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Las cicatrices

Colorful picture about bullfighting in Spain of the sixties by the prolific craftsman Pedro Lazaga
Andalusian bullfighter,Pedrín Benjumea (Benjumea himself) is a young man who dreams of becoming a bullfighter. His father (Jose Bodalo) , who because of his work as a plaza nurse has seen the hard and bloody side of the party very closely, opposes his son's hobby. However, supported by his sister (Conchita Nuñez) and with his comrades "Curro" and "El Tormentos" (Alfredo Landa) he goes from farmhouse to farmhouse bullfighting every night, overcoming the various barriers that are presented to him to become a great figure of ¨Toreo¨.

This is a biopic about a known bullfighter , and how his wished dreams come true , but with no romances . The picture pays tribute to this great Torero , displaying good feeling, emotion , human values , spectacular bullfighting or Corridas and results to be pretty entertaining . At the same time the movie deals with Spanish-style bullfighting , it is called Corrida De Toros (literally "running of bulls") or la fiesta ("the festival"). The film has great interest for fans of bullfighting because being a summary of the typical and well built screenplay upon a bullfighter who emerges from anonymity, seeking his opportunity, in ¨Becerradas¨ and ¨Capeas¨ , to get a real success . Realist yarn talks about a young illiterate goes to big city to achieve great success as matador . The rest of the film is bullfighting cuts that for those of us who do not like bulls , however, being tedious .Naive acting by Pedrin Benjumea as a young man who dreams of becoming a successful Torero. This bullfighter committed suicide in 2000 when he was only 54 years old. What a sad end for a bullfighter who, if the film is true to reality, had against power from the beginning.

As for the simple and plain plot , the highlights result to be the influence of the Mayoral, promoter or Apoderado , and representatives of the squares with the bullfighters. Especially here represented by the son played by José Rubio of a powerful father performed by Carlos Lemos . While Alfredo Landa returns to his role as the comic relief. And José Bodalo gives an excellent performance as usual , as the veteran plaza healer . Remaining support cast is frankly wonderful , full of prestigious secondaries with long careers such as : Conchita Núñez, Alfredo Landa, Pepe Rubio , Antonio Martelo, Manuel Manzaneque, Tomás Blanco , Barta Barri , Alfonso del Real, Tomás Blanco, Rogelio Madrid, Rafael Hernández and Luis Barbero.

It packs a colorful and brilliant cinematography by Francisco Sempere , shot on location in Sevilla, Córdoba, Andalucía, El Escorial, Guadarrama, Madrid, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain . Evocative and adequate musical score by Anton García Abril , including songs and dances by Gracita Sacromonte and her Flamenco ballet . The motion picture compellingly produced by José Antonio Cascales was decently directed by Pedro Lazaga . He was a good and prolific professional , a craftsman who made all kinds of genres as Peplum : 7 Spartans , Mystery thriller: El Rostro Del Asesino , Drama : Cuerda De Presos , Posicion Avanzada , Otro Árbol De Guernica , El Frente Infinito , La Patrulla , Torrepartida , being expert on comedies in low budget as Los Tramposos , Sabían Demasiado , Martes Y Trece , La Pandilla De Los Once , El Vikingo ,Un Vampiro Para Dos, Novios 68 , Las Secretarias , Sor Citroen Abuelo made in Spain, Vaya Par De Gemelos, Verano 70 ,Vente a Ligar Al Oeste , Vente Alemania Pepe. And also made other important films about bullfighting : Aprendiendo a Morir with Manuel Benítez El Cordobés. Nuevo en esta plaza (1966) and Nuevo en esta plaza (1966) with Palomo Linares.

Jack the Ripper

Jesus Franco directs Klaus Kinski who gives a terrific acting as the psychopatic , perverted Jack the Ripper
German/Switzerland/Spain co-production dealing with a serial killer -Jack the Ripper- in London executing his some grisly killings and starred by Klaus Kinski giving overacting , in a really psychotic interpretation , as he knows the schizoid territory thanks to his other usual performances . Murders committed by Jack the Ripper terrorize Whitechapel neighborhood . He's a respected pysician by day , and a murderer at night . As a doctor is as a tenant at a house owns a landlady but by night he becomes Jack the Ripper . Kinski stars a man who checks into a boardinghouse and becomes the object of scrutiny when a series of murders plague the area . As in the Whitechapel slum , a hulking figure prowls in the obscurity , a woman's screams , while the camera stares blindly into a music hall . Jack is out of control , as he transforms into the ominous killer dismembering London prostitutes by night . He searches for his prey in the London streets , as prostitutes at night and eventually at a brothel until the local Inspector's girlfriend (Josephine Chaplin) goes undercover to catch him . Close your eyes and whisper his name... Probing eyes that marked the woman he loved for death! The Story of Jack the Ripper . Psycho is over the edge !. Pyschopatic, pure evil, perverted!.Terror...To freeze Your Heart ! Romance ...To Warm it! Fascinating beauty ...that marked her for Death ¡

This is a moving and horrific story about astonishing oddly murders in Whitechapel whose elusive killer results to be the famous Jack the Ripper. Grim and scary film with chills , thrills , sleaziness , ugly scenes, nudism and lots of blood and gore . Peculiar thriller remains as a special piece on surprises , showcasing the unique visual , zooms and ordinary stylistic tricks that would mark Jess Frank 's work . Resulting to be a tense film about murders with chills , suspense , gory scenes and an amazing final . This intriguing and thrilling story based on a script by prestigious Jean Claude Carriere , though uncredited , and Jess Frank himself . One of the outlandish evocations of this strange Spanish director , this time in the fogbound London of Jack the Ripper . Kinski gives a creepy , remarkable portrayal of perverted sexuality and a psychologically unstable man. . Along with Kinski here appear some familiar faces as Josephine Chaplin, Charles Chaplin's daugher , Herbert Fux , and of course , Lina Romay .This is one of the rate movies in which everything pulls together to create a weirdly compulsive atmosphere with plenty of fog , darkness , lights and shades , well shown on the photography . The production design is acceptable and passable interpretations , but the film is neither for squeamish people , nor for the easily queazy . There are also available several and unrated versions . The motion picture was professionally directed by prolific Jesus Franco, though it has some zooms , flaws , gaps and failures . In many of the more than 200 films he's directed he has also worked as composer, writer, cinematographer and editor. His first was "We Are 18 Years Old" and the second picture was ¨Gritos en la Noche¨ (1962) , the best of all them , also titled "The Awful Dr. Orlof" , it's followed by various sequels such as El Secreto del Dr. Orloff (1964) aka "The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll" , " Orloff y el hombre invisible (1970) aka "Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster" and finally "Faceless" (1987) . He also directed to the great Christopher Lee in 4 films : "The Bloody Judge" , ¨Count Dracula¨, ¨The Blood of Fu Manchu¨ and ¨The castle of Fu Manchu¨ . Jesús's influence has been notable all over Europe .

The Jack the Ripper character has been adapted on several occasions for cinema and television from the silent as ¨Pandora's box (1929) ¨ , multiple versions of ¨Lulu¨ a prostitute killed by Jack , ¨Murder by Decree¨ (1979) by Bob Clark with Christopher Plummer, James Mason , Anthony Quayle , John Gielgud , Susan Clark ; ¨Edge of Sanity¨by Gerard Kikoine with Anthony Perkins , Glynis Barber , Claudia Udy ; ¨From hell (2001)¨ by Albert Hughes with Johnny Depp , Heather Graham , Ian Holm and for TV in which appears as character in numerous series as ¨Jack the Ripper (1988)¨ played by Ray McNally and recently in ¨Sanctuary ¨ played by Christopher Heyerdahl , ¨The Lodger¨2009 by David Ondaatje with Simon Baker , Alfred Molina , Hope Davis , and several others .

Saw 3D

Passable and acceptable sequel that is even goriest than previous entries
Chiller sequel shot in the State-of-the-Art 3D , in which abounds terror with creepy use of images-shock and slick edition . Follow-up to original horror movies : Saw I , Saw II....that originate a successful franchise . This sequel is very linked to the previous entries especially the first one, in which two men , (Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell also screenwriter) wake up in a dirty bathroom tied by their ankles to pipes. Between them appears a dead man , near lies a tape-player and a pistol. Both play some tapes which find in their pockets. Detectives and other people must avoid deadly traps that a sinister character (Tobin Bell) has set on the way. This time a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror , he's named Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery) and a bunch of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of the self-help guru and allegedly only survivor . It results in a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw, and the fellow survivor. As Jigsaw 's brutal legacy has become obsessed for vengeance. As usual , various characters are kidnapped and brought to a warehouse , being submitted to extremely brutal tortures enhanced by means of 3D computer generator images . The Time Has Come For All to Experience the Last Act of a Legend. This Halloween, Witness the Final Cut. Will You Survive Until the End? This Halloween, The Traps Come Alive. Every Master Craftsman and All True Geniuses Always Save Their Best for Last. The Traps Come Alive .. Rules Are Meant To Be Broken...Like Father, Like Daughter. To the victor goes the spoils. Every game has its loopholes . Jigsaw's got a blooded tooth .

This chilling terror movie contains horror, suspense, thrills , chills and lots of blood and gore , adding a moving musical score by Charlie Clouser , adequate for mystery , tension enough and shot in Mind-Blowing , eye-popping and Heart-Pounding 3D . The picture takes accent on tension by means of a well-knit script full of twists and turns . It packs eerie images-shock , slick edition and nail-biting pace. The movie is well starred by Tobin Bell, a support actor working in television and cinema from the 80s. Along with a good cast , such as : Sean Patrick Flanery , Costas Mandylor , Betsy Russell , Cary Elwes, Chad Donella , Gina Holden, Laurence Anthony , Dean Armstrong , Rebecca Marshall, James Van Patten and of course , Tobin Bell , most of them ordinary in the franchise .Sinister and mysterious atmosphere , well made by cameraman Brian Gedge and eerie musical score by Charlie Clousier, both of whom are habitual of the series . The motion picture was professionally directed by Kevin Greutert (Jackal , Visiones , Jessabelle , Saw VII 3D , Saw VI) , though without originality , being a simple copy from former installments .

