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Case 39

Enjoyable popcorn thriller
I wasn't surprised to find out that this movie was shelved 4 years before it was released, This movie stars Renee Zellweger, Jodelle Ferland, Ian Mcshane and Bradley Cooper(back before he was famous). This movie was like a cross between The Omen and The Exorcist. At first I thought Renee Zellweger casting was odd but to my surprise she played her part well, I'm not a fan of her but she's a great actress. The person who really carried this movie was Jodelle Ferland I like how she went from a sweet and innocent child to a psychotic evil brat. I've seen Jodelle in other films like silent hill, the tall man and seed, she's quite an icon in horror.

Case 39 is about a child care social worker who is given the case of a young girl named Lillith Sullivan. The social worker Emily fears for the child's safety with her strange parents and later stops the parents from murdering Lillith. Emily wants to give the girl she just saved a safe place to recover until a permanent foster home can be found for her so she takes Lillith into her home. Soon strange things begin to happen and innocent little Lillith turn out to be not so innocent after all, perhaps it is her parents and not Lillith who are the victims and now Emily is in danger to. The movie started off somewhat okay and then the suspense kept building. While some of the movie was predictable, there were some scenes that made you think.

I thought the suspense and horror was well executed, even though in some scenes it looked a kinda forced. Too bad Bradley Cooper character was killed off early. I didn't like the ending it wasn't believable.

If your looking for a film too watch during the Halloween season or on a rainy night definitely give this a go.

Surviving the Game

What A Classic, Oldie But Goodie
Boy it sure has been awhile since I've done a movie review Lol, So I thought I'd do a review of an underrated old school classic action flick called Surviving The Game. In this movie Ice T plays a homeless man that gets a job as a wilderness guide for some wealthy people. But what he does not know is that he is going to be the prey. After the chase gets started he manages to put them down one by one. A great manhunt movie in a beautiful environment. Some nice twist in the plot to. This movie is a great piece of work set forth by Ernest Dickerson. The music and action sequences were great. I remember when TNT use too play this movie a lot back in the day when I was younger and I would watch it every time. This is a must watch, very old movie but it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Most Wanted

I really miss seeing Keenen Ivory Wayans in movies.
This movie has probably had the harshest criticism of any action movie. It is rarely shown on television. This movie is at the top of my guilty pleasures. It has all the elements of a good Keenen Ivory Wayans flick. I remember watching this film a bunch of times when i was younger, and I been meaning to watch it again but I forgot the title so i spent years and years searching for this movie, until i caught it on cinemax a few months ago.

The plot: military convict named James Dunn (Wayans) who is recruited from death row to serve in an elite CIA black squad group. The convict is framed for the murder of the First Lady of the United States, a murder he didn't commit. He escapes with his life, then seeks to find the real killer and bring them to justice. This film also stars Jon Voight as a corrupt general with a southern accent and it seemed like he was really into his role, and Jill Hennessy as the unlikely sidekick she doesn't really do much and her character isn't well developed. the acting was quite good, the action sequences were well done and intense. also a few funny scenes. Very interesting watching Keenen Ivory Wayans In a serious role. I recommend this movie it's not perfect but it's worth a watch.

Dexter's Laboratory

One Of Cartoon Network's Greatest
Looking back on all these old cartoon network shows I use to watch when I was a child sure brings back tons of memories. "Dexter's Laboratory" was a funny and unique cartoon. It centered around Dexter a boy genius who built a laboratory under his house without his parents knowledge, honestly I don't know why he kept it a secret from them but any who, he has an older sister named Dee Dee but she's an Idiot. His parents names are Mom and Dad although that was common for cartoons back then. Dexter has a rival neighbor named Mandark. The episodes had great plots, excellent writing, and were produced by Hanna-Barbara. It also featured a short cartoon between each episode, either Dial M of Monkey or The Justice Friends. I found the show to be pretty interesting, and i enjoyed some of the wacky/fun episodes that the series had to offer. Some of the episodes were kind of painful to watch at times , but most of them were always full of humor and wacky adventures, which made this series good. This show is way better than Jimmy Neutron which seemed like a ripoff, that show is too boring.

