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21 Jump Street

Funny Movie!
Okay went to see this movie not expecting too much. Turned out to be pretty darn Hilarious! Made me realize how school dynamics have changed so much in the last few years. Kids in high school now are nothing like the way they use to be. They seem to be more gadget savvy, smart is the new cool, and hipsters are everywhere..

The cast did look a bit older than most high school kids, but this doesn't draw you away from movie at all. Channing Tatum, and Dave Franco were both excellent in this movie. You can also see how Dave Franco resembles his brother James Franco in his demeanor.

Definitely watch this movie if you get the chance, its targeted towards people in the late 20s, and early 30s. If you're a 21 jumps street fan like me, you won't be disappointed.

Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai

Boring......Not Funny. Pass it.
It's a story about growing as a Taiwanese student, studying for exams and finding love and experiences with friends. But the story seems too real and uninteresting to be made into a movie. I remembered my high school days to be much more interesting then this movie.

This movie is pretty much a love story where nothing happens. Also it wasn't funny. The movie has a lot of male nude scenes and masturbation jokes, which sadly was confusing as to why it was put in the movie. I often found myself looking at my girlfriend asking is that suppose to be funny??

The only things I enjoyed about this movie, were the camera angles. I felt the film did have a great cinematographer, also the music was fairly good. The story was just not compelling enough.

I would pass on this movie, save yourself 1hr 40 minutes and watch something else.

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