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A Study in Scarlet

A fine vehicle for Reginald Owen investigating weird murders in foggy London
The film gets mystery , tension , thrills , detective action , red herrings and packs an exciting deal of outstanding surprises with great lots of fun . This early talkie bears little relation to Arthur Conan Doyle's novel of the same name . In London, a secret society led by shady lawyer Thaddeus Merrydew (Alan Dinehart) collects the assets of any of its deceased members and divides them among the remaining participants . Sherlock Holmes (Reginald Owen) and Doctor Watson (Warburton Gamble) approached by a hopeless widow (Doris Lloyd) , who is miffed at being left penniless by her hubby . After an intriguingly mysterious opening in a typically foggy London , the Great Detective Holmes , Doctor Watson and Inspector Lastrade (Alan Mowbray) are bogged down in a surprising and intriguing adventure . As Holmes helped by his colleague Doctor Watson uncover a twisted plot with rare messages , such as : ¨Five Little Black Boys going in for Lady , one got in Chancery and then there were Four¨. Along the way , Sherlock finds plot and counter-plot , a real challenge for Holmes 's razor intellect . When Captain (Wyndham Standing) is gunned down , Holmes keys in on his strange Chinese widow (Anna Maria Wong) as well as the suspect Thaddeus Merrydew . Other members step by step keep dying. There is also an attempt on the life of young Eileen Forrester (June Clyde) , who became a reluctant society member upon the death of her dad.

Passable Sherlock Holmes but neither excellent , nor notable , but acceptable , including evocative settings , thrills , plot twists , suspense , unanswered mysteries , secret passages and outstanding villains . Following the classic plot about mysterious murders , as members of a secret society "trust" that meets in Limehouse start dropping like flies , being killed by all kinds of means and Holmes set out to investigate when the victim's widow enlists his help , but his uncanny insights and deep observations are put to a test .The atmospheric doings involve coded messages in this rather tired and no excessively brilliant Sherlock Holmes mystery . A genuine ripping yarn with suspense , thrilling events and complex intrigue about murders and red herrings . Pretty stale stuff , though Reginald Owen turns out to be a decent Holmes . Here Holmes/Reginald Owen is accompanied by notorious secondaries , though no too much known . Interesting and suspenseful entry with Reginald Owen facing off strange , suspicious people who are killing little by little a lot of victims . It is all a bit elementary and no great challenge for Holmes's brain or even ours for the matter . This is a suspenseful and intriguing film in Arthur Conan wake , but very freely based on his splendid novels , in fact, it seems to be more similar to Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians than Doyle style . Of course , Holmes solves the mystery at the end , including a surprising twist . Displaying functional settings , as well as appropriate and evocative cinematography . Reginald Owen gives a nice acting but far from Basil Rathbone who played magnificently as an intelligent , obstinate , broody , pipesmoking sleuth , considered to be the best and most authentic Sherlock Holmes , as his acting is similar to subsequent actors as Peter Cushing and Jeremy Brett for TV or Nicol Williamson (Seven-per-cent-solution) or Christopher Plummer (Murder by decree) .

This atmospheric and without music motion picture was professionally but middlingly directed by Edward L Marin , and inferior than subsequent Sherlock entries . In his starts Marin got a job in the industry as an assistant cameraman. By 1932 he had crossed over to directing, first for low-budget studio Tiffany Pictures. However, he worked his way up the Hollywood food chain and was soon making films for major studios like Warner Brothers and MGM, where he was entrusted with that studio's prestigious Christmas Carol (1938) with Reginald Owen, which turned out to be a critical and financial hit. He worked for most of the major studios at the time--United Artists, 20th Century-Fox and RKO--and seemed to find his niche making westerns, turning out several well-received ones with cowboy star Randolph Scott. As he directed in sure visual style and he made all kinds of genres , especially Westerns . As he shot various Westerns as Tall in the saddle with John Wayne and Ella Raines, and Randolph Scott starred his last Westerns until his early death at 53, such as : The Cariboo trail , Fighting Man of the Plains , Colt 45 , Canadian Pacific and Fort Worth.

Este cura

The sympathetic Antonio Garisa plays a peculiar and stubborn parish priest who revolutionizes a little village
This Argentina/Spain film deals with an atypical parish priest called Padre Juan (Antonio Garisa) is moved to a small village . He is an unusual reverend with strong temperament in the wake of Paco Martinez Soria , and Alfredo Landa who also performed peculiar priests in similar style . At the village where is destinated he faces off a wealthy as well as powerful Mayor (Alfredo Mayo) and other egoistic citizens when a young named Soledad Domínguez (Evangelina Salazar)'s been pregnant by an unknown young and then the gossip women want to expel her from village for his indecent behavior , that's why to have an out-of-wedlock child , and the question is : who's the father ? . Antonio Garisa turns on the good girl and then a peculiar war ensues . Shortly after, a good doctor and another kind priest appears at the village and both of them help to the unfortunate Padre Juan. Thing go wrong when Padre Juan is shocked due to a modern and abstract sculpture representing San Antonio is sent to the church .

A likeable but mediocre film starred by the always splendid Antonio Garisa , here imitating to Paco Martinez Soria or Alfredo Landa playing one his ordinary roles as a honest priest with strong character .This so-so comedy has passable interpretations , humor , laughs and a brief description of rural habits with cultural clash included . The movie gets a simple and silly premise , as the good guys result to be hapless and poor people , and the bad guys are a ruthless Mayor and the gossip women that turn out to be mainly rich and corrupt people . Antonio Garisa gives a decent acting as the stubborn and revolutionary priest who contends the conservatory and traditional local forces . At the same time , he gives advises , common saying, proverbs and provoking sentences to the townfolks, confronting the Mayor well played by Alfredo Mayo or helping the loving young with an illegimate child . After his first initial acting period , Antonio Garisa played support roles and along the way he made some starring roles, such as : Los extremeños se tocan (1970) , La Verde Doncella , La Cesta , El Padrino y sus Ahijadas , but he mostly played secondary roles , such as : Torrejon City ,La reina del Chantecler , Eva! ¿Qué hace ese hombre en tu cama? Estimado Sr. Juez.. , La Venganza de Don Mendo, Cristóbal Colón, de oficio... descubridor , La vendedora de ropa interior , Los embarazados , ¿Dónde estará mi niño? , Hijos de papá , Cuando los niños vienen de Marsella and many others .

Antonio Garisa is well accompanied by a long plethora of Argentinean secondaries as Evangelina Salazar , Norberto Suárez , Teresa Blasco , Gloria Ferrandis and the Spanish veteran secondary Alfredo Mayo who long time ago acted in several classic movies . It packs a lively and catching musical score , as well as atmospheric and evocative cinematography .The motion picture was professional but middlingly made by Enrique Herreros . He was a fine and prolific craftsman who wrote , produced and directed several Argentine films . Rating . Average , 5/10 , but being entertaining and fun enough . The flick will appeal to Antonio Garisa fans .

Gli esecutori

So-so but entertaining and fun thriller with noisy action , crossfire and spectacular car chases
¨The Sicilian Cross¨ or ¨Gli Esecutori¨ 1976 is a passable thriller with international cast including two big name cast : Roger Moore and Stacy Keach . A Mafia Salvatore Francesco (Ivo Garrani) who does dark businesses is enraged when a holy cross that contained a shipment of drug is robbed and he is suspected of smuggling heroin from Sicily to port of San Francisco. He dispatches his nephew , a elegant advocate at law named Ulisse (Roger Moore) to identify the real culprit. The lawyer also enlists the aid of his best friend called Charlie Hanson (Stacy Keach) , a grand prix driver to discover the crook thieves . As Ulysse and Charlie Hanson join forces and go after three alleged , suspect delinquents (Fausto Tozzi, Peter Martell , Romano Puppo) , but then things go wrong . And the Hunting Season Has Opened in the Naked City! The Hunting Season Has Opened In The Naked City.

Average but passable thriller with brief touches of sympathetic humour in charge of the two likeable protagonists . Roger Moore and Stacy Keach form a stunning couple with adventurous streak , creating a funny Buddy Movie, as Roger Moore is a hotshot Anglo-Sicilian lawyer, while Stacy Keach is a resourceful car driver . There's also a motley group of Italian actors usual in the typical genres of the Sixties and Seventies as Spaghetti western , Peplum , Polizziesco , Giallo , such as : Ettore Manni , Fausto Tozzi ,Peter Martel (as Pietro Martellanza) , Romano Puppo , Rosemarie Lindt, Remo De Angelis , among others. In spite of known actors in the cast , it didn't have international success , failing at the boxoffice , even in some countries it was shown as part of a double bill with other movies.

It contains atmospheric and thrilling musical score by Luis Bacalov who subsequently won Academy Award for The Postman and Pablo Neruda . Evocative and appropriate cinematography by Aiace Parolin shot in several locations , as Paestum, Capaccio, Salerno, Seude , Capaccio , Vecchio, De Paolis Studios, Rome, and especially San Francisco , California : Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach , Sausalito, Broadway, Pier 45, San Francisco. The motion picture was professionally directed by Maurizio Lucidi , though it has some flaws , and gaps , but being an acceptable thriller flick . Lucidi was born in 1932 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy and died in 2005 , Rome . He was a director and editor, known for this ¨The Man from the Organization or The sicilian cross or Los ejecutores¨ (1976) and he made more thrillers as ¨The last chance¨ with Elli Wallach, Fabio Testi and Ursula Andress . And he directed three Westerns as ¨Halleluja for Django¨(1967) with Hunt Powers , ¨Saddle tramps¨ with Bud Spencer and ¨Pecos¨ with Robert Woods . And furthermore , wartime movie as Probabilità zero (1969) and La víttima designata (1971) , among others . Rating : 5.5/10. Acceptable and passable .

