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Boy Meets World

YEAH!!! Go Boy meets World!!!
Boy Meets World...Funny? Drama? Family? You might wonder what it is, Don't you??? Ah ha!! Well that is the great thing about it! Sometimes Eric is a Dope (funny like) Or sometimes he is serious like the one where Cory wants to be buds instead of talking and Eric wants to be talking instead of buds! Sometimes Cory is Funny Sometimes he is love like! You get the picture? It always keeps you guessing! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! Boy Meets World. Not to get off topic but I love Full House just as much! It is Comedy/Not really Drama/Family. Boy Meets World (BMW) Is one of the better shows. Like many know, BMW was on an ABC Line-up. Well I am not on top of whether it is on ABC or not but I ALWAYS Watch it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on Disney Channel (exceptions of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) I stay up till 10:30 Every night Mon-Thur to watch this 30 min. sitcom. Don't you just LOVE little Morgan in the older episodes? I especially love the Feeny call! But it is just that darn Minkus! He is an original! Even If Stevie Speildberg tried, he couldn't make anything like Boy Meets World. But the one thing that always strikes my eye is the one where Cory, Eric, Shawn, Topanga, and all the crew head to leave to New York for Topanga's college. Now Boy Meets World... EVERYONE should like!

Full House

I LOVE IT!!!!!
This is one of the most greatest shows!!!! I love Jesse and Michelle in the older ones. I just think Michelle is great! I think they should have made more!!! Give me more!!! That is one of the most unique shows. All of you who don't like it... YOU HAVE PROBLEMS! You might as well watch C-SPAN if you don't like this. Update me on d.c. you guys who don't like it. I would watch it but I am to busy watching Full House! All of you who DO watch...YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! If you watch it every night...YOU'RE ARE AWESOME THAN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compliments to the chef...or director...Or...uhhhhhhh...COMPLIMENTS TO WHO EVER BUT I LOVE FULL HOUSE!

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