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Soltera y madre en la vida

This is a so-so but entertaining Spanish comedy with likable and appealing characterizations by all Spanish-star-cast .
Javier Aguirre's fun comedy with the sympathetic actress Lina Morgan as well as the great Alfredo Landa and a great plethora of Spanish support actors . An enticing but disconcerting Spanish comedy film and with its ups and downs ; here our protagonist , the great Lina Morgan , provides her real comical entertainment . It deals with Julita (Lina Morgan) , a factory worker , finds out she is pregnant after making premarital sex with Paco, which normally is happy news, but not in this case. Paco (Alfredo Landa) is an auto mechanic who, according to the theories of a certain French biologist as explained by a podiatrist friend (Blaki) , doesn't consider himself responsible. Don Ramiro (Manolo Gomez Bur) , Julita's father, is a security guard and considers himself a man of liberal ideas, but when his daughter confesses she is going to have an illegitimate baby , he then throws her out . To survive and because needing , urgently , an amount of money to resolve her problematic existence Julita ends up working at a nightclub where Paco and his friends (Blaki , José Sacristán) are regulars and subsequently moving at the flat with some friends (Laly Soldevila , Gloria Cámara) . Julita's best friend Paloma (Soledad Miranda) , Mariano's girlfriend (José Sacristán) , convinces her father to forgive her. He ultimately comes to see her and they reunite again . She moves back home in her advanced state of pregnancy . So Paco ends up helping her and being her birthing coach.

Funny and uneven comedy , appointed for all kind of public , it takes a silly premise and a simple concept : Julita/Lina Morgan a factory worker, finds out she is pregnant , it in Francoist time results to be a real scandal . This flick is a comical and sometimes disconcerting account of an unfortunate couple from an economic/social perspective . Here there are great amusement , some nice jokes , comical sketches and the cast plays eccentric characters . And , of course , the ordinary happy end , as they get back together and get married , as Julita goes to the church dressed in white with her belly so pregnant, the priest has to shorten the ceremony to avoid her giving birth in the church and right after the ceremony ends Julita goes into labor and she and Paco race off in a taxi . It is a nutty Spanish comedy that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever , though it has some attractive and hilarious moments . The film attempts to give laughs but it falls short , resulting in a mediocre and sometimes embarrassing film . Bemusing story with enjoyable but also absurd moments and charming acting by a likable comedian : Lina Morgan , a famous Spanish actress as cinema as stage in her successful theatre La Latina , Madrid . The movies Lina played were funny and with numerous support actors . The films were with short budget and lackluster but including comedy and lots of fun , and many of them directed by Mariano Ozores , Pedro Lazaga or Pedro Masó . Lina was a famous actress , she starred successful films , such as : ¨La Tonta Del Bote¨, ¨La Graduada¨ , ¨La Descarrida¨, ¨Fin Semana Al Desnudo¨ , ¨Pecados De Una Chica Decente ¨ , ¨Una Pareja Distinta¨ , ¨Esta Es Lo Que Es¨, ¨Un Dia con Sergio¨, ¨Imposible Para Una Solterona¨ , and several others . Being specially known for his TV series such as ¨Hostal Royal Manzanares (1996), Una De Dos (1998) and Academia Baile Gloria (2001) , but she left ¨Escenas De Matrimonio¨ three weeks after joining the cast , due to health problems until her death in 2015 . Top-notch support cast , full of familiar faces , such as : Tomás Blanco , Francisco Piquer, María Isbert , Adriano Domínguez, Soledad Miranda , José Sacristán , Gloria Cámara , Mara Laso , Maria Kosti , Venancio Muro . And special mention for Manolo Gómez as the angry father who seems to be quite conservative , expeling her daughter from the home and finding out Paco is the man responsible for her state, finally he tries to shoot him to force him to marry her.

The motion picture was regular but amusingly directed by prolific filmmaker Javier Aguirre (his big hits were El Astronauta , Vida Perra , El Jorobado De La Morgue , Monja Alférez) . Javier is a craftsman , expert on comedies such as : ¨El Astronauta¨, ¨Los Que Tocan El Piano¨ , ¨Locuras De Parchis¨ , ¨Los Chicos Con Las Chicas¨, ¨Soltero Y Padre En la Vida¨, ¨Soltera Y Madre En La Vida¨, ¨Rocky Carambola¨, ¨Martes Y Trece¨. Aguirre also made quite a few terror movies as ¨Gran Amor Conde Drácula¨, ¨Jorobado De La Morgue¨ , ¨Asesino Está En Sus Trece¨. In addition , he directed various ¨Avant Garde¨ films. . Here Aguirre carries out a passable , nimble and professional direction , though including some flaws and gaps . Rating : 5.5/10.

Guns of Diablo

Passable and acceptable television western with good roles for Charles Bronson and a very young Kurt Russell
It starts with a wagon train heading for westward and leading a master called Murdock : Charles Bronson, as while guiding a wagon train he saves a colonist from a wild river. Shortly after, he along with his young helper , 14-year-old little boy named Jaimie : Kurt Russell, teaching him the riveting tricks of the trade while going to a small town. There Murdock runs in problems when he meets his old flame, Maria : Susan Oliver, at an abandoned little town, she is now married to Rance Macklin : Jan Merlin. Then the jealous Rance imprison Murdock at a livery stable, but Maria frees him, permiting Murdock to carry out a vendetta . At the end embarking on new adventures involving a lost gold mine from an old man : Douglas Fowley .

This is an agreeable Western with thrills, action , shootouts and a romantic love drama. A simple drama western about a wagon train scout who runs in difficulties when he meets old enemies, being developed by means of a long flashback in which during a troublesome time our starring reminiscences the old feud when worked at the Macklin ranch . It results to be a blending of two episodes of the TV series The Travels of Jamie McPheeters. Stars Charles Bronson in his usual tough style as a brave scout . Bronson subsequently to play a lot of notorious roles in Western genre as in "From noon till three", "Chato", "Red Sun" , "Villa rides" , "Valdez" , "Nevada Express" , "White Buffalo" and especially : "Magnificent Seven" and "Once upon the time in the West" . Co-star pretty Susan Oliver as the old beautiful flame and the very young beardless Kurt Russell in one of his first roles. And other decent secondaries as Jan Merlin as revengeful husband, John Fiedler as the saloon barman, Morris Ankrum as the ranch owner and Douglas Fowley as an old sick man.

It contains atmospheric and colorful cinematography by John Nickolaus. As well as thrilling musical score by Walter Scharf, Leigh Harline and Harry Jackman. The motion picture produced by Boris Ingster was professionally directed by Boris Sagal. He used to work for television, making Telefilms and TV series such as : Rich man poor man, Columbo, Diary of Ana Frank, Dial M for murder, Masada, Sherlock Holmes in New York and WWIII. And occassionaly for cinema directing the classic Sc-iFi : Omega Man. Rating 6/10. Enjoyable western. The flick will appeal to Charles Bronson fans.


Spectacular but failed disaster movie about a massive meteor headed for Earth with fateful consequences
Typical disaster movie of the Seventies with thrills, ordinary catastrophes , tension and spectacular scenes .It deals with a comet strikes an asteroide and sends an enormous chunk of rock hurtling on a colission course with Earth. Then the US and USSR have to join forces to deflect the destruction mass .As it must be deflected by a combination of American and Russian satellit of misiles .

An ordinary Catastrophe movie about a huge meteor that failed at USA boxoffice and all around the world. At the time , it pretended to be the ultimate in disaster movies by pumping up a rather slender story-line with no much sense. Packing a lot of catastrophes as a snow avalanche, a tidal wave and the destruction of a city are thrown in , vía conventional splinters from the meteor . Not very interesting script by the prestigious Stanley Mann and Edmund H North . This Meteor by Ronald Neame is far from classic Disaster movies as The Inferno Tower by John Guillermin or Earthquake by Mark Robson , it is next to The Swarm and When Time ran out by James Golstone , most of them produced or directed by Irwin Allen , the King of catastrophe movies. It displays an awesome cast , though really wasted , such as Sean Connery playing the scientific-in chief , Natalie Wood as the Russian spoken translator and outstanding Brian Keith , the latter giving a few aptly acerbic lines in a serious/comical role . Furthermore , other illustrious secondaries as Karl Malden, Trevor Howard , Richard Dysart , Joseph Campanella and special appearance by Henry Fonda. And others in minor roles as Bibi Besch and Clyde Kusatsu . Some special effects are acceptably made and others are cheap , primitive and dated , moreover , adding inappropriate stock footage of destruction .

Highlight of the movie is the rousing and moving musical score by Laurence Roshental. As well as adequate and colorful cinematography by Paul Lohmann. The motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Ronal Neame .He was a craftsman with considerable success. He made the most successful disaster movie : The Poseidon Adventure . And directed all kinds of genres as Thillers , Drama , Suspense , including notorious titles , such as : Odessa File , Hopscotch , Horse's Mouth , Windom's way , Scrooge , Gambit , Chalk Garden , First Monday in October , being his best one : Tunes of Glory. Rating : 4,5/10 . Mediocre.

Inês de Castro

Classic Spain/Portugal film about King Pedro , Queen Constanza and lover Inés de Castro
Vintage Iberian historical movie including intense drama , evocative clothing , costumes and adequate set design . Epic and acceptable film dealing with kingdoms , passions , court confrontations , treason and political intrigues . It concerns Infante Pedro (Antonio Vilar) who married Spanish princess Constanza (Maria Dolores Pradera) , but Pedro fell for her servant Ines de Castro (Alicia Principe) , she was a Galician noblewoman best known as lover and posthumously-recognized wife of King Peter I of Portugal.

This is an impressive historic tale set in Portugal , concerning fights , love stories , faith , religion and terrifying elements on its ending . There takes place the politic intrigues in the kingdom and then multiple drama is inevitable with a political confrontation behind . This interesting as well as intimate story is a passionate retelling and a touching drama , adding creepy happenings . The settings are decent though mostly made in ¨Carton-Piedra (stone)¨ as well as matte-painting . The motion picture was professionally directed by José Leitão de Barros who directed a lot of documentary and ¨Camoens¨ also starred by Antonio Vilar.