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

The creepy and man eating monsters are back battling Gummer/Michael Gross and his son Travis/Jamie Kennedy
This ¨Tremors 6 A cold day in hell¨ 2018 by Don Michael Paul displays an attractive cast such as : Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy , Jay Ashley, Greg Kriek, Alistair Black .A team of young researchers collecting ice core samples of glaciers is attacked by a Graboid. Then , the aged, but still spirited , Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) and the impulsive Travis (Jamie Kenendy) go to investigate at a remote research station in Canada's Nunavut Territory, when suddenly appearing the monstrous Graboids. As Gummer is violently attacked , and he's dying from Graboid poison. A bit later on , they are besieged at the station by the giant killers predators with several tongues . As they attack above and in below. Along the way Grummer is infected and poisoned . A they must go up against a new batch of Graboids to save Burt's life while they are totally surrounded by the huge beasts.

Decent and amusing sixth sequel with usual Michael Gross, well supported by Jamie Kennedy . This is an agreeable followup, an entertaining, fun and quite bemusing juvenile romp . Dealing with the eerie and bloody predators that are back and even mutated and deadlier than before , terrorizing deeply the inhabitants of a research station . There comes Grummer, Michael Gross, and his pal Jamie Kennedy, both of whom join forces to defeat the invincible Graboids . The film relies heavily on the peculiar relationship between Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy , including sympathetic surprises among them. At the heart is Michael Gross, who gives it everything he has to deliver this franchise another winning installment , after some rather lackluster prequels . This is what has kept the Tremors franchise alive and nice for three decades now and the result shows in this recent follow-up . Michael Gross, who is about seventy, packs as much energy and gumption as he did in the original Tremors film, and alongside Kennedy, who is more reserved than he is rowdy here , the two make a delightfully mismatched pair that echoes the sentiments of Earl and Grady in the initial Tremors . This is a funny adventure , being slickly shot and attempting to update the 50s and 60s monster movies to modern times . Pretty good digital effects recreating the carnivorous and ferocious animals . Tremors 6 is the second installment not to have any involvement on behalf of S. S. Wilson, Brent Maddock , or Nancy Roberts, all of whom once writers, producers, and , with the exception of Roberts, directors of the preceding films in the franchise . This lack of involvement the usual writers doesn't spoil the flick , but it's refreshing to watch a series picked up , dusted off, and respected by a new breed of talent , including filmmaker Don Michael Paul in the director's chair , in addition an acceptable script by a new writer , John Whelpley . The new writing to breed the kind of respect the first two sequels had , as well as attempting to alter the series enough to build off of each sequel's desire to take the biological attributes and repercussions of Graboid behavior to a new level . The motion picture was professionally directed by Don Michael Paul. He is a secondary actor and an occassional professional director. He is a craftsman who has directed a few films as Jarhead 2, Sniper Legacy, Lake Placid : Final chapter, Death race : Beyond anarchy, Bulletproof 2, Kindergaten cops 2, Who is your caddy?, The garden, among others .

This is the sixth sequel, usually written and produced by SS Wilson, Ben Maddock, Ron Underwood, the first was ¨Tremors¨ by Ron Underwood with Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Tony Genaro, Victor Wong, Charlotte Stewart, Finn Carter . Followed by ¨Tremors 2 Aftershock¨ by SS Wilson with Fred Ward , Ariana Richards , Charlotte Stewart . ¨Tremors 3 Back to perfection¨ with Shawn Christian, Michael Gross . ¨Tremors 4 : The Legend Begins¨¨ by SS Wilson with Sara Bostford, Billiy Drago, JE Freeman, August Schellemberg . ¨Tremors 5: Bloodlines¨ 2015 Don Michael Paul with Michael Gross , Jamie Kennedy , Daniel Janks , Lawrence Joffe . ¨Tremors 7 : Shrieker Island¨ (2020) by Don Michael Paul with Michael Gross , Jon Heder , Richard Brake , Caroline Langrishe . And a TV series with Gladys Jimenez , Victor Browne, Marcia Strassman, and Michael Gross.

The Strange Woman

Agreeable Hollywood costume drama with Hedy Lamarr stalking man after man
In 1820s New England , port of Bangor, Maine , gorgeous Jenny Hager is a poor and manipulative woman . Heartless and predatory Jenny Hager (Hedy Lamarr) soon manoeuvres herself into a position to marry wealthy men . As she marries rich middle-aged man Isaiah Poster (Gene Lockhart) but also seduces his hapless son (Louis Hayward) and his company foreman (George Sanders) . Although she often uses his money to do good, she goes on deeming all other men fair game.

From the beginning to the end takes place intense drama , complex relations and twisted love stories . Uneventful Hollywood drama with tremendous interpretations , but never creates much excitement in spite of Edgar G. Ulmer's professional direction and fancy camera work . Easily the best of the numerous adaptations based on novels by Ben Ames Williams and interesting script fom Bert Meadow dealing with an ambitious Femme Fatale . Nice Hedy Lamarr as a cruel woman , winning yet another magnificent interpretation with an alluring and smoldering role , absolutely hypnotic in her account of the bondage , and thunderous relationships with other lovers. She rose the stardom with her performance that put her on the map in Hollywood as a dramatic actress . Her role as absorbing and crude domineering woman will be repeated several times in his subsequent acting . Louis Hayward as the essentially good and decent son subtly destroyed, giving an excellent and melancholic performance and Eugene Lockhart as the drunkard father a monied local businessman who falls in distress and hopeless George Sanders as the honorable but deceived worker. Adding other prestigious secondaries delivering acceptable performances, such as : Hillary Brooke , Rhys Williams, Moroni Olsen , Kathleen Lockhart, Fred Aldrich , Alan Napier , and Dennis Hoey , the famed Inspector Lestrade of Sherlock Holmes series .

The motion picture was competently directed by Edgar G Ulmer , providing an intense pace though it results to be some dated and corny. Adequate and professionally shot , being filmed in short time . Edgar was born on September 17, 1904 in Olmütz, Moravia, Czech Republic as Edgar George Ulmer. He was a notorious and prolific director and writer. At his beginnings he was blackballed from Hollywood work after he had an affair with Shirley Castle -he eventually married her and she became known as Shirley Ulmer-, who at the time was the wife of B-picture producer Max Alexander, a nephew of powerful Universal Pictures president Carl Laemmle. That's why Ulmer spent the bulk of his remaining career languishing at "Poverty Row" studios. He signed a long-term contract there in 1943 after directing the "big-budget" Jive Junction (1943), being especiallly known for Satanás (1934), Bluebeard (1944) , Detour (1945) , People on Sunday (1930) , Aníbal (1959) , The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) , Beyond the Time Barrier (1960) , among others .

Juego de Luna

The film follows the story of a young poker player well played by Ana Torrent who comes to carry out a vengeance
An up-and-coming poker player called Luna (Ana Torrent) tries to prove himself in high-stakes matches against expert professionals . Luna is a roving card-shark determined on his way to the big time. She wants to play and win always , so that his reputation will rise in gambling circles. But Luna actually decides to play with his father's killer. It takes place in Madrid, where we see Luna (Ana Torrent) who has grown up in bars and dark surroundings with full of mobsters , gamblers and sinister people . Luna plays poker for a living and for a vendetta . Luna wishes anxiously to play cards with Reca Montero (Manuel Moron) who's considered the best in town and actually to exact a relentless revenge . Luna's father (Jorge De Juan) was killed by a local gangster when his gambling became out of control and he owed more money than he had , subsequently she's cared by their parents's friend , Leo (Carlos Caniowski) who runs a bar , though they became estranged over the years . Along the way , Luna has romances with his childhood friend, today incarcerated (Ernesto Alterio) and a young man with future named Juan (Manuel San Martin) . To play , she has to get an amount of cash , that's why she asks for a credit from Reyes (Carlos Bardem) . But Luna's luck goes wrong and she ends up owing a lot of money . Later on , she wants to pay off what she owes to pass an ordinary life.

This interesting film contains emotion , drama and a lot of competing game in the tradition of the American films as the not dissimilar : Cincinatti Kid , or The Hustler , the latter in the Billiar environment . Stars Ana Torrent as Monica, an expert card player who wants to carry out a merciless vengeance , meanwhile she has meaningless romances with Ernesto Alterio and Manuel San Martin . Here Ana Torrent had one of his main and best performances as an adult , though long time ago , she got a huge hit in her earliest film debut El espíritu de la colmena (1973) and after Cria Cuervos (1976) . As the film benefits itself from the exceptional acting by Ana Torrent as the attractive young raised by a tavern-owner and become a professional gambler .Here stands out a great support cast with plenty of prestigious secondaries , such as : Ernesto Alterio as the imprisoned boyfriend , Carlos Caniowski as the friend who decides to be like her father , Antonio Dechent as a nasty mobster , Manuel Moron , Juan Pedro Carrión , Dafne Fernández , Álvaro Monje , Carlos Bardem ,Luis Zahera, Fernando Cayo , Luis Callejo , among others .

It contains a splendid cinematography by notorious cameraman Teo Delgado who has photographed successes as La catedral del Mar , Tension sexual no resuelta , Animales de compañía , Torrrente, La máquina de bailar , Lifting de corazón , A golpes and many others . The motion picture finely produced by Andrés Vicente Gómez was well directed by Monica Laguna . This was her second and last film , previously shooting Tengo Una casa 1996. It won several prizes and nominations , such as : Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2001 Nominee Crystal Globe Mónica Laguna , Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2001 Winner Silver Biznaga Best Director Mónica Laguna , Nominee Golden Biznaga Mónica Laguna.

La nuit américaine

This sensitive and enjoyable flick results to be a movie for people who love movies.
Director Ferrand (Francois Truffaut) is working on an average romantic melodrama with a veteran actor (Jean Pierre Aumont) , a sullen actor named Alphonse (Jean Pierre Leaud) who falls for his co-star (Jacqueline Bisset) , but this one results to be married to a good , affectionate doctor (David Markham) . It is just one of off-screen stories that's more interesting than what's being shot . Adding other tales as the alcoholic actress (Valentina Cortese) who doesn't remember her role acting , the pregnant actress (Alexandra Stewart) who hides this situation , among others .

