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Mission to Mars

Sci-fi and fantasy flick about a manned mission to Mars has run into problem and a rescue team has the task of going in after them
¨Mission to Mars¨ by Brian de Palma boasts a good cast with Gary Sinese, Tim Robbins , Don Cheadle , Connie Nielsen , among others . When the first manned flight to Mars ends in disaster , NASA sends a risky rescue mission consisting of Jim (Gary Sinese) , married astronauts Woody (Tim Robbins) and Terri (Connie Nielsen) and generic tech guy (Jerry O'Connell) . All they have to do is align themselves to the correct the orbit , but a dangerous fuel leak may be about to jeopardise their plans . On the way to Mars they become involved into more and more troubles , difficulties and weird surprises . Getting there was the easy part !. Let There Be Life !. For centuries, we've searched for the origin of life on Earth...We've been looking on the wrong planet !.

Decent space odyssey with fine cast , including thrills , chills , and spectacular Mars scenes. This enjoyable picture blends Science Fiction and Fantasy genre , developing an intelligent script that disseminates the clues to maintain the interest and tension of the viewer and reflect on the eternal theme of the confrontation between man and nature , as well as the struggle between faith and scientific reason . However , some incongruous scenes undermine whatever it was director attempting to accomplish . Adding other philosophical themes as theories of Ancient astronauts , crew doubts , fears and questions about God and divine providence , man's destiny and the nature of the universe turn defining elements in their fates . Writers spent a long period investigating with the goal of researching Mars and space travel and studying photography to see how light behaves in the atmosphere . The result is a feature film narrated with rhythm enough , including careful production design and a sober touch on the scenes in which the dazzling special effects stand out . It is an interesting and thought-provoking motion picture , though typical routine -at times- space odyssey that goes wrong when some astronauts find death in diverse strange forms . In the film there're chilling set pieces , suspense , body-count , intrigue and visual wizardy , but the very used plot and some indifferent interpretations spoiled the final result . Mission to Mars (2000) follows the style of other 2.000's films in which expeditions on Mars get in trouble , such as : the subsequent ¨The Last Days on Mars (2013)¨ by Ruairi Robinson with Liev Schreiber , Elias Koteas , Romola Garai , Olivia Williams and being made at the same time to ¨Red Planet¨ (2000) by Anthony Hoffman stars Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore , Benjamin Bratt , Simon Baker , Terence Stamp ; that was its greatest rivalry and competence . The biggest claim of this space epic ¨Brian De Palma's Mission to Mars¨, (2000)¨ results to be its cast , headed by Gary Sinese , Tim Robbins , Don Cheadle , Connie Nielsen and a large support cast in brief apperances , such as : Peter Outerbridge , Kavan Smith , Armin Mueller-Stahl , Kim Delaney , Elise Neal , among others .

It displays monumental musical score by genius composer Ennio Morricone , adding colorful and brilliant cinematography by cameraman Stephen Burum. The motion picture was well directed by Brian De Palma (Snake Eyes , Mission: Impossible, The Untouchables , Scarface , Body Double , Obsession , Phantom of the Paradise, The Fury , Dressed to Kill , Sisters) who's well known for his visual wizardry and on that element he doesn't disappoint . Rating : 6.5/10 . The pic will appeal to Sci-Fi fans.

Beyond Rangoon

Illuminating and moving fare about a deranged woman who's suddenly thrown into the midst of the Burma conflict
Set in the 90's , the American doctor Laura Bowman (Patricia Arquette) with her sister and also doctor Andy Bowman (Frances McDormand) travel to Burma (presently Myanmar) to recover from the loss of her beloved husband and son that were murdered in a theft at home , only to have political unrest and a repressive regime spoil the holiday . Laura sees a political pro-democracy manifestation to support the leader Aung San Suu Kyi and she decides to participate . But Dr. Laura loses her passport and must flee from trigger-happy soldiers with a political dissident . Truth has a witness !.

An intriguing and stirring film dealing with the conflict between the ruling fascist regime and the dissident democracy movement , incarnated here by the wise old tour guide U Aung Ko . Tense , well crafted action sequences hint at a potential for excitement and suspense ; too bad Arquette isn't the least bit convincing , though she gives a passable acting at times as the woman profoundly scarred by the deaths of her husband and son . While , it's hard , finally , to care much about Arquette's road to redemption and while some of the philosophical/mystical homilies avanced by the script simply sound banal , there's no denying the thought-provoking commitment to the cause of feedom .The movie has its touching moments found primarily in the superb supporting performances. Co-starred by by Aung Ko , a real-life exiled Burmese activist along with Frances McDormand , Victor Slezak and Spalding Gray who had formerly been in another film about a South East Asian conflict : Roland Joffe's The Killing Fields . It follows the wake of other films about South East Asian conflicts such as : ¨The Year of Living Dangerously¨(1982) or "The Killing Fields" (1984), which documented the genocides from Indonesia and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

It displays a colorful and evocative cinematography shot in Malaysia by cameraman John Seale . As well as suspenseful and attractive musical score by Hans Zimmer composed by synthesizer. The motion picture was competentently directed by John Boorman , though it has some flaws and gaps . Boorman provides an assured handling of the scenes depicting the larger chaos of a beautiful land torn apart by violence and destruction. Boorman is a real professional filmmaking from the 6os , though sparsely scattered and giving various classics . John started as an assistant direction and his friendship with Lee Marvin allowed him to work in Hollywood as ¨Point Blank¨ (1967) and ¨Hell in the Pacific¨ (1968) from where he returned to the UK and directed ¨Leo¨ (1970) , a rare Sci-Fi titled ¨Zardoz¨ (1974) or the ¨failure Exorcist II¨ (1977). His films are without exception among the most exciting visually in the modern cinema . He became famous for ¨Excalibur¨ (1981), the best of them , ¨Emerald forest¨ (1985) with a ecologist denounce included and his autobiographic story ¨Hope and Glory¨ (1987) and which brought him another Academy Award Nomination after ¨Deliverance¨ . Rating : 6.5/10. Better than average . Wholesome watching .

Tecnica di una spia

Spanish-Italian Eurospy adventure/thriller that ticks most of the genre's ordinary ingredients
It begins when a secret criminal organisation attacks an English freighter and steals its cargo of uranium . American secret agent Alan Milner (Tony Russel) is charged to get back a lot of uranium being transported to an enemy power by a criminal gang led by Otis . The agent must follow a number of leads until getting aboard a merchant ship off the Moroccan coast, where he will have the last of a number of fights . Using information provided by Mitzi (Dyanik Zurakowska), who is working undercover in the villain's organisation , agent Milner gets some tracks that lead him to Copenhagen and then Lisbon . Suspicion falls on shipping line owner Otis (Conrado San Martín), whose pet scientist (Giuseppe Fortis) is working on a cure for radiation at the tycoon's secret island base. Meanwhile, a skin diver has just swum into the protected zone without giving the required signal and Russel infiltrates the installation . Unfortunately, he's soon captured, and San Martin decides to use him as a lab rat in the experimental radiation process. The forces of law and order are preparing an attack on the island, but can they arrive in time, or might rescue come from a source much closer at hand?.

Typical Italian/Spanish Euro-spy film dealing with an American secret agent and his adventures , misfortunes , dangerous investigations and sexy romances . Copying or following some scenes from James Bond films , such as : ¨Dr No¨ , ¨Goldfinger¨, ¨From Russia with Love¨, ¨Goldfinger¨ and ¨Thunderball¨. Colorful and acceptable rendition about European spy subgenre , an usual genre during the sixties , not taking any situation seriously and with budget enough which allow director to mount some spectacular set pieces that are a little more ambitious than many of his cash-strapped companions at the era . There are spectacular motorcycle pursuits and , struggles , including one karate fight between Russel and Antonio Pica , are okay but unremarkable and his later lovemaking with female lead Erika Blanc is charming enough . As if to make up for the underwritten nature of the lead female's role, Blanc's character gets to be a little unpredictable at film's end , escaping Milner when he makes the mistake of lowering his guard. This week's 'Bond on a Budget' is American actor Tony Russel . Here Russel juggles the standard selection of 'Guns, Girls and Gadgets' in the name of freedom and democracy everywhere. Stars the American Tony Russel giving an acceptable acting as a top secret agent assigned to recover the precious mineral , and his investigations suggest it's the work of 'The Snake', a notorious criminal mastermind as his arch-enemy well played by Conrado San Martin. Russel is charming when needed but he's far from the most impressive of the Eurospies . Russel entered the world as Antonio Pietro Russo but was American born to an Italian immigrant family. After a stint in the US Air Force, he began studying drama at the University of Michigan and scored several uncredited bits in major productions such as 'The Silver Chalice' (1954) and 'King Creole' (1958) with Elvis Presley . Tired of the Hollywood grind, he packed his bags for the old country and then he emigrated to Italy to seek fame and fortune starring Peplum like others compatriots : Dan Vadis , Rock Stevens , Gordon Scott or Steve Reeves to star Peplums and he found almost immediate success leading to Sword and Sandals and adventure movies as 'The Last Charge/La leggenda di Fra Diavolo' (1962) , La rivolta dei sette , Thief of Damasco , Il terrore dei mantelli rossi , The Invincibles and The oath of zorro . Similar swashbucklers followed, but Russel also found gainful employment in many other genres. There was the international crime thriller of 'Secret of the Sphinx' (1964), the romantic comedy 'Honeymoon, Italian Style/Viaggio di Nozze all'italiana' (1966) and the science-fiction adventure 'The War of the Planets/I diafanoidi vengono da Marte' (1966). While his contender was the Spanish Conrado San Martin who starred several international coproductions in all kinds of genres as Peplum/historical : La rivolta dei gladiators (1958), Colossus of Rodes , The Mercenaries , King of Kings ; Spaghetti : Winchester Bill , In a colt's shadow , I lunghi giorni della vendetta and thriller/Eurospy : El Cobra, The Spy Who Went Into Hell , Contrabando .

The writers giving the audience a fair amount of sex and violence early in the picture . Co-author María del Carmen Martínez Román did work in Spain/Italian films for about a decade, though. She provided a lot of scripts as the original story for Christopher Lee vehicle 'Crypt of Horror/La cripta e l'incubo' (1964) and did script duty on the rather shabby 'Hercules Against the Sons of the Sun/Ercole contro i figli del sole (1964). Her other Eurospy projects included 'Goldsnake 'Anonima Killers' (1966) and some uncredited work on 'Operation Poker' (1965) . She enjoyed greater success with Spaghetti Westerns as 'Joe l'implacabile' , 'Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!' , 'Fury of Johnny Kid' and 'Winchester Bill' , but quit the film business in 1971. And from unknown director Alberto Leonardi, I'll credit one-shot director Alberto Leonardi , perhaps the true director was producer Spanish Santos Alcocer who made some B-films , and directing under pseudonym Alberto . Goldseven is a little better than the worst but nowhere near the best of its kind.