Based on historical facts , these are the following ones : Ines de Castro came to Portugal in 1340 as a maid of Constance of Castile, recently married to Peter, the heir apparent to the Portuguese throne. The prince fell in love with her and started to neglect his lawful wife, endangering the already feeble relations with Castile . Moreover, Peter's love for Ines brought the exiled Castilian nobility very close to power, with Inês's brothers becoming the prince's friends and trusted advisors. King Afonso IVThe Brave of Portugal, Peter's father, disliked Ines's influence on his son and waited for their mutual infatuation to wear off, but it did not. Then Constance of Castile died in 1345. Alfonso IV tried several times to arrange for his son to be remarried, but Pedro refused to take a wife other than Ines, who was not deemed eligible to be queen. Peter's legitimate son, future King Ferdinand I of Portugal, was a frail child, whereas Peter and Ines's illegitimate children were thriving; this created even more discomfort among the Portuguese nobles, who feared the increasing Castilian influence over Peter. Afonso IV banished Ines from the court after Constance's death, but Peter remained with her declaring her as his true love. After several attempts to keep the lovers apart, Afonso IV ordered Inês's death. Pêro Coelho, Álvaro Goncalves, and Diego Lopes Pacheco went to the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha in Coimbra, where Ines was detained, and killed her, decapitating her in front of her small child. When Peter heard of this he sought out the killers and managed to capture two of them in 1361. He executed them publicly by ripping their hearts out, claiming they didn't have one after having pulverized his own heart. Peter became king of Portugal in 1357 (Peter I of Portugal). He then stated that he had secretly married Inês, who was consequently the lawful queen, although his word was, and still is, the only proof of the marriage. During the 1383-85 Crisis of royal succession in Portugal, João das Regras produced evidence that allegedly established that Pope Innocent IV had refused Peter's request to recognize his marriage to Inês and legitimize his children by her, the elder of whom, John, Duke of Valencia de Campos would have a strong potential claim to the throne of Portugal. By negating these children's claimed legitimacy, João das Regras strengthened the claim of another illegitimate child of Peter I of Portugal: John, Master of Aviz, who ultimately took the throne and ruled as John I of Portugal .Some sources say that after Peter became king of Portugal, he had Inês' body exhumed from her grave and forced the entire court to swear allegiance to their new queen: "The king caused the body of his beloved Ines to be disinterred, and placed on a throne, adorned with the diadem and royal robes. and required all the nobility of the kingdom to approach and kiss the hem of her garment, rendering her when dead that homage which she had not received in her life..." Some modern sources characterize the story of the Ines' post-mortem coronation is a "legend. And it is most likely a myth, since the story only appeared in 1577 in Jerónimo Bermúdez' play . She was later buried at the Monastery of Alcobaca where her coffin can still be seen, opposite Peter's so that, according to the legend, at the Last Judgment Peter and Ines can look at each other as they rise from their graves.

Los crímenes de Petiot

This Spanish Giallo contains suspense , thrills , chills , intrigue and plot twists .
Naschy movie with usual elements of the ¨Gialli¨ sub-genre : suspenseful intrigue , twisted killings executed by a black gloved killer , violence , sadism , physical abuse , sensationalist murder pieces , though doesn't pack nudity . A series of murders are happening in Berlin , during World War II seem connected to a string of present-day murders committed . A wealthy art gallerist , single , called Boris (Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina) is drawn into a twisted criminal case via his journalist sweetheart (Patricia Moran) , who along with help of other reporters believe they can bring down the killer without the police . Meanwhile , the police commissioner and his agents are investigating the heinous crimes , and the prme suspects are three of the journalists

This is a giallo with usual ingredients as chills , thrills , suspense and grisly killings committed by a masked assassin clad in black . Here Paul Naschy is a rich artist who helps his girlfriend to discover who is the heinous murderer resulting in fateful consecuences . Filmmaker Jose Luis Madrid designs a mediocre thriller , including some regularly staged murders plenty of startling visual content with blood and gore , though was submitted to limited censorship in Spain.

Freely based on Doctor Petiots life , the real deeds happened of the following way : Petiot's neighbors in Rue Le Sueur complained to police about a foul stench in the area and large amounts of smoke billowing from a chimney of the house. Firemenentered the house and found a roaring fire in a coal stove in the basement. In the fire, and scattered in the basement, were human remains. They found in his basement, human remains were also found in a quicklime pit in the back yard and in a canvas bag. In his home, enough body parts were found to account for at least ten victims. Also scattered throughout his property were suitcases, clothing, and assorted property of his victims. He escaped , Petiot hid with friends, claiming that the Gestapo wanted him because he had killed Germans and informers. He eventually moved in with a patient, let his beard grow, and adopted various aliases.During the liberation of Paris in 1944, Petiot adopted the name "Henri Valeri" and joined the French Forces of the Interior in the uprising. He became a captain in charge of counterespionage and prisoner interrogations.When the newspaper Resistance published an article about Petiot, his defense attorney from the 1942 narcotics case received a letter in which his fugitive client claimed that the published allegations were mere lies. This gave police a hint that Petiot was still in Paris. Petiot was recognized , and arrested.He claimed that he was innocent and that he had killed only enemies of France. He said that he had discovered the pile of bodies in 21 Rue le Sueur in February 1944, but had assumed that they were collaborators killed by members of his Resistance "network".But the police found that Petiot had no friends in any of the major Resistance groups. Some of the Resistance groups he spoke of had never existed, and there was no proof of any of his claimed exploits. Prosecutors eventually charged him with at least 27 murders for profit. Their estimate of his gains ran to 200 million francs.Petiot went on trial facing 135 criminal charges. Petiot taunted the prosecuting lawyers, and claimed that various victims had been collaborators or double agents, or that vanished people were alive and well in South America under new names. He admitted to killing just 19 of the 27 victims found in his house, and claimed that they were Germans and collaborators - part of a total of 63 "enemies" killed. His lawyer attempted to portray Petiot as a Resistance hero, but the judges and jurors were unimpressed . Petiot was convicted of 26 counts of murder, and sentenced to death and Petiot was beheaded.

Witchfinder General

Masterfully played by Vincent Price as a vicious witch-hunter who terrorizes , judges and executes to suspicious villagers
In the midst of England's bloodiest civil war and during Naseby battle (1645) between Royalists followers of King Charles I and Republican Roundheads commanded by Oliver Cromwell (Patrick Wymark) , there Evil ignites by means of a self-possessed , unscrupulous witch finder who looks for witches and people who allegedly practice witchery and necromancy . The much-feared Inquisitor , persecutor of witches Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) and his assistant John Stearne (Robert Russell) revelled in torture and murder all in the name of justice and while gaining sexual favors . Hopkins roams East Anglia accompanied by his sadistic helper condemning , torturing, and finally , executing all those who fail to survive his horrible and hateful trials by using violent torture and bloody means . When Hopkins tracks down a priest (Rupert Davies) , he incurs the vengeance and wrath of Richard Marshall (Ian Ogilvy) , who is engaged to the priest's niece (gorgeous Hilary Dwyer who recently died by Covid-19) . The Year's Most Violent Film!. A crawling shape intrude! .There's lots of screaming when there's this much at stake! A blood-red thing that writhes from out . The scenic solitude! It writhes! - it writhes! - with mortal pangs .The mimes become its food, And the angels sob at vermin fangs In human gore imbued. EDGAR ALLEN POE .The depraved must die... BEWARE the Witch Hunter!LEAVE THE CHILDREN HOME! ...and if YOU are SQUEAMISH STAY HOME WITH THEM!!!!!!! He'll hang, burn and mutilate you. He's the... Witchfinder General

This one deals with a graphic delineation of witch-hunting in England during the Cromwell period . This film has been framed of painting too violent and bloody a picture of the old times , but its power is remarkable and undeniable . Vincent Price gives a sterling acting , as usual . Here Vincent Price unleashes a reign of fire and fury , as he's totally convincing as a nasty witch finder .The production values is pretty good considering its short budget . The motion picture was well directed by talented young filmmaker Michael Reeves . The only made three films : The sorcerers , The She beast , and his third and last film : Witchfinder General . Michael Reeves took over the directing duties for the foreign horror film , "Castle of the Living Dead" . Most people agreed that Reeves' work improved the film . He was chosen to direct ¨The oblong box¨ (1969) , was also linked with the movie "Scream and Scream Again" but he died during the pre-production . Both films would end up being directed by Gordon Hessler . As he deceased soon after due to an accidental overdose at age 25 . Rating : 7/10 . A must-see for Vincent Price fans.

The picture was based on historical events about judge Matthew Hopkins and his assistant : The work of Hopkins and John Stearne was not necessarily to prove any of the accused had committed acts of maleficium, but to prove that they had made a covenant with the Devil. Prior to this point, any malicious acts on the part of witches were treated identically to those of other criminals, until it was seen that, according to the then-current beliefs about the structure of witchcraft, they owed their powers to a deliberate act of their choosing .The witch-hunts undertaken by Stearne and Hopkins mainly took place in East Anglia, in the counties of Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk , Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, with a few in the counties of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.They extended throughout the area of strongest Puritan and Parliamentarian influences which formed the powerful and influential Eastern Association from 1644 to 1647, which was centred on Essex. Both Hopkins and Stearne would have required some form of letters of safe conduct to be able to travel throughout the counties. According to his book The Discovery of Witches, Hopkins began his career as a witch-finder after he overheard women discussing their meetings with the Devil in March 1644 in Manningtree. In fact, the first accusations were made by Stearne and Hopkins was appointed as his assistant. Twenty-three women were accused of witchcraft and were tried at Chelmsford in 1645. With the English Civil War under way, this trial was conducted not by justices of assize, but by justices of the peace presided over by the Earl of Warwick.Four died in prison and nineteen were convicted and hanged. During this period, excepting Middlesex and chartered towns, no records show any person charged of witchcraft being sentenced to death other than by the judges of the assizes .Hopkins and Stearne, accompanied by the women who performed the pricking, were soon travelling over eastern England, claiming to be officially commissioned by Parliament to uncover and prosecute witches. Together with their female assistants, they were well paid for their work, and it has been suggested that this was a motivation for his action.

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Atmospheric and classic terror movie very loosely based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe
Classic terror movie with a powerful cast that will guarantee entertainment . Young women in Paris are being killed in Paris . Few clues were left behind . The killer could not have fled via the windows as they were nailed shut . Nor was the killer observed leaving by neighbors . Pierre Dupin (Leon Ames) thinks he has the solution to the killings . Dupin begins to investigate the case on his own, and puts together quite an interesting scenario in solving the crime . He and his girlfriend , Camille L'Espanaye (Sidney Fox) , had recently visited a carnival sideshow where Dr. Mirakle (Bela Lugosi) showed off his giant ape . Mirakle has been taking women off the street to conduct experiments he hopes will demonstrate that human beings evolved from gorillas . As he attempts to prove his rather unusual theory of evolution : experiments involve mixing the blood of the women with that of an ape . Meanwhile , the mysterious and grisly crimes of women go on and leave police investigators puzzled . It seems the only person with the skills to solve the crime is Dupin, but things go wrong . Innocent Beauty - this was her wedding eve. On the wall a shadow . . the beast was at large grinning horribly-cruelly . What was Her Fate ? Beautiful girl- giant ape... both under the mysterious power of the mad Dr. Mirackle!

Edgar Allan Poe's dramatic story of the horrors of Paris with good cast and nice atmosphere in this vintage eerie film in which young women in Paris are being mysteriously killed . This is a pedestrian but highly agreeable account of a mad scientific scouring Paris for young female victims . There's enough fascination and enjoyable style in some scenes as well as spectacular scenes set in Paris roofs with efficient special effects . The perverse and sordid sexual implications are rarely made explicit , but there are a couple of genuinely unpleasant frames . Here Bela Lugosi gives one of his best interpretations . His name had become such as asset that studios would give him prominent billing even when he was playing such supporting roles as butlers , as he did in Columbia's Night of Terror (1933), Fox's The gorilla (1939), Universal's Night Monster (1942) and Paramount's One Body Too Many (1944) and , eventually , took his most successful role : Dracula (1931) . He appeared with Boris Karloff in eight films: Satanas (1934) , The raven (1935), The invisible ray (1936), Frankenstein's son (1939), You'll Find Out (1940) , Black Friday (1940) Body Snatcher (1945) and Gift of Gab (1934) . Co-starred by Leon Ames as Dupin , he subsequently to become himself an illustrious secondary playing a lot of characters throughout a long career . This role of Pierre Dupin, played by Leon Ames, reappeared in another Poe story done by Universal, "Mystery of Marie Roget" (1942) . It is stylistically and beautifully photographed by prestigious Karl Freund who directed another classy movie : ¨The Mummy¨. The motion picture was well directed by Robert Florey , though the whole thing owes more to ¨The Cabinet of Dr Caligari¨ by Robert Wiene than to Poe .