The series is formed by the following ones : Saw I (2004) by James Wan was starred by Gary Elwes , Danny Glover , Ken Leung, Dina Meyer . It's followed by Saw II by Darren Lynn Bowman with Glenn Plummer , Enmanuel Vaugier , Donnie Wahlberg ; Saw III by Darren Lynn Bousman ; Saw IV by Darren Lynn Bousman with Scott Patterson , Betsy Russell , Lyriq Bent , Athena Karkanis , Louis Ferreira ; Saw V , Saw VI, repeating similar players as Betsy Russell, Shawnee Smith, Costas Mandaylor and of course Tobin Bell.

Furia española

Strange and offbeat comedy with a few and rare characters , being well played by Cassen
Sebastián (Cassen) is a touristic boat ticket man who in his rest time often visits brothels . He's a great fan of Spanish football , a real supporter who lives in Raval slums in the metropolis Barcelona . Then Sebastián decides to join a Barça's supporters club , while usually shouting : ¨Bisca El Barca ¡¨ . There he will meet the daughter of his friend Amadeo , (Carlos Ibarzábal), a charming young woman called (Mónica Randall) who will stop at nothing to marry him . After various years in which the Club had a bad career , the FC Barcelona with Johan Cruyff as its main leader is making a spectacular campaign , getting various successes and Sebastián results to be a fundamental enthusiast.

Director Francisco Betriu makes the film with a certain fluency and skillness from a technical point of view and develops the limited scenarios : Raval streets , brothels and a stadium just show up on the big screen. He delivers a so-so and outlandish comedy , almost theatrical , though with no originality , in which the main and support cast are frankly decent . Simple entertainment , an unpretentious film with excessive talking and taking a limited concept with certain social critic . Concerning a peculiar couple whose girlfriend wishes at whatever means to marry and eventually will celebrate their wedding on the same day that Barça and Madrid compete for the League . The camera movements are elegant and blending seamlessly into the action . The film doesn't offer more incentives and it tires and bores , at times . In any case, and despite the disadvantages exposed, it serves to spend the time enough , turning out to be a film in which in some moments the virtues manage to prevail over the defects . This is a comical and sometimes embarrassing account of an extremely soccer fan moving in fits and starts most of which would be desirable and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few ridiculous . Sitting in a strange middle ground between the completely absurd and the stylishly passable . The characters are quite odd , grotesque and geek and the film races with no much sense . A hilarious movie , fast , agile in the dialogues but with little happenings , and there are some nice jokes in the film and the cast , playing eccentric characters , make a cosy fit . And shot on location in Raval slums , Nou camp stadium, Barcelona and Lleida, Catalonia, Spain . The film is routine and boring , however, we have to save the nice actor Cassen , post- ¨Placido¨, who gives a real tour-de-force , and adding the extremely attractive Monica Randall as the young woman who finally agrees to marry him . Being accompanied by brief acting from secondaries as Alfredo Luchetti , Ovidi Montllor , Amparo Moreno , José María Cañete.

It is well set and under a varied musical background , including popular Catalan songs , such as : ¨Si quisieras olvidar¨Written by Carlos Moncada Performed by Enzo Lupo , ¨Obrero emigrante¨ Written by Ruiz de Padilla Performed by Perlita de Huelva ¨Porque tú eres¨ Written by Carlos Moncada Performed by Chelo ¨Perdido amor¨ Written by Carlos Moncada Performed by Rumba Tres, ¨Lluna d'amor¨ Written by Ana Fort and ¨Azul y grana¨ Written by Carlos Moncada .The motion picture was regularly directed by Francesc Betriu i Cabeceran. He was a writer and director, known for Corazón solitario (1973), Sinatra (1988) , Plaza del diamante , La Viuda Andaluza , Corazon Solitario, Tinto con amor and Documentary such as : El día que murió Gracia Imperio , Tarradellas and Mònica del Raval (2009). Rating : 5/10 . Average.

The Black Torment

Decent British terror movie with creepy events , intrigue , twists and turns
This eerie and suspenseful film is developed in an ancient and isolated mansion . A nobleman lord named Richard Fordyke (John Turner) goes back to his manor with his new spouse (Heather Sears) after some time in London , to hear rumors that he had already secretly gone back . He soon hears disquieting reports about the neighbours seeing him running around, chased by a female figure that bears remarkable resemblance to his late first wife . Meanwhile, at his mansion and surroundings have been committed several murders. He will have to confront the mysterious evil force and legacy of horror of his family . Richard Fordyke is caught up by an ominous ghost and becomes inextricably involved in weird killings. Things go awry until a astonishing and surprising finale. Terror Creeps From the Fringe of the Fear to the Pit of Panic. A Creature From the Grave Bears Witness to Murder. What was the deadly power that desired and devoured the women of Fordyke?

This s a good terror film in Hammer Film style with malevolent spectres, family curses and an amazing final surprise . The plot is plain and simple an aristocrrat returns to the family manor with his new sweetheart when bloody events start happening , as he could very well be responsible for some rapes & murders that have occurred . The movie is plenty of grisly killings , tension , terror , genuine screaming , horrible chills and a little bit of blood . The picture packs a creepy atmosphere and strange color by the fine cinematographer Peter Newbrook who subsequently directed the Cult terror : The Asphyx . In addition , a frightening and intriguing musical score by Robert Richards . It is an acceptable British terror film with suspense , plot twists and weird appearances, but little slow-moving , at times . The casting is frankly well , there appears various awesome British actors , such as : John Turner as the suspicious Lord Richard who must ponder the idea that there could be some sort of conspiracy to drive him craziness . Along with his good-natured and beautiful wife well played by Heather Sears . Being well accompanied buy a fine support cast , such as : Peter Arne , Ann Lynn , Francis De Wolff , Norman Bird , Edina Ronay, Raymond Huntley and Patrick Throughton.

The movie was professionally directed by Robert Hatford Davies who often used pseudonym as Michael Burrows , author of some other Horror films and other genres as ¨Corruption¨ (with Peter Cushing) , ¨The Fiend¨ (with Patrick McNee) ,¨The Sandwich Man¨, ¨Ritual¨, ¨The Smashing Bird I Used to Know¨ , ¨Nobody Ordered Love¨, ¨Gonks Go Beat¨, ¨Saturday Night Out¨, ¨Crosstrap¨ and Blaxploitation movies as ¨Black Gunn¨ (with Jim Brown) and ¨ The Take¨ (Billy Dee Williams) . The motion picture will appeal to British horror enthusiasts .

Mi hija Hildegart

The film is a thought-provoking and interesting social drama with engaging portrayals
Based on the realist novella written by Eduardo de Guzman titled Aurora de Sangre . Regarding Hildegart who was born and raised by her mother as a model for the woman of the future. At the beginning Aurora Rodriguez (Amparo Soler Leal) goes to a police station to assume the death of her daughter Hildegart (Carmen Roldán) , that she has had schemes to convert in an intelligent philosopher , model for the feminist, but finally murder her when she plans to be married.

This is not the typical drama by that time , here there is a deep social denounce about the female repression , dominance and feminism during the Thirties and concerning the actual happenings occured during the II Spanish Republic. Dealing with a peculiar family , both mother and daughter , developing the extreme domain , ambition , rivalry , envy and egoism of their two misfit members, being paced by means of flashbacks . Highly acclaimed pic offering , though really unknown , with an atmospheric and evocative cinematography by by the notorious cameraman Cecilio Paniagua . Brooding and harrowing picture is well set in the convulsive years previously Spanish Civil War , splendidly photographed , being stunningly and mostly shot on scenaries , in Madrid . As well as an engaging and thoughtful script from prestigious writer Rafael Azcona , along with Fernando Fernan Gómez himself .

It packs and atmospheric and evocative score by the famous singer and composer Luis Eduardo Aute . The motion picture was well directed by Fernando Fernán Gómez and it failed at the Spanish boxoffice . Fernán Gómez appeared in more than 200 films , directed another 20 and wrote novels , plays and poetry . He was a member of the Spanish Royal Academy and one of the best actors of the film history . Along with Icíar Bollaín , he's the only person to have been nominated as performer (El Abuelo (1998), director (El Viaje a Ninguna Parte (1986) and writer (Lázaro De Tormes (2001) for three different movies at the Goya awards . He actually won in every category at least once . This prolific and prestigious actor also directed a few films , such as : ¨Lazaro De Tormes¨ , ¨Fuera De Juego ¨, ¨Mambrú Se Fue a La Guerra¨ , ¨5 Tenedores¨ , ¨5.000 Dias Juntos¨ , ¨Ninette¨ , ¨Venganza De Don Mendo¨ , ¨El Extraño Viaje¨ that is today deemed a real ¨Cult Movie¨ and his greatest success ¨Viaje a Ninguna Parte¨ .

Based on real deeds , these are the following ones : Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira ( 1914-1933 in Madrid) was an activist for socialism and the sexual revolution, She spoke 6 languages at the age of eight, she finished law school as a teenager and was the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party which she abandoned in favor of extreme republicanism. When she was 18 years old and had become internationally known, her mother shot her dead. Hildegart was conceived in Ferrol by Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira and an undisclosed biological father chosen by her mother with eugenic intentions. When she was sure that she was pregnant, she moved to Madrid, where she was born Hildegart. Aurora set a clock to wake up every hour, allowing her to change her sleeping position so that blood could flow to the fetus evenly. Her birth certificate and her baptism certificate reads: Hildegart Leocadia Georgina Hermenegilda María del Pilar Rodríguez Carballeira, but she only used her first name. Despite Aurora's atheism and her opposition to her birth registration, she baptized (late) the girl on March 23 and was registered on April 29. Her mother used to explain that Hildegart meant "Garden of Wisdom" in German, but there is no basis for that, the name was an invention or alternative spelling of the Norse / German name Hildegard. According to a subsequent investigation by Rosa Cal, her father was a brilliant military chaplain, Alberto Pallás. In June 1928, at age 13 and a half, Hildegart enrolled in the Faculty of Law of the Complutense University of Madrid. She subsequently taught at her School of Philosophy during the Second Spanish Republic. Hildegart was one of the most active people in the Spanish movement for sexual reform. She was related to the European avant-garde, corresponding with Havelock Ellis, whom she translated, and Margaret Sanger. At the founding of the Spanish League for Sexual Reform, chaired by Dr. Gregorio Marañón, she was elected unopposed secretary. She corresponded with many other European personalities, accompanying Herbert George Wells on his visit to Madrid, but rejecting his offer to go to London as his secretary. This offer from Wells, who wanted it to be fully developed thanks to the influence of her mother, fostered Aurora's ideas of persecution. There were several hypotheses about the cause of the murder. Hildegart may have fallen in love. She intended to separate from her mother who, out of paranoia, threatened to commit suicide. Aurora's explanation was that "the sculptor, after discovering a minimal imperfection in her work, destroys it." He shot his daughter twice in the head and twice in the heart . Aurora herself was sentenced to 26 years, but later she was transferred to a psychiatric institution in Ciempozuelos, Madrid, where she died in 1955.