One of the best of the film-within-a-film movies ever made , capturing the energy , vitality , attractiveness and poetry of the creative artist at his peak , in this case the great Francois Truffaut . A wryly beloved look at the profession of moviemaking , including its craft , roles and the personalities that interact against the interpretations commanded by the camera . This story of The Day for Night(1973) is based on a script by Francois Truffaut himself , in correspondence published after his death , claimed that inspiration had come from Singing' in the rain (1952) , Fellini 8½ (1963), and The Bad and the Beautiful (1952).

It displays a catching musical score by Georges Deleure , Truffaut's usual musician , including a catching and unforgettable leitmotif . As well as an evocative , adequate cinematography by prestigious cameraman Pierre-William Glenn . The motion picture was compellingly made by the late Francois Truffaut , turning out to be one of his best works . At the beginning of his important career he directed The Kids (1957), considered to be the real first step of his cinematographic work . His other big year was 1959 : the huge success of his first full-length film, 400 Blows (1959) , was the beginning of the New Wave, a new way of making movies in France . He also directed thrillers and intrigue movies such as ¨Shoot the piano player¨ is one of the best of his suspense movies along with ¨Farenheit 451¨, ¨Mississippi mermaid¨ , and ¨The Bride Wore Black¨. Truffaut was the most popular and successful French film director ever.

Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo

Good Peplum with noisy action , thrills , fights , comical touches and resulting to be pretty entertaining
Colossus of the arena 1962 is set in the fictitious kingdom of Mersabad in Asia Minor, the duplicitous Revia (Jose Greci) , along with her conspirator lover (Erno Crisa) scheme to usurp the throne held by Queen Talima (Scilla Gabel) by replacing her . Recruiting a team of well-trained gladiators commanded by Largo . In half of them, there appears Maciste (Mark Forest) who finds himself at odds with an evil ruler who has no qualms about being a villain. As strongman Maciste discovers the plot to imprison the beautiful princess , as he learns the treason and secretly joins the motley group of warriors in an effort to protect the Queen. Traitor Oniris (Erno Crisa) to be aware of Maciste and orders Largo to kill him . However, one of the seven mercenaries is likeable to the super strenght man and pretends to kill Maciste after he has been given a drug in his wine .

This is a decent spaghetti , myth-opera with action , inn brawls , battles and atmospherc landscapes . The movie has not mythological accuracy neither expecting historical . It's a merely escapist entertainment, turning out to be one of the more strange and obscure peplum adventures. Also has comedy here and there and a brief appearance by a sympathetic African called Wambo , a midget named Goliath and a pet chimp named Cleopatra. The comedy is spread out, but occasionally lightens the mood after some of the more grim sequences, even if its insertion is a bit jarring . Stars Mark Forest , though the role doesn't show up until twenty minutes in the movie , he is perfect as the mythical hero who encounters many dangerous situations while trying to save a princess of numerous odds . While seemingly very popular, Forest, for whatever reason, did very little of the action in his films leaving the bulk of it to his stunt double . Forest who played the mythic Maciste in great number of movies was randomly assigned the identity of Hercules , Goliath , Samson or Aron for U. S. viewing . Bouncing and strong Forest shows a lot of agility in this movie and he was the second American actor bodybuilder , after Steve Reeves , to be recruited by Italian producers to star in Peplum films . The muscle-man Forest who was actually from Brooklyn left allegedly the sword and sandals genre for the Opera . He used the amount of money he made acting as hero and gladiator films in Italy to study Opera , he currently teaches in the Los Angeles zone . He was one along with Ed Fury , Dan Vadis, Brad Harris , Alan Steel , Reg Park , Gordon Scott whom to seek fortune acting absurdly as muscle mythological figures , the traveling saviors of the people, but nobody topped Steve Reeves in popularity .. Mark Forest did a dozen of these movies , as he starred Peplums such as : 1964 Hércules against sons of sun , 1964 Lion of Tebas , 1964 Maciste Nell'inferno Gengis Khan , 1964 Maciste, Gladiatore Sparta , 1963 Maciste Contro i Mongoli ,1963 Maciste, l'Eroe più Grande del Mondo ,Ercole Contro I Figli del Sole or Hercules Against the Sons of the Sun, 1962 Maciste, Gladiatore più forte Mondo , 1961 Maciste, the Son of Hercules , 1960 La Venganza De Ercole. It is also notable for being the first role for Dan Vadis seen here playing one of the main villains. Vadis is ferocious here and is often referred to as "The gorilla". It's a fine showcase for Dan Vadis who actually steals the movie away from Forest with his steely and intimidating role . Vadis and he was quickly picked out as another American to be cast as a lead in these movies. He had a good look about him and had a successful career after the sword and sandal movies ended. This was the only one where he played a villain.

Colorful cinematography by cameraman Mancori in stunning quality. Shot in extremely popular peplum locations as El Lacio , Rome and falls of Monte Gelato . As well as thilling and evocative musical score by prolific Francesco De Massi . This is first and one of best Peplums compellingly directed by Michele Lupo Lupo and far from the mediocrity of other Peplums . Later went on to direct his own trilogy of gladiator movies that were not related to one another, but featured roughly the same cast and crew. These were The revenge of Spartacus (1964), 7 slaves gladiators against the world (1964) and 7 Rebel Gladiators (1965). Michele Lupo directed a handful of these movies in the mid 1960's in which he often uses the plot device of seven fighters agains nasty rulers , but here, the seven warriors are all villains. While most are some are quite good such as Lupo's Revenge of Spartacus (1964) o this Colossus of the Arena (1962) , others are mediocre . Along with Sword and Sandals movies Michele Lupo made all kinds of genres . Lupo directed various Bud Spencer vehicles as ¨Bulldozer¨ , ¨The Supersheriff¨, ¨Buddy go west¨, and ¨E. T. and the Supersheriff¨ . Lupo directed Giuliano Gemma , his fetish actor , in several films as ¨Master touch¨ with Kirk Douglas , ¨Stay away¨ with Amidou , ¨Arizona Colt¨ and ¨California¨. Rating : 6/10 .Fans of gladiator movies will surely want to see it and it's a shame it isn't more widely available.

Estoy vivo

Supernatural and sensitive series with emotion , thrills , action , love stories and state-of-art special effects
Nice series produced by Globomedia and RTVE dealing with an unfortunate cop named Andrés Vargas (Roberto Álamo) , as he dies chasing a serial killer nicknamed El Carnicero or The Butcher (Mon Ceballos) , a psychopath who has already killed five women and is reincarnated in another policeman in the body of Manuel Márquez (Javier Gutiérrez), five years later , granted immortality in exchange of never revealing his true identity . As Vargas will have the opportunity to return to life, but five years later and another police officer . But he will not be alone in his return to the world of the living , El Enlace (Alejo Sauras) will be his companion in these special circumstances. In his efforts to stop the Midnight Butcher, both of whom join forces to track him down. Nowadays , Márquez will have as a partner Susana Vargas (Anna Castillo), his daughter, who has become a young police officer and he must protect her.

In the second season, Márquez, El Enlace or The Link , Sebas and the entire police station will have to face a very influential and powerful figure in the economic sector , Augusto Mendieta , who keeps a secret that has to do with his heart, with the Victoria Building and with the Link itself. On the other hand, Márquez and El Enlace must help a little girl who is looking for her family and who is from the time of the Spanish civil war . Also , it will be seen who is the winner of the battle between good and evil once and for all . In Season 3 concerns a traffic accident that changes the rules in the life of the Vargas family. Apparently, everything indicates that the person responsible for this accident is a mysterious blonde woman who has arrived on Earth with a clear objective and has Susana Vargas in her sights. Márquez, Sebas and the Link or Enlace must discover what this woman's true purpose is and stop her before she endangers the inhabitants of Vallecas and around the world. On the other hand, the earthlings of Vallecas are invaded by beings from another planet whose reason for her arrival and her true intentions are unknown . In the Season 4 it all starts with a global blackout that also affects the Catwalk or La Pasarela . At that time Iago is on Earth to play a soccer game and Susana and Adriana are affected by said blackout when they are on the Catwalk. As a result of the blackout , a bus heading to Almería falls victim to it and the members of the vehicle disappear . The Avengers of Vallecas must investigate this event that will lead them to discover the existence of a new organization called La Hermandad that may endanger the existence of La Pasarela .

This enjoyable series deals with a very special relationship taking place between two supernatural beings : Marquez and Enlace and together they will face an ominous murderer who returns to act five years later. As well as the relation of these characters with the kind family formed by Anna Castillo , Cristina Plazas , Lucía Caraballo . Stars Javier Gutierrez giving a very fine acting as a police inspector who dies chasing the Midnight Butcher , reincarnated policeman who attempts to guard his beloved family . Along with Alejo Sauras as the sympathetic Enlace , appearing Anna Castillo as the beautiful young police Susana Vargas Bertrán , Cristina Plazas as the affectionate wife Laura Bertrán , Lucía Caraballo as the troubled daughter , Zorión Eguileor as the good-tempered grandfather , Fele Martinez as chief Inspector of dark past , Alfonso Bassave as the tough Inspector who becomes involved in loving relation with Susana , Jesús Castejón as the good-tempered "Sebas" , Goizalde Núñez as a likeable forensic , Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as Chief Inspector Verónica Ruiz , among others. The series well created and produced by Daniel Ecija. Being competently directed by professional filmmakers as Jesús Rodrigo , Luis Oliveros , Oriol Ferrer , David Molina Encinas , Antonio Díaz Huerta, Lucas Gil , Miguel Alcantud.

