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Haven't these great actors read the script before signing???
Hard to give a fair rating to this crap...acting, and directing is rather good...the pig problem is the story! OK, you have normally often to deal the classical clichés of horror movies like the killer who always catch-up "have to die" cast, kills them easily then at the same time can no longer find the same efficiency to kill the "good" cast. You also have the classical "nobody will do what these people are doing" reaction...like entering to a obviously not safe place. But here they are innovating with stupidity at the extreme.

So if you plan to watch the movie, you should read this to help you save time and money by no longer watching it: - in a parking lot like this I can guarantee that any non stupid people will just park the car in from of the door...not at 20 meters! - at one point of the movie, one guy ran to the car and the two other just look at him cheering and screaming....just run away and go get a cop! The place must not be that isolated with 2 other people coming (and get killed) - also just the basic...this is just a cabin...not a fortress. Staying inside is actually not much safer than be outside. So why do they keep staying inside, like if inside is safer than outside, especially when the cabin start to fill up with water...just get out from there! - the two guys together killed efficiently a poor innocent thinking it was the bad guy...but don't even try to attack the bad guy.

The whole story rely on the fact that these people are stuck in a ATM booth. The point is no one can really get why they cannot leave that place. It is not like P2 or Phone Booth when the guys are stuck where they are.

Anyway...just don't get it. And my first reaction after watching the film was to open IMDb and see if anyone was sharing by thought...likes quite diverse!

Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai

Wonderful moment....
I went to watch this movie without an good or bad expectation...never hear of it, didn't know actors, director, plot...nothing,A friend wanted to see it so tools me with her.

The result was simply amazing. You just want the movie to never end and wish knowing more about the next. Actually for those who read Chinese, you can find out lot of info about the outcome of the really person (as this is a true story).

In any case, you come our of the theater Happy, touched, enriched and isn't that what movie is for?

I hope the movie will have a descent channel if distribution to open it to the largest audience possible!

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