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The Haunting of Whaley House

Better than most Asylum films
I wasn't expecting much from this once I saw that it was made from the people at The Asylum but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie itself wasn't really scary and the ghost makeup wasn't the best but for a movie that was shot in 12 days it kept me mildly entertained. Two things really bugged me though. The one actress with the pig tails was horrible. She was brutal to watch while she tried to act. The second thing is the final girl at the end never noticed the picture sitting in the front waiting area that had the picture of the girl who looked like her. How can you have worked there for four months giving tours and never noticed the picture or had a tour guest point it out? I can honestly say that this was a step up for the Asylum and would like to see them continue with a higher level of films.

The Lost Boys

25 years later and the movie still has bite.
Last month I was lucky enough to catch The Lost Boys on the big screen as part of Cineplex's digital film festival. First I must say I have been a huge fan since seeing the flick in 1987 at the theatre and growing up I have watch it more that 100 times. I haven't watched the movie in a little while and was curious to see how the movie would hold up now that both the film and I are both 25 years older. I was blown away how great the movie still holds up. I will be honest the first 20 minutes dragged a little watching it, but then I was totally lost in the film like I was watching for the first time. If anyone hasn't seen the movie it is a must have. It was also great seeing Corey Haim one final time on the big screen.

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