My Bakery in Brooklyn

An enjoyable and sensitive Spanish/US film about charming relationships with very attractive characters
A charming and appealing comedy with fine actors that was a success enough at Spanish box office . This is a pretty good film , being mainly set at a traditional stately shop and a few scenarios . The picture displays an optimist and good feeling message with sympathetic roles and likeable situations . Vivien (Aimee Teegarden) and Chloe (Krysta Rodriguez) are two understanding and honest cousins living in Brooklyn, they have been inseparable ever since they were children. At least, they were until recently , as the sudden passing of their Aunt Isabelle (Linda Lavin) has left them with a challenging inheritance : a quaint Boulangerie , Isabelle's, an old fashioned European-styled bakery in Brooklyn, has long been owned and operated by its namesake, Isabelle Moats . As Vivien has to leave her wishes to travel Europe to keep the bakery and Chloe, a chefs assistant for a popular daytime cooking show, feels they should put a modern spin on the sweet products . But things go awry when they learn the bakery is bankrupted due to the previous business that ruined and the bank reveals that the Boulangerie is in danger of being foreclosed . The true problem is what the debts accumulate and they're living almost in the ruin and the situations go wrong . The sweet spot where anything goes.

Stylish and agreeable comedy seasoned with diverting scenes , alluring mess , confusion , mayhem , entertainment and professionally directed by Gustavo Ron . It is a fun picture dealing with couple relationships , jealousy , cousins conflicts and many other things . Resulting to be a decent movie , though slightly claustrophobic due to be usually set at a bakery owns Vivien & Chloe . Romantic and convincing Spanish/US comedy with good actors delivering fine interpretations , funny scenes and nice direction. This is a charming and likable comedy with a lot of incidents in which each time more dangerously out of control , including attractant love stories in which there are twisted messes , as well as the ordinary comedian clichés . Colorful story of loves and jealousy in which predominates amiable, attracting roles who become embroiled in multiple bakery messes . It has some moments of enjoyment as well as amusement and others quite a few embarrassing . Regular and unbalanced , but gaining the sympathy almost at all times . Agreeable performance from cute Aimee Teegarden as Vivien, who has postponed her dream trip to Europe to help run the shop, she wants to keep traditional things , and Krysta Rodriguez as Chloe who is arguably more knowledgeable about food and a better cook/baker since her previous experience . Along with an attractive support cast , such as : Blanca Suárez, Aitor Luna , Enrique Arce, Griffin Newman , Ernie Sabella , Ward Horton , among others . Special mention for the veteran Linda Lavin in a brief role as the kind aunt who cared the two cousins since their respective sets of parents passed away , leaving Isabelle to raise both of them.

It displays a catching and moving musical score by Lucio Godoy . As well as a brilliant and glimmering cinematography by Miguel Gilaberte , usually in half-light from the bakery . This motion picture with a great and sympathetic cast was well directed by Gustavo Ron , as no big deal , the flick is acceptable and decent enough . However , accustomed the general public to hit smashes of other US blockbusters , this little ''My Bakery in Brooklyn 2016'' director failed to convince this time to critics , however getting success enough at the Spanish boxoffice and limited in USA. The motion picture was compellingly directed by Gustavo Ron. He is a fine craftsman who has directed a few films and TV series such as : Mia Sarah , My Bakery in Brooklyn , Vivir para siempre or Way to live forever and Velvet colection series . Rating : 6.5/10 , worthwhile seeing .

Nella stretta morsa del ragno

Suspenseful terror movie revolving around the house haunted plot with plenty of ghosts and eerie appearances
An remake with similar events to a former film titled Castle of Blood or Danse Macabre . While interviewing the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe and in an attempt to convince him , journalist Alan Foster (Anthony Franciosa in previous version played by Georges Riviere) that his horror stories are not pure fantasy, Edgar Allan Poe (Klaus Kinski) challenges the journalist to spend a night in Lord Thomas Blackwood's (Enrico Osterman) mansion. As they take a bet , so that he can spend one night at a tenebrous and haunted house , resulting to be a challenge from which no one has ever returned. Alan's evening starts out uneventfully, until Alan discovers that he is not alone. Sharing the house with him is Elisabeth Blackwood (Michèle Mercier), sister of Lord Blackwell and the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen, along with Elisabeth's lover Julia (Karin Field), a strange man with dark purports named Herbert (Raf Baldassarre), one Dr Carmus (Peter Carsten) who writes books about metaphysical medicine, and an entire ballroom full of dancers.

Nice horror film concerned the classic plot about a hanted house with plenty of preternatural beings , creepy murders and ghastly events. Set at a ghastly castle where happens scabrous and horrifying events . There appear to him vengeful spectres and bloodsuckers roaming here and there, such as : a murderer , a doctor expert on mathaphysical , mysterious and bautiful women , all of them resulting in fateful consequences. In spite of a few escenarios in the uninhabited, spiderweb-invested castle and its medium budget the picture is pretty well, thanks to the adequate filmmaking , stunning cinematography taking great use of lights and shades as well as camera positioning to complement appropriate horror set pieces. Acceptable starring , an obstinate journalist well incarnated by Anthony Franciosa . Reamining cast are pretty good , such as : Michèle Mercier , Klaus Kinski , Peter Carsten , Karin Field , Raf Baldassarre and Silvano Tranquilli who also played the 1964 version .

It contains an evocative and colrful cinematography in black and white by Guglielmo Mancori , Sandro Mancori and Silvano Spagnoli . Displaying a thrilling and frightening musical score by Riz Ortalani who also composed the former film . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Antonio Margheriti or Anthony M. Dawson . Antonio Margheritti was a good craftsman expert on horror and exploitation films. A prestigious filmmaker of Spaghetti Westerns, terror , adventures Peplum and anything else . Notorious Antonio directed with skill and aplomb from 1956 to his death in 2002. He made all kinds of genres , some of them splendidly directed and others mediocre or failures. As he realized wartime movies, such as : The Last Hunter , Tornado, Codename Wild Geese , Der Commander , Command Leopard . Sci-Fi : War of Planets , Planet of the Prowl , Criminal of the Galaxy , Yor the Hunter from the future , Treasure Planet .Spaghetti Western : Joko, Dynamite Joe , The Stranger and the Gunfighter , Take a Hard Ride , Ghosts go West , Joe implacable God Said to Cain. And Terror : Virgin of Nuremberg , Cannibal Apocalypse , Alien From Deep , Flesh for Dracula, Flesh for Frankenstein, among others. Rating 6.5/10. Better than average. The picture will appeal to Italian Gothic aficionados.

Erik il vichingo

Italian/Spanish co-production about the scattershot tale of how Erik, a real character, arriving in the edge of world
Viking fare with Giuliano Gemma as a brave heroe who sets out with a long ship full of squabbling warriors to discover the New World by navigate towards unknown places . An average Viking movie set in Dark Ages about a Barbaric warrior, Erik : Giuliano Gemma who grows dissastified with his Viking way of life at the era Ragnagok , then he decides to set out to encounter the mythical New World and where Norse Gods inhabit. By the way he joins a misfit and motley crew embarking into an orgy of fighting, destructiveness and battles into the edge of world . But the Norse Warrior discovers not only the New World but traitors subordinates : Gordon Mitchell , Eduardo Fajardo among his crew , calling for drastic measures. When Erik and his warriors arrive in Vinlad , they find a tribe of natives and a young India named Wa-ta-wana (Elisa Montés) . Our heroine attempts to falling for Erik, but then thing go wrong .

This enjoyable picture with shimmer and glimmering cinematography packs strange adventures , thrills , good action scenes , spectacular and evocative musical score and being amusing enough . Giuliano Gemma is fine , he gives a nice performance as leader of a band of Vikings driving his ship sets sail for an unknown land in search of a New World . It contains decent production design, and elaborate scenaries, adding traditional special effects. Fairly adequate but comic-book level costume adventure of Vikings battling Indians for power and glory circa year 1000 . Although full of stupid historical errors and unbelievable events , the film results to be pretty entertaining. Great location footage with sweepingly and handsomely photography frpm both , Spain and Italy countries . An indulgent delight in making fantasies come to life, including wonders , irreverence , sense of wonderful style, brief researched detail as the suddenly discovery : Vinland or land of Wine : North America pre-Colon, and a lot of incidental pleasures. The picture is filled with bizarre roles and rare nombres as Olaf , Erlof , Thormann , Eyolf , Thorfinn, Wingar , Angheropoulos , among others . Fashionable camera work by cinematographer Enzo Barboni , appropriately photographed, mainly in Finca Andalucía , Finca La Concepción, La Nueva, Marbella, Málaga, Andalucía, Spain and Lacio , Cinecitta studies , Italy , as well as rousing, epic musical score by Carlo Franci . The movie turns out to be so-so , athough there are a few spectacular action scenes an gory battles. This Giuliano Gemma vehicle proves as ramshackle as a Viking hut, as unwieldly as a Viking sword. Remaining cast is good with plenty of Italian and Spanish players . Being an Italo/Spagnola co-production here appears big-name Italian cast with familar Italians as Lucio De Santis , Erno Crisa ,Eleonora Bianchi, Aldo Bufi Landi, Fortunato Arena , Cala Calo and Spanish actors as Eduardo Fajardo , Elisa Montes , Beni Deus , among others . As acting range from hysterical to exaggerated. The picture was professionally shot by Mario Caiano who directed some scenes with verve and muscle , though resulting in a mediocre film .