There are other version about this known story : ¨Murders in the Rue Morgue 1971¨ by Gordon Hessler with Jason Robards , Herbert Lom , Christine Kaufmann , Michael Dunn , Adolfo Celi , Maria Perschy . ¨The Murders in the Rue Morgue 1986¨ by Jeannot Szwarc with George C. Scott , Rebecca De Mornay , Ian McShane , Neil Dickson , Val Kilmer.

Ninja Assassin

Violent and gripping story with plenty of noisy action and struggles in a comic-book style
A young ninja named Rainzo (Rain) is trained since infancy to be a deadly murderer , but he turns his back on the orphanage that raised him , and nowadays he seeks vendetta for their merciless killers . As Raizo to return demanding vengeance but the Master (Japanese Chop-Socky expert Sho Koshugi) still pursues him . Along the way teaming up with Europol forensic Mika (Naomie Harris) who is under command his superior Maslow (Ben Miles) . Things go wrong when Rainzo is captured by Interpol and chained to a wall. At the end the terrible happenings leading to a lethal confrontation with a fellow ninja named (Rick Yune) from the clan and other Ninja assassins . Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it. Raised to become an assassin... until betrayal made him a target. Prepare to enter a secret world of heartless assassins .A silent warrior . A deadly past . A lethal mission . Revenge will rise .From the shadow of the night, a warrior is born.

It's a westernized oriental action film with an interesting mingle of suspense , buddy movie , martial arts , sword-play , ancient ritual with typical code of honour and bloody combats . The plot is simple and plain , as Raizo/Rain's turned his back on the Ozunu clan that raised him , being forced into action and steadily butchering his relentless enemies , while inching ever closer to the long-awaited bloody reunion with the former master who trained him . This a nail-biting thriller with ustoppable action , including impressive fighting with a lot of blood and gore ; nevertheless , Korean pop star Rain had no martial-arts experience prior to shooting . It's a mindless but enjoyable for martial arts aficionados of the old style , but adding some new technical being made by means of wires , cables and digital computer generator . Abundant fists fights as swords struggles in which arms and body parts are slice off here and there and limbs are slit open everywhere or blasted apart . Of course , highlights of te film are the breathtaking and groundbreaking fights with lots of blood dropping here and there . Due to extreme violence, it was dramatically cut for its original theatrical release in some countries , which still garnered '18' certificates all around the world . The unrated version of the film features an infamous blood splatter , one of the major reasons this version of the film is more popular . Cruel and savage murders make only recommended for those adults no squeamish and with strong stomach enough to take it .

This film belongs to ¨Ninja sub-genre¨ that achieved splendor in the Eighties : The first movie was ¨Enter the Ninja¨ (81) by Menahem Golan with Franco Nero , Menahem Golan was director of the first film , and was to direct its sequel also , but shortly before production was to start he decided to turn over directing chores to Sam Firstenberg . It was followed by the martial arts features ¨Ninja II¨ or ¨Revenge of the Ninja¨ (1983) with Shô Kosugi , Keith Vitali , Kane Koshugi and ¨Ninja III , the domination¨ with Lucinda Dickey and again Sho Kosugi . These pictures were well produced by Cannon -Golan and Globus- and all rightly directed by Sam Firstenberg . Following others also directed by Sam Firstenberg for Golan-Globus' as ¨American Ninja¨ , ¨American Ninja II and III¨, ¨Forced vengeance (82)¨ and ¨Avening force (1986)¨ most of them starred by low-grade expert on karate genre and Ninja sub-genre Michael Dudikoff . Following in 2009 ¨Ninja I¨ by Isaac Florentine , along with ¨Ninja II¨with Scott Adkins and Kane Koshugi . However , filmmaker James McTiegue stated as main influences for the film Ninja Assassin the following cartoon movies or Anime : ¨Ninja Scroll¨ (1993) and ¨Samurai Champloo¨ (2004) .

It packs colorful , though dark cinematography Karl Walter Lindenlaub. As well as moving and rousing musical score by Ilan Eshkeri . The motion picture was professionally directed by James McTeigue . James , previously , was assistant direction of Wachowski brothers (Larry and Andy) , film producers in high budget along with another great producer , Joel Silver , shooting his big hit : ¨V for vendetta¨ and other succesess as ¨Survivor¨ , ¨The raven¨ and TV series as ¨Sense8¨ , ¨Marco Polo¨ and ¨Messiah¨. Rating : 6.5/10. Passable and entertaining . The fights , thrills and lots of action make this movie worth seeing .

Duel in the Jungle

African adventure set in Rhodesia, as the accidental death of a diamond broker raising suspicions and sending a cunning agent to investigate
A moving drama/adventure movie with nice mood , it is a rich , robust and colorful picture , a hell-for-leather stuff . However , being full of transparency with the animals out acting the cast . One of the colorful , moving and action features that Hollywood trotted out with polish , professionality and much regularly in the 50s. The plot is simple and light , a wealthy insurance company hires an American insurance investigator (Dana Andrews) to investigate the surprising death of a diamond broker (David Farrar) , insured for $1 million , who swept overboard and drowned in the African coast. As he is sent to Rhodesia to investigate the mysterious deeds . Along the way he gathers together with the broker's sweetheart (Jeanne Crain) . They set out to a dangerous expedition through the dangerous jungle and they continue up country closer and closer to find him . In Africa's savage city of outcasts they met un a rendezvous with terror!."The story it took 3 separate safaris to film!"This was his kind of manhunt-all danger-and his kind of woman-somebody else's!Every Green-Hell Frenzy Unleashed From One End of Africa To The Other! It Took 3 Seperate Safaris To Capture This Raging Story!Through screeching jungle haunts, across the veldt of violence, past lion fang and boa coil... they shadowed the 'Dead man of the Transvaal' they had to bring back alive!

African tale full of cliches , thrills , intrigue and some picturesque settings . A passable noirish African adventure in derivative style , dealing with a complex investigation when the insurers are suspicious of the strange death of a broker, as the company sends a claims investigator to resolve the happenings . It has a solid cast that beefs up this standard and enjoyable African jungle story with attractive settings . One of several lively , all-action , color de luxe adventures produced by Warner Bros. or Universal Pictures , in these production companies usually played Tony Curtis , Rock Hudson and Dana Andrews as stars in the late Fifties . It arranges to be , at least , an agreeable adventure movie because of it packs action , breathtaking outdoors and outlandish , risked situaciones abound . It bears remarkable resemblance to other Universal films as ¨Congo Crossing¨ (1956) by Joseph Peveny with Virginia Mayo , George Nader , Michael Pate , Peter Lorre or "Tanganyka" 1954 by Andre De Toth with Van Hefiln , Ruth Roman , Jeff Morrow , Howard Duff or ¨Beyond Mombasa¨ (1956) by George Marshall himself with Cornel Wilde , Donna Reed , Christopher Lee , Leo Genn and produced by Warwick : ¨Safari¨by Terence Young with Victor Mature , Janet Leigh , John Justin . Passable interpretation by Dana Andrews as the agent who is sent by the American insurer to clarify a rare matter . The routine happenings are lit up only by the gorgeous presence of the always beautiful Jeanne Crain and David Farrar as the suspect businessman who allegedly disappeared whilst diving off the African coast . These roles are well accompanied by other important secondaries giving enthusiast interpretations , such as : George Coulouris , Patrick Barr , Mary Merrall , Irene Handl, and , of course , the always sympathetic Wilfrid Hyde-White.

It contains Erwin Hillier's brilliant and elegant Technicolor camerawork , though including some stock shots of animals as Crocs and enormous lions, though a perfect remastering being extremely necessary . The motion picture produced by Associated British-Pathé was professionally directed by George Marshall , though with no originality . Marshall directed Western along half century , his first Western was ¨Wild gold¨(1934) and he subsequently made his masterpiece ¨Destry rides again¨(1939) in which combines action , charmingly natural story , humor and drama ; in 1951 directed a new version under title ¨ Frenchie ¨ with Eddie Murphy and Marie Blanchard in similar characters to James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich . As Marshall introduces comicalness in realist Western , including a little genre satire on the conventional Western thrown in for good measure . As he directed Western with funniness such as ¨Texas¨ also starred by Glenn Ford and Edgar Buchanan . He went on filming parody/western such as ¨Fancy pants¨(1950) , ¨Advance to the rear¨(1964), and musical Western as ¨Red Garters¨and ¨The second greatest sex¨. Others Western he directed are the following : ¨When Dalton rode¨, ¨Valley of the sun¨, ¨The savage¨, ¨Pillars of sky¨, ¨the guns of Fort Petticoat¨ and the episode titled ¨The railway¨ from ¨How the West was won¨. He also directed other genres as comedy with W.C. Fields in You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939) ; and helped Betty Hutton on her way to stardom with the biopics Incendiary Blonde (1945) and The perils of Paulina (1947); and directed Alan Ladd in the film noir classic The blue dahlia (1946). There was also a fruitful association with Bob Hope, beginning with The Ghost Breaker (1940), among others .

Law and Order

Decent Western with great main and support cast about a tough sheriff who attempts to keep peace and order
Frame Johnson (Ronald Reagan) is a marshal with a good will and integrity keeping steadily law and order . It takes place in 1882 , it is the story of Frame Johnson and the five days of fury when he stood alone against the last of the Southwest's renegade rule . But a sheriff's job is never done . Having cleaned up Tombstone , marshal Frame Johnson quits after an attempted lynching , and hopes to settle down on a ranch near Cottonwood with his fianceé Jeannie (Dorothy Malone) and to work as a cattleman . Before he can do so , it looks like he may have to clean up Cottonwood too . From Dodge City to Tombstone...His Guns Were The Only Law ¡ . A badge was his life... a saddle his home... and a six-gun his only friend!.He led Arizona's last great war on renegade rule! Haunted by a woman's scarlet lips! Hated by the brother who called him "coward"! Hunted by the man with the iron fist! But how great a sacrifice will he make for law and order? . They lived hard ... they fought hard ... they loved hard ... and they died hard !

This is the yarn of Frame Johnson , last of the great shooting marshals , in a similar story to Wyatt Earp himself , he even operates in Tombstone town along with his brothers by prohibiting wielding weapons . In fact , this one seems to be a rather free rendition of ¨My darling Clementine¨ taking similar characters playing here and there . Nice-looking but run-of-the-mill International Universal Picture Western , including some novelties , but also with usual elements , such as franctic action , thrills , crossfire , drama , romance and some spectacular action scenes . Along with an overwhelming as well as violent fight between Ronald Reagan and Preston Foster at a warehouse . A blending of functional main actors with great character players of whom Ronald Reagan holds the best role as a two-fisted sheriff . A warm and moving storyline and thanks to a personable and breathtaking action scenes makes an enjoyable movie , a real pleasure to listen to as well as watch . Being a vigorous western with nice performances from Reagan and Preston Foster who play the hero and the villian respectively . The future President USA gives a passable acting as the brave and valient hero who already cleaned up the famous Tombstone town and hopes to settle down near Cottonwood along with his girlfriend finely played by the beautiful Dorothy Malone. Reagan played all kinds of genres , Drama , Film Noir, Wartime , such as : ¨The killers¨ , ¨Hellcats of the Navy¨ , ¨This is the Army¨, ¨Desperate journey¨,¨The winning team¨ , ¨It's a great feeling¨ . And Westerns ,such as : ¨Tenesse's partner ¨, ¨Cattle Queen of Montana¨ , ¨Santa Fe trail¨ . His greatest hits were : ¨Santa Fe trail¨ , ¨Dark victory¨ and ¨King's row¨ . Over-the-top support cast , such as : Preston Foster , Alex Nicol , Ruth Hampton , Russell Johnson , Barry Kelley , Chubby Johnson , Jack Kelly , Wally Cassell and Dennis Weaver , the famous McCloud as a bad guy too .