Amanti d'oltretomba

Better than average Italian Gothic with astonishing crimes and a mad doctor conducting bizarre experiments
Above average Italian horror movie with chills , thrills , surprises , atmospheric sets and scary happenings . A genuinely creepy tale , competently musicalized , well photographed , filled with lights and shades , reflecting paleness the victims . It deals with a sadistic count and crazy doctor (Paul Muller) tortures his unfaithful wife (Barbara Steele) and her lover (Rik Battaglia) , but then things go awry . Years later, the count remarries and the new wife (Barbara Steele herself) experiences nightmares and hauntings . In time , the perturbed ghosts appear and seek vengeance , causing a real nightmare .The eerie ghosts of the slain go back to exact their bloody and lethal vendetta , until their hearts are destroyed. A mad, sadistic scientist on the loose! So weird! ...So shocking! Do YOU dare see it! WARNING! See it with someone who's shockproof!

Enjoyable terror movie revolving around the house haunted plot , a scientific laboratory with its insane doctor and a relentless vengeance with plenty of ghosts , scary appearances formed by preternatural beings , creepy murders and ghastly events . Set at the ordinary ghastly mansion where happens scabrous and horrifying events . In spite of a few escenarios and its low budget the picture is pretty well , thanks to the adequate filmmaking , stunning cinematography taking great use of lights and shades as well as camera positioning to complement appropriate horror set pieces . Surprisingly realized with startling visual content and decently scripted by Fabio De Agostini and director Mario Caiano himself , resulting in an attractive horror movie with sensational atmosphere . Great Barbara Steele , here become a terror myth . As Barbara Steele is splendid , as always , she was the most beautiful star of the greatest horror masterpiece of Italian film, Mario Bava's Black Sunday or Mask of the demon (1960) , after following its American success, AIP brought Barbara to America, to star in Roger Corman's The Pit and thee Pendulum (1961) , she won a role in Federico Fellini's Fellini 8½ (1963); she only had a small role, but it was memorable. Reportedly, Fellini wanted to use her more in the film, but she was contracted to leave Rome to start work on her next horror movie, The horrible secret of doctor Hitchcock (1962). More horror movies followed, such as Lo spettro (1963), Nightmare Castle (1964), Un angelo per Satana (1966) and others; this success lead to her being typecast in the horror genre, where she more often than not appeared in Italian movies with a dubbed voice. Appearing in The Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968), which was mainly eye candy, with scantily-clad women in a cult. Unfortunately, Barbara got sick of being typecast in horror movies . Here Steele is well accompanied by a fine cast as Paul Muller who gives a nice acting as jealous mad scientist murders his wife and her lover , removing their hearts from their bodies, as well as Rik Battaglia as the unfortunate lover , Helga Liné as the mysterious Solangeas , Giuseppe Addobbati or John McDouglas as a butler and Marino Masé as Dr. Dereck.

Displaying a thrilling and frightening musical score by the great veteran maestro Ennio Morricone to have a long career . It contains a dark and sinister cinematography in black and white by Enzo Barboni , future succesful director of Spaghetti Westers in the hits starred by Terence Hill and Bud Spencer . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Mario Caiano . Rating 7/10. Essential and fundamental seeing for horror lovers. The picture will appeal to Italian Gothic aficionados. And Barbara Steele fans .

The Millionairess

Delightful version of George Bernard Shaw's play with Loren and Sellers are perfect as a millionairess and an impoverished doctor
London-based Millionairess Epifania (Sophia Loren) has ended a bad marriage and feels that the only thing she still needs to fullfill her life is a good husband . Then Epifania is attracted to Indian Dr. Kabir (in the person of Peter Sellers) and she sets out to enmesh , but he is more intent on treating patients . As the wealthy heiress finds he evades her every effort to snare him . When she persists , he confides in her that he had made a commitment to his late widowed seamstress mother , as the humble doctor from India submitted to a series of conditions to marry , as his wife has to live in poor salary . She finds out that this sum is equivalent to just 35 shillings but readily accepts this challenge . She also informs him that her late father had also imposed a condition that she must wed a male who will turn £500 into £15000 within the same period. Racy Revelations of the Richest Girl in the World...And Her Wild, Wonderful Ways! The revealing revels of a very rich redhead who lives for pleasure...A beautiful babe in Balmain gowns and her wild wonderful ways...

An amusing and fun comedy about a silly premise : a millionairess and a doctor cannot marry until they meet conditions set-up by their respective parents . Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers are adequate foils for each other in their respective roles . Resulting in a charming message , as in the complex process she learns that , money can't buy everything . From a play by George Bernard Shaw , this simple and agreeable comedy is attractive and enjoyable but mediocre . Lavishly filmed with top-notch actors , gorgeous costumes but excessively stagy , containing a colorful cinematography in Technicolor by cameraman Jack Hildyard , as well as lively musical score by Georges Van Parys . Beautiful Sophia Loren in her top splendor gives a likeable acting as an incredibly rich woman , while Sellers is nice playing in his usual style as a peculiar doctor who will wed any woman who will manage to survive on just a few money , for ninety days . This great duo starring being accompanied by notorious actors giving pretty good interpretations , such as : Alastair Sim , Vittorio De Sica , Dennis Price , Gary Raymond , Alfie Bass , Graham Stark , Noel Purcell and uncredited Roy Kinnear .

This 20th Century-Fox motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Anthony Asquith , though marred by its really theatrical origin . Asquith was a good actor and filmmaker , directing films of all kinds of genres with penchant for comedy and drama , as he made the following ones : I stand condemned , Pygmalion , Cottage to let , We dive at dawn, The demi-paradise , The Winslow boy , Man of Evil , The woman in question, The Browning version , The importance of being Earnest , Carrington , The VIPSs , The Yellow Rolls-Royce , among others . Rating : 5.5/10 . Acceptable and passable but average . The flick will appeal to Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers fans.

Cielo negro

Spanish classic/Neorealist drama with social critique and stunning interpretations
A woman called Emilia (Susana Canales) works as an employee in a fashion store has to care for her sick mother . At the same time she falls in love with Ricardo Fortuny (Luis Prendes) . She blossoms as she finds herself in love with Ricardo , and seemingly loved by the handsome young man , but he has to leave her to go to Valencia . Several of the bored , envious and unscrupulous coworkers of the store decide to have a good time and play a trick on spinster Emilia , as they play a cruel practical joke , to write fictious lettters from Ricardo when they are really written by a bohemian man : Angel (Fernando Rey) pretendingt to fall in love with her . The inappropriate joke made by various unscrupulous prankster women at the expense of a spinster developing a conflicting way and ends in a deep drama . Things go wrong when the hoax is revealed at the last minute and her mother falls in serious illness.

This is a splendid melodrama with religious message , retaining social criticism and it intensifies the dramatic facet by developing a peculiar romance , plenty of sadness and melancholy , as the ending is proof of that. . Based on on the short novel "Miopita" by Antonio Zozaya , being well adapted by filmmaker Manuel Mur Oti himself , but he completely overrides any vestige of humor . The film operates on multiple levels. The most obvious is the neorealist level . Here is also another level, beyond the neorealist drama , I would name it existential level , it is not only about that particular place in that particular time in the fifties , it's about loneliness and hopelessness . This is a 'rara avis' film of the 50s because dealing with a strong portrait of Spanish society and without a doubt, the best movie of Manuel Mur Oti , but it didn't please the pro-Franco authorities and was strongly censored . It's incredibly effective, and quite brutal too . It's about a universal experience of the social situation of the Madrid life , some years later the Spanish Civil War . Links both with the best tradition of Hollywood melodrama and with the Spanish literature about life in towns (Leopoldo Alas Clarin, Benito Perez Galdos and other authors) . Manuel Mur Oti knows what his intention is and what he's trying to achieve , and I think he achieves it perfectly to the point that it becomes unpredictable and you seriously have no idea how it's going to end . As the exciting final is really haunting and pretty memorable , getting redemption thanks to religious faith . Conceptual and political audacity as well as the social criticism result to be so evident in this film who he had to fight the censorship which didn't admit the some engaging scenes and obligated a determined ending .

The acting is pretty fantastic , but the directing is so on point and concise that it becomes the biggest star of the film . Fine performances from Susana Campos as a lonely , hopeless , hapless woman , she steals the show , she gives a sensitive and unforgettable acting . She is an extraordinary actress, and she is able to give us a portrait of a woman who is capable of great romantic love, although she's been deprived by circumstances of any opportunity to express this emotion. Perhaps the film excels thanks to the excellent support from the competent Spanish Ballesteros studio , displaying a Spanish secondary star-studded , such as : Rafael Bardem , Manuel Arbó , Casimiro Hurtado, Antonio Riquelme , Nicolas Perchicot and Julia Caba Alba who plays her ordinary role as a maid or Chacha. The motion picture was compellingly directed by Manuel Mur Oti . Very much recommended.

Il segno di Zorro

Sympathetic but routine adventure film , well co-produced by Spain and Italy
Adventure very freely based on the famous character El Zorro , as it results to be a simple , predictable and good clean fun . General Gutierrez (Armando Calvo) governs tyrannically a region of Mexico, as he imposes huge taxes on the poor citizens and terrorizes them with his troops and hoodlums , especially Lieutenant Martin (Mario Petri) . As a Basque young (Errol's 23-year-old son Sean Flynn) comes from Spain to meet his estranged father . The brave young man along with his fatty pal (Folco Lulli) find several surprises , as they take on the villain governor and bloody enemies , while he falls in love for a beautiful young girl (Danielle De Metz) .