This basic costume epic belongs to Viking genre , such as : The classic ¨The Vikings (1958)¨ by Richard Fleischer with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis , Janet Leigh , ¨Gli invasori¨(1961) by Mario Bava with Cameron Mitchell , George Ardisson , Andrea Checchi : ¨The long ships (1963)¨ by Jack Cardiff with Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmark ; ¨The Norseman (1978) ¨ by Charles B Pierce with Cornel Wilde and Mel Ferrer ; ¨The Viking queen(1967)¨ by Don Chaffey with Don Murray and Andrew Keir; ¨The Viking sagas (1995)¨ by Michael Chapman with Ralph Moeller , among others . And in siimilar issue : ¨EriK the Viking¨ 1989 by Terry Jones with Tim Robbins ,Mickey Rooney, Imogen Stubbs, John Cleese, Tim McInnerny, Freddie Jones. Rating : 5.5/10.. Acceptable and passable due to the fine battle scenes and wonderful cinematography and locations make the movie a standout . This throughly amusing historical epic stands up to teens and adults viewings . Don't miss Vikings subgenre aficionados.


Noisy action , thriller and vengeance with a two-fisted Burt Reynolds
The picture talks about a veteran CIA agent attempting to begin a new life in honorable issues , as he hopes for a tranquil life in the placid Pacific Northwest . As C. I. A. Assassin Richard Malone (Burt Reynolds) wishes the retirement , a guy running away from his past, but then things go wrong . The ex-CIA man whose car breaks down in a small town who then gets close to a family ( Cynthia Gibb , Scott Wilson) and attempts to battle an ominous villain . Along the way , nasty enemies led by fascist Delaney (Cliff Robertson) are menacing his plans and then goes into action . They go after him but Malone'll execute his legitimate defense as well as extreme wrath and he'll become in judge , jury and executioner . The woman held the key to his past. The man wanted to buy his future. Now both were trying to kill him. Ex-Cop. Ex-CIA. Ex-PLOSIVE! He didn't start the fight... but he'll sure as hell finish it.

In the film there is action , exciting pursuits , shootouts , thrills , suspense and a little bit of violence . From the beginning to finish the noisy action-packed and fast-moving are continued and that's why it results to be entertaining . The great climax of the film is the final confrontation between the starring and the enemies that's stimulating and moving . The story is an adaptation from the novel "Shotgun," by William Wingate and script by Christopher Frank .Film attempts hard but doesn't succeed in being believable. Burt Reynolds acting is wooden but likeable , as being habitual in his roles as a merciless revenger . As he plays a burnt-out agent with secret missions stumbles into a real state swindle/murder plot in Oregon and sets out to stop it . This picture represents one of a handful of films starring Burt Reynolds playing tough and brave agents or cops or avengers in which he exacts his assignments by violent and expeditive ways , such as Rent-a-Cop, Sharky's Machine , Stick ,White Lightning , Fuzz , Gator , Hustle , Shark , among others . Reynolds is well accompanied by a good cast such as : Clift Robertson as a right-wing extremist plotting a secret revolution , a young Cynthia Gibb , Scott Wilson as her good father , Kenneth McMillan as a corrupt sheriff , Lauren Hutton , Philip Anglim , Tracey Walter , Dennis Burkley , Duncan Fraser , and Dennis Burkley.

It contains an enjoyable and moving musical score by David Newman. As well as colorful and adequate Cinematography by Gerald Hirschfeld . The motion picture was professionally directed by Harley Cokeliss . This filmmaker is a good artisan directing some decent films such as : Paris Connections , An Angel for May , Warlords of the 21st Century , Dream Demon , That Summer , , Black Moon , The Battle of Billy's Pond and making episodes of popular series, such as : Dark Knight , The Immortal , Xena and Hercules. Rating : 6.10 . Good , acceptable and passable movie. The pic will appeal to Burt Reynolds fans. Worthwhile seeing.

Rastres de sàndal

Touching and usually artistic Spanish film with evocative cinematography , awesome acting and fine message
¨Traces of Sandalwood¨ is a sensitive and warm film about two attractive sisters from remote countries . Despite her fame and fortune, Mina (Nandita Das) , a successful Indian actress in Mumbai , can't forget her little sister Sita, from whom she was forced to separate after their mother's death in a village. Thirty years later she will finally find out that Sita is alive and well in Barcelona. However, Sita's adoptive parents have erased all traces of her past. She is now called Paula (Aina Clotet) , works as a researcher in Biology and has no recollection of her Indian background, let alone of Mina . Faced with the shocking truths of her past and aided along the way by her budding romance with the handsome Indian immigrant Prakash (Naby Dakhli) she undertakes a far journey . A story of hope and love across Mumbai and Barcelona; from India to the Mediterranean and all the way back. Pain is universal. But so is hope.

Simple as well as moving film about an enjoyable relationship , including comedy , drama , emotion , sensitivity , spectacular Indian dances , a nice group of actors who worked extremely well together , along with colorful cinematography by Raquel Fernandez , stirring musical score from Zeltia Montes and Simon Smith , being compellingly directed by Maria Ripoll . Heartfelt tale dealing with Paula who begins a long journey of self-discovery , including a very well written plot both sad and funny. It is a dramedy (drama and comedy) concerning sensitive relationships , good feeling , emotion and touching scenes , including awesome interpretations with outcast roles were pretty well developed . Well-acted movie, photography is brilliant and full of metaphorical images for those of you who enjoy artsy movies and well worth watching. As the brooding plot becomes extremely affecting , containing a thoughtful message , remembering the true meaning of our existence and the things that actually matter in the troublesome life . I had a great time watching this movie , with many laughs and some tears. Resulting to be a stirring and charming tale of hope and love across Mumbai and Barcelona ; from India to the Mediterranean and all the way back .Furthermore , the picture gives an interesting point of sight of different cultures. The skills of the actors are very fine and professional. This movie represents very well issues from different life stages, and teaches the importance of family and dedicating time to work on fixing relationships . Here stands out the loving relationship between the two siblings as well the moving romance between Paula and her Indian boyfriend , with full of sensibility and attractiveness . Nevertheless , the film results to be sometimes slow-moving , at times .

Here stands out the luxurious cinematography shot on location in Bombay, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, La Pedrera, Parc Güell, Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain . The motion picture was professionally directed by Maria Ripoll . Maria Ripoll was born in 1964 in Barcelona, Catalonia , Spain and considered to be one of the best Spanish female filmmakers . She is an expert director and assistant director , being especially known for the successful "Your Life in 65" (2006) , ¨Tortilla Soup¨ (2001) , ¨Lluvia En Zapatos¨ or ¨The Man with Rain in His Shoes¨ (1998) and ¨Rastres de Sàndal¨ (2014). Maria has directed known international stars , such as : Penélope Cruz , Lena Headey , Héctor Helizondo , Leonardo Sbaraglia , Tchéky Karyo , Jacqueline Obradors , Elizabeth Peña , Douglas Henshall , Mark Strong , among others . She also made a thriller that failed at box office titled ¨Utopia¨ with Najwa Nimri , José Garcia , Emma Vilarasau and Fele Martínez . And this ¨Vivir dos veces¨ (2019) that has got several nominations and prizes , such as : Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2015 Winner CEC Award Best Adapted Screenplay Anna Soler-Pont , Gaudí Awards 2015 Winner Best Film in Catalan Language Maria Ripoll , Anna Soler-Pont , Pontas Films Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) , Televisión Española (TVE) , Nominee Gaudí Award Best Female Lead : Aina Clotet , Best Production Manager : Josep Amorós , Best Art Direction : Anna Pujol Tauler , Best Supporting Actress : Rosa Novell , Best Original Score : Zeltia Montes , Simon Smith , Best Costume Design : Anna Güell , Best Make-Up and Hairstyles Concha Rodríguez , Goya Awards 2015 Nominee Goya Best Adapted Screenplay : Anna Soler-Pont , Montréal World Film Festival 2014 Winner Most Popular Film of the Festival Maria Ripoll.


Suspenseful movie filled with twists , turns , tension , thriller and shocks
This is a really mysterious and intelligent suspense movie with drama , plot twists , well-paced , including decent scares with tense sequences especially in its final part , in a unexpected denouement , near of the end . It deals with Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw) who checks into a hotel to find her husband , Army Lieutenant Paul (Frank Latimore) , who is going back from World War II. He is delayed and suddenly through the window her hotel room the confused Janet witnesses a killing . Unsettling , disturbing Janet goes into shock and the hotel doctor calls in prestigious psychiatrist Dr. Cross (Vincent Price) . To keep her from revealing what she knows , Cross convinces Paul to let him take her under observation at his sanitarium . There his lover, Nurse Jordan (Lynn Bari) , helps to keep going on her medication and drug addiction . Can There Janet must convince anyone that she is not insane earlier it's too late . He never dreamed what it would all lead to...and she didn't care !

It is a highly mysterious and cerebral thriller about a killer who realizes that his patient saw him murder his wife , being filled with thrills, intriguing events , plot twists , including an exciting conclusion in its ending part . From start to finish the complicated mystery, intrigue , thrills , and suspense result to be continuous . The picture is pretty well , although sometimes stagy and slow-moving , at times ; however is entertaining for continuous suspense . Hitchcock-style psychological thriller , being surprisingly good and compellingly shot . The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie, but not totally satisfactory , adding some brief conventional pitfalls . The main cast is frankly fine , with charismatic performance all around , as the excellent protagonists: Vincent Price as the cunning doctor , Frank Latimore as the innocent husband , Anabel Shaw as the emotionally fragile spouse and Lynn Bari as the selfish and domineering nurse and lover . Special mention for Vincent Price who had a long and noted career . Vincent is excellent as master of menace , the picture is specifically devoted to the particular talents of Price . His first fling with the horror genre was ¨Dragonwyck¨ (1946), a Gothic melodrama . With ¨House of Wax¨ (1953) , Vincent fine-tuned the character type he had established in Dragonwyck, adding both pathos and comic elements to the role of a maniacal sculptor . In 1952, Vincent joined the national touring company of 'Don Juan in Hell' in which he was cast as the devil. Acting under the direction of Charles Laughton and accompanied by noted thespians Charles Boyer, Cedric Hardwicke and Agnes Moorehead, he later recalled this as one of his "greatest theatrical excitements". The majority of his subsequent films were decidedly low-budget affairs in which the star tended to be the sole mitigating factor: ¨The Mad Magician¨ (1954), ¨The Fly¨(1958) and its sequel , ¨House of the Haunted Hill¨ (1959), the absurd ¨The Tingler¨ (1959) and ¨The Bat¨ (1959). Vincent played various famous film for Roger Corman as ¨The masque of Red Death¨, Horror tales¨ , ¨The Pit and the Pendulum¨, and he continued to play various films in similar style shot at England as ¨Theatre of blood¨ , ¨Madhouse¨ , ¨Abominable Dr Phibes¨ and the following ¨Dr Phibes rises again¨ .