It displays shining and glittering cinematography in gleaming Technicolor by director of photography by Clifford Stine . And stirring and atmospheric musical score by Universal regular : Herman Stein , Martin Rosen and Henry Mancini , though uncredited . The picture was effficiently produced but in medium budget by John W. Rogers. The motion picture was compellingly directed by Nathan Juran , containing some thrilling and nail-biting scenes . Juran was a good craftsman who made a lot of movies of all kinds of genres . Nathan Juran, who sometimes used pseudonym "Nathan Hertz" collaborated with Charles H. Schener in several films . Here Nathan directed it all in stylish Technicolor . Before entering the film industry as an art director in 1937 Nathan ¨Jerry¨Juran won an Academy Award for art direction on How Green Was My Valley (1941). World War II interrupted his film career, and he spent his war years with the OSS . Returning to Hollywood, he turned to directing films in the 1950s. He handled mostly low-budget westerns and sci-fi opuses, as ¨First man in the moon¨, ¨The brain from planet Arous¨, ¨The deadly Mantis¨ , ¨20 million miles to Earth¨ , ¨Jack the Giant Killer¨ , his most famous being ¨The attack of the 50 foot woman¨(1958) . He was also responsible for the superb fantasy adventure ¨The 7th voyage of Sinbad¨ (1958). Juran directed some Westerns starred by Audie Murphy such as ¨Drums Across the River¨, ¨Tumbleweed¨ , ¨Gunsmoke¨ and ¨Law and Order¨ with Ronald Reagan . In the early 1960s, he journeyed to Europe, where he spent several years piloting adventure epics and spaghetti westerns such as ¨Land raiders¨. Juran made sensational Sci-fi and fantastic movies , his main legacy , such us : ¨First men oh the moon¨, ¨The 7th voyage of Simbad¨ , ¨20 million miles to earth¨, ¨Jack the Giant Killer¨ and several others . Rating : 6/10, decent Western that will appeal to Ronald Reagan fans .

Massacro al Grande Canyon

Very average Spaguetti in American traditional Western style about a range war among ambitious land barons
Regular Pasta Western , this Massacro al Grande Canyon (1965) stars a fine cast as James Mitchum , George Ardisson, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Jill Powers, Eduardo Ciannelli and Andrea Giordana . This is a story of vengeance and love in which Wes Evans (James Mitchum) returns to his local town and becomes involved into a lot of problem . At the beginning he is already involved in a crossfire among rival factions : the Dancer , the Mason and Whitmore clans , the reason for some disputed lands . After a search for his dad's killers, he supports the local sheriff (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) to keep peace and order . While Wes attempts to make peace among old warring cattle barons trying to take over the whole land but then the son (Andrea Giordana) of a powerful owner (Eduardo Ciannelli) is taken as a hostage and another son (George Ardisson) seeks for revenge .

Italian made spaghetti that contains thrills , action , violence , lots of gratuitous gunplay and bloody conflicts. The picture with no much plot displays usual elements about land confrontation , following more the classical American wake than the recent Sergio Leone style that started in ¨Fistful of dollars¨ . There is action enough in the movie , guaranteeing shootouts and fights but it doesn't have a high body count , as there wasn't any one-sided slaughter, or massacre as the film title announces . This Spaghetti was filmed in 1964 , a notorious year in the development of European western that almost doubled since former year with movies mostly filmed in Spain and Italy . This is a thrilling western with breathtaking crossfire and showdown between the starring and his enemies along the rocky Croatian mountains and at the little town , they are the higlights of the movie and adding the moving ending in which the son -Andrea Giordana- of the wealthy owner is about to be hanged. James Mitchum provides an ordinary interpretation as the young gunslinger who goes back home only to find himself involved in a bloody land dispute. Like father like son : Robert/James Mitchum , as James gives a similar style of acting , as both of whom are often described as laid back , slow-talking and laconic actors . He's a spitting image of his dad , a real doppelganger , bearing remarkable resemblance -as physical as acting- to his famous father. Great to watch notorious secondaries from Spaghetti Western and other Italian genres as Giacomo Rossi Stuart , Andrea Giordana, Ferdinando Poggi , Benito Stefanelli and George Ardisson . And in a smaller part that you'd expected from his billing , the always excellent Eduardo Ciannelli ; in one of his last films . Atmospheric cinematography in EastmanColor by Enzo Barboni in scope, 35mm , shot on location , Grobnicko polje, Croatia and Trieste , Italy , though nor Almeria .

Sergio Corbucci direction - under pseudonym Stanley Corbett- is middling ; after that , he would make several Spaghetti classics : ¨The great silence¨, ¨Compañeros¨ and ¨the Mercenary¨ and other considerable Westerns : ¨Hellbenders¨, ¨Far west story¨ , ¨Johnny Oro¨ and ¨Navajo Joe¨. A veteran filmmaker, co-director Albert Band was one of Hollywood's most prolific directors who started his career in the early 50s. He began financing a number of motion pictures through the seventies and eighties and helped his son, Charles Band, bring together his own production company, 'Empire Pictures', in the early eighties. Upon the collapse of Empire Pictures in the early nineties, Band continued to work with his son and help bring a number of low-budget and medium budget films to the Hollywood screen and direct to video releases. Band directed some Western such as ¨She came to the Valley¨, ¨Massacre at Grand Canyon¨, ¨The Young Guns¨ and this ¨The Tramplers ¨ at his best ; furthermore , he made terror , action and of all kind of genres . Rating : 4.5/10 mediocre.

Black Magic

The real story of a famous magician, Cagliostro, and a twisted conspiracy to overthrow Queen Marie Antoniette of France
The mesmerit 18th century hypnotist magician Cagliostro, born Joseph Balsamo, is an enthusiast, all-round scoundrel, thunderous conjuror in his own right who uses his powers for vengeance against Louis XV's court . Dealing with his tempestous life and career and his real attempt to gain influence, clout, fame and fortune in Italy and France by using his weird and sinister talents. This is the tumultuous story of his imagination and fair-play for magic, the power of supertition and hypnosis. It begins when being a child he sees how his parents were wrongfully hanged and he himself mistreated, tortured by the orders of Viscount Montagne. He turns an embittered carnival charlatan who attracts the attention of Doctor Meisner, a pioneer of rare, dark sciences, the latter teaches him the art of hypnosis. Then Cagliostro seeks fame, fortune and revenge too, and eventually to find it , thanks to his skills in showmanship, deceiving and bizarre illusion . Conquering a lot of success across Europe by mixing mysticism with hypnotism and spectacle. Later on, the magician becomes involved in a complex plot to supply a double for Marie Antoniette : Nancy Guild in a dual role as Lorenza and as a woman who resembles the Queen . As he is called to cure a pretty girl who bears remarkable resemblance to future queen, wife of the heir of the throne of France Louis XVI , that's why they want to seize the power by discrediting her. As Marie Antoniette being accussed for corruption caused for the queen's collar issue , that was the reason for her subsequent beheading by guillotine during French Revolution . Along the way, Cagliostro is followed by his faithfully gypsy friend named Gitano : Akim Tamiroff and by Zoraida : Valentina Cortese, both of whom help him to getaway from his fateful misfortunes . The greatest cavalcade of intrigue, spectacle, adventure and excitement you'll ever see on the screen. It will hold you in its spell !

Handsome and interesting film providing historical remarks as well as intense drama, thrills, emotion and a spectacular final roof-top duel . The picture certainly has its own appropriate atmosphere and florid ambient, resulting to be an acceptable historic drama, but packing some flaws and gaps . Here Welles revels in the character of notorious eighteenth century Count Cagliostro, however, overacting encouraged by an over-riped personage and clambers all over and just about he spits out the pieces as well . Welles must have been greatly attracted to this role, in fact Orson was expert on playing strange, mysterious and better than life characters such as in Citizen Kane, Mr Arkadin, Moby Dick, Macbeth, Man for all seasons, The Third Man, Lady from Shanghai, King Saul, The stranger. The star co-directed uncredited this nice movie, though at times it shakes down to a rather amatheurish effort. He is well accompanied by the beautiful Nancy Guild who performed too few movies in spite of her extreme beauty , as well as an effective, fine support cast, such as : Margot Grahame as Madame Du Barry who was Louis XV's lover, Frank Latimore as Gilbert, the brave captain of king's guard, Akim Tamiroff, Valentina Cortese and Raymond Burr and Berry Kroger as Alexandre Dumas father and son. It contains atmospheric and adequate cinematography in black and white by Ubaldo Arata and Brizzi, being shot in Italy . As well as evocative musical score by Paul Sawtell. The motion picture was well directed by Gregory Ratooff and Orson Welles without credit . Rating 6/10. Decent and notable drama.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Mediocre and predictable follow-up in which John McClain has to fight some Russian nasties attempting to carry out dirty business
This ¨A Good Day to Die Hard¨ 2013 by John Moore displays a fine cast with Willis , Jai Courtney , Sebastian Koch , Cole Hauser , Mary Elizabeth Winstead , Aumary Nolasco . In Moscow, Viktor Chagarin, a high-ranking, corrupt, and psychopath Russian official schemes to incriminate previous billionaire and government whistle-blower Yuri Komarov (Sebastian Koch) by attempting to turn the tables in an imminent rigged trial unless Komarov hands over a secret file believed to contain evidence incriminating Chagarin . Separately, Jack McClane (Jai Courney) , who has been arrested after an assassination attempt, negotiates for a shorter sentence by offering to testify against Komarov. Meanwhile, Jack's father, NYPD Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) , has learned his son is in trouble, and , taken to the airport by his daughter Lucy McClane (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) , flies to Russia to help him . Being orchestrated by Chagarin's henchman , Alik, a twisted caper , occuring at the courthouse and then Jack breaks free with Komarov. Seeing his son , John supports him against attackers , but their fighting is cut short as Alik and his men pursue them in a US Cougar MRAP across the streets of Moscow . John, Jack, and Komarov arrange to getway and confronting sadistic , smoothie and ruthless henchmen . Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Russia . Like father. Like son. Like hell!

This following squeaked by on the same formula with John McClane saving the country from ominous and extremely dangerous contenders . At the beggining already happen noisy action when John arrives in Moscow and approaches the courthouse where Komarov is on trial , happening a bomb explosion, going on breathtaking car chases , destruction and chaos . McClane's gone , the famous Hollywood's action man in seeming vulnerable at the same time as being invincible . Thriller with frenetic action and unstoppable developing in fits and starts by the craftsman by John Moore . Gripping , moving action movie with the great Bruce Willis desperately trying to find the means avoid a world catastrophe , as well as save his son . This hi-tech , mindless, interesting and ingenious thriller film is packed with chills , suspense , tension and lots of interminable action . Again John McClane , officer of the NYPD and hero of the Nakatomi Hostage Crisis, attempts to avert a disaster , this time in Moscow , packing adrenalin-inducing action scenes staging the murderous mayhem and state-of-the-art violence . Once again he is in the wrong place at the wrong time , as John McClane and a his young son join forces to take down master terrorist and hoodlums in Russia , but the latter have only one little problem: John McClane (Bruce Willis).