Amusing adventure movie in Spaghetti style , plenty of action , thrills , colorful cinematography , luxurious costumes , impressive score ; all meld together under Mario Caiano's passable direction . Although the story has been told before , tight filmmaking and nice acting win out . Combination of overwhelming sword-play and full of villainy , romance , swashbuckler and heroism . Exciting script by Casey Robinson who also penned ¨The son of Captain Blood¨ also starred by Sean Flynn . The picture is fast-moving , exciting and thrilling right up to the climatic final confrontation between Sean Flynn and Armando Calvo . Amusing acting by Sean Flynn who uses all kind of shrewdness in order to penetrate a well-defended governor stronghold . There appears the gorgeous Danielle De Metz as a hot-tempered moll who swoons over Sean ; furthermore , an enjoyable support cast with full of Spanish secondaries , such as : Armando Calvo , Virgilio Teixeira , Tony Soler , Manuel De Blas , Enrique Diosdado , Helga Liné , Elena Barrios , Xan das Bolas , among others . Stars the always handsome and laughing Sean Flynn. At the beginning his short career he accepted a contract to appear in a sequel to his father's hit film¨ Captain Blood¨ (1935), ¨The son of Captain Blood¨ (1962). He made a few more films in Europe, as ¨Seven Guns for Timothy¨ , ¨Sandok¨ , ¨Two Twin Guns¨ , ¨Delay in Marienborn¨ , ¨Five Ashore in Singapore¨ , in all of which he was extraordinarily likeable but not particularly skilled or at ease before the camera . He became tired with acting and then went to Africa in 1965 as a War Correspondent . The Vietnam war was heating up, and in 1966 Flynn went to cover the war as a photographer-correspondent for Paris-Match and after that to cover the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 . He then went back to Vietnam in 1968 , where he sold photographs and news stories to most of the major news organizations and made plans for a documentary film on the war . In April, 1970, while covering the widening of combat to the border areas of Cambodia, Flynn and colleague Dana Stone disappeared. They were presumed captured by elements of the North Vietnamese, the Viet Cong, or the Khmer Rouge . Although some reports indicated they may have survived as prisoners for as much as another two months , Flynn and Stone were never definitively heard from again after April 6, 1970, and were almost certainly executed by captors.

Producers Benito Perojo and Harry Joe Brown took advantage of the unused as well as left sets from other movies by financing and shooting this hastily assembled attractive picture that holds various titles : El capitán Intrépido (Spain) , Le signe de Zorro (France) , Duel at the Rio Grande (United States) or Sign of Zorro (United States) . This is a good-natured Technicolor romp with glamorous cinematography from Bitto Albertini and Antonio Macasoli , though a perfect remastering being really necessary . In addition an evocative and rousing musical score by Anton Garcia Abril , including a catching leitmotif . Motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Mario Caiano . He made this acceptable Zorro adventure , genre in which he would not only excel but one where he would spent much of the rest of his career . This craftsman directed all kinds of genres as he made several Spaghetti Westerns : ¨Brandy¨, ¨Avenger of California¨ , ¨Ringo, face of revenge¨ , ¨Bullets don't argue¨, ¨Lone and angry man¨, ¨A train to Durango¨. Caiano made Peplum as ¨Ulisse vs Ercole¨, ¨I due Gladiatori¨, ¨Maciste Gadiatori di Sparta¨ and Terror : ¨Nightmare castle¨, ¨ Eye in the labyrinth¨ and even Pornonazi as ¨Nazi love camp 27¨. Although Caiano couldn't be deemed an "A"-list director, his movies had a professionalism and a verve that many of those made by his fellow B-directors lacked . Muddle and uneven Zorro movie but will appeal to Spaghetti aficionados . Rating : 5.5/10 , riotous adventure in which there's too much action , battles , brawls and excitement enough.

The Little Foxes

Outstanding and dramatical adaptation of controversial playwright Lillian Hellman's drama
Samuel Goldwyn presents his screen version of the most sensational stage success of 1940 , this The Little Foxes deals with ambitious , ruthless people , a matriarch called Regina Giddens (Bette Davis giving one of her most unforgettable acting on big screen) , her good daugher (Teresa Wright) and the mean brothers (Charles Dingle, Carl Benton Reid). From the Broadway Stage Success by Lillian Hellman "YOU'RE MY HUSBAND-but I hate you" . The ruthless beauty whose ambition spelt the doom of three men. THE MOST MERCILESS WOMAN A MAN EVER LOVED!.

Lillian Hellman's own retelling of her Broadway stage smash hit , wonderfully directed by William Wyller with plenty long-standing frames , dramatic intensity , vintage images compellingly photographed by expert cameraman Gregg Toland and marvellous performances with special mention for Bette Davis as the proud woman who alienates all those about her . This is film version of the stage hit with the ever-riveting , ever-unique Bette Davis dominating in this magnificent rendering based on a successful play about amoral family greed and corruption down South . Davis' egoistic matriarch , Regina , for whom badness by inaction is not beyond the pale when it comes to achieving her desires . Support cast is frankly over-the-top , such as : Dan Duryea makes a top-drawer screen debut , Teresa Wright gives a fine work as the kind but manipulated daughter , Herbert Marshall does an unselfish work , while Charles Dingle and Carl Benton Reid are excellent as the two avaricious brothers and adding others secondaries as Patricia Collinge , Russell Hicks and a young Richard Carlson .

The motion picture was stunningly directed by William Wyler .However , nominated for eight Academy Awards , the movie shamefully came away empty-handed . The old maestro William Wyler takes his time and guides a super team of players through a complex tangle of emotional family conflicts . Wyler was considered by his peers as second only to John Ford as a master craftsman of cinema and the winner of three Best Director Academy Awards . Wyler was a great professional who had a career full of successes in all kind of genres as Film Noir : ¨Detective story¨ , ¨The desperate hours¨ , ¨Dead End¨ ; Western : ¨The Westener¨, ¨Friendly persuasion¨ , ¨Big Country¨ , but his speciality were dramas , such as : ¨Jezebel¨ , ¨The letter¨ , ¨Wuthering Heights¨ , ¨The best years of our lives¨, ¨Mrs Miniver¨, ¨The heiress¨ , ¨the little Foxes¨ , ¨The collector¨ and Comedy as two films starred by Audrey Hepburn : ¨How to steal a million¨ and ¨Roman's holiday¨ . Rating : Better than average 7.5/10 . Better than average . Essential and indispensable seeing .

Adam's Rib

Stunning and watchable classic comedy with Tracy and Hepburn in sparkling form , adding strong secondary cast
Stars Spencer Tracy as assistant District Lawyer and Katharine Hepburn as defender Advocate in Law whose marriage comes under strain when they encounter themselves on opposing sides in court . Adam is prosecuting a high-profile case in which a woman : Judy Holliday is accused of attempting to kill her philandering husband : Tom Ewell by gunning him . Amanda acting as her defense attorney , and the sparring starts . It Will Tickle Your Funny Bone ! .WHO WEARS THE PANTS? .You'll split your sides laughing! . It's The Hilarious Answer To Who Wears The Pants! Funniest Picture in 10 Years!

An amusing classical comedy about War of the Sexes , including entertaining events , funny incidents , disconcerting situations and lots of fun . The screen team of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn was always marvellous , but never more so than in this vintage comedy . As husband and wife lawyers on opposing sides of the same criminal case , they remind us of what film magic is really all about . Competently directed by George Cukor and it is still a masterpiece of its kind . The supporting interpretations by Judy Hollyday as the lady accused of shooting her husband played by the sympathetic Tom Ewell , Jean Hagen as his lover , David Wayne as a songwriter with none-too honourable designs and especially Home Emerson as a bouncing witness greatly add to the fun .

It contains an atmospheric cinematography in Black and White by George J. Folsey and also available in a horrible colorized version . As well as lively and attractive musical score by Miklós Rózsa . The motion picture was compellingly directed by George Cukor who has the comedy under perfect control . Cukor was one of the best Hollywood directors shooting a great number of successful and classic films with penchant for melodrama , comedy and musical , such as : David Copperfield , Margarita Gautier , Little Women , Adam's Rib, Born Yesterday, The Women, Corn is Green, Dinner at Eight , Les Girls , Gaslight , A Star is Born, Holiday , My Fair Lady , Heller in Pink Tights , I Should Happen to you , What price Hollywood? , Double Life , Woman's Face , Rich and Famous and this Philadelphia Story . Rating : 7/10 . The picture will appeal to Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy fans . Well worth watching . Above average . Essential and indispensable seeing.

Una colt in mano al diavolo

Ordinary Spaghetti Western with lots of duels , thrills , action , and shootouts
"Colt in the Hand of the Devil" is a so-so Spaghetti Western following the Sergio Leone wake , including close-ups , decent camera work , shootouts , fast moving , choreographic duels with high body-count and that's why being proceeded in Italian style . It deals with a prisoner called Roy Koster (Robert Woods) sentenced to years of hard labor at the quarry belonging to a Territorial Prison where the treatment of inmates is harsh. Whilst in prison the sadistic guard intentionally targets Roy but he is saved from the warden's bullet by fellow prisoner Jeremy Scott (Attilio Dottesio) who as he lays dying asks Roy to head to Silvertown where he came from to prove his innocence . While Roy planning a prison break , but escaping is no easy task . Later on , Roy Koster is released from jail , as he fulfils the promise to visit a town run by a gang of nasty gunmen led by cutthroat Warner (George Wang) . And on arriving in Silvertown Roy doing so he makes a lot of enemies . Quickly realises it is a perilous place run by a villain and no one happy to see a stranger in town especially one asking questions with even Scott's family less than welcoming . Roy starts to suspect that Jeremy may have been set up for a murder he didn't commit with those who know the truth willing to kill to keep it hidden .