This Shock 1946 contains a sinister and mysterious atmosphere in black and white with plenty of lights and shades by cameraman Joseph MacDonald. As well as thrilling and moving musical score by David Buttolph. The motion picture was well directed by Alfred L Werker , being decently made and competently realized . Alfred was a little known Hollywwod craftsman who directed some nice films , such as : ¨Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Whispering Ghosts , Kidnapped , Heartbreak, The Mad Martindales , Moon Over Her Shoulder , Sealed Cargo, The Last of the Duanes , Double Cross Roads , Chasing Through Europe, Blue Skies ,Kit Carson¨. Rating : 6.5/10. Above average. Worthwhile watching . The movie will appeal to Vincent Price fans.

El analfabeto

A good-feeling and friendly illiterate man sometimes resorting to wordly solutions to problems
Nice and entertaining farce upon the sympathetic Cantinflas as an illiterate cleaner with good intentions who works at an office where is deceived by the clerks . Cantinflas recital in which he usually wears his baggy pants, his two-piece mustache and talks nonsensical sentences . Dealing with a man who cannot read or write is given a letter that says he is the inheritor of two million pesos, which begins off a series of diverting and twisted events . Along the way our friend Cantinflas falls for a young woman : Lilia Prado , makes good acts , helping people , fine assistance , and clashes repeatedly with the usual villain : Carlos Agusti who has ambitious plans . Here Cantinflas is simply the coolest illiterate one eacher ever !

Good-natured and warmhearted Cantinflas comedy , here playing an atypical and likeable cleaner . A gentle, satisfying and agreeable comedy with a lot of humorous, enjoyable sketches about an unconventional illiterate man who delivers teachings , goodness , help and happiness . He is a sui-generis handy man at an office with virtues and shortcomings , but above all , a complete human being . Of course , Cantinflas using his comedy routine consisting of engaging in drawn-out, nonsensical chatter , as well as his physical aspect as two-piece mustache with wide, clean-shaven gap in the middle. The attractive plot is similar to another successful Cantinflas film ¨El Portero (1950)¨, as a hand man who cleans the building, sweeps, makes botched works and all kinds of activities . ¨El analfabeto (1961) is the hilarious all new adventure of that imprudent , impish , impossible droll role magnificently played by the splendid Cantinflas. Most laughs are supposed to come from watching the especial handy man do such outrageous things and organizing peculiar tricks to get his attractive purports , while concerning his various works , love , and education. This is a successful , though overlong satire, and in my opinion it results one on the best Mario Moreno Cantinflas movies . Alongside Cantinflas there appears some human and credible roles , special mention for Lilia Prado who was Luis Buñuel's regular actress including : Abismos de pasión , La Ilusion Viaja en Tranvia ,La reina del cielo, El malvado Carabel , as well as the Spanish Carlos Agostí as Licenciado Aníbal Guzmán , Antonio Garasa who played a lot along with Cantinflas and Sara Garcia , the legendary "granny of Mexican cinema" specialized in portraying mothers and grandmas, then her nickname .

This is a simple fun and exhilarating film about an unusual good guy versus a bad boy along with other adventures , romance and misfortunes shown in a mass collection of vignetttes . Cantinflas' career was very long from the Forties to Eighties . He is responsible for more than one word that is in the modern Spanish language dictionary, including the verb "Cantinflear", which roughly means to talk a lot but say nothing of substance. Cantinflas represents the humble Mexican who wants to overcome himself and accomplish something in life. His fruitful career Cantinflas performed good-tempered and kind people , mostly low-class characters .In 1936 Cantinflas made his first "film," a two-reel advertisement for a trucking company. A year later, he appeared in his first movie for the nascent Mexican film industry, "Asi Es Mi Tierra" : "That's My Country" . Equally , he played motley roles with all kinds of jobs, as he was street cleaner , a teacher , a doctor, an actor , an extra , a scientist , a clown, a fireman , a porter , an elevador operador, a photographer , a prospector , cowboy , a student , Hotel manager , an Ambassador , Bellboy , a police officer , magician , a priest , among others . These roles to be interpreted in films as El Profe , Bombero Atómico, El Supersabio, El Analfabeto, El Extra , Sube Y Baja , El Conserje , El Mago, Por Mis Pistolas , El Circo, Su excelencia, El Señor Doctor , El Señor Fotógrafo , El Patrullero, Por Mis Pistolas , and his last one : El Barrendero.

The motion picture was competently directed by Miguel Maria Delgado in his usual style , and he was Cantinflas' ordinary filmmaker . Delgado directed him in a lot of movies as El señor doctor, El patrullero 777, El profe, Por mis pistolas, El supersabio, Gran hotel, El señor fotografo, Los tres mosqueteros, El Gendarme desconocido, among others. Rating 6.5/10. The picture will appeal to Cantinflas fansRating : 7/10. Above average Cantinflas movie . A childhood favorite , appointed to tremendous fans of the great Cantinflas. Essential and indispensable seeing .

Herz aus Glas

Strange and cryptic Werner Herzog film, with picturesque cinematography
This is an offbeat and provoking film regarding the notorious craftsman of a small village carrying out glassworks and dying suddenly without revealing the secret to the known "Ruby Glass". This small village is renowned for its "Ruby Glass" glass blowing works but things go wrong when the main foreman dies without transmit his craft wisdom . The little town slides into a deep crisis , and the owner of the glassworks becomes obsessed with the lost secret asking for help a wise man . At the village a mysterious young (Josef Bierbichler) appears telling weird prophecies about a sad future of the people .

Herzog's film is based upon the true and mysterious story of the creators of a brilliant crystal , it stars a rare prophet , a very strange and fantastic character well played by Josef Bierbichler . Concerning the deep distresses happen when the foreman of glassworks dies suddenly without revealing the secret of the Ruby Glass creating a real depression and sadness at the village , then showing up a bizarre chracter named "Hias" -legendary Nostradamus lookalike- who is actually based on a Bavarian prophet called Mühlhias. A movie that shares with ¨Aguirre Wrath of God¨ and ¨Kaspar Hauser¨ a fascination with rare and outlandish roles . Not the same dizzy folly as Aguirre , but Herzog´s similarly long perspective conjures as a brooding and thought-provoking film of man's aimless tracks throughout a society in crisis . Josef Bierbichler provides a decent as well as agreeable acting as the mysterious young with unknown past . Accompanied by ordinary actors from Herzog factory as Clemens Scheitz and Volker Prechtel. However , most actors were really hypnotized by Werner Herzog himself and play under hypnosis on big screen.

It contains hypnotic , colorful and luxurious cinematography by Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein , Herzog's regular , being shot on various location in Monument Valley, Utah, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Niagara Falls, New York, Alaska, USA , Skellig Michael, County Kerry, Skellig Rocks, County Kerry, Ireland , Frauenaus bei Zwiesel, Bavarian Forest, Bavaria, Germany , Pischelsdorf bei Arnstorf, Bavaria,Walchsing Castle, Bavaria, and Switzerland . Accompanying a fascinating and riveting musical score by Popol Vuh . The motion picture was competently directed by Werner Herzog . Including some landmarks , as containing long, extended landscape shots . This great German director Herzog has made thoughtful and interesting films , such as : "Fata Morgana" , "Aguirre Wrath of God" , "The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser", "Heart of Glass" , "Stroszek", "Woyzeck" , "Nosferatu the Vampire", "Where the Green Ants Dream" , "Cobra Verde" ,"Lessons in Darkness", "My Dearest Enemy", "Invincible" , "The White Diamond", "Grizzly Man", "Rescue Dawn" , among others . Rating : 6.5/10 , acceptable and passable but extremely slow-moving and a little bit boring . The flick will appeal to Werner Herzog followers.

When the Redskins Rode

Routine but spectacular frontier Western in low budget with thrills , betrayal , emotion and Indian attacks
¨When the Redskins Rode¨ is an ordinary and tolerable Indian Western , a run-of-the-mill yarn with usual confrontation between French troopers and Britsh army with Indian tribes supporting both sides . By the time of the conflict, the boundaries between British and French colonial possessions in America were not well defined. The Seven Years' War broke out between 1754 and 1755 when the British attacked French-claimed positions in North America and captured a significant number of French merchant ships. However, the large-scale conflict that mobilized most of the European powers centered on the Austrian ambition to regain Silesia, lost to Prussia during the War of the Austrian Succession. The Seven Years' War was characterized in Europe by the siege and burning of towns, as well as by battles in the open with the massive loss of human lives. The conflict was a historic milestone whose devastating economic consequences on the European powers would eventually trigger the American Revolution in 1765, the French Revolution in 1789, the Haitian Revolution in 1791, as well as the rest of the revolutions and insurrections that culminated in the process. Of decolonization of the American continent in the XIX century. The film is set in 1753, Col. George Washington (James Seay) and frontiersman Christopher Gist (John Ridgely) are proudly introducing their protégé, Delaware Indian Prince Hannoc (John Hall) to Williamsburg, Virginia society. French spy Elizabeth Leeds (Mary Castle ) and her lover (John Dehner) plot a scheme against Hannoc (John Hall) , hoping to swing the Delawares to the French side in the impending colonial war. Things go wrong when Hannoc's father, Chief Delaware Shingiss (Pedro de Cordoba) comes to Williamsburg to sign a mutual defense pact with the British ruled by King George III that are allied along with the Mohicans , while the Wyandat and Huron tribes support the French army under kingdom Louis XV . Our protagonists must pass through a dangerous territory surrounded by hostile enemies until Fort Boeuf . Along the way, Hannoc falls in love for two beauties , the traitor Elizabeth Leeds (Mary Castle) and Indian maiden Morna (Sherry Moreland) and with Washington and his troops besieged at Fort Necessity. Untold Excitement and Tumultous Adventures...on the warpath in SUPERcineCOLOR!