Novio a la vista

Amusing Berlanga film with full of satire , criticism , slight comedy and funny things
Set at the beginning of the 20th century . A young infant leaves the Royal Palace to go to school to take an exam. There the teachers on the dispute of the Bourbons. To which the infant responds: The kings of the Bourbon house are Felipe V, Luis I, Fernado VI, Carlos III, Carlos IV, Fernando VII, Isabel II, Alfonso XII and dad. Next, Enrique (Jorge Vico , son of Antonio Vico who has a short role) is examined and asked about the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but he does not know anything and he is suspended. Then, a young girl (Josette Arno) accompanied by her parents goes to a touristic beach to find a suitable fiancé. Her mother (Julia Caba Alba) would rather see her marry an older engineer (José Maria Rodero) , but the girl falls in love with Enrique, a student of her age, who needs to prepare his exams.

A heavily cut film that displays a sour critique of the kitschness of the "Belle Epoque" and the summer vacationers on the beaches of northern Spain through the eyes of a group of teenagers from wealthy families during the summer holiday . This is an enjoyable story that contains busy comedy , humor , frantic pace and blatant critical against the old Spanish habits .The second film made by Luis Garcia Berlanga, one of the most important filmmakers in the history of Spanish cinema. It should be noted that prestigious filmmakers as Juan Antonio Bardem participated in the script, he was co-director of the first feature film by Berlanga : "Esa pareja feliz" , and Edgar Neville , the latter was an essential writer/filmaker in the forties and fifties . Furthemore , financed by the powerful producer Benito Perojo who was a fundamental pioneer in the Spanish cinema , whose career expanded from the 20s to 60s .

It was massacred by the censorship at the time that suppressed or softened a large part of the icinoclast charge that Berlanga wanted to have arranged for the film. Film benefits itself from an excellent plethora of secondaries from the 40s , 50s and 60s , such as : José Luis López Vázquez, Julia Caba Alba, Antonio Riquelme , Julia Lajos , Irene Caba Alba , Fernando Aguirre, Alicia Altabella , Luis Pérez de León , Terele Pávez , Mercedes Muñoz Sampedro , among others.

The motion picture was well directed by Luis Garcia Berlanga. Berlanga filmed several polemic movies during the 50s , all of them were beset by difficulties with the censors caused by real critical to social stratum such as ¨Bienvenido Mister Marshall¨ (1953) , a very good film which tended not to be very well received by the censor for its acidity and considered to be one of the best Spanish films of the history ; however, his strong portrait of Spanish society , plenty of sharpness , didn't please the pro-Franco authorities . His next joint venture was ¨Los Jueves, Milagro¨ (1957), it was modified by the censors and delayed for several years before its eventual release . Later on , Berlanga made one of his best films ¨Placido¨ (1961) masterfully played by Cassen , this is the film debut for the great producer Alfredo Matas and received an Oscar nomination in 1963 , being well-received at the International Festivals , reviewing the useless charity , it's a sublime film but with censorship realized by this great maestro Luis Garcia Berlanga . He continued filming other interesting pictures as in 1973 he went to Paris to begin filming ¨Grandeur nature¨ with Michael Piccoli , another problematic film , focusing this time on the fetishism of a man who falls in love with a doll . Several years later , after Franco's death, he filmed a trilogy comprising ¨La Escopeta Nacional¨ (1978), ¨Patrimonio Nacional¨ (1981) and ¨Nacional III¨ (1982), where he clarified the evident disorders in the Spanish upper , middle-class upon being confronted with a new political status quo , realizing a sour denounce of the Spanish society . Berlanga ulteriorly shot a peculiar film titled ¨La Vaquilla¨ (1985) with plenty of Spanish-star-cast and set in the Spanish Civil War , resulting to be the first time dealing with this convulsive period in comedy style . Following the same themes, he went on filming coral films , such as ¨Moros and Cristianos¨ and ¨Todos a Carcel¨ (1993) that won three Goya Awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Sound ; being his final film : ¨Paris Tombuctu¨. Rating : 7/10 , Good . Essential and indispensable watching for Berlanga aficionados . Better than average and well worth seeing .

Las verdes praderas

Typical José Luis Garci melodrama filmed with great sensitivity and feeling , stars the great Alfredo Landa
José Luis Garci's third feature film, in which he began his collaboration with Alfredo Landa, who would star again in many other films by the filmmaker . Paced with humor and tenderness, it is a film about life itself, about our suffering daily work and the well-earned weekend break, resulting to be an anti-consumerist fable . After graduating in Economic Sciences, José Rebolledo (Alfredo Landa) has gone from being a bellboy to having an important position in the insurance company La Confianza S. A. He has married Conchi (Maria Casanova) , has two children and has bought a villa in an urbanization next to Cereceda, a town in the Sierra Madrileña and every weekend he takes the car with his wife and two children to go to the countryside. Hoping to find peace with his family , he spends a countryside weekend . However , everything goes wrong over the weekend. But there are all problems and difficulties with his family and especially with his neighbors who turn out to be colleagues and superiors in his ordinary work. There she has to put up with her annoying mother-in-law (Irene Gutierrez Caba), her sister-in-law Matilde (Cecilia Roth) who is pregnant by her stupid boyfriend Alberto (Pedro Diaz del Corral), and go to the party of her chiefs Enrique (Angel Picazo, Carlos Larrañaga). And subsequently to go play football with the residents of the urbanization.

An interesting film providing a sour and thorny critical about the failure of the welfare society that reflects very well on the Upper-middle-class Spanish people from the first years of post-Francoism. This is a thought-provoking drama , being well paced and compellingly filmed . It's an intelligent and touching story, although sometimes slow moving and overtalking ; however , being finely developed with sense of style and high sensibility. This is the third film by José Luis Garci, and the first collaboration with Alfredo Landa and Maria Casanova. The film is acceptable and passable , being competently made by José Luis Garci , but It turns out to be one of his most incomprehensible works for having a confusing and underlined anti-consumerist message ; in addition , a surprising and inexplicable ending. Alfredo Landa is very good , as always , playing an honest clerk, quiet and low profile that dreams during the week to rest in a villa which is in the suburbs.

This brooding motion picture was professionally directed by Jose Luis Garci who won one Academy Award for ¨Volver a Empezar¨. José Luis Garci had made a name for himself in Spanish cinephilia thanks to two films, ¨Asignatura pendiente¨ and ¨Solos en la madrugada¨, both endowed with a certain seriousness in their approach, very appropriate for the time of the sociopolitical transition of the second part of the seventies . Now that so much time has passed, it is neceesary to mention the collaboration between Antonio Mercero and Garci, co-authored the excellent television short : La Cabina. José Luis Garci is without a doubt one of the most influential film personalities in the history of film in Spain and perhaps the best known writer in the country. He has left a distinguished talent in his successful movies throughout the years: La Cabina (1972), Las Verdes Praderas (1979), El Crack (1981), El Crack II , Volver a Empezar (1982), Canción De Cuna (1994), La Herida Luminosa (1997), El Abuelo (1998), Tiovivo c. 1950 (2004) , Ninette (2005) , Luz del Domingo (2007) , among others. Rating : Acceptable and well worth seeing . Rating : 6/10 . A decent film, that's why it is essential and indispensable watching , but appointed to José Luis Garci fans .

Runaway Train

Voight and Roberts giving superb interpretations as a tough jailbird and his sidekick who break out of prison
An intriguing and moving film about a runaway train with thrills , chills , tension , emotion and spectacular scenes . Harrowing existential action drama based on a screen play by Akira Kurosawa. So brutish a prisoner that the Warden (James P. Ryan) had him welded into his cell for three years. Then, the inmate goes on the run through the Alaskan winter with only a young convict to keep him warm . They sneak into the back of a four-engine work train , but the engineer has a heart attack. The brakes burn out , the track controller's can't cope and the engineer's sleeping assistant turns out to be a woman . Then the two escaped convicts (John Voight , Eric Roberts) and a female railway worker (Rebecca DeMornay) find themselves trapped on a speeding train with no brakes and nobody driving , while race against the clock to prevent a disaster. The train operating without the pneumatic brakes engaged and it results the freighting transport stands unmanned and go charging through the tundra . As the out-of-control train with no brakes and nobody driving puts a veteran escaped inmate and his young but hardened companion into a very dangerous situation. They are alone and speeding toward certain disaster and the barrels are out of control . Once it starts, nothing can stop it!.The Ride Of Your Death...!. Desperate, And Determined To Survive !.

An overwhelming and suspenseful movie with a nail-biting premise : a runaway half-mile-long freight train barreling toward an unknown destination to cause impact and catastrophe in a race against time. There are several thrilling and breathtaking scenes using real locomotives with impressive special effects . Although predictable the picture is pretty well with full of chills , thriller , intrigue tense and impressive feats . As our two protagonists : John Voight , Eric Roberts giving nice interpretations as two escaped prisoners who break out of the hoosegow and find themselves trapped aboard a brakeless freight train heading for certain derailment in northwestern Canada . Somehow one leaves aside the blatant implausibilities , the coincidences , even Eric Roberts , and takes great pleasure in a breakneck ride to the end of the line . And Voight has eventually found his niche, abandoning all those wet-eyed liberal characters and playing to the hilt a raving , hideous beast , with scars .

The surprise is that drector has taken such an obviously pat formula and made it remarkably well , accompanying a stunning musical score by composer Trevor Jones as well as atmospheric cinematography by cameraman Alan Hume . The motion picture was competently made by Andrey Konchalovsky . Lavishly financed by famous producers Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan (Cannon) , Konchalovsky wanted to give the film a more serious tone than the producers wished . Konchalovsky's first big hit was "Siberiada"(1979) - a dramatic and realistic story of the lives of the people of Siberia - it was internationally acclaimed and brought Konchalovsky to the attention of American and European producers. From then on-wards his career has been international in scope. Pleasing critics and audiences worldwide, he made the English language films "Maria's lovers" (1984) with Keith Carradine , "Runaway train" (1985) with John Voight , Eric Roberts , "Duel for one" (1986) with praised for Max von Sydow's brilliant performance, and the award-winning "Homer y Eddie" (1989) starring Whoopi Goldberg and James Belushi and another very commercial film : "Tango and Cash" (1989) with Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. And other excursions to Hollywood to make mainstream TV productions like the Emmy-winning "The Odyssey" (1997) with Armand Assante and "Lion in Winter" (2003) with Glenn Close . Rating : 7/10 . A notable movie for fans of the two main actors : John Voight/Eric Roberts ; action movies enthusiasts won't be disappointed. A decent , thrilling and bone-chilling film with a great ending , too.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home

Nice sequel with good family message , gorgeous outdoors and attractive soundtrack
A sentimental and enjoyable movie with charming scenes and attractive messages ; displaying an emotive musical score by Basil Poledouris,. Teenager Jesse (Jason James Richter) becomes reunited with Willy , the enormous killer whale, two years after the whale's jump to freedom as the teenager tries to rescue the killer whale and other orcas from an oil spill. Meets an but the villagers want to kill the giant animal . Along the way, the good-natured boy makes a good friend, an adorable little girl , Nadine (Mary Kate Schellhardt) . While he follows under the tutelage of his foster parents (Michael Madsen, Jayne Atkinson) and Haida Indian Randolph (August Schellemberg) The adventure is back. The fun is back. Willy's back. And this time he's brought his whole family to meet an old friend ... and take on a new challenge. Make room in your heart for a six-ton pet ! . When you are six tons and they call you killer, it is hard to make friends !. He is the biggest animal in the whole wide world of aventure !.

