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Oh My Baby

Well worth watching
This is a series that I count the days until the next episode The theme is very relevant. The lead actors are all great. Jang Na Ra and Go Joon have great chemistry, Go Joon should do more Romantic Comedies because of his sultry good looks and voice. I laugh and cry in each episode. Highly recommend this series.

Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal

Stay the course
It took me a couple of episodes to get into this series but well worth staying the course. Hospital shows are always hard to follow when they go into the different ailments and procedures, but always turns out to be educational. This has you with tears in your eyes one moment and laughing the next. Excellent cast. Also enjoying the musical number in each episode, very talented musicians as well.

Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak

Love the supporting cast
I am in the middle of this Kdrama and can't wait each week for the next episode. The stars Hyun Bin and Ye Jin Son are such good actors but the supporting cast is what I really enjoy. His soldiers and Jung hy un keep me laughing in every episode. It gets you through the tense moments. Such good character actors makes the whole series great. I highly recommend this show.

Him-ssen yeo-ja Do Bong-soon

Well worth watching
I was so happy to see Netflix picked up this drama. I had heard about it and was so glad I got to see it. I'm a fan of Bo Yong Park, what a talented actress. The chemistry between she and Hyung-shik Park was perfect. I intend to watch is several times.


Anxiously awaiting next episodes
I like the story, the actors and anxiously awaiting each episode. The child actors are very good! Lots of good KDramas coming out of South Korea recently. I have now finished the series and, like many, wish there would be a season 2. The cast behind the stars were great. I want to see more stories around the Hospice. It would make a good series. I felt the lead characters never got to seal their relationship in the final episode, I wanted so much more.


Worth watching for the acting alone
This version of the U.S. drama is very good. The acting is good, even if you have seen the story line before. I watched the series in a matter of days because it held my interest to see the next episode. My hope is there will be a season 2. This series had some great villians. Definitely worth watching.

Ssawooja Gwishina

Worth watching
This series held my interest until the end. Felt it would have a happy ending but at times was worried that it would not and disappoint me. Good acting and good supporting cast of characters.

Sikago Tajagi

Kept me spellbound
After each episode I changed by mind on what the final outcome for the three main characters would be. I continue to rewatch the series over and over. The actors are very talented. Playing drama and switching to comedy in the same scene was not difficult for them. I highly recommend this series.

Oh Naui Gwishinnim

Well worth watching
I just recently started watching Korean drama etc. and I am so impressed. Both with the actors and the stories. Oh My Ghost stars Bo Young Park who I have seen in other features. She is so versatile both is comedy and drama. I watched the episodes in 2 days because I always wanted to see the next episode. The last to episodes bring tears, they are so touching. Jung-Suk jo and his "crew" are hilarious.


Feel Good Series
I've "bing" watched this series 3 times and plan to many more times. I love it. The female sisters are so independent. Great role models. Han Ji Min does a great performance, without giving away the plot. I liked this story much better than his last series, "Something in the Rain". This also had a great message for single fathers.


Pleasing and educational
I just finished this series. I enjoyed the story, especially how they brought in tips dealing with a deadly illness and people who have loved ones dealing with death. I would cry in one scene and laugh shortly after. The acting was good and I would recommend it to many who like heart-warming stories about love, friends, and dealing with death.

Sunjeonge Banhada

Feel good message with humor
I'm only through half the episodes but am really enjoying this series. Lead actor Kyung ho Jung is very versatile in showing both serious and humor. I have begun to be a fan of his aide , actor Si eon Lee, who pays Woo Sik since seeing him in Abyss. Funny, funny actor. Looking forward to the conclusion.


Suspenceful and charming
I'm loving this series. The message it leaves is good too. Coming back to life as your soul may not be what you had hoped for. The lead characters Hyo Seop Ahn and Bo Young Park have great chemistry. Love Detective Park. Can't wait to each Monday to see a new episode.

Here to Heart

Worth watching
I almost quit series a couple of times because it is very long., 40 plus episodes. But it keeps you coming back. Cast is very good. I felt sorry for the lead actress for her agonizing scenes, hoping she got to laugh or smile after daily shoots. Last episode I've watched several times. Loved the music score, keep humming the melody. Would recommend the series to many of my friends.

Romaenseuneun Byulchaekboorok

Loved the message and whole cast
I keep watching it over and over. Great cast, Great message. Both lead stars have great chemistry together and Jung Suk lee has very good comedic timing. I recommend the show to all my friends.

Doctor Doctor

Love this show
I just starting watching the show on Acorn TV under the title The Heart Guy. I'm looking forward to each new episode posted. It reminds me of a cross between MASH and Friends on American TV. The cast are hilarious, even in the sadder moments. British and Austrian actors/actresses are so good.

Something Borrowed

Loved this movie
After seeing the movie, I read to original book to compare the two. I liked the movie version much better than the book! In the book the characters are not likable at all. All seem selfish and self-centered. The movie plot is very believable and you can agonize with Dex as he tries to stay true to his conservative upbringing. The expanding of Ethan's role helps the story and John Krasinski is such a great actor. He was my favorite character in the movie! There are some hilarious scenes and a great love scene. I am wearing out my taped version of the movie and can't wait until my DVD arrives so I can see the directors cut of the movie and the bonus features.

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