This inferior sequel offering slam-bang entertainment also contains loads of thrills , explosions , twists , turns , supercharged action , moving pacing and lots of fun . So-so follow-up that continues in a similar style , humor and action . From start to finish the action-packed is unstopped , overwhelming and spectacular . Nail-biting screenplay that dispenses absurd excitement as well as amusement . Acceptable and big-budgeted thriller full of intrigue and tense , this is a fast-paced, stylized action-suspense film . The tension of this picture keeps snowballing as the clock ticks ever close for a groundbreaking as well as impressive final . As always , Bruce Willis is very fine as hilarious , sarcastic and intrepid retired cop . Yet again humble detective McClane stumbles into a terrorist plot and he must save the day single-handedly . His kind of self-referential irony stopping just short of full-blown saves the movie . There Willis plays a stranged daddy who has not been in touch with his son Jai Courney for several years . Here Willis transformed by his former experiences into a more traditional action Superman , it is left to his son play the two-fisted and tough part . Both of whom giving entertainment and providing good moments and incidental pleasure of watching two disparate roles . Apart from that , there is little originality or wit on offer , just the familiar escalation of car pursuits , crashes , destruction , blowing up and big bangs . They are well accompanied by fine secondary characters . As casting is frankly well , such as : Mary Elizabeth Winstead ,Yulia Snigir, Radivoje Bukvic , Cole Hauser , Amaury Nolasco. Adequate and thrilling musical score accompanying the action by Marco Beltrani. Atmospheric though dark photography by Jonathan Sela ; most of scenes were shot in Russia . Nice camera work , in fact cameraman seems he were born with a camera in one hand and a rocker launcher in the other . This motion picture was lavishly produced, and being professionally directed by John Moore, but it results to be inferior than other entries . However , the filmmaker fails to bring out the necessary tension betweem the terrorist team and the brave John McClain , but more than compensates in timing , utter volume and speed.

This¨Die Hard saga¨ is formed by the following ones : the original that was a masterpiece among blockbusters , ¨Die Hard¨ 1988 , by John MacTiernan with Willis , Alan Rickman , Alexander Godunov , Bonnie Bedelia as his wife . ¨Die Hard 2¨1990 by Renny Harlin with Willis , Bedelia , Franco Nero , William Sadler , John Amos . ¨Die Hard with a vengeance¨ 1995 by John MacTiernan with Willis , Samuel L. Jackon , Colleen Camp , Graham Greene . ¨Live Free or Die Hard¨ 2007 by Len Wiseman with Willis , Timothy Olyphant , Maggie Q , Kevin Smith , Cliff Curtis . And in production : ¨McClane ¨2019 by Len Wiseman .

Manolo, la nuit

Ordinary Spanish comedy with the great Alfredo Landa , creator of a hilarious sub-genre : Landismo
Amusing , routine and average comedy written by regular Vicente Coello and Mariano Ozores himself with top-notch actors , and being middlingly made by the prolific Mariano Ozores . This comedy tells the story of Manolo (Alfredo Landa) , he is employed in a tourism agency in the Costa del Sol , while making love gorgeous tourists and in the capital , his wife Susana (Maria José Alfonso) suffers at home in the city of Madrid . Manolo usually seduces beautiful foreign girls (Nadiuska, Carmen Platero : two regular ¨Destape¨ actresses) who are on holidays in Spain . Advised by her sister Martina (Josele Román) and brother-in-law (José Sacristan) Susana schemes a twisted vengeance by simulating pregnancy . At first, Manolo is very lucky to have a baby . However, soon he realizes that he cannot be the father since he was not in the city at the time of conception ; along the way , he attempts to enjoy Madrid life style but his girlfriends from Costa Del Sol come to Madrid and things go wrong . Then , Manolo becomes involved into twisted and disconcerting incidents.

Fun and silly Spanish comedy whose main premise is simple and plain , being plenty of disconcertingly executed gags involving the botcher but philander Manolo , it should lure buffs of absurd comedy . The idiotic script is full of messes and mayhem , but being funny . You may find it so very dated and corny. The script keeps in the sillines flowing , being an unlikely and run-of-the-mill parody with no much sense . But never mind the old fashioned it may look , just watch it, considering this is a Spaniard comedy with its standard humor . It has absurd incidents , and lots of silly laughs , too ; including amusing and bewildering happenings . May be it is difficult for a non-Spanish to understand this kind of humour - as it's hard for a Spaniard to understand Mr. Bean's humour, but for those who have loved Torrente, and who know a little bit about life in Spain in late 60's and 70's , as well as the tourism impact , all of them may find this satiric glimpse at their uses very entertaining and partially realistic , in spite of the ridiculous happenings . Alfredo Landa's performance is nice and fair as a married seducer who enjoys the foreign babes . May be he was not the actor to play Shakespeare , but it seems this character was made for him. Landa (3 March 1933 - 9 May 2013) was a great Spanish actor. He was born in Pamplona (Navarre), Spain. He finished his pre-university studies in San Sebastián. He then began university studies on Law, where he began to work with university school groups. He left university to work in the theater.After working as a dubbing actor for a short time in the 1950s, he debuted with his first considerable role in film in José María Forqué's Atraco a las tres in 1962. Other essentila roles were in : Forty Degrees in the Shade by Mariano Ozores , Un diablo bajo la almohada by José María Forqué , Los subdesarrollados by Fernando Merino , Los que tocan el piano by Javier Aguirre , No somos de piedra Manuel Summers , La dinamita está servida by Fernando Merino , Tío ¿de verdad vienen de París? Mariano Ozores , Esclava te doy by Eugenio Martín , Mayordomo para todo : Mariano Ozores , Alcalde por elección : Mariano Ozores , El puente : Juan Antonio Bardem , Borrasca : Miguel Ángel Rivas , Historia de S. : Francisco Lara Polop , El rediezcubrimiento de México : Fernando Cortés . When Francisco Franco died in 1975, censorship began to disappear. This led to a growth of erotic comedies on Spanish cinema. Landa became the "sexually repressed" role of that trend, especially under directors Mariano Ozores and Pedro Lazaga. He even created his own trend, that some people called landismo . Afterwards, Landa changed his image, taking much deeper roles, like his bandit in El Bosque animado .And with filmmaker Jose Luis Garci : Las verdes praderas , began a new important period with hits as Crack I and Crack II . Landa, along with Francisco Rabal, won Best Actor award at 1984 Cannes Film Festival for his memorable performance in Los santos inocentes. He is now widely recognized as a great dramatic actor.After a career with more than one hundred and twenty movies, one dozen of television series, and several stage successes, with a great amount of Spanish and European awards, 74-year-old Landa announced his retirement at the X Festival de Cine de Málaga (10th Movie Festival of Málaga) while receiving a new award until his deat at 2013 . Alfredo Landa is well supported by a good and familiar cast , such as : Josele Román who was Winner Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle to Best Female Star , María José Alfonso, Juanjo Menendez , José Sacristán , Ricardo Merino , Nadiuska , Carmen Platero , Alberto Fernández , and , of course , Rafaela Aparicio playing her usual role as a servant . And especial mention for Antonio Ozores giving the most sympathetic and hilarious acting .

It contains an atmospheric cinematography by Manuel Rojas . Being shot on location in Torremolinos, Málaga, Andalucía, and Madrid. And evocative musical score by usual Antón Garcia Abril in his ordinary style of the 60s and 7os . This passable picture with some amusing moments , being professional but regularly made by Mariano Ozores in his usual style , getting big success in the Spanish box office and he made several flicks in similar wake . Mariano's family origin is into show business , being son of Mariano Ozores Sr and brother of José Luis Ozores and Antonio Ozores . Furthermore , uncle of Emma Ozores and Adriana Ozores . Mariano is a craftsman filmmaker and writer , in fact he wrote the fun screenplay , he recently won a Goya Award (2016) to his long and fruitful career . The latter made with these two famous comedians , -Fernando Esteso and Andres Pajares- several films , as they had various years partnership between the two leads , such as ¨Agitese Antes Usarla¨ , ¨Al Este Del Oeste¨, ¨Los Liantes¨, ¨Los Energeticos¨, ¨La Lola Lleva Al Huerto¨ , ¨El Currante¨ , ¨El Hijo Del Cura¨...these films are filled with humor that still holds up , especially for those not easily offended ; being sometimes cheesy and gross-out with numerous naughty and picaresque situations such as sex jokes , adulteries , crazy events , nudism , absurd situations , jealousy , and erotic scenes. His most successful films were the following ones : The Dancer and the Worker (1936) ,Desert Warrior (1957) , Night and Dawn (1958) , The Daughters of Helena (1963) , Forty Degrees in the Shade (1967) , Operation Mata Hari (1968) , La descarriada (1973). Rating Manolo la nuit : 5/10 . So-so , but passable and acceptable .

El amor brujo

Sensitive and tragic love story , stunningly danced , concerning a woman is cursed by a bewitched love
This is the story of an Andalusian gypsy woman called Candela (La Polaca) living in Cadiz . It regards a haunted young girl being mysteriously harassed by his ex-lover and every night she goes to the place where his old lover died to dance with his ghost . It starts with a bloody confrontation between a violent man and a passionate gypsy , both of whom are dueling for the heart of the pretty young girl . As Diego Sánchez (Rafael de Córdoba) has dead in a razor fighting , although Candela affection goes on . The Diego's ghost is still obsessed with Candela's soul . After Diego's death at the hands of a contender falling by a cliff , but he continues to haunt Candela . Candela finally comes to realise that her ex-lover was unfaithful to her , and lives still . Thing go wrong when a fortune teller reads her the game cards and predicts tragic misfortunes . Meanwhile , a new suitor named Antonio (Antonio Gades ) ,falls really for Candela.

It is fundamentally a tragic melodrama with ballet scenes , that's why it is musically riveting , it is almost, also , perfect and laced with glimmer photography , particularly shown on the spectacular and sensitive dancing set pieces . It was a big success and nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film , but lost to ¨Jiri Menzel's Closely Observed Trains¨. However, it won the "National Syndicate of Spectacle, Spain" award . This is the quintaessential Dance film features brilliant and frenetic choreography and embellished thanks to its chromatic aesthetic and a high-caliber Flamenco score , adding sensual re-creations of love , passion , betrayal , and jealousy . Freely based on ¨El amor brujo¨ , as the film filled out the story with spoken dialogue , but nevertheless used the entire score of the ballet , along with additional songs and dances performed by characters in the film. El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician, literally, Spell-bound Love or The Bewitched Love, sometimes translated as Wedded by Witchcraft) is a ballet composed in 1914-15 by Manuel de Falla to a libretto by Gregorio Martínez Sierra . In 1916, Falla arranged a rendition of the work for sextet and small orchestra and the following year he made a concert version, also for small orchestra . Later, he fashioned a piano suite from it and finally , a second ballet version (1925) that features expanded orchestration, elimination of the narration, small cuts and plot changes, and a different order to the numbers . The work is distinctively Andalusian in character with the songs in the Andalusian Spanish dialect of the Gypsies. The music contains moments of remarkable beauty and originality ; it includes the celebrated "Danza ritual del fuego" (Ritual Fire Dance), "Canción del fuego fatuo" (Song of Wildfire), and the "Danza del terror" (Dance of Terror) . As the entire location knows about the haunting , but still brands Candela as crazy because she dances every night with her husband's ghost ("Danza del terror") . Candela, now a widow, is free to establish a relationship with Carmelo, but continues to be haunted by her husband's ghost . As Candela gets advice that a ritual dance is necessary to cast the ghost off ("Danza ritual del fuego"), but it does not work . The great trio starring formed by three spendid dancers : Antonio Gades , La Polaca, Rafael de Córdoba are well accompanied by a fine support cast , such as : Nuria Torray , Morucha , José Manuel Martín , Fernando Sánchez Polack and the famous cantaor and guitarrist Camarón de la Isla .