This obscure Spaghetti Western with a pretty straight-forward storyline turns out to be a moving Macarroni western that contains a story full of violence , skill dramatic pace and stirring direction , approaching increasingly Sergio Leone's Italian manners , and keeping some details that make it special in this particular genre . It's a thrilling western with spectacular scenes in which our starring is incarcerated in a State Penitentiary , there Roy doesn't bear the mistreats and humiliations , later on , he attempts to find out the truth about a wrongly condemned person and along the way executes a single-handedly revenge , as he murders each person involved in the plot . A typical storyline in which Roy Koster arriving in Silvertown , seeking vendetta against nasties and ending up dealing with the bad elements who control the place and who were behind imprisonment of the unfortunate Jeremy Scott . There's a breathtaking confrontation between protagonist Robert Woods and heartless enemy George Wang , resulting in an unexpected twist . It's a middle-budget Italian film with usual actors , professional technicians , so-so production values and uneven results . Charismatic interpretation from Spaghetti's customary actors . Stars the American actor Robert Woods who is passable in his usual tough role , here as Roy , an ex-inmate , a drifter desperately wanting justice , attempting to solve Jeremy's wrongful incarceration by facing off a ruthless outlaw , George Wang , on his trail . Robert Woods starred films in all kinds of genres , thriller , action , Giallo , Erotic and especially Spaghetti Western . As Woods played a lot of Spaghetti Westerns , some of them passable , others lousy ones , these are as follows : "A Dollar and a Grave¨ , ¨Gatlin Gun¨ , ¨Colt in the Hand of the Devil¨, ¨The Belle Star Story¨ , ¨A Colt for 4 Candles¨ , ¨Black Jack¨ , ¨My Name is Pecos¨ , ¨Pecos Cleans Up¨ and ¨Seven Guns for the MacGregors¨. And his is greatest hit was ¨Pecos¨ . The acting isn't bad but in "Colt in the Hand of the Devil" the actors can't make ordinary roles become memorable. There are also some familiar faces in the support cast , the Austrain and genre regular William Berger , Attilio Dottesio , Benito Pacifico , George Wang , among others .

Nice soundtrack by Piero Piccioni , it is catching enough to make it attractive , including an enjoyable leitmotif . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Alvaro Manzoni , shot in the unappropriate Italian exteriors , no Almeria . The motion picture was regularly directed by Gianfranco Baldanello , who often used pseudonym Frank G. Carroll , providing a bit bland and forgettable realization. He was assistant director and subsequently directed some films . Gianfranco made several Spaghettis , such as ¨Uccidete Johnny Ringo¨ , ¨This man cant die¨ , ¨Son of Zorro¨ , ¨The Cry of the Wolf¨, ¨Black Jack¨ and ¨Blood River¨. And ¨Colt in the Hand of the Devil¨ isn't a bad spaghetti western, it's just an ordinary one with no great soundtrack or camera work to make it stand out like the ordinary spaghetti westerns do . Rating : 5.5/10. Acceptable and passable but never anything more than regular at best.

Tacones lejanos

Attractive melodrama in Almodovar style with a sober meditation on the importance of family
Almodovar successful and overwrought melodrama about a love/hateful relationship with the ordinary rare characters , twisted situations and eccentric events. A girl's veteran mother (Marisa Paredes) go back after 15 years abroad to perform in Madrid and to find her estranged 27-year-old daughter (Victoria Abril) who left her as a child , the latter has married one of her old boyfriends. They attempt to mend their broken mother/daughter relationship and deal with their common lover (Feodor Atkine) . The reunion after fifteen years is difficult , not least because Rebecca has married her old boyfriend . Things go wrong when there happens a crime and a rare judge (Miguel Bose) starts investigating . A mother, a daughter, a lover. Relationships can be murder.

Agreeable film full of feeling , outlandish characters , haunting mood-pieces , Spanish Neo-realism , and sense of style but not totally satisfactory , including conventional pitfalls , profanities and a lot of sexual scenes . The picture deals with a veteran singer returns after 15 years abroad to perform in Madrid and finds her troublesome daughter , stablishing a physical and problematic relationship between them . It is sad and amusing , but like the rest of the movie mostly sad . This results to be an off-the-wall as well as semi-ironic melodrama , including familiar absurdities , dysfunctional roles and many other things ; featuring two feminist heroines of classical proportions . The picture is pretty well but turns out to be inferior to Almodovar's subsequent entries such as ¨The skin I live in¨, ¨Volver¨ , ¨The bad education¨ or ¨Talk to her¨. The result is undiluted scabrous drama , crazy strings of plots , sharp images , plenty of colorful images and marvellous songs from Luz Casal . Filmmaker piles up on the contrivances , turns and twisted events so that the picture to have success . It's a piquant look at a peculiar family involving strange and complicated situations during its half an hour runtime . And being influenced by American Romantic Dramas and especially by director Douglas Sirk . Nice interpretations by all cast , outstanding Marisa Paredes , Victoria abril and Miguel Bose. Furthermore , a notorious support cast such as : Anna Lizaran , Cristina Marco , Féodor Atkine ,Miriam Díaz-Aroca , Pedro Díez del Corral ,Bibiana Fernández , among others . Enjoyable musical score by Ryuichi Sakamoto ; adding some wonderful songs . Brilliant and luxurious cinematography by Alfredo Mayo.

The motion picture was realized in his peculiar style by Pedro Almodovar ; he often uses symbolism and metaphorical techniques to portray circular story lines , though here he directs a special melodrama , including his ordinary touches . Almodovar directs throughout with splendid zip and he usually portrays strong female characters and transsexuals and along his career getting some important international prizes . His first feature film, Pepi, Luci, Bom (1980), was made in 16 mm and blown-up to 35 mm for public release . In 1987, he and his brother Agustín Almodóvar established their own production company : El Deseo, S. A. The "Almodóvar phenomenon" has reached all over the world , making his films very popular in many countries . Oscar-winning Spanish director Pedro Almodovar who made successes such as Labyrinth of passions , Law of desire , Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown , Bad education , All about my mother , Talk to her , Broken embraces , The Skin I Live In and many others . The latest from acclaimed Spanish director , Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited (Los Amantes Pasajeros) competing for the inaugural best European comedy honor during the upcoming 26th edition of the European Film Awards . And his last hits as Julieta and Dolor y gloria with Antonio Banderas .

Pursuit to Algiers

The modernized Holmes and Watson protect the King of fictitious Rovenia during a sea voyage
Good vehicle for Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce investigating weird happenings , while they guard over a royal heir on a luxury liner . They have got to get a young prince home after his father is assassinated and along the way they find plot and counter-plot , a real challenge for Sherlock's razor intellect .Fine Sherlock Holmes movie with nice settings , thrills , plot twists , suspense , unanswered mysteries and outstanding , first-class villains . The game's afloat in this rather tired and no excessively brilliant Sherlock Holmes mystery . After an intriguingly mysterious opening in a typically foggy London , the Great Detective Holmes and Bumbling Doctor Watson are bogged down in a shipboard adventure , fending off would-be assassins of the young European monarch they are escorting .As Holmes helped by his distracted , dumb colleague Doctor Watson uncover a twisted plot .The crime masters at their greatest! New Thrills! Holmes Haunts a Ship ! . His best Mystery of all !. Grim Mystery to hold you breathless!. THEIR NEWEST AND GREATEST ADVENTURE! .

A genuine ripping yarn with much suspense , thrilling events and complex intrigue aboard a ship voyage during which assassins close in . Twelfth in Rathbone/Bruce series with only two more and energies starting to flag . Pretty stale stuff , though Nigel Bruce makes his singing debut with ¨Loch Lomond¨ . Nigel is even more botcher and ineffectual than usual . Interesting and suspenseful entry with Basil Rathbone facing off strange suspicious people who attempt to kill a monarch . It is all a bit elementary and no great challenge for Holmes's brain or even ours for the matter . This is a suspenseful and intriguing film in Universal style , freely based on the splendid novels by Arthur Conan Doyle . The film gets mystery , tension , thrills , detective action , red herrings and packs an exciting deal of outstanding surprises with great lots of fun . Of course , Holmes and Watson solve the mystery at the end , including a surprising twist . Displaying functional settings , appropriate and brilliant cinematography , as well as evocative musical score from Hans J. Salter and Frank Skinner , Universal's regular composers . Magnificent Basil Rathbone's interpretation , considered to be the best and most authentic Sherlock Holmes . Rathbone plays Holmes as an intelligent , obstinate , broody , pipesmoking sleuth , his acting is similar to subsequent actors as Peter Cushing and Jeremy Brett for TV or Nicol Williamson (Seven-per-cent-solution) or Christopher Plummer (Murder by decree) . As usual , Dr. Watson plays his botcher, bungler or clumsy partner , masterfully incarnated by Nigel Bruce . They are well accompanied by notorious secondaries , though no too much known . However , this time here doesn't appear series' usual secondaries as Inspector Lestrade : Dennis Hoey , and Mrs Hudson : Mary Gordon.

This atmospheric motion picture was compellingly directed by Roy William Neill , though inferior than other entries , as the Holmes series was seriously running out of steam by the time this was made and it shows . Roy William Neill shot efficiently various episodes of the attractive series . Neill directed in his ordinary style , in fact he was regular filmmaker -along with John Rawlins- of the stunning series , such as : Dressed to Kill, Terror by Night , Pursuit to Algiers , The Woman in Green, The House of fear , Sherlock Holmes in Washington , Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon , Scarlet Claw , among others . Rating : 6/10. The picture will appeal to fans of the excellent series starred by Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, resulting to be a passable and acceptable episode.


The tale of an unsettling army private with a sturdy performance from Klaus Kinski
Based on the play by Georg Buchner about Franz Woyzeck : Klaus Kinski as an unfortunate and hopeless soldier . Mired in the ranks of the Germany Army he finds alone and powerless against a ruthless society and a rigid military authority that exploits him , as well as being harassed by his superiors and tortured in bizarre scientific experiments . Tormented by rare visions and weird voices , betrayed by his wife : Eva Mattes , in public by the unbearable weight of social and sexual oppression , he is increasingly pushed to the edge .

