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  • Penthouse Pet Racquel Darrian plays a straight-laced hottie looking for something a little wilder than her dull boyfriend can offer her. She decides she might find what she wants in a seedy biker bar, so she checks one out after work. The hot brunette has tongues dragging on the ground as she struts across the bar to get herself a drink. The room is filled with fat, tattooed biker guys and leather-clad lesbians, all who seem more than willing to take the pretty first timer for a hot ride. In step's blond knock-out Nikki Tyler (also a former Penthouse centerfold). The two strip each other down on a Harley Davidson, which has been parked in the middle of the bar. The two women make out and then go down on each other as the bar's patrons watch. Seeing Nikki in her long black boots and Darrian in just a pair of high heels making love to each other is an amazing sight. Later, one of the bikers, played by Derrick Lane gets the girls up on the bar as he takes turns with them both as the two girls continue to eat each other out. Lucky guy! Watching all this with great pleasure is lesbian porn queen Felicia and her biker girlfriend. In the next scene, the two biker chicks wake up a sleeping Nikki and coax her into some hot sex. Nikki's still got her lucky boots on, but she's dressed in tight white vest and orange silk panties. The two girls take turns riding Nikki's face as the other goes down on Nikki. There's a lot of switching around in this scene. Felicia's friend is a bit of a dog, but Felicia's body looks awesome. Nikki, of course, looks staggering. As is the norm with Tyler scenes, she does manage to do some of her magical ass- eating. She splits open Felica and gives her a nice tongue lashing, while her tongue-ringed biker girl clamps onto Nikki's muffin like there's no tomorrow. Final scene is Felica having her way with super-hot Racquel Darrian. Not sure if a room full of bikers would sit still with Darrian, Tyler and Felica spreading their legs wide open. Something tells me there would be a really long line involved - and not for the bathroom. Awesome movie! Loved it.
  • The film is mostly a downer and ultimately a tease for the desperate few who will rent it. The 'highlight' is watching Penthouse knockout Tammy Parks, playing a hooker, take her customer; a rather large, ugly salesman in a polyester suit, to a bathroom stall where she proceeds to strip down to only her thigh-high black stockings and boots and put on a little show for the guy, who's tongue is on the ground by now. After feeling herself out, she leans in and kisses him on the cheek as the scene ends. The last shot is her head dropping out of frame as she goes down on him before letting him take her for a ride. Sexy stuff. I wish it had lasted the full 90 minutes! The rest of the film was a drag. For more Tammy Parks, check out some of her porn titles, Strap-on Sally 8 and The Dinner Party.
  • Its about time! Putting the two hottest bodies in porn together is something a lot of people have dreamed about for years. Penthouse Centerfolds Janine (Lindemulder) and Racquel Darrian have been the two hottest names during the 90's, and they've never done a lesbian scene together - until now.

    Racquel looks incredible as ever and Janine always puts on the best show. This film will not let you down. The most notable scene is Darrick Lane, Racquel and Janine entering a room to watch Corrine riding a strap-on mask that's belted on to Randy's head.

    Racquel is wearing long, latex black leather boots and little else. Pretty soon, Janine gets turned on and splits open Racquel as she sits in Derrick's lap. She eats her out really good, using her legendary tongue to drive Racquel crazy. Janine's tongue has to be the longest I've ever seen! Its just amazing. No wonder she's such a popular girl! I like Janine with her longer blonde hair, but this new style is OK too.

    After seeing Racquel's knockout legs in those boots in a straight-up 'V', with Janine's heading buried in between, I didn't think i could see anything more satisfying. I was wrong. Soon, Racquel goes over to see Corriene as she continues her hot ride. Racquel makes out with her, and gets her to come over to the couch as the three proceed to make love to each other as the two guys watch. Corriene is fair looking over all, but nothing too great. She has a big rack, but she's not that pretty. She spends most of her time going down on Racquel as Janine gets to ride Racquel's pretty face.

    Janine and Corrine pair off together, and Racquel starts the finale with Randy Spears and Derrick. Derrick is Racquel's now ex-husband. Randy is a veteran pornstar whos's way past his prime, but I'm sure was delighted to get his hands on Racquel. He's a little chubby and has a pretty unattractive face, but I guess if you're around long enough in the porn industry you get to have your way with some of the hot talent. He sorts of looks like an 'average joe,' which I'm sure has some appeal to regular looking guys hoping to hook up. Both guys take turns with Racquel going down on one, while the other has his way with her from behind. This goes on for while. Its hotter than hell. In the end, Derrick nails her her as she lies down and makes out with Corriene, and the ugly guy sneaks in to get one final grope of Racquel's perfect body.
  • This is one of the first featues in which Vivid started putting a lot of money behind Racquel's career. Previously, the sexy brunette had toiled in low-budget adult films doing mostly lesbian scenes.