Special mention for the colorful cinematography by Francisco Marín and Gábor Pogány in Eastmancolor set on an elaborate on shanty locations- at gypsy slums , roofs and beaches- in which a lot of dancers dancing splendidly . This 1967 film was well directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta winning several nominations and awards as Academy Awards, USA 1968 Nominee Oscar Best Foreign Language Film ; Moscow International Film Festival 1967 Nominee Grand Prix : Francisco Rovira Beleta ; National Syndicate of Spectacle, Spain 1967 Winner Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle Best Film Rank: 1st place ; Premios ACE 1973 Winner Premio ACE Cinema - Best Actress La Polaca. Other film version are as follows : 1949 by Antonio Roman with Miguel Albaicín , Elena Barrios , Manuel Dicenta ,Emilia Escudero , Ana Esmeralda , Pastora Imperio, José María Martín , Arturo Marín . And the best rendition 1976 by Carlos Saura with Laura del Sol , Emma Penella , Cristina Hoyos , faithfully based on the ballet , starring and choreographed by Antonio Gades. It was the third in his trilogy of dance films, following Bodas de sangre (Blood Wedding) and Carmen.

Luna de miel

Gorgeous British/Spanish co-production in brilliant Technicolor/Techniscope photography with wonderful dances and songs
Enjoyable film very moving in its style with a superb Flamenco soundtrack and unique photography style . This is a ¨Road movie¨ in which the starring couple travel through several Spanish locations , showing a real sightseeing of the marvellous cities and villages . It deals with Australian Kit Kelly (Anthony Steel) and his new bride Anna (Ludmilla Tchérina) are driving through Galicia , Spain , when they help Antonio who was abandoned by a friend and while he is dancing down the road to Sarasate's "Zapateado" rythm . They then discover he is a famous Spanish dancer , and subsequently Antonio learning that Anna was a ballerina earlier she wedded , and Antonio attempts to persuade her to join his company . Along the way they travelogue across a number of Spanish towns as Santiago De Compostela , Madrid , Teruel , Toledo , Cordoba , Granada , among others . Finally , they meet again when he is representing ¨Amantes de Teruel¨dance spectacle . Here is the color and excitement of Spain...alive with the frenzy of the flamenco and the fires of a chaming love !

Quintaessential Dance film features brilliant and frenetic choreography and embellished thanks to its chromatic aesthetic and a high-caliber Flamenco score , adding sensual re-creations of love , passion , betrayal , and jealousy . The dazzling and devastating dancing set new standards for this splendid musical film in this wildly successful and classical musical of the late Fifities . It is essentially a ballet , that's why it is musically riveting , it is almost, also, perfect and laced with glimmer photography , particularly shown on the spectacular Alhambra De Granada when Ludmilla Tchérina and Antonio dance a sensitive dancing set piece . The glamorous representation: Manuel Falla's "El Amor Brujo¨ or ¨Bewitched Love¨ is the highlighting of the movie , including glorious acting of Léonide Massine and Antonio , it concerns a woman is cursed by a bewitched love and every night she goes to the place where his old lover died to dance with his ghost . This story based on the ancient tradition of promising children to marry each other has love, passion, betrayal, death, lust and redemption . Set on an elaborate stage representation of an Andalusian shanty location- at gypsy caves- in which a lot of dancers dancing splendidly . It is also enhanced by additional songs in the Andalusian style performed by some characters in the movie . Atractive soundtrack conducting Sir Thomas Beecham and Mikis Theodorakis's theme song , Honeymoon , in the film sung by Marino Marine was a classic music , in Spanish as : ¨Nunca sabré¨ sung by notorious singers as Gloria Lasso , Karina , Paloma San Basilio , Albert Hammond and was covered by The Beatles in 1963 as part of their "Pop Go The Beatles" series for BBC radio . Being well starred by Ludmilla Tchérina who formerly performed classic musicals : Red Shoes , The Tales of Hoffmann and in Spain also acted in Parsifal , while the seducer wooden Anthony Steel is miscast . And standing out the fabulous dancer Antonio considered to be one of the greatest Flamenco dancers of all time.

Special mention for the colorful cinematography by George Perinal in CinemaScope , Technicolor , Techniscope . The motion picture financed by powerful producer Cesáreo González and Michael Powell himself , being written by the prestigious Luis Escobar and compellingly made by Michel Powell , and it obtained some prizes as Cannes Film Festival 1959 Winner Technical Grand Prize and Nominee Palme d'Or : Michael Powell. This was one of the best British filmmakers , Michael started working at various jobs in the English studios of Denham and Pinewood on a series of quota quickies . Later on , he made all kinds of genres with penchant for Dramas , Musical and WWII films . As he directed : The tales of Hoffman , The red shoes , The elusive Pimpernel , Pursuit of Graf Spee , The small black room , Black narcisus , Contraband , The thief of Bagdad , Edge of the world , I know where I am going , Night ambush , The lion has wings , Spy in black , The forty-ninth parallel , One of our aircrafts is missing, Life and death of Colonel Blimp , Canterbury tale . Many of them are considered masterpieces, and being produced under banner his production company : The Archers , along with Emeric Pressburger . Powell was rediscovered in the late 1960s and early 70s by Martín Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola . In fact , Powell worked as Senior in Coppola's Zoetrope Studios and he married Scorsese's longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker. He died of cancer in 1990 . Rating : 8.5/10 . This riveting movie is especially appointed to serious people and fonds about music, dance, and romance , this shouldn't be missed.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

This atypical and artsy Hammer movie results to be an atmospheric and entertaining fantasy chiller
This agreeable terror/adventure movie dals with Captain Kronos : Hort Janson, he is a tough predator of ominous foes , as he tracks down , hunts and confronts by fencing bloodthirsty enemies, and , finally, a family of vampires in this thrilling Hammer horror hybrid . Along the way captain Kronos faces off a nasty contender : Ian Hendry and saves as well as falls in love for a beautiful country girl in distress : Caroline Munro. And, eventualy, fights horrifying and dark forces. Evil Ends Here. A blood lust for eternal youth!.The Only Man Alive. Feared by the Walking Dead!

This chiller is originally mounted with nice photography by Ian Wilson, as well as lively musical score by Laurie Johnson, displaying an attractive plot with a peculiar protagonist , a sort of gothic superhero who stalks and is stalked by his preys. Being well written and filmed with tongue firmly in cheek by Brian Clemens who on this occasion sat in the filmmaker's chair as well, resulting in a mixed bag containing adventures, swashbuckling, terrifying scenes and spectacular fencing. Stars Horst Janson is pretty well as the vampire hunter who will stop at nothing to get his main goal : to hunt and kill bloodsuckers. And there are fine and fetching roles for John Cater as his hunchback helper, John Carson as a doctor, the feared young Shane Briant, Lois Daine as his mysterious sister , Wanda Wentham as an old vampyr woman and the always gorgeous Caroline Munro.

This enjoyable motion picture that isn't at all typical of Hammer's output comes from the fertile brain of Brian Clemens who directed as well, being his only one. He developed a long career with Albert Fennell at times, and mostly in television, as he penned many TV episodes from known series as Avengers, Bugs, Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock presents, Remington Steele, The champions, Danger man, The expert, Tension, My wife next door, Darkroom, Suspicion, The protectors, Quiller, The man of the clown, Wideworld of mysteries, The Baron, CSI the new professionals. And occassionaly for cinema as Highlanders II, Highway to battle, Trasatlantic. Rating : 6.5/10. Decent Hammer horror. Better than average .


Adventure/vengeance movie dealing with the Mau Mau violent rebellion in Kenya , well set in the Fifties
Wealthy eccentric Sir Vincent Brampton (Roland Culver) , his fiancée Linda Latham and her brother (John Justin) hire the very expert professional hunter Ken Duffield (Victor Mature) . As he agrees to take Sir Vincent Brampton and his young sweetheart Linda Latham (Janet Leigh) on a safari. However , Duffield is actually looking for the murderers of his son who was killed by Kenyan Mau Mau rebels and one in particular , Jeroge , who used to work for him . But then things go wrong , as Vincent is really jealous to the growing affection between Duffield and his girlfriend Linda . Murderous Mau-Mau! Maddened Beasts! Mighty Jungle Love! Filmed Under Military Protectioin Africa's Mau-Mau Country! Love in an Inferno .This is the real Mau-Mau Story! Today's reign of TERROR filmed in Africa! Their love defied primitive jungle laws! White Heat Explodes in Green Hell!

A moving drama/adventure movie with nice mood , it is a rich , robust and colorful picture , a hell-for-leather stuff . However , being full of transparency with the animals out acting the cast . One of several lively , all-action , color de luxe adventures produced by Britain's Warwick films , in this production company usually played Robert Taylor and Victor Mature as stars in the late Fiifties . The plot is simple and light , wealthy hunters hire Mature to lead them on a jungle hunt : an enormous lion , while Victor seeking for vengeance and they continue up country closer and closer to rebel territory, they both get closer to achieving their aims . It also depicts Mau Mau terror , as the tension , intrigue and suspense mantain a real grip across . Along the way , the film reflects the way in which Mau Mau divided two communities , both African and British . In "Safari" anyway , neither White Men , nor African people are necessarily the heroes , but both of them share the guilt of the distresses . In fact, the attitude of the colonials and the Africans are both very partially portrayed , the reason for ¨Safari¨ is more an adventure/thriller movie than a historical film . There are other films about ¨Mau Mau¨ , such as ¨Something of value¨(1957) by Richard Brooks ,with Rock Hudson , Sidney Poitier , William Marshall , this is by far the best film about the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya along with ¨Simba¨by Brian Desmond Hurst with Dick Bogarde , Donald Sinden , Virginia McKenna , this was British forerunner of Richard Brook's work . The usually wooden Mature plays an obstinate hunter whose real goal is to locate the Mau Mau to exact a relentless vendetta . Mature became one of Hollywood's busiest and most popular actors after the war, though rarely was he given the critical respect he often deserved. His roles in John Ford's My darling Clementine (1946) and in Henry Hathaway's Kiss of the death (1947) were among his finest work, though he moved more and more frequently into more exotic roles in films like Samson y Delilah (1949) and Sinuhe, the Egyptian (1954). Never an energetic actor nor one of great artistic pretensions, he nevertheless continued as a Hollywood stalwart both in programme and in more prominent films like The Robe (1953). More interested in golf than acting, his appearances diminished through the 1960s, but he made a stunning comeback of sorts in a hilarious romp as a very Victor Mature-like actor in Neil Simon's Zorro (1966). He eventually took over his activities and, after a cameo as Samson's father in a TV remake of his own "Samson and Delilah" (Sansón y Dalila (1984) , he retired for good . He is well accompanied by the gorgeous Janet Leigh and excellent support cast such as : Roland Culver as a wealthy man whose only obsession: to shoot a famed lion that no one else has yet managed to track down and John Justin as the faithful brother . The ambient of the country at the time is pretty well shown accompanied by an atmospheric and brilliant cinematography by John Wilcox , as well as thrilling musical score by William Alwyn . Being shot on location in Nairobi National Park, and Nairobi , Kenya . Being produced by the notorious producers Irving Allen and the famous Albert R Broccoli who subsequently to finance the successful James Bond series . The motion picture was decently directed by Terence Young .