Chilling and sad portrayal of a man plunging into insanity when he is assaulted from all sides by forces he can not control , being caught between the cruel command , poverty and his distant wife . Werner Herzog's film is based upon a prestigious play dealing with a very strange , mysterious and bizarre character , gradually devolving into maniac instinct . Not the same dizzy folly as Aguirre , but Herzog´s similarly long perspective conjures as a brooding and thought-provoking film of man's aimless tracks throughout an egoistic society and harsh vision of human suffering beyond despair , eventually cracking when he discovers his wife's infedility . Here there are echoes of prestigious authors as Shakespeare , Beltor Bretch , Samuel Beckett , among others . Klaus Kinski gives a portentous interpretation in the title role as the hapless soldier who snaps when he learns his wife is having an affair. Along with Eva Mattes who is pretty well too , as his unfaithful spouse .

The motion picture was competently directed by Werner Herzog, though some may find hard to take . This great German director Herzog has made several thoughtful , provoking and interesting films , such as : "Fata Morgana" , "Aguirre Wrath of God" , "The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser", "Heart of Glass" , "Stroszek", "Woyzeck" , "Nosferatu the Vampire", "Where the Green Ants Dream" , "Cobra Verde" ,"Lessons in Darkness", "My Dearest Enemy", "Invincible" , "The White Diamond", "Grizzly Man", "Rescue Dawn" , among others. Rating : 7/10 above average and irresistible movie thanks to Kiski's extraordinary performance . The flick will appeal to Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski followers.

Cinderella Man

A Tour-de-force acting of Rusell Crowe as a boxer desperately fights his way to save his family
The legendary story of James J. Braddock (Russell Crowe) , a supposedly washed-up boxer who came back to challenge for the heavyweight championship of the world and its great champion Max Baer (Craig Bierko) . The unfortunate boxer caring the people around him , as his captivating wife (Renée Zellweger) and beloved children . Helped by his trainer (Paul Giamatti) he takes on the heavyweight champ of the world, the unstoppable Max Baer (who passsed away at age 50 of a heart attack , being finely played by Craig Bierko), renowned for having killed two men in the ring. One Man's extraordinary fight to save the family he loved. When America was on its knees, he brought us to our feet.

This interesting movie based on a screenplay by prestigious Akiva Goldsman from a story by Cliff Hollingsworth results to be an intense and sensitive drama about boxing world with an agreeable starring well personified by Russell Crowe . The violent boxing images shocked audiences and still retains quite power nowadays. It's a grueling boxing tale with tough realism full of face-blistering, punches, knocks in similar style to ¨Raging Bull¨. Impressive and breathtaking final combat between Braddock and Max Baer , in fact the stakes were 10 to 1 in favor of Baer . Top-notch acting by Russell Crowe as a good boxer in his usual hard-driving style along with his faithful wife marvellously performed by Renée Zellweger. Being accompanied by a notorious support cast , such as : Craig Bierko , Paddy Considine , Bruce McGill , Connor Price, Rosemarie DeWitt, Nicholas Campbell , Ron Canada, Chuck Shamata , among others.

It contains a and dark cinematography by Salvatore Tonino . Long-standing and evocative musical score by Thomas Newman . The motion picture was competently directed by famous actor/filmmaker Ron Howard . From his starts as an actor, as he played George Lucas' American Graffiti , he's had a long career, as he went on as a filmmaker, shooting successfully, his film debut was Grand thef auto, following other hits, such as : Night shift, Splash, Cocoon, Gung Ho, Parenthood, Backdraft , Far and away, The Paper , Apollo13, Ransom , EdTv, The Grinch, A beautiful mind, Cinderella man, The Da Vince Code , Frost/Nixon , among others. Rating 7/10. The yarn will appeal to Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger fans.

A Midnight Clear

A brooding and sensitive warlike film that takes place in the Ardennes Forest dealing with an American platoon to locate the enemy
Adapted from the novel by William Wharton , with interesting script by director Keith Gordon himself, providing an absorving and stylised rendition , while acting is uniformly over-the-top and exploring issues of faith and morality about US and German soldiers, as both sides are determined to survive . It takes place in the Ardennes Forest , near the French-German enemy-line border , in December 1944 . The end of WWII approaches and it's Christmastime when six of the remaining members of a 12-member squad are sent on a perilous mission , as they settle at an abandoned , deserted cabin in order to report on enemy movements, but short of rations decide to explore all around . The American Intelligence Squad locates a strange German platoon stalking here and there . The German foes remain elusive , and after making contact with these young , nervous young men , the enemy soldiers prove strangely unwilling to attack and wishing to surrender rather than die in Germany's final war offensive, but then things go wrong.

A thrilling wartime movie set in 1944 France, in the Ardennes forest region, at an isolated location with a handful of GIs and a band of of combat-weary Germans , displaying an intelligent story , emotion , solid storyline , enjoyable message and good feeling . A sensitive and thought-provoking movie in which a sense of anquish filtrates throughout the tale , moving inexorably towards spiritual reckoning and lethal confrontation . A worthwhile seeing psychological drama pits the message of peace against the stupidity of war . Packing a top-notch cast wiith full of future big stars and notorious secondaries , including as follows : Ethan Hawke , Gary Sinese , Kevin Dillon , Peter Berg , Frank Whaley , Ayrie Gross , John C. McGinley , David Jensen , Larry Joshua , Rachel Griffin who married director Keith Gordon , among others , all off them give nice interpretations .

Colorful cinematography by Tom Richmond , shot in a dreamy surreal style , as the setting is somewhat reminiscent of a fairytale . As well as moving and touching musical score by Mark Isham . This thoughtful motion picture was compellingly written/directd by Keith Gordon . He's a good actor and filmmaker. Appeared with Kevin Bacon in Off-Broadway theater when they were both starting out as actors. Standing out his characters in Brian De Palma's Home Movies , Back to School (1986) , John Carpenter's Christine , Charles Shyer's I Love Trouble . He quit acting to become a director. As he made the following ones : Mother Night (1996), Walking the dead , The singing detective , The chocolate war and several episodes of famous TV series as Nurse Jackie , The Leftovers , Dexter , The Returned , Masters of Sex , Strain , The Bridge , Homeland , Legion , Fargo , Better Call Saul , among others . Rating : 7/10. Above average. Well worth watching. Essential and indispensable seeing for WWII lovers.

The Shallows

Taut and bone-chilling thriller in which the constant shark attacks deliver the goods.
In this The Shallows 2016 director Jordi Collet Serra provides a moving creation of tension, thrills, terror , emotions and brief gore. In this thrilling and intriguing movie , shark attacks images deliver excitement enough , accompanying a stirring musical score by Marco Beltrani who heightens the suspense. When Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing on a secluded beach, she finds herself on the feeding ground of a great white shark. Though she is stranded only 200 yards from shore , survival proves to be the ultimate test of wills , requiring all of Nancy's ingenuity , resourcefulness , and fortitude . Was once in the deep is now in the shallows . Plan your getaway . Not just another day at the beach.

A suspenseful film about a beautiful girl , a brave surfer , as mere 200 yards from shore, Nancy/Blake Lively is attacked by a great white shark, with her short journey to safety becoming the ultimate contest of wills . The film does finally get moving in the last 35 or so minutes, and it's in those moments that make the picture overall effective to be. Jordi Collet knows how to milk tension into these scenes and doesn't disappoint . The finale is particularly an exercise in creating seat-gripping suspense . It's almost a match for the conclusion to classic Jaws film . The showdown between Nancy and the shark is just as memorable and on the edge-of-the-seat , as her confrontation bears remarkable resemblance with the other great white in the Spielberg's summer blockbuster . Marco Beltrani's score is as effective as ever and serves to heighten the tension factor by a notch. Here the man-eater finds another victim , a gorgeous woman , facing another toothy terror with an equally voracious appetite . Although there's very little in the way of originality in the issues already treated in previous films , this competent story being some more than a mechanical rehash of former elements , as it still has enough bite to make it a fun flick . Admittedly, filmmaker Jordi Collet is no Spielberg, and his handling of the film's scenes of family drama is less than scintillating, but he rises to the challenge when required to deliver suspense and action, with plenty of well crafted and shocking shark attacks guaranteed to have the audience jumping out of their seats in fear movie with scary scenes . Displaying competent direction and containing similar plot to other films , taking parts of Jaws or Castaway . Stars Blake Lively giving a top-notch acting , accompanied by brief interpretations from Oscar Jaenada as a tourist guide and Brett Cullen as her beloved daddy.

It packs colorful and shimmering cinematography by cameraman Flavio Martinez Labiano , shot on location in Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, and Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australia , as well as using green screens , at times . The musician Marco Beltrani composes a moving and rousing musical score fitting perfectly to the frenetic action . The motion picture was well produced and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra , though it has similarities with others films formerly realized and pacing could have been more tight , but it's often suspenseful and exciting. This Spanish filmmaker is an expert director of terror movies as "Orphan" , "House of Wax" and "The River" series , as well as specialist in thrillers , most of them starred by Liam Neeson as "Unknown" , "Run all night" and "Non-stop" and "The Commuter" . Rating : 7/10 . Better than average . Essential and indispensable watching for Blake Lively fans and sea thriller enthusiasts.

Maciste contro lo sceicco

Very average , low-budget Muscle Men movie with violent struggles , thrills and spectacular battles
Standard Peplum by Domenico Paolella with plenty of combats , thrills , fights and noisy action . Exciting Peplum odyssey , regularly-plotted , with a likeable acting from Ed Fury as Maciste . Sword and Sandals film centers Maciste (Ed Fury or Edmund Holovchik) , he is the typical bouncing hunk man who fights against evil people . This time happens many centuries after his ordinary feats , in the late 1500s , Arabs invasion on Spain force to Duke of Malaga (John McDouglas or Giuseppe Addobbati) topple the Sacred Obelisk in the North African city of Melida before they're defeated by the local Sheik (Erno Crisa) and then the Duke is taken prisoner . The Shiek's hoodlums then sail to Spain and abduct the Duke's daughter , Isabella (Gisella Arden) . A lower-class adventurer called Antonio (Carocci) , who loves the aristocratic Isabella , now travels to Melida with his pal , Maciste (Ed Fury) , to free her as well as her imprisoned father. They're soon captured but Isabella and Antonio make their getaway . Along the way , Maciste fights a herd of lions and group of hunks (Nazzareno Zamperla, Fortunato Arena , among others) and he carries out a column hoist .

