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Sobering insight into society
Joker is an excellent insight (albeit exaggerated) of society's view of mental health. Arthur has serious mental health issues, caused or at least exacerbated, by childhood trauma and his relationship with his mother. Society isn't able to support Arthur adequately and his delusions and mental health are spiralling out of control. The movie allows us to have pity with Arthur, where it's clear that the 'system' has failed him. Throughout the movie society ridicules him, work mates, members of the public, the general population (via Murray's TV show). His interaction with the lady and child on the bus is a startling revelation as to how, even though the member of the public is made aware of his condition, still shows no empathy or understanding and merely shuns him.

Under no circumstances can we ever condone the violence, but the question Arthur poses to Murray towards the end of the movie should be a stark warning. Ultimately, the way we treat our vulnerable members of society, our tolerance, understanding, empathy and support will determine who how society will develop. And we may well get what we deserve.

This is exceptional movie and will become a classic (although won't be on each Xmas 😄)


Years ahead of its time
I'm a huge crime fan, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie et al. Columbo is head and shoulders above all comers. Such a clever premise of seeing the murderer at the start and watch Columbo snare his man (or woman). Columbo is a genius. But it only works with a suitable villain. jack Cassidy is my favourite but there are so many real stars making an appearance (check them out). True, the later episodes don't compare to the pinnacle of the show but every episode is worth a watch (or 2, or 3......) Just one more thing.......


Tim Curry at his absolute best! A genuine ensemble cast, twists and turns galore superb comedy/mystery caper with a great ending. My go to film when I'm feeling down.


Underrated Disney Classic
My favourite movie from my childhood, it has everything, charismatic lead, superb female counterpart, fabulous slapstick from a slapstick genius, fast cars (Porsche 911) , evil (alchoholic) overlord, scary henchmen, gadgets galore, lasers, and plenty of peril!!! What's not to love??

The Meg

Great fun! (But no gore)
Not an Oscar winner but 2hrs of The Stath being The Stath! This is NOT the bad film people are saying. It's a 12a movie. Folks need to temper their expectations really. For this rating it's still got tension and a few jump moments - actually a great movie for younger audience members to be introduced to peril/tension. Both my (20yr old) daughter and I had great fun. Worked for me (but I'm a glass half full sort of guy)

Agatha Christie's Marple: The Secret of Chimneys
Episode 2, Season 5

One of my favourite Christie's ruined
i quite understand why producers want to crow-bar miss marple into non specific novels, but why take one of the most charming and lovable characters and turn them into the villain?

Chimney's is meant to be a fun run-around of a thriller, but this version doesn't come close to the book. What is the point??? It means i've watched it once and certainly won't be watching it again or buying it.

If they can't convert it while keep some of the plot true to form then just leave it alone.

If you love the books don't waste your time here or you'll definitely be let down on a massive scale

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