The film packs thrills , fights , noisy action , crossfire , Indian charges , including natives habits with their rites and ceremonies and being entertaining enough .Moving and action-packed Western with a simple , standard story that engages the viewer until the last scene at Fort Necessity when Indians comes to the rescue . It's a medium-short budget film with comfortable actors , technicians , functional production values and passable results . Being freely based on historical events . Stars the handsome John Hall as the Indian chief Hannoc who saves Washington and his men from a French trap during a peace mission while unmasking a spy just as war breaks out . And appearance by some legendary roles as George Washington himself well played by James Seay and Delaware chief played by Pedro de Cordoba .

It contains an atmospheric and adequate musical score , as well as faded and tarnished cinematography by Lester White with a very bad print , being utterly necessary a perfect remastering . Produced in low budget by Sam Katzman , due to a combination of intelligent marketing and the fact that he ground out films so quickly and cheaply that he could cash in on a fad before it faded away, Katzman's movies seldom if ever lost money , and taking a lot of stock-footage here and there . At first he started producing action/adventure serials , where he got the nickname "Jungle Sam" , Katzman's output encompassed virtually every genre imaginable. In the 1930s he turned out Tim McCoy westerns for Puritan and Victory, the next decade he was grinding out the East Side Kids series at Monogram, the 1950s saw him making sci-fi opuses and teenage musicals for Columbia and in the 1960s he was cranking out hippie/biker films for AIP and Elvis Presley musicals for MGM. The motion picture was professionally directed by Lew Landers , rivaling Sam Newfield and William Beaudine as one of the American film industry's most prolific directors, The Raven was his first feature made under his real name . Landers galloped his way around 130 films , called quickfire and almost none of them exceeding 80 minutes , they have nearly all vanished into the mists of time now, exception for his cult movie : The Raven (1935)


Strange drama/thriller with twists , turns and notable acting
An intriguing and Hitchcockian thriller with suspense , tense and unpredictable conclusion with unanswered replies . It deals with Julia (Marta Etura) and Félix (Eduardo Noriega) , they're a young middle-class couple with a baby , whose relationship is going through a delicate moment . To get a peaceful family relation they go to a beach urbanization . Along the way they're arguing and she escapes in the car . It is night, the violent roar of a car crash makes him stop on the road and go out to find out what happened. To her surprise, she doesn't see anything strange. Upon returning to the car, she discovers that her purse has been stolen with her documentation, money and her cell phone. As if that were not enough, she cannot find the way to urbanization, she has been lost. Begins the anguished pilgrimage of Julia and Felix looking for each other in an unknown landscape to both , which will reveal essential secrets of the heart and will push them to make extraordinary decisions to regain their lost love . But their paths are seriously wrong , resulting in fateful consequences .

"Presentimientos" results to be a film that feels really twisted and forced at times , despite the fact that it's well paced and stylistically photographed . The result, then, is not as satisfactory as one would expect in such a sophisticated and pretentious movie , containing some flaws and gaps . As the story does not get to excite us or disturb us as it intends , staying in an uncertain place and leading to nowhere . There is a shortfall of contrast between reality and dream , there is a lack of grit in the drama , tension as well as intrigue , and there is an overwhelming simplification in the proposed metaphors as the Discoteque Felicidad, the Ring , etc . Filmmaker Tabernero's intentions are undeniable acceptable , but he relies heavily on a confusing intrigue with plenty of holes and various questions with no answers. Director Tabernero seeks to follow to classic sources with references in the dialogue to Stanley Kubrick himself and especially to his "Eyes Wide Shut" and David Lynch and his ¨Mullholand Drive¨. But it is not a completely negligible product , in fact the scenic presentation , photography by Pablo Rosso , soundtrack by Joan Valent and other technical aspects have a certain packaging and make the result enjoyable ; however, being a pity that it does not get attractivenes enough .

Freely based on Clara Sánchez's novel that inspired by the film's libretto with the script by director Santiago Tabernero and actor Eduardo Noriega himself . Too much ambition can lead you to confusion and in this flick it happens at times . Of course, the efforts of the actors are extremely appreciated , especially Marta Etura, , as much as the main starring and giving a phenomenal interpretation as the unfortunate damsel in distress . And accompanying her husband well performed by Eduardo Noriega . Support cast is pretty good such as : Alfonso Bassave, Gloria Muñoz , Irene Escolar , Jack Taylor , Denis Rafer , Silvia Tortosa and known director Jaime Chávarri . And with the gorgeous l Lourdes Hernández , singer of Russian Red, who sings some catching songs and in a small role too . The motion picture was professionallly directed by Santiago Tabernero who previously made Vida y color (2005) and several episodes of TV series , such as : Torres y Reyes , Carta blanca , En familia , El blog de Cayetana , among others. Rating : 5.5/10. Passable and acceptable . The picture will appeal to Marta Etura and Eduardo Noriega fans .

The Legend of Bagger Vance

An emotive tale of triumph and redemption with great performances from Matt Damon and Will Smith
Succesful film with a sentimental story and intelligent character studio . Touching and sensitive portrait of an ex-golf winner who participates in the U. S. International Open in Savannah , Georgia, against two sports idols , the 2 greatest golfers of their time, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to play for $10,000 and being based on a true story . Classic story rings true because of Matt Damon's complex and adequate acting and stunningly realized by director Robert Redford. Exceptional Matt Damon and Will Smith displaying first-rate performances reaching an important milestone and a terrific Joel Grestch and Bruce McGill as their upright as well as serious contenders . As a tired War Vet named Rannulph Junuh : Matt Damon gets a chance to play against two biggest winners. As Rannunlph gets to achieve for big time , thanks to a caddy , as he triumphs over by odds , but sheer determination helps them attain their dream , playing the final Open , as he gets the chance to participate in the International Golf Championship , no matter how far-fetched the dream . Meanwhile , he falls in love for a wealthy young girl (Charlize Theron) who at the same time organizes the tournament. As he has an intelligent skill to no match for the class boundaries . Some Things Can't Be Learned. They Must Be Remembered. It Was Just A Moment Ago.

A sympathetic and agreeable film about a down-and-out golfer well played by Matt Damon tries to recover his game and his life with help from a mystical caddy magnificently performed by Will Smith . An enjoyable tale based on the Savannah Championship in which took part three famous international champs played by Joel Gretsch , Bruce McGill and Matt Damon . It contains a classic plot about personal overcoming and deals with a slice of American history , and is plenty of good feeling , heartfelt , interesting characters and formidable performances . However , sometimes is some sentimental and predictable but is still pretty amusing . Likable and enjoyable plot about a disillusioned goll player who attempts to retrieve his old and authentic ¨Swing¨ and his companions a coach and caddie , both of them face the dual challenge to win a world championship and redeeming themselves . Splendid film from the filmmaker Robert Redford of another David beats Goliath sports movie , similarly to ¨Rudy¨ with Sean Astin and ¨Hoosiers¨ with Gene Hackman , and it is even better than ¨The Greatest Game Ever Played ¨ 2005 by Bill Paxton with Shia LaBeouf . Sentimental plot stretches Hollywood manipulation , but is still entertaining delivering an engaging acting as Matt Damon , Will Smith and the likeable little boy J. Michael Moncrief ; they are backed by a good supporting cast , such as : Bruce McGill , Joel Gretsch , Lane Smith , Carrie Preston , Harve Presnell , among others .

Spectacular and rousing musical score by Rachel Portman , fitting perfectly to action . Fine production design and good sets , filmmakers had trouble filling the fields with extras for the final game, and needed to move people around when shooting different angles ; extras were given 1910's hairstyles and their clothing was checked for anachronisms . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Michael Ballhaus ; filmed on location in Jekyll Island , Georgia , Savannah , Georgia , Beaufort , Hilton Head , Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Bluffton, Charleston, South Carolina . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Robert Redford , he's a notorious producer/director and especially actor ; being this one his sixth film , the first one was the Oscarized Ordinary People , following : The Milagro Beanfield War , River runs through , The Horse Whisperer , Quiz Show , The Company You Keep , Conspiracy , Lions for Lambs , Cathedrals of Culture , among others . Rating : 7/10. Better than average , worthwhile seeing .

Ave María

Mexican/Spanish co-production dealing with fanaticism , bigotry and freedom
This engaging and brooding film titled "Ave Maria" boasts a strong cast and a simple but adequate production design . A thought-provoking fim set in 1659 , Nueva España, story opens as gorgeous novice Maria Ines (promising newcomer Tere Lopez Tarin) is visited Daniel Simon (Demian Bichir), who brings her gifts including a telescope which she can use to pursue her interest in astronomy. A full-fledged Renaissance woman, Maria Ines is also an expert in cartography and botany. Although her quest for knowledge doesn't sit well with Father Serra (Alfredo Sevilla) and the other friars of the mission, they put up with it since her father, a duke, is a bigwig in the Spanish court. But tragedy strikes when Maria Ines' father commits suicide, resulting in the cancelation of all her privileges and her demotion to performing menial tasks. In its second half, suffering a breakdown, the young woman starts to hear voices and obsessively scrubs the chapel's floor. Meanwhile back in the convent, fiendish Father Cuna (Damian Alcazar) in connivance with the Spanish military , launches a campaign to stop the do-gooder. But tragedy for Maria Ines lies just around the corner. Intelligence was her crime, Intolerance her enemy ¡.

Enjoyable ,agreeable film , though packing some flaws and gaps , set in 17th century about religious issues such as intolerance , fatalism and bigotry . Regarding a brave and valiant woman : Maria Ines who eventually becomes a loving , saintly figure, exercising her healing powers to help the plague-ridden natives. A charming if modest production values with nice photography in colonial religious paintings style help compensate for storyline troubles . Rossoff's stilted filmmaking fails to provide the complex development that the conflict needs , but overstating some of the emotions . A provoking and thoughtful picture in which Camille Thomasson's script renders most of the one-dimensional roles though giving poignant turns, as well as lacking motivation for their actions . Concerning the thorny theme of progressive womanhood at odds with a backward mentality turns into a schematic opposition between good and evil . Interpretations are uniformly good, in her first starring character, Lopez Tarin gives an appropriate acting as a strange woman who has a mystic revelation moving to forsake her wealthy inheritance and leave the convent in search of her mother's Indian roots . While Damian Alcazar arranges to lend some depth to the main villain , a fanatic friar . To its credit, an attractive cast manages to turn the cliches into believable human beings and a decent support cast formed by Mexican actors as Demián Bichir as a dashing trader , Alfredo Sevilla as the poisoned Serra and Spanish ones as Juán Diego Botto as the enamored priest and special mention for Ana Torrent as a resentful nun who later turns to Maria's cause.

