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Refreshing paranormal thriller
This title was a great all-around title.

The acting was good. Direction was good. Sound was absolutely phenomenal listening in 7.1, possibly the best mixing I've ever heard. Loved the sound for SURE. Cinematography was great. Everything else was 7/10 or better including casting etc.

The plot was highly original and refreshing. I found the pacing and ending to be perfect despite what a few other reviewers thought.

The thing I thought was fantastic was that we've seen movies like this so many times, but not from the perspective of the paranormal entities. The fact that it is not revealed until the end makes it feel like the masked men/women are the paranormal entities when in reality it's the other way around. I thought that flipping the perspectives like that was what made this movie so brilliant and created the illusion of originality and freshness. I'd like to see this concept applied to other genres/types of films/plots. I think the results could be absolutely brilliant in just a few generic plots I can think of off the top of my head.

Well, needless to say I enjoyed this film a lot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller/sci-fi/paranormal flick.


Ray Donovan

Looks like another hit Original from Showtime
I had to review this show after seeing the current reviews posted. At the moment there are 4 written reviews and all but one are HIGHLY critical and undeserved in my opinion.

The casting is brilliant. Acting is right on. Writing is great. Direction is fantastic. Cinematography is top notch. Am I watching a different show?

I could go on with praises of all the elements of Ray Donovan, but it would just be repetitive and monotonous, and I would run out of synonyms.

I truly think Showtime has it's next hit to fill in the gap left by Dexter next season.

I don't want to go into arcs, plot, etc. and spoil anything. I just wanted to make sure there was another positive review posted, so even more people give Ray Donovan a chance. Believe me, if you have liked Showtime's other amazing Originals, you'll love it as much as I do.


Thank You
First off, I would like to thank the hundreds of reviewers who gave this film HORRIBLE reviews. My expectations were so incredibly low, that the movie ended up entertaining me for a couple of hours on a rainy day, and I actually ended up enjoying it.

I have to ask... What exactly were you expecting from a movie based on a board game? Oscar nominations? Some of the finest writing and directing since The Godfather or Citizen Kane? Like come on people. As soon as I heard there was a battleship movie coming out I didn't have to see one preview or hear a single scrap of information about it to know that it was going to be sub-par. The reviews were almost as entertaining as the movie was! Watching people tear apart a movie that was highly influenced by Hasbro and based on one of the most terrible board games of all time, was one of the funniest things I've seen to this day on IMDb.

Well the film itself honestly was nowhere near the disaster the user reviews are making it out to be. Furthermore, the CGI was actually quite good, and the action sequences were pretty well done. The acting wasn't horrible either. I doubt we'll be seeing any best actor/actress awards or nominations coming their way, but it was definitely tolerable. If you're looking for incredible acting, plot, writing, twists, or anything like that, look elsewhere. If you want a decent action movie to pass the time for a few hours, this is not a bad flick to watch. That's what most action movies are anyways... Things blowing up, chases, fight sequences, etc for 90 minutes.

In conclusion, again thank you for lowering my expectations even further with your oh so serious reviews. You improved 90 minutes of great and at times hilarious (unintentionally) entertainment. Thank you Hasbro for making up for your horrible board game with a mediocre (but entertaining) action flick. For anyone not planning on seeing this movie based on the reviews, watch it. You'll be pleasantly surprised.



Pretty Little Liars

So incredibly addictive
I had very low expectations for this series, being a 30 year old male, and this being more of a teen series.

Well, needless to say this show absolutely MANGLED my expectations.

It is incredibly addictive. Think heroin not marijuana. The cast is amazing, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Plot is solid and satisfying. Cinematography is top notch. Just overall, A GREAT series.

I thought I would be sick of the whole 'A' mystery halfway through the first season, and perhaps even earlier, have 'As' identity figured out. That is not the case. I have no clue and I've been watching the series for over 24 hours straight, so I am now into the second season (22 ep. 1st season). Yes you read that correctly. I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW WITH MY GIRL FOR AROUND 26 HOURS STRAIGHT. It really is THAT addictive. She's just as engaged as I am if not more.

This is my first review but I just felt compelled to write about my new drug of choice for the moment.

Anyways. Watch this show. Don't care how old you are, what you're into, unless you're a purist snob of some kind who finds no enjoyment in anything created after the 1970s and your idea of the best movie of all time is Citizen Kane; sorry that film is way over-hyped and mediocre compared to so many other great films I could name.

Enjoy! <3

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