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Ancient Aliens

Very Thought Provoking
Ancient Aliens is a really good series for those with an interest in the formation of life. I am unable to place my confidence in the presence of a god, and have always sought other explanations. My belief in the existence of aliens occurred long before I saw this show. A lot of my own personal theories were mimicked by the ones given in the show, except the show actually provides solid evidence for each of their claims. Although it is highly unlikely that all of their theories are true, a lot of them are very plausible. I was mystified by all of these inexplicable events that I had never heard of before. Although so many people still have their doubts after watching, I believe a lot of their disbelief stems from their religious views which heavily contradict the views expressed by the creators of the show. I am so glad I discovered this show as it continues to amaze me.

Loiter Squad

Pleasantly Surprised
Loiter Squad is hilarious. I am a fan of prank shows like Jackass and the group Odd Future that created the show. The pranks are creative and extremely funny, and a majority of the skits are good too. The Odd Future guys aren't afraid to do some of the crazier or more embarrassing pranks. You can see how much fun the guys are having making the show and they even show some of the bloopers during the episodes. I had just started watching Tim and Eric Awesome Show before finding out about Loiter Squad, and its impossible to ignore the similarities between the two. Loiter Squad however, is often far less disgusting and much funnier. If you are a fan of Tim and Eric, Jackass, or Odd Future, this is a must see.

Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule

Formulated but Hilarious
Check it Out is one of my favorite TV shows and I have seen the dozen episodes (to date) at least 5 times a piece. I have watched many Tim and Eric Awesome Show episodes and don't find them nearly as funny. John C. Reilly has created an even funnier and more ridiculous character than the one he had in Tim and Eric's show. Some of the things he say are so bizarre and off-the-wall that it is nearly impossible not to laugh. His facial expressions and clumsiness just add to the comedy of the show. The guest actors are clearly inexperienced, but still seem realistic in their reactions to Brule's antics. Brule mispronounces nearly every guest's name, yet it still doesn't get old. Parts of the show are disgusting, but also tolerable because I find myself laughing a majority of the time. It is a shame that the episodes are so short and only two seasons exist thus far, because this show is a true gem.

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