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  • Watch this series.

    I am incredibly surprised at the quality of this series. At this point I have watched episodes 1 through 5, and am stunned at how much I am actually interested in watching this series.

    The show appears to be well-thought out, the sets are remarkably authentic feeling despite what I am sure for a new series is a small budget, and the interplay between characters is consistent and easily acceptable.

    The show is also very fast-paced and despite the short time (5 eps.), there are already a great number of believable plot threads.

    Most importantly, the characters are believable and likable and for a sci-fi series, real. As mentioned earlier, the interplay between the characters is something to see. Indeed, when watching the series I actually forget I'm watching sci-fi.

    Watch it if you can, I suspect you'll like it.
  • I am honestly dismayed at seeing the low overall score that this movie has engendered.

    If I gave 10's, this'd have one.... but I don't. It's not perfect, and a lot of it is new and strange, especially for those who are aware of the original series.

    But in and of itself, it is one of the best pieces of sci-fi I have ever seen. It has the elements that are required to make a good movie -- and it has film quality, not tv quality -- great execution, using symbols, and stirring emotions, flowing & understated yet moving music.... it was great. There was little exposition and what exposition was there was just enough to add to the story rather than hinder it.

    What I found most striking is that when the movie was over, I not only understood what the characters' roles are, but WHO they are. This is an achievement that not even two of my personal favourites (Babylon 5 & Star Trek: The Next Generation), were able to do well into their first SEASON, nevermind first 2-hour specials.

    So, what do I rate this? If I must rate it, it is a 9... all films have flaws. But this is a high 9!