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Love this show
I binged watched from season 1-4 and waiting for season 5 to come out! love the idea of the tattoos and

Glam Masters

Love this - loving wearing make up more
I love this show - I also love ANTM. I am a MUA and love everything about this show. I am learning more creative ways to wear makeup. Love the judges feedback and the contestants are so adorable.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

Its an enjoyable show
I would not advise anyone to read all the negative comments below, I really cant stand when people make reviews as if they are movie/tv critics - Maybe people should watch shows that they want to and keep the negative comments to themselves.

This is a n enjoyable show - if you are like me an djust get home and want to watch something without too much thought or enjoy a good series that is simply enjoyable then this is that show. You have to get to season 3. Season 1 was great and 2 okay but 3 gets better.

The Flash: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3
Episode 8, Season 4

NO Ways Like part 3???
I love the flash but surely you could have added part 1 and 2 to flash??? I know the point is to get everyone to watch the other shows - which we will but what??? How can you start with part 3???

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