    Around this time, she had some 'work' done on her to make her top half look draw-dropping and got rid of her permed hair, opting for a straight look with blonde highlights. She also became a Penthouse Pet of the month around this time.

    In her earlier features, she's still only doing guy/girl scenes with her then husband Derrick Lane. Her most notable scene from this film involves both Derrick and lesbian porn superstar Alex Jordan.

    Alex was an older blonde who was around the porn world in the 80's. She was not very attractive, but she could add fire to any girl on girl scene. She was just a real pro at getting girls off, and was often called upon to make love with some of the hottest girls in porn (Nikki Tyler, Janine). She was on the rough side, but was an eager tongue lasher of hot, young muffin.

    One thing that can be said about Racquel, she liked to get it on with the hot young Vivid cuties, but also liked some of the harder looking girls too. In the most explosive scene i this film, Alex seduces Racquel and has a nice, long session working her tongue between Racquel's incredible legs as Derrick watches. Eventually, they all get it on together. Good stuff!
  • This is a low-budget affair starring Racquel Darrian, Savannah, Madison and a few others I can't think of right now. This lesbian feature is not very well filmed, but if you like to see girls getting it on with each other you could do worse. The best scene is filmed in an open garage. Sexy blonde Savannah pulls up on a Harley Davidson wearing long leather boots, tight shorts an alluring smile. The mechanics on duty are Madison and a hard looking red-haired girl with a nose ring. The lesbians like what they see and proceed to feel Savannah up. Racquel then steps into frame for some action. Madison teams up with Savannah and the red-haried dyke-y looking chick splits open Racquel, and gets her off as she leans on one of the cycles. Racquel then bends over the red-head and eats her out from behind. Good stuff if you like to see pretty girls 'slumming it' with the rough girls of porn.
  • The film has three scenes. The first is Penthouse centerfold Racquel Darrian luring two guys up to her apartment for a tag-team. The second is a couples scene with the girls getting together for the guys to watch. The finale is Racquel, fellow Penthouse Pet (the blonde) Nikki Tyler and Cheri magazine hottie Madelyn Knight in a lesbian threesome. Very, very hot. All girls are perfect 10's! A classic. The girls all go down on each other, before Knight uses a strap-on to get both the girls off. Very well filmed.
  • Thi is a softcore film with a plot. Not a good one, but it does feature Penthouse Pet of the Month Tammy Parks totally naked, so that's reason enough for this reviewer!> During the time that she was making some porno features (The Dinner Party, Strap-On Sally #8 etc.) she made some soft-core films as well, and this is pretty much what she does to this day. Her scene is really the only one worth watching. Fast forward the rest. Tammy plays a hooker who's got some worked lined up in a bathroom with a fat, ugly salesman (Joey Gaynor) dresssed in a plaid, polyester suit. The brunettee Centerfold strips down only a pair of thigh-length pantyhose, as the guy watches sitting with his pants down from the toilet seat. She struts around a bit turning him on as she feels herself out. Eventually, she leans over and kisses him on the cheek before before her head goes out of frame. We can assume she is going down on him for a bit before letting him take her for a ride. Its pretty sexy. I wish we could see more of what happens next. Tammy looks amazingly hot. Her body is just stunning. A perfect 10! To see more of Tammy, check out her lesbian porn flick 'Strap-on Sally #8,' or any of her other hardcore titles. The rest of this is a drag.
  • Sexy Penthouse centerfold Tammy Parks plays none other than a sexy Penthouse centerfold, who's been asked to be a judge in a lesbian strap-on grudge match between competing groups of porn star lesbians, including Jessica James.

    As the competion ensues, the ladies strap on their dildos and make love to each other as the judges watch on. Eventually, the brunette Tammy, looking unbelievably beautiful, can take no more and decides to climb on stage and get wild with the girls, who are more than happy to oblige. The girls have a great time getting it on with the sexy newcomer, giving her plenty of strap-on fun. If you like seeing pretty girls getting it on with lesbians, check it out. Its hot!!!