This moving Peplum set in XVI Century, Spain and Morocco , contains emotion , noisy action , sequences incorporating classic elements , spectacular fights against lions and lots of sword-wielding warriors , court intrigue , stirring ending in which Maciste is forced to single-handedly re-erect the sacred fallen obelisk and many other things . This mythological movie stars Maciste/Ed Fury who seeks to finish rescuing the Duke's daughter and restoring her father to his dukedom , it is plenty of adventures , atmospheric settings , evocative soundtrack by Carlo Savina and colorful scenarios well photographed by Tino Santoni . This is a regular spaghetti, myth-opera with action , love , battles and luxurious landscapes , but there are a few editing goofs . In addition to the muscular lead , here there are the always appealing sword and sandal elements ; however , this movie has not mythological accuracy neither expecting historical . The corpulent Ed Fury was a hunk man who made some roman epic films also called ¨Musclemen movies¨ . He was one of a number of bodybuilder and physique model types who followed muscleman Steve Reeves out to Italy in the early 60s and won campy notice playing Herculean characters in those campy Italian sand-and-spear epics . Ursus ("Ursus" is Latin for "bear"), Maciste, Goliath, Samson , Hércules , Atlas..., those Italian muscle man producers must have had a hard time figuring out what to call the musclebound actors who played all these legendary muscleman heroes . Other stars by the time on this type of movies are Mark Forest , Gordon Mitchell , Alan Steel , Dan Vadis , Reg Park , Brad Harris , Samson Burke , Richard Harrison , Rock Stevens , Kirk Morris and 'Gordon Scott' and , of course , the great Steve Reeves , as nobody , nevertheless, topped Steve in popularity . Ed Fury started off his beefcake run off as a body double . Ed was the subject of legendary photographer Robert Mizer and appeared on the cover of Mizer's infamous magazine "Physique Pictorial" ostensibly promoting Fury's role in Ursus (1961), billed as "The Mighty Ursus". Ed was posing front-and-center as Herk himself and entering in the star-system based on pumped-up heroes playing ¨Sansone¨ or ¨Samson¨ or ¨Ursus¨ . On numerous occasions Ed was asked to play the legendary Greek hero , as well as the equally well-built demigods Samson and Ursus , even though the film titles often fused (or confused) them in their titles . In fact , he starred various Ursus movies , such as : ¨Ursus¨ (1961) by Carlo Campollani with similar actors as Ed Fury , Maria Luisa Merlo and Moira Orfei , ¨Ursus in the Valley of Lions¨(1962) by Carlo Ludovico and "The Son of Hercules in the Land of Fire" (1963) by Giorgio Simonelli with Ed Fury , Luciana Gilli and Claudia Mori . Some other familiar faces show up in this Maciste contro lo sceicco (1962) , such as : Erno Crisa , Giuseppe Addobbati or John MacDouglas , Nazzareno Zamperla , Fortunato Arena, and Spaghetti Western regular baddie : Piero Lulli . And including three gorgeous women : Gisella Arden , Mara Berni and Anna Ranalli as Maciste's girlfriend .

The motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Domenico Paolella . He was a director and writer, known for filming all kind of genres such as Nunexploitation : ¨The nun and the devil¨, ¨Unholy Convent¨ , Peplum : ¨Maciste Nell'inferno Di Gengis Khan¨, ¨Il Gladiatore Che Sfidò L'Impero¨ , ¨Golia Conquista Di Bagdad¨ , ¨Ercole Contro Tiranni , ¨Maciste against Mongols¨, among others . Rating : 4.5/10 . Only for hardcore enthusiasts of the Peplum genre .

The Quiet Ones

Hammer production with full of eerie scenes , restless horror and a twisted intrigue
Horror story filled with suspense , restless terror , thrills and lots of gore and blood . This terror movie deals with a young teen named Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke) , she is a really troubled girl , she has malevolent energy , being possessed with telekinetic talents and attacking unintentionally . Psychic powers who causes dreadful happenings .A real chiller in which an involuntary power engenders in her nasty events . His vital and dark energy seem to carry out terrible accidents , which are impossible to stop. A university professor , Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris) , forms a top team of ambitious students (Sam Claflin , Erin Richards , Rory Fleck Byrne) and join them at a secluded estate on the outskirts of London . He undergoes hypnosis to control her nasty thoughts in blackness , but his apparent supernatural powers continue and not being able to avoid her hallucinations , she becomes even more violent and sadistic . Nevertheless , is a terror so mercilessly baleful and horrible that it may destroy them all before they even realize what a hateful mistake they've made . Along the way Brian (Sam Claflin) attempts to find out the bizarre events leading at the old mansion in bloody results .Something unspeakable is happening to Jane Harper.

This frightening movie concerning a strange professor joining a group of students to conduct an experiment on a young woman, uncovering terrifyingly dark, unexpected forces in the process. Mysterious flick deliberately told , contains thrills , chills , tension , shocks , suspense and lots of violence and some gory special effects . As director/writer John Poison takes here and there from ¨Palma's Carrie¨ , ¨Palma's The Fury¨ , and the possession's theme about person possessed by old time spectres or ghouls from ¨Michael Winner's The Nightcomers¨ , ¨Don Sharp's Dark places¨ or the recent ¨James Wan's The Conjuring¨series . It displays a sinister and horrifying atmosphere by means of shaky camera with photographer Mátyás Erdély providing a nice cinematography along with appropriate setting of the Seventies . Adequate acting from Jared Harris as a weird professor who has a particularly unconventional plan for getting the darkness out of her and Olivia Cooke as the teenager with psychic powers . As well as Sam Claflin, Rory Fleck Byrne and the beautiful Erin Richards .

It is an acceptable and very rare movie , a decent terror story with plenty of suspense , screams , shocks and tension . It has a dark cinematography and exciting , suspenseful musical score by Lucas Vidal . The picture was professionally directed by John Poison with horror moments are compactly made and fast-moving and bringing this eerie and stylish story plagued with twisted intrigue , mediums , telekinetic powers and depraved gore murders . John Pogue has written/produced/directed various successful films , such as : ¨Quiet ones¨ , ¨Ghost ship¨ , ¨Us Marshals¨ , ¨The Fast and the Furious¨ and ¨Skulls 2¨ . Rating : 6/10 , attractive Hammer Film that will appeal to horror fans.

L'eredità Ferramonti

A strong family drama with passion , wishes , ambition and treason
An absorbing and dramatic confrontation among members of a family with dark secrets. Set in the end-of-century Rome, 1880 , where happens a terrible family drama resulting in a surprising and fateful ending . A rich owner called Gregorio (Anthony Quinn) has decided to close his bakery , the family business. Then he tells his sons , the ambitious Pippo (Gigi Proietti) , the playboy , womanizer Mario (Fabio Testi) and daughter Teta (Adriana Asti) married to a government official (Paolo Bonacelli) they will have to fend their future for themselves. But newly married Irene (Dominique Sanda) , Pippo's wife , has other schemes . As the wealthy patriarch becomes sexually involved with the intriguing daughter-in-law . But the arguments , betrayals among them are continuous and it results in unfortunate consequences . Irene manages to convince the brothers that they must prevent at all costs that their daddy falls in love again to avoid the risk of losing their inheritance , but things go wrong.

Tawdry story is nonetheless engaging and interesting at times . Family saga in which a young predatory as well as scheming woman becomes involved in an plot about oppressive brothers and combined with period piece , including glamorous gowns and adequate settings . It's a completely riveting melodrama from start to finish in which an ambitious woman acting on intelligence , weighing every step and its results , wants to take a valuable inheritance . This is truly fascinating tale , though it has some flaws , disjointed scenes , gaps and unappropriate finale .An interesting and engaging drama with confrontation and quarrels , making evident the open wounds left by the family tradition seem to be alive . Actors are frankly well , as the cast is dominated by celebrities at the time , particularly stunning are Anthony Quinn giving a real "tour De force" in his usual style and Dominique Sanda as the gorgeous , calculating and scheming young woman who wants to take over the inheritance , as she won Cannes Award : Best actress . Along with a better than average remaining cast , such as : Fabio Testi , Luigi Proietti , Adriana Asti and Paolo Bonacelli.

It contains sensitive and moving musical score by Ennio Morricone . Evocative Cinematography in Eastmancolor by great cameraman Ennio Guarnieri , showing several monuments and sightseeing from Rome . The motion picture was competently directed by Mauro Bologinini . Being Winner Best Actress Dominique Sanda tied with Mari Töröcsik , Nominee Palme d'Or Mauro Bolognini , Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 1977 Winner Silver Ribbon , Best Supporting Actress : Adriana Asti , Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD) Awards 1979 , Nominee SIYAD Award Best Foreign Film . Mauro Bolognini was member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1985 and brother of producer Manolo Bolognini. Student of architecture at the University of Florence. Trained in set design and directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Worked as assistant director under neo-realist director Luigi Zampa from 1948 to 1952 . Subsequently in France as assistant to Jean Delannoy and Yves Allégret. Directed his own films from 1953, his best output coming from scripts by Pier Paolo Pasolini (such as La notte brava 1959) or adaptations of works by Alberto Moravia . He was one of the bets Italian directors in the Sixties who wrote/directed some good and successful films . Directing especially comedy and drama , such as : Adiós, Moscú , Senilidad , La viaccia , Il bell'Antonio , Mademoiselle de Maupin, Agostino , Un bellissimo noviembre , La notte brava , La vena d'oro , among others .

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