This is an enjoyable family drama with emotion, ecologism, gorgeous outdoors and high sensibility . This is a kind of remake to Namu, the Killer Whale (1966) by Laslo Benedek , as the Orca saga to be continued in similar style by the famous "Free Willy" and its various sequels. It contains ample and gorgeous sea vistas, being very well photographed the exterior scenes, as well as undersea images with the great killer whale jumping and diving. StarsJason James Richer as the compassionate teen who forms an unlikely friendship with the giant whale , he's a good actor who has a few starring roles , Michael Madsen Jayne Atkinson , Mykelti Williamson , Elizabeth Peña , Jon Tenney and August Schellenberg with a long career as ordinary secondary actor . An agreeable and sensitive film , including good messages : love for animals, environmentalism , fraternity, fight for survival, need for family coexistence friendship , while boy and whale get on because they are both looking for a family .Special mention for excellent musical score by magnificent composer Basil Poledouris , including sweeping strings accompanying the opening sequence of balletic whales cavorting in brilliant blue sea , changing abruptly to cacophony as the bad guys with nets chug up in their tugs . Adding catching songs composed or performed by Michael Jackson , Bob Dylan, The Pretenders. As well as colorful and brilliant cinematography by László Kovácks . The motion picture was professionally directed by Dwight H. Little, though it has some flaws . Dwight has directed studio movies for Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Columbia Pictures, and has also directed multiple independent movies with wide theatrical release. Mr. Little has also made three prime time television movies and 90 hours of Network series television. Director Dwight H. Little gave credibility to Wesley Snipes in 'Murder at 1600' and teams up with Aikido expert Steven Seagal for ¨Marked for Death¨and this ¨Rapid Fire¨ with Brandon Lee . The result is fun to watch .Rating : 6,5/10. The picture will appeal to children and animal lovers.

The Meg

Thrilling film in which a scientific team goes horribly wrong, releasing the deadliest ocean predator that has ever roamed the seas since prehistoric times
A group of scientists exploring the Marianas Trench free an extinct vicious carnivorous animal causing bloody events with lots of gory scenes . As the deep-sea scientific team encounter the largest marine prehistoric predator that has ever existed - the Megalodon and in its own way wreaking havoc . It starts five years ago, expert sea diver and Naval Captain Jonas Taylor -Jason Statham- encountered an unknown danger in the unexplored recesses of the Mariana Trench that forced him to abort his mission and abandon half his crew. Though the tragic incident earned him a dismissal from service, what ultimately cost him his career, his marriage and any semblance of honor was his unsupported and incredulous claims of what caused it - an attack on his vessel by a mammoth, 70-foot sea creature, believed to be extinct for more than a million years . But when a submersible lies sunk and disabled at the bottom of the ocean - carrying his ex-wife among the team onboard - he is the one who gets the call. The feared Megalodon attacks and sets free score into a summer resort , then the scientists must work together to stop it. Our starring takes on a single question: Could the Carcharodon Megalodon - the largest marine predator that ever existed - still be alive - and on the hunt? . The most feared predator in no longer history !. If you see her coming...It's all you'll have time to say !. Before chasing sea monsters, check your place on the food chain !. They went to hell to build the world's largest they're going even further to stock it !. They'll need a bigger boat...Much bigger !. Chomp on this !. Pleased to eat you !.

You already know that this movie is about a prehistoric mega-shark rising from the depths and terrorizing the scientists crew .It's a passable action monster monster movie with a creepy creation of tension , thrills , terror and lots of bloody attacks. The released prehistoric man-eating Megalodon delivers the goods , as the swimmers become their next meal while the scientists must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food . This is a peculiar rip-off to classic Jaws (1975) by Steven Spielberg and Piranha (1978) by Joe Dante , taking parts here and there of these films . Stars Jason Statham giving his ordinary acting as a two-fisted naval captain , who at redemption or a suicide mission, must confront his fears and risk his own life and the lives of everyone trapped below . The hunk hero is well accompanied by a fine cast , such as : Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Ruby Rose , Winston Chao, Sophia Cai, Page Kennedy , Darri Ólafsson, Robert Taylor , Jessica McNamee and Masi Oka . The motion picture was professionally directed by Jon Turteltaub , though with no originality . Jon is a fine craftsman , a producer and director who has got some successes , such as : Cool runnings (1993), While you were sleeping (1995) y Phenomenon (1996) , National Trasure (2004) , National Treasure 2 (2007) , among others.

This Megalodon (2018) has already created a mini-subgenre with imitations and rip-offs about this prehistorical animals , though some of them had been previously made , such as : Megalodon (2018) by James Thomas with Michael Madsen , Caroline Harris. Magalodon by Pat Corbitt with Robin Sachs , Al Sapienza, Mark Sheppard . Megalodon Rising (2021) with Tom Sizemore , Wynter Eddins, O'Shay Neal . Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002) by David Worth with John Barrowman, Jenny McShane, Ryan Cutrona. Bigfoot vs Megalodon (2021) by BC Fourteen. And in preparation : Meg 2: The Trench (2023) by Ben Wheatley with Jason Statham, Sienna Guillory, Cliff Curtis, Sophia Cai.

Along the Great Divide

Splendid Kirk Douglas Western who plays a US Marshal who battles pursuing vigilantes and the untamed frontier
Colorful western wonderfully photographed in black and white on location in Arizona . Beautifully filmed , though little known Raoul Walsh film . Kirk Douglas' first Western has the usual horse opera cliches supported by magnificent cinematography by cameraman Sidney Hickox and thrilling musical score by David Buttolph. A U. S. sheriff named Len Merrick (Kirk Douglas) and two deputies (John Agar , Ray Teal) rescue a cattle rustler called Tim (Walter Brennan) from a lynch mob led by a local cattle baron , Ed Roden (Morris Ankrum) , convinced that the rustler also killed his son. Then the Marshal and deputies make their way across the desert with Tim and his daughter (Virginia Mayo) . Along the way they hold storm , betrayal and pursuits against a spectacular desert backdrop . A Marshal whose hide no bullet could touch...and the girl who got under his skin!. "Who's the prisoner now, law-man?". An adventure that avalanches from the bullet-proof of the Rockies to the fiery desert floor ! .

His enjoyable film with an unusual detective element to the plot , containing noisy action , crossfire , formidable villainy , go riding , relentless chases , and gorgeous Arizona locations . A paronamic western , being spectacularly screened ; as the plot is plain and simple but little by little results more complicated and surprising , in which a sheriff must bring a falsely accused murderer to trial . This movie has a compelling combination of fine performances , intense drama , crossfire and spectacular outdoors . Director Raoul Walsh aims for psychological realism with a contemporary treatment and about an upright sheriff who has a dark past . A blending of talent actors with great leading players of whom Kirk Douglas holds the best character as the obstinate Marshal who'll stop at nothing to get his purports . Along with the alwys great Walter Brennan as a suspicious killer father , they are the key factors that lift this Warners Western above the ordinary . The hothouse plot drives mercilessly forward with action , shootouts , thrills , attacks and turns . The tale is strong one and the yarn is marvellously located against a background of Arizona and California mountains . Very good main and support cast giving hard-driving acting , standing out Virginia Mayo as the lady in distress and Morris Ankrum as the stubborn pursuer ; in addition notorious secondaries as John Agar , Ray Teal , Hugh Sanders , James Anderson, among others.

Blazing and gorgeous cinematography by Sid Hickox shot on location in Mojave desert , Yuma , Arizona , and Alabama Hills, Sierra Madre Mountains , California. The motion picture was competently directed by Raoul Walsh . Direction in the capable hands of Walsh who ensures that the pace is surprisingly nice and action scenes hit hard . From his starts in the silent cinema he achieved successful films until the 50s and forward , early 60s , when he was less dominant , but is still stayed lots of lusty adventure , stories of comradeship and friendship , and Raoul Walsh usually makes the most of plentiful action scenes . Walsh was an expert director of all kind genres but with penchant for Western such as ¨Colorado territory¨, ¨They died with their boots on¨, ¨Along the great divide¨, ¨Saskatchewan¨, ¨King and four queens¨ , ¨A distant trumpet¨ , ¨The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw¨ ; Adventure as ¨Thief of Bagdad¨, ¨Captain Horatio Hornblower¨, ¨World in his hands¨, ¨Blackbeard the pirate¨ , ¨Sea devils¨ ; Warlike as ¨Objetive Burma¨ , ¨Northern pursuit¨, ¨Marines let's go¨ ; and Noir film as ¨White heat¨, ¨High Sierra¨, ¨They drive by night¨, ¨The roaring twenties¨. And this acceptable ¨Gun Fury¨, rating : 7/10 ; fairly straightforward movie and acceptable Western adventure . This decent Western film will appeal to Raoul Walsh enthusiasts.

Il segreto del vestito rosso

Acceptable crime-thriller co-produced by Italy/Spain with two American stars and a lot of European actors
Americans William and Shelley North (Cyd Charisse) spend their vacation in Rome. But Rome proves to be an unlucky destination for an American marriage . Shortly after his arrival, William disappears somewhere, and his wife attempts unsuccessfully to find him. The worried wife starts a desperate search for him . An old flame who is a journalist in Rome comes to her aid . He's called Sherman (Hugh O'Brian) , a close friend of Shelley North, who conductes her own investigation into the disappearance of her husband . While cooperating with a friendly police inspector , Baudi (Alberto Closas) shows up a murdered person by the Fontana de Trevi . It quickly turns out that William may be involved in the murder .

