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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some may say that this movie lacks any kind of content except for the scenery and some may say that this movie is brilliant in a lot of ways.

    My opinion is that this movie is an excellent portrayal of different demographics and living standards some societies(like this village) can have. All this puts marks and we see that in this movie whereas the victims are more of the poor standards while the hunters has a bit more power to them.

    The performances are great and I would like to just acknowledge the amount of untapped greatness in Sophie Lowe who just blows everything out of the water. The viewer gets a sense that he/she is attached to her and can feel her pain and suffering. This is certainly the grittiest and most painful performance she has had yet and she handles it like a complete professional.I have had her on my top list of actresses to watch but this performance probably made her the best actress for me. All this is in my opinion possible only because dialogue is scarce, don't get me wrong Lowe's voice is beautiful but she did an excellent job at showing emotion and pain by body-language. Everyone better keep an eye on this girl because she has got it all!

    The boy is also a great surprise for the future and while it's to early to say of what becomes of him he sure as hell had an excellent performance.

    The usual suspects(Stormare, Skarsgård..) all did their part like they should.

    The dialogue bit was for me intriguing and I can understand the majority that doesn't feel like this because it's a movie right? But for me I think it brought out more of the personal side from the characters. The bond the girl and boy has is quite extraordinary. For example there is one scene where he will try to warn her and they do it all by their body-language and I think that is a great achievement in their acting performances. But as I said some may find this one of the best things in the movie while others will hate it because of the low amount of dialogue but that's the beauty of opinions we all different ones.

    The movie is set in a remote mountain village which has beautiful landscapes and I can only imagine how it was to film there(hoping I do get the feeling one day).

    So to sum it up I liked it based on the fact that the message the movie has is powerful and the interactions between two siblings is just beautiful to see. Its a solid hit for me which also might get a replay from me and I rarely watch one movie twice. This may have been my first review here on IMDb, but it's solely based on the fact that I just freaking loved every second of it.