The In Crowd

If your a teen looking for a film to watch on a rainy day, I recommend u watch this
I remember watching this movie on pay per view back in 2001, I remember liking it because an attractive woman was a serial killer. I had long forgotten about this film until I caught it on HBO a few weeks ago, After watching this film for the first time in 11 years I never knew how lifeless the actors and actresses were and how predictable the plot is. The story was interesting it was about a girl named Adrien who was just released from a mental hospital to work as a housekeeper at a country club/resort type place, where young, beautiful college kids lay around in the sun, play tennis, etc. She meets Brittany Hodges or actually more like saves her, when Brittany tries to fake like she drowned. So Adrien and Brittany become friends, and some strange things happen at the club. One of Brittany's so-called "friends" warns Adrien to go away, and to leave the huge mystery that happened a year ago alone, but Adrien knows something's up. Brittany's games are a little too much to handle sometimes. And after learning about Adrien's "history" she seduces Adrien's therapist while wearing Adrien's dress, then kills the therapist at a party later, and then Adrien goes to jail because they think she was the one who had sex with him, and killed him. It could have been a much better movie had the script really been tweaked, but tweaked it was not so good this is not.


I'd wish they'd make more films like this.
I just finished watching this movie on youtube and i absolutely enjoyed it, I love gender bender films and this one's on my top list. "Switch" is another movie to explore the differences between men and women in a light romantic comedy setting. Steve, a selfish womanizer is lured by three of his previous conquests to a night he imagines will fulfill his lusts in the arms of these women. Instead, Steve is shot by them after a botched drowning attempt in the hot tub. God refuses to let Steve into Heaven until he can find one woman who truly loves him unconditionally. In much the manner of Job, Satan has a chance to bedevil the situation by returning Steve as a gorgeous woman, Amanda, who receives the same treatment from the men she meets that Steve would have given her. The movie's plot focuses on Steve/Amanda's attempt to find one woman who loves him unconditionally. The only thing i hated about this film was the ending, It was a letdown it wasn't what i expected but i guess it was OK during the time of it's release.

If you haven't seen this film, I recommend you do because it's worth a watch. It's not really an Oscar worthy film so don't take it too serious.

The Replacement Killers

A fairly decent underrated movie.
I remember my dad renting "The Replacement Killers" sometime around 1999 or 2000 from blockbuster for me and him to watch. I was very young at the time and I did not remember a thing about the movie. I watched this movie today on netflix. Chow Yun-Fat plays John Lee, a contract killer working for Terence Wei, a ruthless Chinese mafia boss. John baulks at an assignment requiring him to kill the seven-year son of a cop; Wei sends other killers after the cop and his son, and after John to punish him for his disobedience. John seeks a false passport from forger and petty criminal Meg Coburn (played with grit and street-smarts by Mira Sorvino) to return to China to protect his mother and sister from Wei's revenge. John ends up kidnapping Meg while trying to stay one step ahead of Wei's thugs and the police. I thought this film was fairly decent the acting was pretty good, the camera angles were good, decent action and not a bad soundtrack to go with it. About the action there were no physical fights, just a lot of nonstop gun fights. I'm not really a fan of Chow Yun-Fat but his performance in this film was pretty good, but i wish he had more dialogue.

Friday After Next

funny at times, but it's a letdown too the other 2 Fridays
"Friday After Next" tries to be both a successful addition to the Friday series and an effective "holiday in the hood" movie and by all means, fails at both. Ice Cube reprises his role as both writer and actor for this very disappointing third installment. Craig and his cousin, Day-Day have moved back to South Central where they work as rent-a-cops at a shopping plaza on Christmas Eve. With their rent money stolen by an evil Santa Claus the night before, they need to come up on some quick cash and fast. With Day-Day's buffoonish antics getting the duo in some serious trouble with their equally-goofy boss who runs a donut shop at the plaza, they may be out of a job before the day ends. To tell you the truth not even Chris Tucker (Smokey) could have saved this Friday. Don't get me wrong this movie is funny at times and has a few nice moments but there are too many bad moments as well as stupid/unfunny ones that keep it from being good. I hope the fourth Friday their working on will be just as good as the original, and I do Hope chris tucker comes back.

South Park

The creators of this cartoon really need too move on now, i mean it's been 15 yrs and not many people still watch this cartoon.
This cartoon has been on the air ever since i was in elementary school, my older sister use too watch this a lot back in the day and thats when I got hooked on it. well, South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which is beset by frequent bizarre occurrences. The show grew out of short film that Trey Parker and Matt Stone created called The Spirit of Christmas. The show's main characters; Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny are all able to bring a certain charm to the show. Whether it's Kenny's many deaths, Cartman and Kyle's rivalry or even just Stan's normality! The supporting characters are just as good too, and the antics the boys get caught up in are almost always hilarious. However the older episodes are way better than the newer ones, the newer ones suck big time I've noticed they changed the style of the humor and made it more childish rather than have a point to it, like the older ones did. A lot of people i know who use too watch this a lot like me back in the day don't watch it anymore and I don't blame them.