A Spanish/Italian thriller that doesn't belong to ¨Eurospy genre¨ but it's a crime-thriller in Alfred Hitchcock style with intrigue , thrills , red herrings , twists and turns . The suspenseful script is the work of Giovanni Simonelli and director Silvio Amadio himself . Simonelli is an Italian screenwriter born in 1926, who in 1990 together with Lucio Fulci directed the horror film "Hansel e Gretel". In his rich career, he wrote scripts for more than 70 productions. The storyline of the film is interesting enough and with every minute more and more intriguing and addictive. Despite the very calm pace of the action , the film does not let you get bored or tired and keeps you in suspense until the very end, when the mystery is solved . The director has assembled a very experienced cast . Most of the actors employed already have a great deal of experience . The main character Shelley North was nicely played by Hollywood star Cyd Charisse. The actress was born on March 8, 1926 in Amarillo, Texas. She started her career in the early 1940s , being especially known for her musical films . She was a famous and successful actress , known for Silk Stockings(1957) , ¡Viva Las Vegas! (1956) and Band wagon 1955 (1953). Although one of the greatest female dancers in the history of the movie musical, her singing in films was almost always dubbed , most notably by Carol Richards in Brigadoon (1954) and a young Vikki Carr in The Silencers (1966). She played her last role in 2008 , that same year, she died in Los Angeles on June 17. In her career, she has appeared in more than 50 productions. She also performed very successfully on stage . The main male character was finely played by Hugh O'Brian who brilliantly performed a stubborn journalist . He was born on April 19, 1925 in Rochester, New York. He began her extremely wealthy career in the late 1940s and played 114 roles , being especially known for his TV character as Wyatt Earp . In 1976 O'Brien played the last character killed on-screen by Wayne in The shootist (1976) (Wayne's last film). He performed regularly until the end of her life. He died on September 5, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. Alberto Closas appeared as Inspector Baudi in the film. The Spaniard was born on October 3, 1921 in Barcelona. Another very talented actor who ended his career with 90 movies to his credit. He appeared in films and television series from 1942 to 1994. The excellent actor acted until the end of his life, which was interrupted by lung cancer . The artist passed away on September 19, 1994 in Madrid. The journalist Erika Tiller was carried out by the Italian actress Eleonora Rossi Drago. Born on September 23, 1925 in Genoa, in the Liguria region, the actress has already played more than 50 roles. In addition to cinema, she also acted in the theater. Throughout her rich career, she has starred in 65 productions. Her career lasted from 1949 to 1970, when she retired from acting. On December 2, 2007, she died in Palermo, Sicily. Being a Spanish/Italian co-production showing up here and there notorious secondary actors from Spain : Beni Deus , Manuel Alexandre , Alberto Dalbés , Antonio Casas , Carlos Casaravilla and Italy : Mario Feliciani , Franco Giacobini , Juliette Mayniel ,Memmo Carotenuto , Gina Rovere, among others.

Cameraman Mario Pacheco was responsible for the colorful photography mostly shot in Rome . During his twenty-year career, he has worked on the set of fewer than 50 films. The cinematography is the highlight of the film, and the film was primarily shot in Italian outdoors and interior at Cinecitta. The soundtrack is the work of a brilliant composer, pianist and conductor: Armando Trovajoli. He was born in Rome on September 2, 1917. In his incredibly rich career, he composed music for almost 220 films. The multi-nominated and award-winning artist was also awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic Class III-Commendatore in 1995. In 2000 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic Class I-Cavaliere di Gran Croce. The motion picture was professionally directed by Silvio Amadio , though it gets some flaws , gaps and failures . Silvio was a fine artisan who worked in various jobs in the cinematic industry , such as : Makeup Department , Second Unit Director or Assistant Director , production and finally , filmmaking . As he directed all kinds of genres , such as : ¨Sex Comedies¨, many of them starred by his wife Gloria Guida : Il medico... la studentessa or Los caprichos de Gloria , Quella età maliziosa, Peccati di gioventù or Pecados de juventud , Oltraggio al pudore , La minorenne ; ¨Thrillers¨ : Il segreto del vestito rosso , Il carabiniere , L'ammutinamento , Alla ricerca del piacere . And he made Sword and Sandal movies as Seven thunderbolts or Le sette folgori di Assur or War Gods of Babylone (1962) and also realized another hit Peplum titled ¨Minotaur the wild beast of Creta¨ his greatest hit. Rating Il segreto del vestito rosso(1965) : 5.5/10 .

Free Willy

A sentimental and enjoyable movie with charming scenes and attractive messages
This is a good-looking family drama with marvellous scenes, natural ecologism , gorgeous outdoors and high sensibility . When a boy learns that a beloved killer whale is to be killed by the aquarium owners, the boy risks everything to free the whale . Willy is trapped and his family swims mournfully away . Cut to an angelic street-kid , Jesse (Jason James Richer) , caught graffiti-ing Willy's tank , the only way to escape baby jail he discovers is to go to well-meaning but stiff foster parents (Michael Madsen , Jayne Atkinson) and clean up the tank under the tutelage of Haida Indian Randolph (August Schellemberg) . A 12 year old street kid !. A 3 ton orca whale !. A friendship you could never imagine !. An adventure you'll never forget !. Make room in your heart for a six-ton Pet!!!He is the biggest hero in the whole wide world of adventure!. When You're Six Tons -- And They Call You Killer -- It's Hard To Make Friends...

Agreeable and charming family tale made with sense , sensitivity and wonderful sea images. This is a good-natured family drama with emotion, ecologism, gorgeous outdoors and high sensibility . Many years before , this Orca saga was preceded by a similar film : ¨Namu , the Killer Whale¨ (1966) directed by Laslo Benedek with Robert Lansing . It contains ample and gorgeous sea vistas, being very well photographed the exterior scenes, as well as underwater images with the great Orca whale jumping and diving. This well acted movie has a straight-faced tone which is hard to resist . Including good messages : love for animals , environmentalism , fraternity , fight for survival , need for family coexistence friendship , while boy and whale get on because they are both looking for a family .

Special mention for excellent musical score by magnificent composer Basil Poledouris , including sweeping strings accompanying the opening sequence of balletic whales cavorting in brilliant blue sea , changing abruptly to cacophony as the bad guys with nets chug up in their tugs . The motion picture was well directed by notorious filmmaker Simon Wincer . He is a Western expert , as he emigrated Hollywood from Australia and subsequently directed to Tom Selleck in ¨Monte Walsh¨ , ¨Crossfire trail¨ and ¨Quigley Down Under¨ to Paul Hogan in ¨Relampago Jack¨ and ¨Cocodrile Dundee in L. A.¨ and usually directs episodes for TV mini-series, such as ¨Into the West¨, ¨The Ponderosa¨ , ¨Lonesome Dove¨ and ¨The adventures of young Indiana Jones¨ , among others . Rating : good for the sensitive direction and proficient film-making ; the result is a sort of pacifist-ecological adventure for kiddies and adults. Worthwhile watching . The pic will appeal to animals enthusiasts .


An uneven movie about an obsessed I.T. consultant who stalks a wealthy family with all kinds of modern technological means
Michael "Mike" Regan (Pierce Brosnan) is a self-made aviation tycoon who lives in a state-of-the-art smart home full of modern technologies with his wife, Rose (Anna Friel) , and their 17-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn (Stefanie Scott) . Ambitious Mike Regan has everything he could ever want, an attractive family and a top of the line smart house. The company he owns is on the verge of changing flight leasing forever. That is, until the relationship with his I. T. advisor Ed Porter (James Frecheville) turns agressive and nasty, to the point where his teenage daughter is being stalked and his family is under attack through every technological facet of their lives. Your life is not secure ! . What you see, he sees ! . What you love, he wants !. First he takes your privacy ! . Then he takes your life !.

A thrilling film with chills, action , violence , intrigue and suspenseful . The plot is plain and simple , that's why we have already seen in other better films , dealing with a millionaire has his life turned upside down after firing his I. T. consultant. The latter is a delusional stalker exaggeratedly played James Frecheville that merely requires him to reprise in cruder form a deranged role . Alienated from a dark past , as he hones his obsession with a good family , focusing his resentment on a successful businessman whose winning streak he brings to a sudden , brutal end . Frecheville does the psycho thing with aplomb but excessive , while Brosnan keeps the familiar storyline from becoming tedious . Stars an acceptable cast : Pierce Brosnan who produced as well , Anna Friel , James Frecheville , Stefanie Scott and Jason Barry. The fine cast makes this violent and familiar tale seems better than it is . Resulting in a routine film containing facile pop psychology , histerical interpretations , frenetic editing , functional cinematography by cameraman Ekkehart Pollack and atmospheric soundtrack composed by Tim Williams ; however , being entertaining enough .

This thriller movie was middlingly directed by John Moore . Moore is a craftsman with some typlical trademarks such as strong use of the colour red and choppy , quick edits . As of 2014, Moore collaborated with composer Marco Beltrami on four projects: They are Flight of the Phoenix (2004), The omen (2006), Max Payne (2008) and A good day to die hard (2013). Went straight from directing ads to making the $40 million Behind enemy lines (2001). He is an expert on remakes (The Omen, Flight of the Phoenix) and warlike action (Behind enemy lines). Rating : 5.5/10 . Acceptable and passable , but mediocre , being a so-so movie with its ups and downs . The flick will appeal to Pierce Brosnan fans.

La busca

Interesting film whose action takes place at the end of the 19th century about a young man who comes to Madrid
La Busca reflects the difficulties that many faced when leaving their towns and going to Madrid in search for a better future. Madrid 1900 , Manuel (well played by Jacques Perrin) is involved in this situation, who arrives in the capital as an innocent boy from a little town and due to various circumstances is dragged into the world of crime and the underworld. As the young man from the provinces arrives in the capital of Spain with the intention of earning a living on his own . First, he works in a miserable boarding house where his mother (Lola Gaos) also works as a servant , then in the workshop of a shoemaker's uncle, and later as an apprentice in a bakery . However, his physical and mental weakness drag him little by little into the world of crime and prostitution. Along the way , he meets his naughty cousin (Daniel Martin) and he falls in love for young girl (Sara Lezana) .

First and considerable film by Angelino Fons, who was later demoted, adapting Pio Baroja's novel, centered on the struggle for life of a young man from Soria, nicely performed by the French Jacques Perrin, in the Madrid outskirts of 1900. At first, he settles in a pension where his mother , Lola Gaos works. There he will perform small jobs . He also meets Justa , Sara Lezana, a young woman with whom he falls in love. Due to a special circumstance, he leaves the boarding house and goes to work with his uncle and his cousins fixing shoes . He will also work in a bakery. With his cousin Vidal he will meet new but dangerous friends, knowing the world of crime and prostitution. It is possible to extrapolate from that Madrid, to that of the post-Franco war and hence the successful and sober social criticism of a film that confidently and stylishly portrays the misery and painful life of a boy , while he overcomes sinister events , including harsh as well as brilliant photography by Manuel Rojas , music decoupled and atonal by composer Luis De Pablo and dramatical events that give packaging to the whole.

It will have lost strength over the years but "La busca" must still be recognized as one of the most relevant movies at the time and a key film in Spanish cinema, due to its realistic capacity, its spirit of analysis, its vision beyond the mere story it tells. A film reflecting the slums of Madrid with a number of outlandish characters including criminals, swindlers, thieves, beggars and prostitutes . The principal role is a lonely young man who wanders a ruined Madrid, which is shown in its worst form with old and dilapidated buildings with great poverty and full of scum . There our protagonist makes friends with his cousin, Daniel Martin, who joins his gang of criminals, while he falls in love with a pretty girl, Mrs. Sara Lezana and prostitute Emma Penella . This adequate film shows the rottenness of the characters and a terrible environment where poverty , sleaziness and crime are the signs of society . Usually showing the lousy exteriors of Madrid and not the central or monumental areas or sightseeing , that's why we watch only with the worst environments in the city.