Based on historical events as the Mau Mau Uprising (1952-1960), also known as the Mau Mau Rebellion, the Kenya Emergency, and the Mau Mau Revolt, was a war in the British Kenya Colony (1920-1963) between the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA), also known as Mau Mau, and the British authorities. Executing indiscriminate killings of women, children, and those who will not join or agree with them . Dominated by the Kikuyu people, Meru people and Embu people, the KLFA also comprised units of Kamba and Maasai peoples who fought against the white European colonist-settlers in Kenya, the British Army, and the local Kenya Regiment (British colonists, local auxiliary militia, and pro-British Kikuyu people).The capture of rebel leader Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi on 21 October 1956 signed the defeat of the Mau Mau.

Carnival of Souls

The only survivor when a car plunges into a river becomes involved in creepy and eerie events
Mary Henry is enjoying the day by riding around in a car with her friends . When challenged to a drag , the women accept , but all of them are forced off of a bridge and taking a wrong turn into river . Unfortunately , it appears that all are drowned , until Mary , quite some time later , amazingly emerges from the river . As Mary , mysteriously unscathed , emerges on to a sandbank like a sudden sleepwalker . From this moment on, Mary has nightmares and daydreams . After partially recovering , she continues en route to Utah ; shortly afterwards , she rents room and takes up a job as a church organist , only to be dogged by a mysterious phantom figure that seems to reside in an old run-down pavilion . And other weird episodes during which the frightened Mary seems to become invisible and inaudible to those around her and exacerbating her feeling that she has not place in this world . What is happening with the zombie apperance ?. Enter at your own risk! . Enter... if you dare. She Escaped Deathb. Now It Wants Her Back! She Was A Stranger Among The Living. Is there death after life? A story so unusual it will burn itself into your mind . A weird tale of the unnatural . A picture that will haunt you.

A psychological horror film with minimum or zero budget and enjoyable compositions , in which our starring must contend the personal demons of her spiritual insouciance . A simple and plain plot about a beautiful girl who after a traumatic accident accepts a job in a new town as a church organist , and is subsequently frightened by a ghostly apparition and becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival . Spooky and creepy frames when a white-faced man whose repeated apperances seem mysteriously connected with an old pavilion . Cult-followed mysterious movie has young Candace Hilligoss escaping from a spooky ghost and shortly after she keeps running into dancing with strange intervention by dancing dead people , all of them well directed by Herk Harvey . However , so does some of the exaggerated performance , which suffers from excessive facial expressions and bizarre gesturing . And the next , dances of the discordant carnival music prelude the subsequent work of George A. Romero and David Lynch that come constantly to mind .

It contains a striking cinematography in black and white , including sinister atmosphere , that's why it has the feel of a silent German Expressionist film . The motion picture whose original theatrical release was in 1962 and being compellingly directed Herk Harvey in his only one . It was a box office failure ; however , subsequent airings on late-night television and private channels helped it gain it a strong cult following . ¨Carnival of souls¨ is , nowadays , largely regarded as a landmark in psychological horror . Harvey broke into the film business as an actor in some of the movies being made by Centron Corporation of Lawrence , Kansas , an educational and industrial film production company for which he subsequently went to work as a director . In 1961 he took a working vacation from Centron to try his hand at feature filmmaking, producing, directing and co-starring in this creepy horror film Carnival of souls (1962) , shot in Kansas and Utah . And he also directed over 400 educational, industrial and documentary films . There is also an inferior remake made in 1998 by Adam Grossman with Bobbie Phillips , Shawnee Smith , Larry Miller , Paul Johansson and Cleavant Derricks.

Halls of Montezuma

Guts-or-glory , jingoist WWII movie depicts the Marines fighting the Japanese at a Pacific island
The interesting and uncharacteristic film is a gripping war story from Lewis Milestone in that's all patriotic and all flag-waving with valiant US soldiers facing on Japanese enemy in the Pacific Basin . The Marines assault a strongly held enemy island in the Pacific to track down a Japanese rocket base . We follow them from the beach to a Japanese rocket site throughout enemy infested jungle , being commanded Lt. Anderson , an ex-school teacher (Richard Widmark) along with his old pupil Conroy (Richard Hylton) and other Privates as Coffman (Robert Wagner) , Pretty Boy (Skip Homeier) , Whitney (Martin Milner) , Slattery (Bert Freed) ; furtermore , a Sgt. called Zelenko (Neville Brand) , Sgt. Johnson (Reginald Gardiner) , Doc (Karl Malden) and a War Correspondent named Dickerman (Jack Webb) . Along the way , all of them are transformed into battle veterans.

This thrilling , large WWII yarn capably put together by a good filmmaker , concerns a company of Marines led by a two-fisted Lieutenant whose squad becomes a tight fighting unit , while races against the clock by hunt down a Japanese rocket base . Being a fast-moving , rather thoughtful little film about battles between Marines and Japanese and their strong resistance to the invasion , though some feats are hard to believe . It is all plenty with glory-glory , propaganda and martial music in the background , being compellingly made by the same man who 21 years earlier directed the landmark anti-war film ¨All quiet on the Western Front¨. This unnerving epic depicts the war horror , including atrocities by both sides while happen attacks during the invasion . Thought-provoking screenplay , including dramatic scenes in overall effects , also has moments of astounding power with some overwhelming war images . It is competently acted by a strong cast which plus stars Richard Widmark , there are Karl Malden , Skip Homeier , Robert Wagner and Jack Palance . In addition , Richard Boone as tough Lt. Col. Gilfillan , Reginald Gardner in a rare dramatic character and Jack Webb as a war correspondent.

The motion picture was well and powerfully directed by Lewis Milestone, who cut in actual combat footage along with the mock-up set-pieces filmed in the United States at Camp Pendleton . Lewis was born in the Ukraine , but emigrated to America at 18 and he served in WWI . He often made chronicles of wartime conflicts and persisted in showing horror war from the point of view of the ordinary soldier , providing a grimmer stuff as well as quieter moments . As he showed WWI (All quiet on the western front) , WWII (A walk in the sun , Purple heart , Halls of Motzuma , Edge and darkness) and Korean war (Pork Chop Hill) ; and directed several other excellent movies in different fields , drama (Of mice and men , Strange love of Martha Ivers) , adventures (Mutiny on the Bounty) and heist-comedy (Ocean's eleven) , among others . Rating : Better than average , 7/10 . Well worth watching .

The Great Sioux Massacre

This cavalry Western concerns the heroic confrontation between Sioux chief and US cavalry , including battle of Little Big Horn
This routine Western deals with an officer called Benton and his relationships with Custer who is ousted from his command in the Far West and forced into retirement . But Custer's political motivation changed him and fueled by ambition when a senator convinces him to run for US president . Along the way Captain Benton (Darren McGavin) clashes Colonel Custer and he's degraded , being court-martialed , while he escapes and attempts to prevent the bloodshed . After that , Custer decides to upstage the recommendations of Major Reno (Joseph Cotten) and Captain Benton (Darren McGavin) at Little Big Horn . Crazy Horse (Iron Heyes Cody) and Chief Sitting Bull (Michael Pate) of the Sioux tribe are forced by the Indian-hating General Custer to react with violence , resulting in the known Last Stand at Little Bighorn . Blood-Vengeance Clashed With Custer's Cavalry! "Little Big Horn"...The Blood-Red River...When Indian Arrows Met Cavalry Rifles in Custer's Famous Last Stand!Custer's Last Stand...The One Battle No Indian Warrior or Cavalry Hero Could Ever Forget!

This exciting but mediocre movie contains western action , romance , shoot-outs and spectacular battles . Resulting to be an average look at what occurred to George Amstrong Custer during the 1870s ; at the beginning he was an outspoken believer in fair treatment for the Indians , and , subsequently , he'll cruelly command his troops at the Battle of Little Big Horn . The picture gives a brief portrayal of General Custer from a defender of Native-American rights and a real fighter against Administration corruption , even denouncing to President's brother , to an ambitious figure , politically-driven and headlines-seeker . Furthermore , describing an Indian reservation where the starving natives are mistreated and suffering extreme famine ; they , then , violently rebel against government resulting in fateful consequences . This film contains stock-shots taken from Sitting Bull (1954) sharing a similar plot and director himself . The yarn was shot outside of Mexico City and in the Churubusco Azteca studios . Washed-out print , the film needs urgently a perfect remastering . It appears as a technical adviser and designer Indian costumes , a secondary actor named Iron Eyes Cody , usual player as Indian roles (Sitting Bull , Great Sioux Massacre , A man called Horse) , though with Sicilian origin . The motion picture was regularly directed by Sidney Salkow. He was a craftsman who had already filmed other Westerns . He realized all kind of genres such as routine westerns (Sitting Bull , The great Sioux massacre , Pathfinder) , Adventures (Prince of Pirates , Sword of the avenger) , war films , Sci-Fi (The last man on Earth) , Terror (Twice-told tales) and melodramas (City without men) . Salkow first worked for Republic, after joining Universal . At Columbia , he handled , among other assignments, four installments of the popular Lone Wolf series . After 1953, Salkow was primarily active as director of episodic television . Rating : 4.5/10 middling and regular Western.

The film is a fiction , but partially based on real events . The reality happened in December 1873 when the Commissioner of Indian Affairs directed all Sioux bands to enter reservations by the end of January 1876 or be declared hostile . There then shows up Sitting Bull , celebrated chief and mystic of the Hunkpapa Sioux . Many bands of Sioux did not meet this deadline and were attacked by US troops . Crazy Horse and his Oglala people moved north to join forces with Sitting Bull , by the spring of 1876 some 3000 Teton Sioux and Northern Cheyenne warriors had assembled at Sitting Bull's camp in the valley of the Little Big Horn in Montana. On 25 June 1876 Crazy Horse and other war chiefs led the allied warriors against General Custer and his seventh Cavalry , Custer and all the man under his direct command were killed . This victory , however , brought relentless retaliation from the army and Sioux were scattered . Sitting Bull and his followers fled to Canada and stayed there until July 1881 , when he returned to the US and surrendered at Fort Buford , Montana . After he was placed on a South Dakota reservation . For a year Sitting Bull went a tour with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show . He continued to regard himself as chief of his people and he earned the enmity of an Indian agent . On 25 December 1890 , Indian policemen went to take the chief , his followers tried to prevent this and in the struggle he was shot dead .

Miamor perdido

Romantic and amusing Spanish comedy in which two good and sympathetic actors , Rovira and Jenner , become involved into improbable situations .
Fun romantic Dramedy (comedy/drama) with touches of profanity and full of entertainment , humor and sheer amusement . This enticing comedy contains emotion , mirth , and lots of jokes and laughs . The main premise is the following : Mario (Dani Rovira) and Olivia (Michelle Jenner) are two youngsters living in Madrid , he is a stand-up comedy actor (monologo actor in Spanish) and she a stage actress and writer , both of whom have had previous and failed love relationships , and one day they fall madly in love . One afternoon, deeming that every relationship ends , they end up breaking up , that's why the war has already started . As our two protagonists get mixed up in all kinds of absurd , hilarious and even romantic incidents during the tumultuous separation . Along the way , Miamor, the street cat adopted by both and who only attends if they call him "Miamor" and speak to him in Valencian, getaways and disappears , like the love that united them . For a time Olivia will give him for dead, love and the cat, while Mario keeps him alive in secret. Like Schrodingüer's cat , one day when she seems to have ultimately risen as a theatre actress , the lost cat shows up , as well as the love between Mario and Oliva that still breathes , everything can be worthwhile .