Osmosis Jones

This may not be an Oscar worthy film, but it's pretty enjoyable.
Osmosis Jones is a pretty good movie, it's very disgusting at times but you just have to go with it. This is the story of a guy named Osmosis Jones, a white blood cell voiced by Chris Rock. He lives inside the body of Frank, a slobby zoo keeper who's body is likened to a city: it has it's dump (guess where), power plant (heart), ghetto (liver), and even natural disasters (cramps and sicknesses.) So when Frank ingests a hard boiled egg that has been in the mouth of a monkey and on the ground, it's bad news. Especially when the egg hosts the Red Death virus named Thrax (my favorite character), voiced superbly by a evilly suave and utterly unrecognizable Laurence Fishburne. Thrax wants to kill Frank in record time (48 hours) by damaging his hypothermis gland and heating Frank up like "A sidewalk on a summer day..." Thrax snickers. To help Osmosis fight Thrax, enter the by-the-book and not particularly bright cherry-flavored cold pill Drix (David Hyde Peirce)who wants to prove his worth by curing Frank.

my final thought: The animated portions of the movie were entertaining and fun. The live action portions of the film were gross and not that funny. If it had been 95% animation, this would have been a lot better film.

Johnny Bravo

A pretty cool old cartoon network show.
Cartoon Network was my favorite cartoon channel when i was a kid, although this was back in the 90's and early 2000's. Today this channel isn't even worth looking at.

I'm gonna talk about Johnny Bravo, I haven't watched this cartoon in about 9 years but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Johnny Bravo is a 20 something,unemployed,muscular,blond haired,womanizing,momma's boy. I've always liked this show very much, because I found it somewhat different from all the other cartoon network shows. I heard there was a rumor going around that woman found this cartoon offensive, but hello it's a cartoon duh. The plot and characters are very original, it had some of the best jokes,the episodes were great, except for a few, but nothing's perfect. I felt bad for Johnny though he's a handsome guy, I never really understood why woman were always rejecting him. Most of the situations he gets into are Bizarre: beating up Santa Claus, forming a partnership with Adam West, going out with a vampire woman, going out with a female deer,going out with a werewolf-woman, and having Donny Osmond baby sit him. I'm happy that this show lasted 7 years. I miss this show very much :(


I like how Zoe Saldana barefoot in a lot of scenes
This film isn't as bad as a lot of people say it is, although it's not perfect but it is entertaining. After watching her parents get killed in front of her, 9 year old Cataleya makes her way to Chicago to see her uncle. After being trained by him to be an assassin she soon goes off on her own to avenge the death of her parents. The story is highly predictable, The only time I was caught off guard was when her character went to jail the first time. The way she played that DUI charge was smooth, I just had to give her credit for that. Long story short, there is only one reason to watch this movie, and it's Zoe Saldana. One thing I was puzzled by this movie is pretty violent it should of got an R rating.

Oh one more thing a lot of you may be wondering why I said I like how shes barefoot in a lot of scenes, that's because I have a foot fetish Lol.

Jack Frost

I haven't seen this movie in over 10 years, and I still remember it being cheesy
I remember watching this movie when I was around six and it scared the crap out of me, now looking back as an older person I wonder why I was afraid of this film. Well basically what this so called horror movie is about is a Serial killer escapes death when his execution van crosses paths with a truck containing voitile chemicals and becomes a nasty mutant snowman. He then rampages through a small town, murdering innocent people until he gets the cop responsible for putting him behind bars. The acting is terrible, the storyline is cheesy, and the things they fight him off with are stupid. I wasn't familiar with the cast except for Shannon Elisabeth, and I found out this was her film debut, but couldn't she have been in a much better movie? Not only that she gets raped by the snowman that had to be the most disturbing scene I've ever seen in a movie.

Do I recommend this movie? well if you enjoy bad acting, cheesy stoylines, horrible special effects then by all means watch it.


words can't express how much I miss this show
Recess was a really good show. I loved it so much. Although I haven't watched this show in about 7 or 8 years I have never forgotten about it. Recess is about a group of six 4th graders trying to face challenges and make it through the course of a school year. There was TJ, a born leader, who never backed down from a challenge. There was Gretchen a super genius who knew a lot about science and was the brains of TJs plans. THere was Spinelli, a tough girl, who always would fight with a lot of people. There was Vince, who was the athletic, sporty kind of guy. Then there was Mikey, the sweet, poetic, kid who always tried to do the right thing. Lastly, there was Guss, the new kid, and who is sort of timid, and shy at times. I thought that each episode was entertaining and I liked the stories in each episode. All six of the main characters had great chemistry together although all of them had different personalities they still got along well.

