceptions with evidence based facts, note worthy interviews, and disturbing footage of the sadistic animal food industry and how it operates in link with hidden government and pharmaceutical agenda propagating an unhealthy population for the subvertive intention of maximizing its own profit.


pure magic: a production that is truly to behold and does much justice to tolkiens life
Takes us on a journey at the depths of the soul of all beings: a must watch for every aspiring artist, poet, musician, writer- this story of tolkien during his youth is special in the inspiration that he continues to impart long after his death-as have his stories that continue to enrapture audiences whether they be readers or movie goes, there is a heart to his personal life tale, as there was to his selfcrafted tales, that captures an essence almost ineffable - giving a deeper meaning to our lives through the vast array of emotions that are passionately stirred, vibrations that resonate in our being

The Professor

johnny depp - at his very best again
No doubt this film was carried by his true persona through and through, and thats what made it all the more enjoyable and meaningfull too, a little bit of his pirates swagger along with such dialogue and antics that only he can carry that made me laugh out loud while also appreciate some of the deeper meanings beyond, a film that i would definitely remember to share with friends, especially cause of johnny, altho the others do well, theres a sincerity to his nature of acting that i always will appreciate, it takes you in as if you were in a fairytale, to make you believe again :)

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

epic retelling of the legend of king arthur :P
Man this movie is nothing i expected, having been a follower of king arthur ever since i was a little boy, i was really looking forward to this movie at first but was quite disappointed when i saw the trailer thinking "here goes hollywood making another blockbuster just for the masses with all its cgi action violent sequences" and while this movie is that -to an extent- it goes much beyond anything i could have dreamed of in my wildest imagination-while i wasnt the biggest fan of guy ritchies sherlock holmes, although it was quite good, i felt the action sequences were a big much for a 'sherlock'. simultaneously though, i would rank 'lock stock and two smoking barrels' up there with my all time favourites, probably most of all because of the pure wit in the humour. king arthur follows suit on both front -with modern day action sequences while set in the age of camelot a little more apt for a king than detective i guess (not to hate, sherlock is still dope plotwise). also the fresh humour, that's wittier than ever, and is what made this film purely astounding, kept me chuckling through out. through its unique direction and its cinematography with its cut-scene flash backs, the movie carries its own ritchie- esque reputation, with some great acting as well. basically we have king arthur: turned ultimate bad-ass. so, there isn't much to complain about here at all, and it's definitely on the upmost end of my original expectations, albeit, defying all the traditional versions of king arthur which i still respect for their more 'noble' sensibilities. so, while it may not suit the more old school audiences, who'd still appreciate less cgi action (of which i still count my self as one, marring the odd exception) it'd be unfair to say this movie does not too deserve it own light to shine as that is what the art of movie making is all about: re-interpreting stories with today's audiences in mind. which is why, i'll admit, i am giving a real tad slightly generous 10 (maybe it'd get a 9 other-wise - yes... in retrospect i am a generally generous reviewer - if you only for once think of all the work that goes into any movie ever made that hits the main screen, you can't really be such a critic, and will always find something to appreciate for all the efforts) for doubting it such initially, and really, to balance the scales since it definitely deserves much more than a 6.whatever it has got so far-truly well done in the original-est sense, and looking forward to the planned sequels. as a skeptic i hope you give it a chance.

Jin ling shi san chai

deeply moving
A most deeply moving film on unprecedented level that leaves you both in anguish and also upliftment for the trials and heroics of human kind in times of war and destruction i felt as if i came out of this film a different humanbeing as it touched my soul & heart to the very core.

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

A Real Revolutionary. Truly an Inspiration.
The story of a most brilliant, brave boy who took on the injustices of our modern technological world and its corrupt conspirators in government and corporations, who try suppress the truth. with a passion unlike any other, and a sense of justice in the true sense of that misused word, he was david in the battle against goliath and we are forever indebted to what he has done for our freedoms and rights, so we wish him peace and wellbeing in this life and the next, om namah shivaya om


Absolutely Brilliant
Acting cinematography production at its v. best ive seen with enticing soundtrack and such real scenes with brilliant direction and editing whole package is there, and it goes much deeper than just an entertaining film with much deep feeling and meaning in every shot, character depicted:)

Humboldt County

when you are down and out, there is a hope to inspire
i remember lookin for this movie without really knowing what it was i was looking for, all i knew was that something was missing, tired of watching all too many pot head movies that had no real appreciation for the meanin of the herb itself, always makin people look like stupid stoners, and was looking for a movie that showed the other side of a plant that has really changed my own life in many ways. this movie surpassed all my expectation in that it has reinspired me to seek my path and be alive again, not some cut out that society has planned for me as per its etiquettes, the actors in this film really made a genuinely warm attempt to represent the warmth that a magical place like humbolt county can imbibe, having been there my self to the lost coast several years ago i was taken back down memorylane amongst the pacific sunsets and evergreen redwoods, and had the pleasures of being instilled by a magnificent story that touched the very depths of my being, seeing the protagonist in his transformation from the life that he was brought up in to the life that he was always seeking not knowin it (this is the first time i have reviewed on despite having an acc for years as this movie truly deserves to be upheld beyond its 7* rating)

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