Director Angelino Fons told : "Pío Baroja had sold the rights to La busca to a doctor, Flora Prieto, many years ago and there was a script written by her. She gave it to us to read and we didn't like it at all. So we decided that it had to be rewritten and we simply bought the rights to the novel, mentioning the name of Flora Prieto as co-writer. Later, Juan Cesarabea joined as a screenwriter. They gave me the script and a period of ten days to make the necessary adjustments and to fine-tune it" . The film was presented on September 1, 1966 at the Venice Film Festival and actor Jacques Perrin was awarded the Volpi Cup for his performance in this film. This craftsman Angelino Fons was an acceptable writer and filmmaker who directed some nice movies . He was a director and writer, known for Mar Brava (1983) , Esposa y amante (1977) , Emilia... parada y fonda (1976) , La casa (1976) , Fortunata y Jacinta (1970), Cantando a la vida (1969) , La busca (1966) and Peppermint Frappé (1967). He was married to actress Coral Pellicer. He died on June 7, 2011 in Madrid. Rating La Busca : 7/10 . The flick will appeal to Spanish cinema fans.

Fire with Fire

Violent and action-packed thriller in which a fireman is forced to testify against the crime lord
A cathartic revenge drama well starred by Josh Duhamel that delivers vicarious thrills for anyone . Thrilling and violent action movie in which a fireman named Jeremy Coleman (Josh Duhamel) Duhamel seeks vengeance when himself and his girlfriend Talia Durham (Rosario Dawson) are threatened by some ruthless hoodlums . As the off-duty firefighter witnesses a murder committed by a gang of gangsters led by David Hagan (Vincent D'Onofrio) . Then the man enters the witness protection program, under the watch of the U. S. Marshals (Bruce Willis , Bonnie Somerville) . When his new identity becomes compromised Jeremy is forced to take an unexpected course of action in order to get his life back and save the lives of those he loves. But he cannot hide his identity for a long time and decides to act on his own. Revenge has its own set of rules !.

A nail-biting story of defense , vengeance & retribution, it is a sort of reboot from ¨Death Wish¨ based on a novel written by Brian Garfield containing suspense , noisy action-packed , intrigue , thrills , shootouts , and loads of violence . Dealing with a fireman who takes an unexpected course of action when a man whom he's been ordered to testify against, after being held up at a local convenience store, threatens him. Moved by self defense , burning for revenge , hunts for his ruthless enemies , as he decides to fight back against the rising tide of crime, one can't help but feel a sense of empowerment, making the film a whole lot of fun , though, at times , it looks increasingly passsionless and mechanical . Outside of the moral questions that it throws up, the film packs a searingly brilliant turn from Josh Duhamel , a tough, two-fisted fireman without a past and reduced to being vigilante on account of a society that can't protect the honest . Some critics positively hate the picture , calling it irresponsible for advocating vigilantism , apparently it's a dirty picture calling on unlimited punishment to the criminals who stalk the cities across the globe . Josh Duhamel displaying a fine acting shows efficiently his weapons similar to ¨Charles Bronson's Death wish¨ and the reboot ¨Bruce Willis' Death Wish¨ while killing mercilessly nasties . It's certainly thrilling , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Duhamel's side . It is strangely compelling and taps into some really violent scenes. Furthermore , here appears a nice secondary cast with plenty of familiar faces , such as : Bruce Willis , Vincent D'Onofrio , 50 Cent as Curtis Jackson who produced as well , Julian McMahon, Vinnie Jones , Arie Verveen, Eric Winter, Bonnie Somerville, Richard Schiff , James Lesure who appeared together Josh Duhamel on the television series Las Vegas (2003) , Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson , Kevin Dunn, among others .

It packs a suspenseful and thrilling musical score composed, orchestrated and performed by Trevor Morris. As well as atmospheric and colorful cinematography by cameraman Christopher Probst , shot in New Orleans, Louisiana and Long Beach, California, USA . The motion picture financed by 7 separate production companies was professionally directed by David Barrett , though released straight to DVD/Blu-ray. Barrett is a notorious writer/filmmaker , an expert on action movies who has directed a lot of of episodes of notorious TV series , these are the following ones : Blue Bloods, Fear the Walking Dead , American Gothic , Star Trek: Discovery, Under hhe Dome , Rush , Arrow , Mentalis , Supah Ninjas , Human Target , True lies, Supernatural, Once upon a time, CSI: NY , Navy CSI , Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place , Castle , V, Nikita and several others. Rating : 6/10 . Acceptable and passable action thriller.


Surreal and bizarre Lynch movie with a totally unpredictable logic all its own
Disturbing and weird David Lynch movie with grotesque and outlandish events , as well as a dark nightmarish atmosphere. This flamboyantly original flick results to be an infamous cult classic about a numb-brained everyman wandering through what amounts to an ironic , sick parody of the modern urban urban landscape , innocently impregnating his girlfriend and fathering a pestilent embryonic mutant . Be warned. The nightmare has not gone away...In Heaven Everything Is Fine. Warning: the nightmare has not gone away. Where your nightmares end...A dream of dark and troubling things.

David Lynch's first feature-length movie stars Jack Nance , who later achieved fame in Twin Peaks as Pete the Logger . The picture has an inner , completely dark plot with disconcerting and strange happenings . Unsettling , unique exploration of the dark side of a hapless factory worker with compellingly disturbing visuals. Stars Henry Spencer/Jack Nance , he's a labourer on his vacation when he finds out he's the father of a hideously deformed baby. The flick lurches uncertainly between horror and film bizarre , involving a factory worker who's thrust into a turmoil of fantastic events , as he attempts to survive, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child. Depicting a highly individual look at the offbeat elements just behind the facade of a ruined and rusted industrial environment. It features vibrantly sinister photography , the use of dreams and montage to connect character thought and multiple emotions into one sequence . A groundbreaking movie made by an innovative filmmaker , and even if the picture isn't necessarily realistic, it's real in its representation of what life is : a rare , confusing, irrational series of happenings that have little purpose, and one makes one's own interpretation of each event , giving life one's own purpose . Mood is enhanced by the off-the-wall , strange musical score. Special mention for the brilliant black and white cinematography by cameraman Frederick Elmes.

The motion picture was originally and inmaculately directed by David Lynch , including his ordinary trademarks and it was one of the most critically praised films of 1977 . Graced by splashes of Lynchian hilarious touches and a special atmosphere . In 1977, Lynch released this his first film Eraserhead (1977), which, although not critically acclaimed, was noticed by many people, including Francis Ford Coppola, who was rumored to have screenings of it for his cast and crew on the Apocalypse Now (1979) set. After a stream of visually striking films such as Blue Velvet (1986), Lost highway (1997) and Mulholland Drive (2001). Thanks to these films and others, beginning with Blue Velvet (1986), and including his Twin Peaks (1990) TV , Lynch has gained the reputation of one of the foremost auteurs in the film industry, and one of the few living auteurs who continually defies cinematic convention. His films continually represent his ideal that films, representing life, should be complex, and in some cases, inexplicable . Due to his decisive innovation and the enjoyable confusion of his films, he will always be recognized as if not one of the greatest film-makers, one of the most original. Rating : 6.5/10 . Decent , terminally strange and offbeat picture , though overrated , being too rare to be easily enjoyed . The flick will appeal to David Lynch enthusiasts.

A tiro limpio

A well paced and competently played production that compellingly brings most of the roles of the classsic Noir Film
The picture packs intrigue , suspense , violence , shootouts and an impressive final . Martin (Luis Peña) and Antoine (Navales) , two communists from Toulouse arrive in Spain to carry out destabilizing actions. In Barcelona they get in touch with an old comrade, Roman Campos (José Suarez), so that he can get them weapons and a fourth man. This one gets you convince Jorge Abad Mateu 'El Picas' (Carlos Otero) . The latter is a former robber who now works in a farmhouse or Masia , so that he collaborates with them and give them the machine guns that he has hidden. Martin has a plan to make a lot of money, as it happened a few years ago without any success . Thanks to Martin's plan, the four of them dedicate themselves to stealing and then dividing up the loot. But not everything will turn out as planned and disagreements are not long in appearing and being relentlessly persecuted by the police. At the end our starring sets out to exact a vengeance , but things go awry .

A crossover between the tradition of the best Barcelona Noir cinema of the postwar period and the French ¨Nouvelle Vague¨. The picture is developed with tension , suspense , emotion , and the exciting deeds are unfolded with absolute logic until the bloody final outcome . An effective, properly made and competently performed production that alrightly brings most of the characters of the classsic Noir Film and also contributing occasionally some novelties . A very realistic, hard film without concessions of any kind with which Francisco Perez makes his directorial debut. This noir film displays a violent and plot twisted with two outlaw men, Martín and Antoine, get in touch with Román in order to obtain machine guns and a fourth men for a robbery, in the Barcelona of the 60s, but things will change soon when some failures shake their plans . In an unusual way in the cinema of the time and despite many problems that the film had with the censorship at the time, in addition to Spanish the film speaks French and Catalan. Interpretations are uniformly fine with some notorious main and support actors , such as : José Suárez, Luis Peña , Carlos Otero, Gustavo Re , Marie Frances , María Asquerino, among others. This nice film belongs to the Spanish Noir Film whose main center was in Barcelona ; other great titles also located within a Barcelona production as "Distrito Quinto" (Julio Coll,1957), ¨Brigada criminal¨(1950) Ignacio F Iquino , ¨Un vaso de Whisky¨(Julio Coll) , ¨A Sangre Fria¨(1959) by Juan Bosch , ¨091 Policia al habla¨ by Jose Maria Forque and the best Noir resulted to be "Los Peces Rojos" .

This good and violent thriller with some spotlights contains splendid music by Federico Martínez Tudó and atmospheric the black/white photography by Francisco Marin . "A Tiro Limpio" (1963) was well directed by Francisco Pérez-Dolz . The film had a remake, with the same title sattred by Tony Cantó , Adolfo Fernandez , Diana Peñalver ,Francesc Orella and set in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, directed by Jesus Mora who made his debut with this film in 1996.

La línea del cielo

Sympathetic and enjoyable comedy with the great Antonio Resines playing in his usual style
A Spanish photographer (Antonio Resines) goes to New York in an attempt of selling his picture work. Despite his broken English and his shyness, he meet two editors that could be interested in publishing his pictures. Along the way, he woos a beautiful Spanish expatriate (Beatriz Perez Porro) . However, he continues to pursue a young woman who's never expressed any interest in him . Furthermore , his dreams of fame and fortune vanish when he realizes that his photographs are considered old-fashioned by the American publishers.