In conclusion this was a great show one of Disney's finest too bad Disney doesn't make shows like this anymore :(

Mike, Lu & Og

This was my least favorite cartoon, back when cartoon network was more original.
I use to watch this cartoon when I was a kid and I remember it not being to good. Time has not been good to this cartoon, this is the only cartoon cartoon I would pass on. As the cartoon cartoons were being created they had to go through a trial called the What a cartoon show If the pilot was good enough the show would be given a chance to debut on cartoon network as a cartoon cartoon. What I've been wondering is how did Mike Lu and Og pass?. This cartoon has a plot but they just never explain it, I had to look it up because the show never sets you up, it doesn't explain anything. Basically this cartoon takes place on a tropical Island, Mike is a city girl from the Bronx in NYC, how she got there? we go to wikipedia turns out she's a foreign exchange student this is mentioned in the show in the passing but why would you be in a foreign exchange program on a island that could be deserted?. Lu is the self proclaimed princess of the island which gives her the excuse for being annoying. Og is the genius character he doesn't speak much and second he provides the foil for each episode.

In conclusion this is certainly a cartoon to pass on which is a shame to say about an official cartoon cartoon.


My Favorite Childhood Film.
I remember when I was a kid I use to watch this movie nonstop it was so good, I had it on VHS, although VHS are pretty much extinct now. Antz is a very fun movie, and well created considering the computerized production. This movie has action, betrayal, jealousy, loyalty, adventure, bravery and more. It's not just a movie for kids it's also for teens and adults. This movie tells the story of a ant named Z a lowly worker in a culture where the welfare of the colony far outweighs the welfare of the individual, who is unsatisfied with his station in life. Through his perseverance and love for the colony, he ends up exceeding even his own expectations. Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Lopez, Dan Aykroyd, Danny Glover, and the rest of this AMAZING cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances.

The film score is excellent, and fits the movie perfectly. I wish there was a sequel to this classic.

The Faculty

it was nice seeing Jordana Brewster in a earlier role
The Faculty is an amazing film. Well-directed by Robert Rodriguez, this film will keep the viewer riveted to the screen. With a good, edgy story line laced with humor and with solid performances given by the stellar cast, the film will hit its mark with those who enjoy well made sci-fi films. Starring Clea DuVall, Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster and Elijah Wood those actors make this movie both thrilling and hilarious. This movie brings together six kids from different high school cliques: Casey the geek, Stockly the goth, Delilah the cheerleader, Marybeth the new girl, Zeek the juvenile, and Stan the jock. The plot of the movie is Some aliens take over all the faculty from a school and then try to start taking over the students as well. The queen alien was very scary looking. This film may not be Oscar worthy but it's definitely entertaining, This movie could of used a sequel.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

More action-packed than the first two combined!
With director John McTiernan back at the helm, "Die Hard With a Vengeance" (1995) is a textbook example of action-packed filmmaking, perhaps the best of the "Die Hard" trilogy. John McClane (Bruce Willis) finds himself back in New York he is now an alcoholic loser, separated from his wife, and suspended from the police force. until a serial bomber (Jeremy Irons) begins terrorizing the city. Soon McClane is sent on tedious suicide errands alongside a Harlem shopkeeper (Samuel L. Jackson) as a distraction while Jeremy Irons and his brigade rob the gold from the Federal Reserve. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson had great chemistry, they've worked together in a couple films, but i found this to be the best. I liked how even many of the minor characters have lively, memorable personalities. It reminded me of the first Beverly Hills Cop where a wide variety of characters stood out. This movie has a lot of humor which I greatly appreciated.

The PJs

Eddie Murphy should create another cartoon series
I use to watch this show a lot when I was a kid, I remember it use to come on Sundays on the wb11, I never missed an episode. The pj"s was the show that had so many funny parts that after you watched the show you would still be laughing after.I think that the show was not received well because people took it to serious and forgot about the fact that it was suppose to be funny,its punch lines too many to count.The pj's also had a lot of reality in it so that also made the show funny. This show ended too early it could of lasted 5 or 6 years. They should really bring this show back, the crap we have on TV today is nothing compared to this classic. The claymation was well done for the time it came out I mean were talking about a late 90's cartoon series and for that time period it was just magnificent.