Veteran cinematographer Henner Hofmann has done here one of his greatest works as an expert cameraman , with suggestive colors and picturesque frames . And shot on location in Hidalgo, Mexico. The prestigious Spanish musician Carles Cases composes a sacred soundtrack , adding operistic music and religious sounds . This interesting period piece was profesionally directed by Eduardo Rossoff , although uneven at times and written by notorious writer: Camille Thomasson who also wrote another religious story : Luther by Eric Till . First-time director Eduardo Rossoff tells his tale with an academic correctness and skillness enough that at times works against its dramatic potential. Pic could find its audience on the arthouse circuit and in Hispanic festivals in which it got some nominations and awards such as : Ariel Awards, Mexico 2000 Nominee Silver Ariel Best Set Design Melo Hinojosa, Best Actor in a Minor Role Luis de Icaza , Best Actress in a Minor Role Ana Ofelia Murguía Best Supporting Actor Alfredo Sevilla , Havana Film Festival 1999 Winner Best Director Eduardo Rossoff , Winner Coral Best First Work Eduardo Rossoff , Mar del Plata Film Festival 1999 Nominee Best Film International Competition Eduardo Rossoff , Newport Beach Film Festival 2000 Winner Audience Award Feature Film.

Enseñar a un sinvergüenza

Corny and dated Alfonso Paso comedy with the attractive and likeable Carmen Sevilla and José Rubio
¨Teach a scoundrel¨ or ¨enseñar a un Sinverguenza¨ deals with a cheeky, Bon Vivant named Lorenzo (José Rubio) , he is a card player who cheats at the gamble table helped by his lover (Ingrid Garbo) . Along the way , he breaks into the life of Rosana (Carmen Sevilla who was winner for her attractive performance) , a very beautiful but strict and rigorous teacher who never allows herself to do something out of place. The meeting will change the ways and attitudes of Rosana, and she'll end up madly in love with him .

Director Agustín Navarro makes the film with a certain fluency and skillness from a technical point of view and develops the stagy essence just show up on the big screen. The camera movements are elegant and blending seamlessly into the action . The film doesn't offer more incentives and it tires , at times . However, we have to save the nice actress Carmen Sevilla in the scene in which all the characters dance luckily and adding the extremely gorgeous Ingrid Garbo . The atmospheric musical background accompanies the acting , but the development is irregular and some boring . In any case, and despite the disadvantages exposed, it serves to spend the time enough , turning out to be a film in which in some moments the virtues manage to prevail over the defects . Displaying a good cast, such as José Rubio as Lorenzo, he discreetly performs the character with the sympathetic cheek that he played so many times in stage but at the same time showing certain interpretive limitations and while he's really surpassed by the always wonderful Carmen Sevilla as Rosana, in fact she won National Syndicate of Spectacle, Spain 1970 Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle Best Female Star . As well as a fine support cast with plenty of familiar faces , such as : Ingrid Garbo, Mari Carmen Prendes, Manuel Alexandre , Tina Sáinz, Carmen Martínez Sierra , Mara Lasso , Mirta Miller's cameo , Rafael Hernández and brief appearance of the indispensable and here wasted : José Luis Coll, Luis Sánchez Polack or Tip and Coll.

The picture was professional but regularly directed by Agustín Navarro. At first Navarro made some rather irrelevant slight works, then he spent a season in Argentina making the odd film : "Proceso a la conciencia" (1964) and also made some transcendent movie . He continued to try his luck with this adaptation of Alfonso Paso's work, whose lack of creative capacity was evident despite the discreet result presented for this story , which does not even have much environmental interest . Navarro directed some passable comedies as ¨Cuidado Con Las Personas Formales¨, ¨Cerro De Locos¨, ¨Casa De Los Martínez¨ and ¨De Profesión Sospechosos¨. And he also made a Western : ¨Cuatro Balazos¨1964 and a Thriller ¨El misterioso señor Van Eyck" (1966) , among others.

This successful play written by prolific playwright Alfonso Paso featured a lot of representations in stage , such as : Theater (Madrid Premiere, 1967) directed by Juan Guerrero Zamora , performers: José Rubio (Lorenzo), Nuria Torray (Rosana), Antonio Vico, Carmen Carbonell, Charo Soriano. The play was on the bill for 16 years in a row, Rubio leading the cast throughout that time. Later, the role of Rosana was played by Ana María Vidal (1968), María Garralón (1975-1979), Anabel Montemayor (1980-1982) and María Rey (1982-1983). Other changes in the cast included actors such as Mary Delgado, Mercedes Aguirre or Esther Gala. In 1994 the work was replaced, again with Rubio and Vidal at the forefront of the poster. In 2006, a piece was released that continued the plot 40 years later, with the title What was the scoundrel ?, written by Rafael Mendizábal and starring José Rubio and María Kosty. And Television (May 4, 1989, in the TVE first function stage) with the following performers: José Sancho (Lorenzo), Virginia Mataix (Rosana), Pastor Serrador, Margot Cottens, Pilar Barrera.

Clash by Night

Adult and intense drama with big main cast , in which early Marilyn Monroe shines in a secondary role too
An utterly unflinching and engaging drama though not much entertainment for the masses , dealing with a wayward woman with a past , Mae Doyle (Barbara Stanwick), who comes back to her hometown and marries a good-natured , amiable fisherman (Paul Douglas) and subsequently has a baby . Her marriage is lucky but restless , then gravitating towards her deep wishes and Mae beds his best friend (the two-fisted but sensual Robert Ryan) . While , her brother Joe (Keith Andes) fears that his girlfriend , fish cannery worker Peggy (Marilyn Monroe), follows her steps and winds up like Mae. Beautifully Outspoken!". My Guy is Afraid to Marry Me!". They called it love! But that isn't what the whole town whispered...nor the ugly name the husband gave it when he found out...too late!. Livin' in my house! Lovin' another man! Is that what you call bein' honest?. That's just givin' it a nice name! .

This classic flick contains emotion , gritty realism, triangular drama , outstanding interpretations and atmospheric scenarios in black and white well photographed by great Nicholas Musuraca who along with John Alton and John Seitz are the essential cameramen of Film Noir. All of them make this a slice-of-life tragedy that lingers in the memory . Based on Clifford Odets play , it displays a seamy storyline that is exploited to the hilt by master director Fritz Lang . RKO film production put all the force of the screen into a challenging drama of furious passions and though there are pretty, excessive dialogues , it is entertaining enough . Barbara Stanwick provides another of her strong characterizations as an impulsive , cynical woman who marries good-tempered Jerry/Paul Douglas only to find herself drawn to Jerry's friend Earl , tough Robert Ryan . Resulting to be a psychological , dark drama about fatalism , duplicity , pessimism and human passions.

The motion picture was competently directed by Fritz Lang . This great German filmmaker Fritz Lang directed masterfully all kind of genres as Noir cinema , such as ¨Big heat¨ , ¨Scarlet Street¨ and ¨Beyond a reasonable doubt¨ , Epic as ¨Nibelungs¨, suspense and drama as ¨Secret beyond the door¨, ¨Clash by night¨ , Western as ¨Rancho Notorious¨ and ¨Return of Frank James¨ and, of course , Adventure as ¨Moonfleet¨ . This good drama ¨Clash by Night¨1952 with lots of exciting and thrilling moments will appeal to Barbara Stanwick , Marilyn Monroe and Robert Ryan fans . Rating : Better than average , turning out to be a marvellous stylised drama set at a coastal village . This movie is justly recommended as one of the spotlights of Hollywood´s efforts of the early Fifties . Worthwhile watching .

Para toda la muerte

Crazy comedy with hilarious set pieces , messes , disconcerting scenes , and anything else
The flick packs rapid dialogue , silly incidents , fun plot twists , tongue-in-cheek , grotesque situations and above all , black humor. An acceptable and funny comedy stars Alberto López plays a young in precarious economic situation in a time of crisis , studying as a civil servant opponent, and after eight years finally seems to get a fixed job .He celebrates with his girlfriend Sonia (Marta Tomasa) , friends and family, however, after celebrating it, they call him from the administration to inform him that it is actually a computer error and that he has remained as the first substitute. He could only get the the right if the one who is in front of him dies . And of course, he atempts to get it , even to become a murderer and as he attempts to kill him when there appears another opponent (Estefania de Santos) but events get worse.

Here filmmaker Alfonso Sanchez delivers a passable black comedy , almost theatrical , though with no originality , in which the main and support cast are frankly decent . Simple entertainment, an unpretentious film with excessive talking and taking a limited concept . ¨Para Toda La Muerte¨ is perhaps the highest exponent , as far as their brief filmography is concerned, of the couple formed by Alberto López and Alfonso Sanchez . It offers interesting elements, it is a fun and light amusement . It is a very amusing , stagy and self-aware film, which develops its strengths and weaknesses in limited scenarios , though with some flaws and gaps , but it is, at the very least, enjoyable. This is a comical and sometimes embarrassing account of opponents who at whatever means attempt to get a vital job , and they will stop at nothing to obtain it , including killing . Sitting in a strange middle ground between the completely absurd and the stylishly cool . This film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few ridiculous . The characters are quite odd , grotesque and geek and the film races on at incredible speed . A hilarious movie , fast , agile in the dialogues , and there are some nice jokes in the film and the cast , playing eccentric characters , make a cosy fit , however they bear a strong Andalucian accents , that's is why being hard to understand them , at times . Alberto Lopez gives a sympathetic acting as José who has spent the various years preparing the exams to become a civil servant in Spain only to receive the news that he did not actually secure his job . This ¨Para Toda La Muerte¨ is made in similar style to ¨El Mundo es Nuestro¨and ¨El Mundo es Suyo¨with several funny and bemusing scenes . Undertaking a criticism of the Spanish society from the personal , social , cultural , and economic perspective , while the protagonists needing all of them , urgently , a good job as ¨State Official¨to resolve their problems . In the film there are strange situations , swift frames , twists and turns ; but it especially contains ample touches of humor and irony . The flick interweaves fun comedy along with a social critical about the deep Spanish crisis ; as well as a little bit of suspense , intrigue and mayhem .