Pleasant and decent Spanish comedy in low budget, being efficiently directed by expert comedian director Fernando Colomo . This comedy contains NY social habits , humor , entertainment and confusion . This is a slightly funny film with entertaining events , giggles , emotion , romance and touching scenes at its final part . The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few embarrassing with some absurdities and implausibilities . The flick gives a realistic description about New York way of life with a fish-out-water character who gets embroiled in the comedic misfortunes with various of its inhabitants . Filmed for a short time in 16 mm and later enlarged to 35 mm for commercial use, it tells the minimal adventures of a Spaniard in New York through long scenes with attractive but disconcerting dialogue. Concerning interesting themes as immigrants and immigration , capturing perfectly the frustration of our starring not being able to understand or speak the language around him . This is the return of screenwriter, producer and director Fernando Colomo to his beginnings, which clashes with the too conventional performance by Antonio Resines , against the naturalness carried out by a group of non-actors among which the sisters Beatriz and Irene Pérez Porro stand out , the later director Whit Stillman and the carefree Roy Hoffman, within a film with hardly any plot between reality and fiction . The storyline is plain and simple , a Spanish photographer named Gustavo/Antonio Resines spends the summer in New York, where he struggles to learn English, while attempting to sell his work to a big-name magazine . Writer/director Fernando Colomo clearly based much of this semi-autobiographical film on his own experiences as a visitor in the United States. However, the story itself fails to convince, mainly because Gustavo's stubborn insistence on attempting to sell his photos of New York buildings doesn't make any sense ; when told very gently but directly that the kind of work he has created has already been done, he doesn't seem to take the hint . Worst of all, however, is the film's ending, which is enormously unsatisfying .

This passable and with plenty of misunderstandings motion picture was professionally written ,and directed Fernando Colomo . Fernando Colomo was born in Madrid and is a talented and versatile writer/director who has made a vast array of often solid and entertaining films in all kind of genres as comedy, drama and one science fiction movie (1985 El caballero del Dragón) in a career that spans over 30 years . Especially known for directing comedies such as 1987 La Vida Alegre , 1988 Miss Caribe , 1989 Bajarse al Moro , 1993 Rosa Rosae , 1994 Alegre Ma Non Troppo , 1995 Efecto Mariposa . And in the 2000s directed Al Sur Granada (2003) , El Próximo Oriente (2006), Rivales (2008) , La Banda Picasso (2012) , and several others . Rating : 6/10 . Acceptable and passable.

Operazione poker

Disjointed and run-of-the-mill Sixties Euro-spy movie co-produced by Spain and Italy
Routine , full of action , tongue-in-cheek Euro-spy movie with usual components : pursuits , crossfire , struggles , strange artifacts , international conspiracy , explosive women and other tippings that used to show up in the genre , dealing with usual two-fisted secret agent , nicknamed 05-14 , Glen Foster who visits various glitzy European capitals in search of a diplomat who has some important documents about something or other. There are two diverse plot strings that eventually interlace each other . First, our agent has to deal with a scientist with a great extraordinary invention , a X-ray device small enough to fit on a tie-clip and it can see through walls . Second, Foster , the secret agent is assigned to protect a Vietnamese official who's traveling for talks with the U. N. His mission becomes more complicated when other agents who escorted the official for part of his journey start getting eliminated one by one. Meantime, Foster goes around romancing hot women and getting into some struggles , we see two more agents knocked with uncanny "diabolical devices" such as a tracking device he puts on a dog , a gas-bomb hidden in an lady agent's shower and a remote-controlled boat that runs down a swimmer and explodes all over him. As well as the pculiar gimmick of x-ray vision via a pair of contact lenses, it's being used by a playboy to cheat at cards , but Foster uses to spy on his girlfriend in bed, and after a shower , thus reinforcing his macho/voyeur credentials. Foster doesn't carry around any special weapons himself , but he does drive a customized car designed to compete with the ejection-seat version of Bond's Aston-Martin from the Goldfinger movie. When a bad guy stows away in the back seat of Foster's car, the whole back end of the auto breaks off, consigning the villain to a timely demise . At the end a noisy crossfire takes place around the barrels at a Tuborg Brewery in an extended bout of deadly product placement .

Average Euro-spy movie with ordinary ingredients : thrills , noisy action , plot twists , several villain roles , bare fist-fights unusually well choreographed, various international locations , shootouts including high body-count with bullets fly from time to time and being middlingly entertaining from start to finish . The story is a fun mess starting with silly chases and some spectacular locations from from the Riviera to Geneva to Paris to Casablanca Casbah , Málaga and to Copenhagen. Stars Roger Browne who gives a passable acting as the tough secret agent who's supposed to protect a Vietnamese envoy, some of whose protectors have already been mysteriously killed. Two of Foster's femmes are played by well-known Euro-babes , gorgeous Helga Liné and Jose Greci. At the end there's a slight reveal with respect to the unknown mastermind, though I can't claim that it's a major surprise and the reveal still doesn't palliate the Eurospy genre's sad lack of memorable villains . Happening mutual spying and silly confrontations with a lot of violent fights , leaps and crossfire . Colorful and so-so rendition about European spy subgenre , a prolific genre during the sixties , not taking any situation seriously . A fashion , but pedestrian regular spy film at the time, meaning it stuck to a lot of what was currently popular , but here including some embarrassing and nonsense scenes . Inspired by the success of the James Bond films, as this spy sub-genre borrows heavily from the OO7 series that at the time starred Sean Connery , such as : Dr No, From Russia with love , Thunderball, and Goldfinger . The content remains the same as the title : an unknown villain as mastermind , beautiful mini-skirt girls , along with ridiculous , uptight and extremely silly action set pieces from a today's point of view . A Sixties-style film usually has a short sell-by date , and this flick isn't exception . The leading role was ordinarily played by Sword and Sandals regular Roger Browne who was a popular as well as untalented player at the time , a tarnished actor who couldn't carry a rickety product like this . The script doesn't help him either , as it consists of the habitual intrigue to take on a powerful organitation , while our starring go around the world and actually tells no more than different people spying on and beating up each other in the hope of getting their nasty purports . Of course , with such a film from nostalgic and botcher ways , one does not count on high art work . It is staged in a hopelessly amateurish way , it shows us rows of bare fights and several confrontations with a number of dead people . As our starring behaving in such a twisted activity and so stupid manners so that committing usual mistakes on their own way . The screenplay works with unnecessary contradictions and implausibility , including disconcerting or ridiculous moments , and the story is thinner than it usually is in works of this kind , the Euro-spy sub-genre . However , the worn-out cinematography by Alfonso Nieva spoils the spectacle , being really necessary a perfect remastering because the film copy is really wasted . It has some flaws and gaps , as it does tend to get a bit old , including repetitive nature of some fight scenes , and excessive nonsense , but it has a bit of fun , at times, so it cares . The main and support cast -with everyone having amusement- are acceptable , slightly adequate to their functional characters . Appearing some familiar faces from the Sixties who worked in the habitual 60s , 70s sub-genres : Peplum, Spaghetti Western , Giallo, horror, Euro-thriller , as Spanish actors, such as : Sancho Gracia , Helga Liné, Ángel Ter , Rufino Inglés , José Riesgo and Italian ones : Carla Calò, Roberto Messina, Andrea Scotti , among others.

The motion picture was regularly directed by Osvaldo Civiriani . He was a craftsman who made several genres such as Western : ¨I due Figlio Di Trinitiy¨ , ¨I Figlio Dgango¨, ¨Died for a roller¨ , ¨Trusting is good shooting is better¨ ; Erotic movies as ¨Voodoo sex¨, ¨Sexy Prohibite¨, ¨Lucrecia¨, ¨Mayra Black Venus¨; Eurospy : ¨Case Becket¨ , ¨Operation Poker¨, and about car races as ¨Summer love¨, ¨2 Della Formula1¨ and adventure : ¨Kínder Lion of desert . Rating : 4.5/10 , inferior Spanish/Italian spy movie by specialist director Osvaldo Ciriviani .

The Horror of Frankenstein

Ralph Bates brings a strong portrayal of the scientific attempting to create a human taking parts here and there .
Acceptable Frankenstein entry in which Ralph Bates does a top notch performance , as ever , in the role which made him a terror movie legend , it still stands as one of the great screen acting . At the beginning Victor Frankenstein (Ralph Bates) is a young student who demonstrates an outstanding aptitude for maths and an interest in anatomy, much to his teacher's anger. He uses his superior intelligence and some psychology to play upon the teacher's neurosis to have the class dismissed early. Victor shows his friend Wilhelm (Graham James) a severed arm attached to a scientific machine. As Victor operates the machine , the arm comes to life and moves. Here Frankenstein is an academically gifted but arrogant and amoral student . He , then , joins forces with another scientist who becomes his assistant and he will stop at nothing to get his purports , not even patricide, to achieve his goal of recreating human life . Later on , he builds a man from spare body parts ; the monster comes alive and wreaks havoc. The latter is a young doctor who helped by an attendant and a bodysnatcher (Dennis Price) took corpses from graveyards . Frankenstein builds a man from spare body parts ; the monster (David Prowse) comes alive and wreaks havoc . Being attended by a gorgeous maid (Kate O'Mara) and he's carrying out creepy experiments . After successfully re-animating him , things go wrong . Along the way , a stagecoach is assaulted by robbers and Victor saves Elizabeth Heiss (Veronica Carlson) and her father Professor Heiss (Bernard Archard) . As Victor intervenes and two robbers are killed in the process . Elizabeth recognises Victor as an old school friend. Frankenstein whose experimentation with creation of life becomes an obsession , but his creature behaves not as he intended . His brain and his body came from a killer and his soul came from hell !

This exciting film packs thrills , chills , eerie events and lots of gore and guts . This Frankenstein outing displays colorful photography and thrilling as well as chilling musical score by Malcolm Williamson . Ralph Bates is terrific as Frankenstein who creates a weird being and bringing it to life , giving a portentous performance , as always . Ralph Bates appeared in the three films that Jimmy Sangster directed: Horror of Frankenstein (1970), Lust for a Vampire (1971) and Fear in the night (1972). Atmospheric , slick terror film , creaky at times but it's still impressive .Intelligent and twisted screenplay has nice plot , including fine production design , enhancing its atmosphere thanks to its brilliant color by expert cameraman Moray Grant . There's some spoof elements in this standard Frankenstein story featuring philandering ex-med student Baron , whose interest in a rare and esoteric branch of science provides a shocking and up-to-date version of the age-old plot . Being preceded by ¨Frankenstein must be destroyed¨ and followed by ¨Frankenstein and the monster of the hell¨. The script by Jimmy Sangster was revised several times to avoid repeating any elements from the Universal Frankenstein series , as part of this effort, new monster make-up had to be devised especially for this film . After the successful Universal Pictures as ¨House of Frankestein¨, ¨Bride of Frankestein¨ , ¨Son of Frankestein¨, ¨Frankestein meet the wolf man¨ and ¨ The Zingara and the monsters¨ , Frankestein personage was left until Hammer Productions took him and produced ¨The curse of Frankenstein¨ ; although Universal threatened a lawsuit if Hammer copied any elements from the classic version . Followed by six sequels such as : ¨Revenge of Frankestein¨ by Terence Fisher , ¨Evil of Frankestein¨ by Freddie Francis , Frankestein created woman¨ by Fisher , ¨Frankestein must be destroyed¨ by Fisher , ¨The horror of Frankestein¨ by Jimmy Sangster and this ¨Frankestein and the monster from hell¨ by Fisher ; all of them starred by Peter Cushing and one by Ralph Bates , besides similar artistic and technician team as the cameraman Jack Asher , Production designer Bernad Robinson , musician James Bernard and make-up by Philip Leaky .