Entertaining romantic comedy with fine actors , adequate cinematography , sensitive score and professional direction . This attractive comedy contains emotion , humor , brief drama and bemusement . The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable, with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few embarrassing . The flick relies heavily on the continued relationship between two starring , about their breaking up and loving relation again and so on ; but it doesn't make boring but entertaining . As the plot develops when Olivia feels victimized by a deception and decides to declare to Mario the war , though the love between the two remains alive and dead at the same time . However , the romantic issue of the protagonists is so repetitive and the most part results to be rich in absurdities and implausibilities . Funny comedy and its success on the Big screen owes much to the Smallscreen with usual television actors , including romantic touches here and there and in which humor and entertainment are well guaranteed . The picture attempts to spread optimism about the events of life , culture , differences and love , including its amusing sides . Witty and agreeable screenplay from Miguel Esteban and Clara Martínez-Lázaro. The roles in this film are all lovable despite being rather pathetic and silly , being well played by Dani Rovira and Michelle Jenner . They are finely accompanied by a good support cast such as : Antonio Dechent , Vito Sanz , María Hinojosa , Will Shephard , Pablo Carbonell , Antonio Resines , Maite Sandoval and brief appearance by Javivi as a veterinarian

Lively and catching musical score by Roque Baños , including charming song : Miamor perdido composed by Roque Baños himself , written by Tessy Díez , performed by Michelle Jenner and Dani Rovira. As well as colorful and brilliant cinematography by Juan Molina . The motion picture was well directed by Emilio Martínez Lázaro, though is inferior than his precedent films and obtained limited success at Spanish Boxoffice . Emilio was born in 1945 in Madrid , location in which he often shoots his films . He is a Spanish prestigious cinema director . Emilio is a director and writer, a good filmmaker expert on comedies as he has proved in : Los Peores Años de Nuestra Vida (1994) , El Juego Más Divertido (1998) and Amo Tu Cama Rica (1992) , drama : Las 13 Rosas (2007) La Voz De Su Amo (2001) , Musical as : Al Otro Lado De La Cama (2002) , Los Dos Lados de La Cama (2005) . Being especially known for ¨ 8 Apellidos Vascos¨ considered to be the biggest box office in Spanish cinema and the sequel ¨8 Apellidos Catalanes¨ . Rating : 5.5/10 .

The Pearl of Death

This time intelligent detective Holmes and his sympathetic pal Watson face off a criminal master , a cunning woman and a mountain man
This is a Rathbone-Bruce effort set in London , an enjoyable Sherlock entry , in which Holmes is called to carry out a mysterious assignment about a robbed pearl from an astute thief . First-rate and intriguing Holmes movie with adequate setting , including two exceptional villains , one man (Miles Mander) and one woman (Evelyn Ankers) . Sherlock Holmes (Rathbone) and Watson (Bruce) , the detecting duo living in 223 Baker Street , again are up against an ominous , threatening contenders and along the way they promise to help the baffled Inspector Lestrade (Dennis Hoey) to solve a confused as well as twisted case in any way they can . At the beginning Holmes recovers the famous Borgia pearl from shipboard thieves . Later on , Holmes is visiting the museum where it goes on display , there Sherlock shows the curator how easily the pearl could be robbed by simply cutting the electrical wires . During that demonstration, Giles Conover (Miles Mander) , a well-known robber , snatches the pearl and runs off . He's soon trapped but the pearl is nowhere to be found . Soon after , to be aware of a series of ruthless crimes that seemed to have been commited by a giant man mountain known only as the Creeper (Rondo Hatton) . THE SECRET OF THE GEM OF DOOM! .The master minds tackle the master crimes!.Marked... for sudden and violent Death! A Girl risked everything for it! 20 men lost their lives for it! Who was the Creeper?The master minds of mystery ¡ From Conan Doyle's gripping books! From your favorite radio mystery! THE MASTER MINDS OF MYSTERY...leap to life to challenge the menace of modern crime!

It concerns the usual battle Holmes vs. a malevolent enemy and along the way Sherlock must solve killings and some vitally important .The movie is an excellent Holmes thriller with gripping setting , unanswered mysteries and unstopped suspense in which Holmes has to help a hard case . The plot of the picture is freely based on story " Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes story : The Adventure of the Six Napoleons¨ . In the flick appears the usual of the Arthur Conan Doyle's novels : Inspector Lestrade , Mistress Hudson , of course , Doctor Watson and furthermore , a nasty villain similar to Doctor Moriarty called Giles Conover . This is the ninth of fourteen films based on Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional consulting detective Sherlock Holmes starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Doctor Watson. Here Basil Rathbone performance is splendid , he's the best cinema's Holmes , similar to television's Peter Cushing and Jeremy Brett . Rathbone as whimsical sleuth is top-notch , he's in cracking form , intelligent , broody and impetuous . He's finely matched in battle of wits with sinister arch-enemies , and some first-range villains . Nigel Bruce plays Watson with humor , jinx , goofy and mirth . He's the perfect counterpoint to Holmes . Besides , appearing briefly distinguished secondaries as Evelyn Ankers , Dennis Hoey , Miles Mander , Ian Wolfe , Mary Gordon . And brief appearance by Rondo Hatton , an actor who suffered Acromegaly -a disorder of the pituitary gland- that causes deformation of bones in the head, hands and feet, and internal and external soft tissues , as he appeared to have subsisted primarily on bit parts or extra roles, with an occasional role substantial enough to earn him cast acknowledgment, until being cast for the role of the "Hoxton Creeper" in this Universal film , subsequently playing other bit roles in "House of Horrors" and "The Brute Man¨. Universal thereafter attempted to promote Hatton to horror film stardom because of his acromegalic appearance, including a burgeoning series about a spine-breaking maniac called "The Creeper".

This classic film gets an atmospheric black and white cinematography with plenty of lights and shades that originate an eerie setting by Virgil Miller . The film has a creepy atmosphere , but available colorized in a horrible version . Adequate music score fitting to suspense by Paul Sawtell. This was the ninth of fourteen films based on Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional consulting detective Holmes feature to be produced and professionally realized at Universal , being competently directed by by Roy William Nell (filming lasted from April 11-May 1, 1944) the usual saga director and habitual in the Universal monsters movies , replacing John Rawlins , at times .

The First Deadly Sin

Intriguing and suspenseful thriller about a NYPD Lieutenant tracks down a homicidal murderer
A serial killer is stalking New York, Edward X. Delaney (Frank Sinatra) is a NYPD Inspector who is assigned the mission to investigate , as he is tracking down an apparently motiveless killer . Meantime, he is worrying about his spouse (Faye Dunaway) becoming increasingly unhealthy after a kidney operation was wrong . Delaney has to investigate if the victims somehow linked and what does the brutal method of death signify. He's searching for a killer. She's searching for a miracle .... And time is running out.

Thriller and exciting movie with a skill intrigue , suspense , chases , grisly killings and religious imagery . However , failing to convince due to dull and tiring scenes about the sad illness of the unfortunate wife . Concerning a simple and ordinary plot about a police inspector , nearing retirement , tracks a serial killer who is terrorizing New York . Frank Sinatra gives a nice acting as a detective who is attempting to put together the pieces of a confused case in spite of his impeding retirement and wife's sickness . Based on the bestseller novel written by Lawrence Sanders' that seems to be a lot more interesting than this picture . The picture is acceptable though the plot about the ill wife results to be entirely superflous and boring . As the relationship between the Police Inspector/Frank Sinatra and his wife/Faye Dunaway haunts the script and seems to have been inserted totally for sentimental reasons . Starring duo are accompanied by a very good support cast such as : David Dukes , George Coe , Brenda Vaccaro , Anthony Zerbe , James Whitmore , Martin Gabel , Victor Arnold , Eddie Jones , Jeffrey DeMunn and Joe Spinell.

It packs an adequate musical score by Gordon Jenkins with plenty of intrigue and suspense . As well as atmospheric and appropriate cinematography by Jack Priestley . The film was well handled and professionally directed by Brian G. Hutton ; however , being a flop and failed to give cash . Hutton started his career with little and prestigious films , such as ¨Wild seed¨ and ¨The Pad¨. There after , he veered off into big budgeted and all-star movies, proving which he could handle big scale production , as ¨Where the eagles dare¨, one of the best from Alistair McLean , furthermore with ¨Kelly's heroes¨ added humor to the warlike action . His next picture was ¨High road to China¨ marked a partial return with panache to his previous form . This ¨The first deadly sin¨ faltered at the Box-office , in spite of being an entertaining thriller well starred by Frank Sinatra and with occasional touch of directorial skill , that's why is a must for Sinatra fans .

The Astronaut's Wife

Eerie and thrilling film about a pair of shuttle astronauts return Earth with unexpected consequences
It deals with a space shuttle in orbit and two astronauts leave their spacecraft to carry out a routine mission : to repair a damaged satellite when there's an explosion , later on they forced to go back Earth after NASA loses contact for two mysterious minutes . Astronauts Spencer Armacost (Johnny Depp) and Alex Streck (Nick Cassavetes) were outside the spacecraft when the surprising incident happened. But they aren't the same guys after they go back from a nearly fatal accident . Armacost seems to be unaffected ; however , his wife Jillian (Charlize Theron) , a Florida school teacher , feels weird activities and subtle changes in him . Over time , Armacost's unsettling mistress Jillian to be afraid of his strange behaviour . As his obsession knows no bounds and he becomes increasingly violent , putting Jillian's life in danger . As he begins to threaten her with possesive and violent acts . Egged on by a previous NASA employee (Joe Morton) , the fiercely strongwilled woman starts to believe that her husband is something else . Jillian also learns that she is pregnant , as time progresses she begins to feel like the lives inside of her are not of this world . Look at this "man" and Beware! There is nothing human about him except his desires! See The Thing Without A Face . How well do you know the one you love? Imagine the face of terror is the one you love . Witness the birth of pure evil.

Long in atmosphere but short on momentum and plot , the meandering script is fleshed out by nuanced performances . Ravich's decent filmmaking fills the antiseptic interiors of the marriage's Manhattan designer apartment with a terrifying menace , but regrettably the slow-burn intrigue is extinguished when too much is revealed at just the wrong moment . The picture blends Sci-fi/horror themes , taking parts here and there of extraterrestrial invasion as ¨Species¨ adding terrifying moments , as Charlize Teron is also very much like her beleagured wife in ¨The devil's advocate¨since everyone seems to think Jillian's nuts , as well as things get very ¨Rosemary's Baby¨ style . Charlize Theron gives a passable acting as a disturbing woman who becomes pregnant with twins from a strange astronaut , holding doubts if carrying extraterrestrial parasites , she is by turns , sympathetically unhinged and vulnerable . While Johnny Depp is really creepy and disturbing as an astronaut with dark purports. As Johnny Depp is more credible in quirky characters in quirky films .Remaining support cast is pretty good , such as Nick Cassavetes , Donna Murphy , Clea Duvall , Samantha Eggar , Tom Noonan , Gary Grubbs , Blair Brown , among others .

It contains a moving and nail-biting musical score by George S. Clinton with plenty of thrilling and suspenseful moments . As well as colorful and adequate cinematography by recently deceased Allen Daviau . The motion picture was professionally made by Rand Ravich , though with no originality and it has some flaws and gaps . This is his only film but he has written/produced TV series as Crisis , Second chance , Time tunnel and Life . Rating : 5.5/10 . Passable and acceptable Science-Fiction/Horror movie

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