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The Hollow

Utter and utter awful movie!!! OMG!!!
Unbelievable movies like this are still made. Hands down the worst movie I've seen this year. Hahahahaha LOL!!! The acting is of a level where you get to know rock bottom has a cellar. Come hell or high water with Jeff Bridges on crack. Why bother shooting this? A complete waste of data. A total insult to all US marines! A total insult to the Buro. And a total insult to movies in general. Sit down and be ready to look at your phone more than at your screen. Awful how many fake reviews on IMDb. This is getting more and more of a problem. Image going to this movie on your first date. Well come to think of it. You would both be laughing your ass off. Feel bad for the whole crew. Feels like I'm watching an episode of Entourage in which Johnny screws up again. DO NOT WATCH!!!

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