The motion picture was well directed nby Jimmy Sangster . He worked as a production assistant at Hammer Films. His duties included assistant director, second unit director and production manager. For an upcoming project, the head of Hammer suggested that Sangster try his hand at writing ; if he liked Sangster's script, Hammer would buy it. This began his career as a writer, the profession he is best known for. His early scripts were not only for Hammer, but some of Hammer's competitors as well. He sometimes wrote under the name John Sansom (Dracula, prince of darkness (1966)) and James Sangster (Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?(1972)). This ¨Horror of Frankenstein¨ results to be one of the last Hammer's Frankenstein movies , being compellingly directed by Jimmy Sangster , though inferior to previous installments . Rating : Passable and acceptable terror film , 6/10 ; essential and indispensable watching for Hammer Productions fans .

Body Double

Attractive suspense thriller from Brian de Palma is a voyeuristic and violent re-working of Alfred Hitchcock
Mysterious story , competent performances and sense of style about a second-rate actor who witnesses a brutal slaying . The film begins and ends with the protagonist, Jake Scully (Craig Wasson), playing the part of a vampire on the set of a low-budget horror film . After he ruins a take by being unable to rise from a coffin due to claustrophobia , a fire breaks out on the set and he is sent home by the director Rubin (Dennis Franz) . Scully arrives home early and catches his fiancée (Barbara Crampton) having sex with another man . Since it is the girl's apartment , he must leave, so without a place to stay he heads to an acting workshop, where he makes a new friend, Sam (Gregg Henry) . Sam offers him a house-sitting arrangement at an opulent Modernist bachelor residence high atop the Hollywood Hills . He also points out a sexy female neighbor, Gloria Revelle (Deborah Shelton),whose seemingly exhibitionistic antics can be viewed by telescope. Then the young actor's obsession with spying on the bombshell woman who lives nearby leads to a baffling series of events with drastic consequences . A seduction !. A mystery !. A murder !. Brian De Palma the modern master of suspense invites you witness . Do you like to watch? You can't believe everything you see.

A classic in suspense from De Palma , pitching us right into the action from the beginning and baffling most of us to the ending. Concerning a B-actor that when a grisly murder happens it leads him into an obsessive quest through the world of pornographic movies . The film displays a great and haunting musical score by Pino Donaggio , De Palma's favorite composer and imitating former hits , along with appropriate cinematography . There is much for De Palma buffs to savour in this thrilling and atmospheric handling of a complex story with deliberately old-fashioned treatment. Craig Wasson is assured as ever as the obsessed actor battling against his obsessions and Melanie Griffith in a difficult role as the porno actress who looks exactly like the woman on the the window , she strangely adds depth to her acting . An adequate frisson is supplied by Melanie Griffith , the daughter of one of Hitch's favourite blondes , Tippi Hedren , star of ¨Marnie¨ and ¨The Birds¨ . There are tense key images that that are brilliantly staged. This thriller flick is plenty of mystery, intrigue, and suspenseful . Adding special characteristics techniques as ominous camera movements .

It contains colorful and evocative cinematography by cameraman Stephen H. Burum , as well as perceptible , impressive musical score by Pino Donaggio . Very good and graphically mysterious direction from Brian De Palma . Brian De Palma's homage to Hitchcock and the chief amusement turning out to be inquire what scenes taken from Master of suspense . That's why takes parts especially from ¨Vertigo¨ and ¨Rear Window¨. All this said, the mechanics of suspense are worked quite well and may frighten the easily scared quite badly , but De Palma has made a habit of dwelling on their more sordid side-shoots . The picture is brilliantly directed by Brian De Palma. This one along with ¨Sisters¨, ¨Dresssed to Kill¨, ¨Blow out¨ are outwardly another ode to Hitchcock , but the Master might well shift uneasily in his grave at the long-drawn-out tension , and the shock effects with the accent on the killing , but on most occasion is thrilling . Rating : 7/10 . Above average but gets some riveting basic ideas and fascinating images . Nowadays , being a highly considered film ; that's why it is deemed by many to be one of the Brian Palma's best.

Black Beach

Interesting and provoking thriller with noisy action , pursuits and thoughful events
The film directed by the Spanish filmmaker Esteban Crespo who takes us to the deepest Africa through a story of action and international entanglements . Carlos (Raul Arevalo) is a Spanish CEO who lives in Brussels (Belgium) working for an important USA oil company. He is a businessman who gets a request to intercede on behalf of a US engineer in the oil industry who's been kidnapped. Married with a 8-months pregnant Susan and with his mother Elena (Paulina Garcia) who works as a veteran United Nations' diplomatic, Carlos' lives in a upper-class full of luxury hoping to turn in associate of the company and with plan to move with Susan (Melina Matthews) to New York City to get a better life. Carlos decided to undertake a perilous mission but her own spirit and mind will take on an ominous reality. His plans turn bad when his bosses chose him to negotiate in a remote African island country where he lived time ago after to know that Steve Campbell, an American engineer, has been kidnapped by Calixto Batete (Jimmy Castro) , a former Carlos' friend. In the belief to be a fast and easy work, Carlos back to the country living in a house property of LeónLeón Ndong (Emilio Buale) , son of president Gregorio Ndong, and meeting again Alejandra (Candela Pela) , a Spanish NGO cooperator who lives in a boat with her friend and assistant Eva. However, troubles starts to appear by everywhere: Carlos learns that Ada, Carlos' former love interest, married Calixto and she was arrested and imprisoned in the Black Beach jail. Then we live a segment of the film where Carlos goes to visit his old girlfriend who remains locked up in prison. Black Beach is a prison in Equatorial Guinea where human rights are not respected and which gives the film its name. Carlos' attempt to know the truth causes that General Mba, Black Beach's warden, moves his soldiers following Carlos in idea that he find the files by him. Carlos visits Ada's mother Claudina in the desire to save Calixto before he be killed by Ndong's henchmen, but according time passes, Carlos finds himself in a race against time to locate the files with horrible consequences. Not finding the papers, Carlos escapes and returns to visit Mama Claudina to learn horrible happenings about all the residents of her building .

Brooding and thought-provoking flick concerning interesting themes, such as : Multinational corruption , illegal activities of oil companies , genocide of a local tribes, human exploitation by extreme labouring , horrible African conditions where life has not value and death shows up in every corner of the way , violent African wars causing massacre, destruction and chaos. Although the country Carlos is heading to is never mentioned, it can be concluded that it is Equatorial Guinea and we assume that due to political problems, Black Beach has been filmed on the coast of Ghana . Nothing to object to the chosen locations as they are excellent , they place the viewer inside and at the center of the plot , from now on , events precipitate in what already becomes a fast-paced action thriller, adding an impeccable technical wrap with an exciting musical score by Arturo Cardelús and a colorful cinematography by Ángel Amorós. The filmmaker's story already opts for only two options. The personal merges with the professional and Carlos faces the biggest dilemma of his life . He will have to choose between selling his soul to the devil or being able to look his son in the face tomorrow. The viewer will get involved depending on his ability to delve into a script that exudes a certain artificiality . Black Beach (locally also known as Playa Negra) is the name given to a prison located on the island of Bioko, in the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo. It is one of the most notorious prisons in Africa. Maln and support cast are pretty well. The best of Black Beach goes through the stunning actors in which Raúl Arevalo shines with his own light, playing Carlos , a businessman discovering a reality more dirty than he expected , as he finds out some grisly events more dirty than any remote African island country. A character very rich in nuances as a honest man who sacrifices himself for the unfortunate African people and achieves a good evolution thanks to the script written by Esteban Crespo himself and David Moreno. A script that is also right with the character of Ale interpreted with the usual sympathy by Candela Peña who steals the show. She is an old friend of Carlos and helps him move around the country with the mission of unraveling why and how the businessman everyone is looking for has been kidnapped. The other characters are at the service of the main protagonist. The presence of Melina Matthews stands out as Carlos's wife. She is about to give birth and represents the grieving wife. Another interesting character is the son of the president of the African country. He receives our starring with luxury cars, women at his disposal and cocaine served on a silver platter. Giving a good performance Emilio Buale who was already nominated for Best New Actor at the Goya for El hoyo . Along with a nice support cast such as : Paulina García as Elena , Babou Cham as General Guillermo Mba and Jimmy Castro as Calixto.

The first thing that surprises in Black Beach is the absolute change of register of its director. It should be remembered that we are talking about the second film by Spanish filmmaker Esteban Crespo. In his previous film, titled "Love", the intimate side with which he focused on love in adolescence prevailed. Estebán Crespo is a good craftsman , a writer , director known for Lala (2009), Nadie tiene la culpa (2011) y Aquel no era yo (2012). Black Beach(2020) rating : 7/10. Better than average.

The Town

Spendid and nail-biting thriller with a competent cast including top-notch actors
Violent and gloomy action film about impressive robberies with all-star-cast giving terrific acting . In The Town , a crew of tough thieves from execute virtually impossible heists. The tough crew of violent robbers and career criminals consisting of a motley team who leave their Charlestown (Boston) life on their own volition, the neighborhood where there is an unwritten code to protect that lifestyle. Such robbers include Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) , leader of the ecclectic gang , comprised of his best friends James "Jem" Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), Albert "Gloamy" Magloan (Slaine), and Desmond "Dez" Elden (Owen Burke). Doug MacRay, was an ex-champion of Ice Hockey who left his team in lousy circumstances . Meantime, FBI Detectives (Jon Hamm , Titus Welliger) are working to foil the criminals. A last heist that goes wrong , triggering a series of fateful happenings when then rob a bank and hold Claire (Rebecca Hall) , the assistant manager, hostage . Things begin to get complicated when one of the crew members falls in love with Claire. Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America !.

This is a breathtaking thriller with shootouts, strong violence , twists , turns , breakneck, action-packed finale filled with double-crosses, greed and revenge. The plot is plain and simple , the typical heist carried out by a motley group , but it goes awry , an ordinary theme we have already seen in other films , here with the novelty that the peculiar gang of criminals are laced by family ties and blackmailed by a ruthless villain -brief but terrific acting by Pete Postlethwaite- in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town. It results to be a bitter meditation on deceiving , defeat , vengeance , treason , disenchantment and redemption. Ben Affleck's special achievement , giving a memorable work , attempting to incorporate his own personal obsessions and steely violent events . Darker , grim , more abstract and desolate than his early works , this shows , set piece by set piece, the breakdown of the criminal codes with a team of violent roles whose activities little by little get worse . Dealing with two set-pieces heists , being superbly executed, on the one hand , the bank robbery at the beginning and subsequently on the other hand , the final heist , both of them are ingeniously planned and meticulously filmed. The film includes star-studded with great main and support cast giving competent interpretations , formed by popular and successful faces , including the following ones : Rebecca Hall , Jon Hamm , Jeremy Renner , Blake Lively, George Carroll , Titus Welliver , Pete Postlethwaite and special mention for Chris Cooper as incarcerated father of Ben Affleck.