It contains a colorful cinematography by Fran Fernández Pardo . Adding an attractive and lively musical score by Pablo Cervantes . The motion picture was amusingly directed by Alfonso Sánchez at his third movie , being his film debut : ¨El mundo es nuestro¨ and going on ¨El Mundo es suyo¨ . Alfonso is usually a secondary actor , as Cinema as TV , who has played a lot of films in brief but significant interpretations , such as : Ocho Apellidos Catalanes , Ocho Apellidos Vascos , Grupo 7 , Kingdom of heaven , Star Wars episode II , Captain Alatriste , Hospital Central , among others's goal is to sneak into a birthday party. This film ¨Para Toda la Muerte¨ is made to entertain , and this movie , especially for a good time and a pleasant entertainment and it results in a passable yarn . Rating : 5.5/10.

The Spiral Road

An ambitious young doctor , Rock Hudson , joins another philantropic physician , Burl Ives , in this exciting drama
In 1936, a good-looking and atheist Dutch physician (Rock Hudson) joins forces in Indonesia with a stubborn Doctor (Burl Ives) at a remote location , both of whom heal ill people and help injured natives at the Netherlands colony . Along the way , they have a risked run-in with a local witch-doctor (Reggie Nalder) who uses black magic to destroy his enemies . Shattering Adventure That Boldly Explores the Jungles of the Heart!

Enjoyable as well colorful film about two dedicated doctors who attempt to cure sick people and treat leprosy patients in the lush jungles . This is the exciting story set in the Dutch West Indies circa 1936 about an arrogant doctor : Rock Hudson who followed a dream , being really challenged by love : Gena Rowlands , sickness , leprosy and black magic . Here director Robert Mulligan struck a correct balance of pace and sensitivity in the absorbing tale of a young man who arrives in Indonesia and through the jungles of Java helps care for natives . As he is struggling to reconcile his free spirit as well as ambition and philanthropic wishes with the jungle rigors . Finely starred by a luminous Rock Hudson who chalked up another hit in this long but always attractive flick based on John Lee Mahin and Neil Paterson script from the book and play "Godsgeuzen" by Jan de Hartog , being rightly adapted . This agreeable yarn packs a moving screenplay , intense drama , fine interpretations and intelligent filmmaking . Good acting by Rock Hudson as a good-natured but greedy doctor who undergoes a series of ordeals on a redemption journey to cure people and special mention for Burl Ives as an eccentric older man who gains the trust of the local natives while healing them . And the charming Gena Rowlands as the beloved wife . They are adequately accompanied by an appropriate support cast , such as : Larry Gates , Geoffrey Keen , Neva Patterson , Will Kuluva , Philip Abbott , Karl Swenson , Robert F. Simon and Reggie Nalder.

This film follows the wake of the highly acclaimed ¨Nun's story¨ by Fred Zinneman starred by Audrey Hepburn, Peter Finch that consolidated a sub-genre about Doctors and religious people in far countries , going on ¨Heaven knows , Mr Allison¨ by John Huston with Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr and ¨A Nun at the Crossroads¨ with Rosanna Schiaffino and John Richardson , ¨The Sins of Rachel Cade¨ by Gordon Douglas with Angie Dickinson , Peter Finch , and ¨White Whitch Doctor¨ by Henry Hathaway with Susan Hayward , Robert Mitchum , among others .

It packs brilliant and glimmering cinematography, showing spectacular outdoors by cameraman Russell Harlan . Shot on location in Paramaribo, Suriname and Universal Studios , Universal City, California . Along with a thrilling and moving musical score by maestro Jerry Goldsmith in his usual style . This motion picture with interesting plot was well directed by Robert Mulligan , a filmmaker more specialist in human drama and with sure touch in the interior scenes . Mulligan has been out-stripped in reputation by his one time partner/producer Alan J Pacula . Mulligan directed good dramas as ¨A great impostor¨, ¨Love with the proper stranger¨, ¨Inside Daisy Clover¨ and ¨Summer of 42¨ that was extremely successful . And a nice Western titled ¨Stalking Moon¨with Gregory Peck. His last works as ¨Blood Brothers¨ , ¨Same time next year¨ , ¨Kiss me goodbye¨ , ¨Clara's heart¨ failed to bring the required response from the cinema-goers public . Rating : 7/10 . Above average , worthwhile watching . The flick will appeal to Rock Hudson fans.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Low budget but enjoyable "Mad Doctor" movie with chills, tension and thrilling ending
This "The Brain that wouldn't die" deals with a nutty doctor named Bill Cortner : Jason Evers or Herb Evers experimenting with transplant technique . As this surgeon Bill undergoes surgery on bodies practising with serum, poisons, and amputation. When he goes along with his sweetheart on the road driving in high speed, they have a fateful car crash. After a while, he keeps his fiancee's head called Jan Compton : Virginia Leith when she was decapitated in the car accident. Then the mad doctor hunting for a new body for completing the whole human figure of his beloved girlfriend. Along the way, and to carry it out, he meets a glamour model wit facial disfigurement. Alive... Without a body.. Fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!

Low budget but nice horror movie about the classic Mad Doctor undergoing weird scientific experiments by using human Guinea Pigs and all of them go wrong. The picture has ordinary ingredients of this sub-genre, such as : horrible experiments, damsel in distress, astonishing monsters causing destruction and mayhem, and of course final chaos. In spite of its minimum budget the film keeps pretty well , thanks to a simple plot with plenty of originaly, emotion and surprises. In fact, it's a highly influential film that originated various movies in similar premise, such as : "They saved the Hitler's brain" , "Reanimator" by Stuart Gordon, "Bride of Reanimator" by Brian Yuzna and the comedy "A man with two brains" by Carl Reiner, among others.

The motion picture was professionally directed by Joseph Green who got a decent flick due to his skillness to manage limited material with intelligence, intrigue enough and wisdom. This was his only movie along with the lousy "The Perils of P. K.". And it had a very inferior remake "The brain that wouldn't die" 2020 by Derek Carl . Rating : 6.5/10, acceptable and passable. Resulting a be a decent terror yarn that will appeal to Sixties' classic movies lovers.


Intriguing and surprising thriller with tension, twists and moving finale
A suspenseful movie about a horrible car accident in which a couple : Tom Berenguer, Greta Scacchi are seriously wounded. The husband : Tom Berenger is totally disfigured and is undergone a risked operation to remake his face. Once he's healed he suffers amnesia and doesn't remember his past, exception for brief visons of strange incidents from his previous existence. That's why he hires a Private Inspector : Bob Hoskins to find out causes of the car crash, resulting in a surprising conclusion.

Exciting thrller with suspense, intrigue, twists and turns. It is an Hitchockian thriller with several plot twists, red herrings and predictable final. We're extremely interested in the twisted events and the main question is to solve what really happened at the fateful day of the terrible accident and about a surprising killing. Main starring Tom Berenguer and Greta Scacchi give acceptable interpretations, furthermore they perform some strong and hot love scenes . They are well accompanied by a good support cast such as Joanna Whalley Kilmer, Corbin Bernsen, Theodore Bikel, Bob Hoskins, among others.

It displays an attractive and thrilling musical score by Alan Silvestri. As well as adequate and atmospheric cinematography by Laszlo Kovacs. The motion picture was well directed by Wolfgang Petersen. This good director from his first big success, : Das Boot has made several blockbusters and big hits such as The Neverending story, Enemy mine, Open Fire, Outbreak, Air Force One, Troy, though Poseidon was a real flop. Rating : 6.5/10 .The flick will appeal to Tom Berenguer fans.


Children and adults can learn lessons of ecology , wildlife, self-reliance, freedom and interdependence from the movie.
Thought-provoking and wonderful film about a boy and an old man set in gorgeous landscapes and in documentary style. This elderly man (the great and popular actor Kirk Douglas) teaches an escaped young man (Jean Michael Portal) to live in the forest and to understand the wild world. From his teachings the boy passes from childhood to adulthood and both of them bond about their desires to be free. Along the way , Theo learns about nature and falls in love with a beautiful climber named Mirentchu (Marie Fugain)

This French/Spain/Italian co-production is set in the Pyrenees , a marvelous place to dream, dealing with the unusual bond between a teen and a lonely man . As the plot is plain and simple , at the mountains lives alone Quentin very well played by Kirk Douglas , at the beginning he's reluctant to friendship but eventually he has a strong relationship with the getaway boy . In a world where hunters kill preys , Quenting attempts to protect his beloved Bears with whom he has an emotional connection, resulting in fateful consequences . This is a charming film containing adventure, emotion, sense of wonder, great sensibility and marvelous outdoors. A provoking and interesting movie, it is both, semi-documentary and drama, including colourful, beautiful, glimmer scenarios , in fact the film has an exceptional camerawork . There is an enjoyable portrayal of a young boy intenting to make his own way and only accompanied by the veteran man living in wilderness and both of whom learn about the mutual feeling and pardon . Furthermore, it provides an intense and thunderous drama about a sad past of Quentin and, in fact , it seems to be a continuation to his role in the film ¨Somewhere in the World¨or ¨Un acte d'amour¨ (1953) by Anatole Litvak starred by Kirk Douglas himself and Dany Robin , appearing some frames fom this film . Being a hard and very complicated shooting in the Pyrenees mountains and other locations . The short support cast, Imanol Arias , Richard Bohringer and Marie Fugain keep the movie interesting and attractive.

It displays a phantastic and gorgeous cinematography by Dominique Chapuis . Shot on location in Bordeaux, Gironde, France , Cauterets, Hautes-Pyrénées, France, Parc National des Pyrénées, Hautes-Pyrénées, France . As well as a sensitive and atmospheric musical score composed by synthesizer , including catching songs, such as : Are You Lonesome Tonight? Written by Roy Turk and Lou Handman , Je n'ai pas change Written by Dino Ramos , All We've Got To Save Us Written by Frank Langolff , Lyrics by Liam Sternberg , Performed by Ann Calvert . The motion picture was well directed by Xavier Castano . The movie will appeal to lovers of nature and animals . Well worth watching for its ecological message and marvellous wildlife. In addition, to enjoy drama, adventure, emotion and overwhelming outdoors.

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