Celebrity Deathmatch

This show will be missed.
I remember back in the day, I used to watch this show every time it came on. This show is pretty cool because its the only show that you can see celebrity's fight one another. The announcer's had the most of the comedy but the stars had more of the intense violence and it's shocking to see that it's a show only for teenagers for that type of violence it shows. Some episodes however were to live on and some were at least to say to be blown up in smithereens. The battles are really funny, and well written, but there is a few episodes that are actually pretty nasty in certain ways. I remember there was this pattern in the show. Usually, the celebrity that seemed to be winning at first, always ended up as the loser.

La lengua asesina

only for people that are able to watch terrible movies.
This film comes from the crappy movie company called A-Pix, They were responsible for distributing crappy 90's movies such as Jack Frost, Razor Blade, Smile and The Ice Cream Man. I remember watching a couple of A-Pix movies when I was younger and being just appalled at how crappy they were.

The movie starts with a bank robbery a la Bonnie and Clyde. Well Clyde goes to jail and Bonnie becomes a nun waiting until his sentence is over. time goes by and he's getting ready to get out. Well it just so happens a meteor crashes to Earth at the same time releasing a rogue alien creature that winds up in Bonnie's soup. She eats it and converts into smoking hot sexy babe,with a Killer Tongue!Well she fights it at first but eventually she gets used to it. Also she has 3 dogs and for some reason they all turn into homosexual men. Then suddenly her alien tongue begins to talk and they have a sexual intercourse later in the movie.

The picture quality for this movie is really terrible, considering the small budget and they obviously used a crappy camera.

Bottom line killer tongue is very horrible film, but a lot of men might want to watch it due to the title, hey that's the reason why I watched it.

But if you wanna watch this movie go ahead and watch. If you are bored to death or feel like blowing your brains out just do what I did and take a short nap in the middle, You won't miss anything. Just make sure you're awake for the final 30 minutes. They will blow your mind...and tongue.

Jennifer's Body

Definitely not Oscar-worthy
In my opinion this should of been A straight to DVD movie,it shouldn't of had a theatrical release. let's get to the plot Jennifer is the hottest and most popular babe in school Boys lust after her, she's the head cheerleader, But then she's transformed into, not a vampire exactly, although she does go for after throats with bared teeth. She's some kind of demon or monster, sort of undefined, whose mission in life becomes attacking teenage boys. There are some lesbian scene's between Jennifer and her nerdy best friend Anita "Needy" Lesnicky, to tell you the truth those were the only things I enjoyed from this movie Lol, considering that i'm a guy.

Overall if u have not seen this movie do not expect any horror or suspense.


this show brings back so many memories, I was just starting 2nd grade when this cartoon debuted
Freakazoid! was a greatly under appreciated show that was cut down do to low ratings and new FCC rules. This show was ahead of what age group it tried to reach out to because of it's strong use of adult contented humor which kids don't get and it's many shots at everything in the world. Heck! It made fun of the pope. Freakazoid! was as off the wall as Animaniacs if not more off the wall. The show had a great use of comedy among culture and even made fun of itself. The characters really made this show a classic as well as great reason to watch because even the villains were hilariously funny along with the heroes and special guests. It's a real shame it only lasted two years and should be brought back where it can hopefully be appreciated more.

Wild Wild West

I thought this movie was good.
I remember enjoying this movie when I first saw it in theaters back in the summer of 1999 I was only 8 years old at time. I'm going to get to my likes and dislikes about this film: My likes: I liked how this movie was action packed the fight's were nicely done although most of the action in this movie is done by will smith not kevin kline. I liked the cast I thought most of the actors did a good job. I liked the special effects they were impressive I mean for a movie that came out in 1999 I was impressed.

My dislikes: I thought the chemistry between kevin kline and will smith wasn't too believable. I though kevin kline was pretty dull hes a good actor but I was expecting much more.


too bad they don't make cartoon shows like this anymore.
I loved this show when I was a kid it came on cartoon network around 9:30pm before or after the tex Avery show which was similar.This show was really great. It would pair up different cartoons from the different studios like MGM and warner brothers. It was great to see what themes the show would be. Before and after commercial breaks, a segment called "Toonheads Trivia" breaks out and will ask a question to the viewers about a cartoon.I miss this show dearly because it was the only show that showed very old cartoons that you couldn't see anymore and now we can't see because it's canceled. This show aired from 1997-2002 back when cartoon network had character and showed very good cartoons.

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