It contains a thrilling , exciting musical score from David Buckley and Harry Gregson-Williams . As well as adequate and colorful cinematography by cameraman Robert Elswit. The motion picture was well directed by Ben Affleck . This great actor and stunning filmmaker has directed some nice films , such as : Air , Live by Night , Gone Baby Gone and his biggest hit : Argo . Rating The Town: 7.5/10 . Above average . Well worth watching for Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner fans. Essential and indispensable seeing.

The Son of Kong

Inferior and often humorous sequel to capitalize the enormous success of its predecessor
Low budget follow-up to RKO's immensely popular King Kong and in which King Kong's descendant is discovered on an island amid prehistoric creatures , including good monsters created by expert Willis O'Brien . Here the showman who brought Kong to New York returns to Skull Island and finds Kong's son (though the model of the Little Kong does not appear until 42 minutes into the movie) , a spunky 12-footer with a winning personality and his dad's awesome strength. Appearing Nils Helstrom (John Marston) who was the Norwegian captain who gave Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) the map to Skull Island prior to the events of King Kong (1933). Along the way , Son of Kong saves the damsel in distress (Helen Mack) . The Twelve Foot Ape Befriended them On the Island of King Kong! See! The cannibals! The earthquake! The sea serpent! The fighting monsters of ages past! What does he look like? Can he love? How does he feel toward the men who captured his father, Mighty King Kong? They braved a thousand perils to sail for buried gold!".He's a Better Man Than His Famous father"

A semi-comic sequel with a rather endearing , if somewhat smaller son of Kong . Hoping to capitalize the King Kong hit (1933), director Ernest B Schoedsack quickly threw this together . The filmmakers who created King Kong kept the excitement going with this follow-up, released the same year as the original . Here the two brave protagonists rescue Kong Jr from quicksand and get a devoted protector who defends them from fierce prehistoric monsters : Styracosaurus , Triceratops and a giant Bear but when a mighty earthquake strikes, even the son of Kong may not be powerful enough to save them. In The Son of Kong (1933) the two beasts Kong Jr battles are roughly his own size and the only giants in the film are the triceratops that chases the Captain, Helstrom, and Charlie, and the brontosaurus-like creature .¨The most dangerous game¨ (1932) , "King Kong" and ¨Son of Kong¨ were filmed at the same time, though "Kong" was released later probably due to the special effects required for it . The sets are perfectly atmospheric and production uses most of actors , scenary , set design , exteriors and some of the screams are the same as the screams from ¨King Kong¨ (1933) . Most of the standing sets and jungle scenes were also used for simultaneous shooting of jungle scenes in King Kong . There're some actors reprising their characters from King Kong , such as : Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham, Frank Reicher as Captain Englehorn, Victor Wong as Charlie , Noble Johnson as The Native Chief and Steve Clemente as The Native Witch King , while recordings of Fay Wray's screams from King Kong (1933) were used in this movie. Here Helen Mack is the attractive and feisty heroine and though the movie takes a long while to get going , it has some stirring , tense and fun moments .

The motion picture was regularly directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack. Ernest's enthusiasm for this movie was curtailed when he was told he had less than half the budget of King Kong (1933) to work with. The poor box office of the film convinced RKO to lay off giant ape movies until Mighty Joe Young (1949). From 1926, Schoedsack worked in tandem with an old army acquaintance, Captain Merian C. Cooper, under contract to Paramount on the documentary dramas Grass (1925) and Chang (1927), shot respectively in Persia (Iran) and in Siam (Thailand). After going solo on another documentary, Rango (1931), filmed in Sumatra, Schoedsack was hired by RKO from 1932 to 1935 to direct documentaries, starting with The most dangerous game (1932). He then worked (uncredited) with Cooper on King Kong (1933), and later directed the (unofficial) sequel Mighty Joe Young (1949) with the same production team. Schoedsack's sparse output as a director also includes the classic live action/miniature science-fiction drama Dr Cyclops (1940). Rating . 5.5/10 . Mediocre but acceptable and passable sequel.


A so-so and thrilling story about some soldiers-of-fortune menaced by local villains and a giant killer lioness
Action , shootouts and adventure movie about a commando of mercenaries pursued by nasty locals and a massive rogue lioness. O'Hara (Megan Fox of Transformers franchise) is a mercenary leading a squad of soldiers-of-fortune which includes the loyal Elijah (Brandon Auret) , the outgoing Joey Kasinski (Philip Winchester) and Bo, the confrontational Mike Barasa (Greg Kriek) , and the Masaai and former jihadist Pata (Sisanda Henna) , as they carry out their mission to rescue hostages (Jessica Sutton , Calli Taylor and Isabel Basset , director's daughter who wrote as well) in a remote part of Africa. Unfortunately, the mission goes awry and the team is stranded and forced to survive against the ominous rebels . But things go wrong , as they have to confront a giant lioness and submitted to a perilous survival game . They are besieged by a huge lioness and its environs being confined almost entirely to the dangerous savannah , resulting in fateful consequences . And to make matters worse they are surrounded at a farm sieged by murderous attackers while the beasts go on the killling spree .At the end an epilogue : "This story is fiction.""But the facts are that in 2019 there were over 12,000 lions in 'farms' in South Africa. Though this is legal, mostly they are being kept in appalling conditions before being killed for their skins, bones and other body parts to supply traditional medicine markets. Cubs are bred and used for petting zoos until too old to handle before being shipped for slaughter or used in 'canned' hunting, It is a disgrace and should be stopped. -MJ Bassett" . When the hunter becomes the prey!. No ordinary animal !. Prey for survival !. ! .Sometimes the rustle in the bushes actually is a monster. Human Emotion Stripped Raw!

.Stars Megan Fox who tackles a thrilling new role as a battle-hardened mercenary in this explosive action saga , she is the leader of a two-fisted team , leading a lively squadron of soldiers on a daring mission: rescue hostages from their captors in remote Africa , but as the mission gets worse and the team is stranded, the squad must face a bloody, brutal encounter with a gang of rebels and the horde of angry , ravenous , enraged wildlife they encounter. This is an action commando drama movie whose filming took place in Glen Africa, Country Lodge, Broederstroom, South Africa , it lasted for 22 days, though I think of being more a war drama than an adventure/thriller film , dealing with an enormous lioness holding revengeful qualities , which is killing a lot of people . This is a decent drama of acceptable attractiveness and essential quality in which a nail-biting script is given full value by the players, concerning a hired commando formed by brave soldiers find themselves hunted by a massive rogue lioness intenting on proving that the Savanna has but one apex predator. The film is acceptable and passable , though overuses lousy computerized images of a lioness ; in fact , all of the animals that appear in the film are 3D generated . It contains some striking set pieces , brilliant cinematography by cameraman Brendan Barnes complemented by a cracking highlights with the ferocious lioness attacking here and there and adding other bonus attractions . As well as an attractive cast , such as : Megan Fox as the tough leader who'll stop at nothing to carry out her assignment , a role that sits easily on his shoulders , Philip Winchester as her colleague , Greg Kriek , Brandon Auret , Deacon and adding the teens Jessica Sutton and Isabel Bassett .

The motion picture was regular but professionally directed by M. J. Bassett, though it has flaws and gaps . M. J. Bassett is a feature film and television writer/director. As a teenager in the UK, MJ's career started as a wildlife photographer and documentary maker, subsequently becoming an on-camera host of various nature and science programs before writing and directing the feature film "Deathwatch" , starring Jamie Bell, Matthew Rhys and Andy Serkis. This film achieved quite success , going on with ¨ Wilderness¨, ¨Solomon Kane¨ (2009) and ¨Silent Hill : Revelation 3D¨. And shooting apisodes of notorious TV series such as :Nightflyers (2018), Iron Fist (2017) , Taken (2018) , Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015) , Power (2015) , The Player (2015) , Da Vinci's Demons (2013) , Strike Back (2010) , among others . Rogue (2020) is an old-fashioned B film on an acceptable scale and basically enjoyable because of it. Rating : 5.5/10.

Las viudas

Decent antology movie formed by three segments played by a great Spanish cast and nicely shot by three craftsmen
Formed by three attractive stories with full of black humor, social criticism and memorable performances . Three stories about the sudden death of three husbands. In "Honeymoon", a newly married man dies because of his wife's excessive ardor. A film with very uneven "episodes", while the first is little more than a very old-fashioned "dirty joke" and the second is only of sociological interest with that unfaithful husband who plays it for having a little love affair at a ski station , the third is the best of the trilgy showing fine humor and acid criticism. In "The Anniversary", the husband, who leads a double life, dies because of an affair with an overly passionate young woman. And in "The Picture of Regino," a grieving widow sees her life turned upside down when she discovers that her husband has died because of her greed and pettiness. Here we find us the protagonist, the always magnificent José Luis López Vázquez, acts, above all, from a painting.

A film endowed with a very peculiar charm and attractiveness with three stories starring three very different widows . "Honeymoon", which is the first, is directed by artisan Pedro Lazaga and has to gorgeous Iran Eory who plays with her recently released husband Arturo Fernandez as if he were a toy and who will unconsciously end up destroying him. And it has nice musical illustrations. The second episode "The Anniversary" is dramatic and although it begins in a relaxed way, it will turn bitter . Alberto Closas, Julia Gutiérrez Caba and Aida Power achieve some perfect creations. Unusually, it is directed by Julio Coll, another good filmmaker . The third is directed by the author of a masterpiece such as "Accident 703", José María Forqué. It's called "Portrait of Regino" and it offers López Vázquez a great opportunity to shine, which the great actor takes full advantage of. The main cast is assisted by stunning secondsry actors nterpreting with their usual solvency by people like Antonio Ferrandis , Alfredo Landa , Luchy Soto, Margot Cottens , Rafaela Aparicio, Giancarlo Del Duca , Antonio Garisa, Doris Coll, , José Sazatornil 'Saza' , Ismael Merlo, María Luisa Ponte , among others.

The delicious musical accompaniments by the unforgettable Augusto Algueró are remarkable. The credits song : Las Viudas performed by Monna Bell written by Antonio Guijarro and Augusto Algueró , it's also notable for its inspired lyrics. Adding an atmospheric and evocative cinematography from three expert cameramen : Juan Mariné (segment "El retrato de Regino") Mario Pacheco (segment "Aniversario, El") and Cecilio Paniagua (segment "Luna de miel") . The motion picture was competently directed by three great professional directors: Julio Coll, José María Forqué, Pedro Lazaga . Without a doubt, it represents one of Pedro Masó's great achievements as a producer.

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