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Definitely not for everyone
This movie is so much more than a horror film. It's a social critic, a reflection on our actions and the way we treat others; at how we look (or overlook) the unfortunate, and our lack of empathy for them. Its brilliant filmmaking, incredible cinematography and it deals with so complex issues in a horror-entertaining way. Probably not the movie to watch if you're looking for jump scares, but if you're looking for a psychological and deep film, THIS IS THE ONE.


DC still can't make a consistently good movie
Listen, it's one of the best DC movies, but for me, it's still not Marvel good. When Shazam works, it really really works; but the same goes for when it doesn't. This movie goes to prove they can't construct good villains (even with Mark Strong, wtf). Its monsters are poorly crafted and executed, and they don't work with the tone of the film.

However, the chemistry between the incredibly talented kids and a hilarious Zachary Levi is outstanding, and that's what really saves the movie. They're a feast to watch when they're on screen. Also, that twist at the end with multiple Shazams is fantastic, and it proves that the Shazam franchise has a lot of places to explore, and that a sequel could be amazing.

Not a 10, but a step in the right direction.


A pretentious mess
If you liked the trailer, stay with that idea, cause the movie is nothing like it. Poor performances, really bad writing and horrible production design. A movie that clearly lost its way and never found itself. Seriously, don't waste your time. It tried to be a smart, touching Black Mirror-esque -love story-? But all that comes through is a mess.


Better than the critics say
The movie is a bit slow and there's some scenes it could do without, but ultimately it is a good movie!

It tells a beautiful story about love, loss, and hope; and if you're a James or Alicia fan it is definitely worth watching. Their performances are amazing and captivating, and you can feel the chemistry.


One of the best movies of the year
Basically I found this movie because it was the only one with available seats at the time, I read the synopsis and the poster sold me. WOW!

When it started I didn't really get the tone of the movie, but 5 minutes in I really got into it. Its perfect blend of dark humor, touching stories and drama makes for an unforgettable movie. It touches every soul and really gets you thinking, your life could change in a minute. It is brilliantly shot and the score is fantastic; not to mention the performances, simply perfect.

The film has an incredible message, it's moving and inspiring. Just watch it, you'll be pleasantly surprised, like me, and you'll walk out with a different mentality.

Toni Erdmann

Why is it so well ranked?
Wow! I can't think of anything good about this movie except the acting, seriously it was so boring, annoying and to be honest all over the place. It took the movie 1 hour and a half to introduce Toni Erdmann, like seriously? Nothing interesting happened in the first half (nor the last half). I honestly don't understand how it's even compared to "A Man Called Ove", "Land of Mine" or "The Salesman", they are so much better by far!! I, personally, don't think this movie even deserved a nomination. Maybe it's Germany's humor, but it never made me smile. I found the main characters so annoying and poorly constructed. Screenplay was all over the place; and the list of bad things could go on and on and on. Please, don't waste nearly 3 hours of your life, go watch the other nominees instead.

PS. I can't believe Hollywood is thinking of a remake. I really hope they make a few (A LOT) of adjustments to the story, maybe Kristen Wiig can save it.

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