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FBI: Most Wanted: Execute
Episode 2, Season 2

Not always so good
I do not believe FBI would always be so sorrowful of their executed or finished works, closed cases. This always gives me the feeling they feel so sorry when they captured or killed the suspect, so humanly. No sir It is a phantasy.

Good Girls: Au Jus
Episode 5, Season 3

Total bs
Due to fact that Lucy is dead because of Beth's idiot hubby Dean who broke the money template Beth never felt sorry and responsible for her death which is on Dean But she carries on with that idiot like nothing happened. Well the writers of this part has been real numb. So people I have wasted my time that is all for you to know


How could it be a show turn to be a screw up??
I have seen the movie Hanna and decided to watch also this show..Beginning wasn't that bad But season 2 My goodness who ever is writing the scripts got no idea Who and What Hanna actually is.. She is well trained killer and intelligent But here You bring her back to Meadows and she becomes such an idiot? Real Hanna wouldn't let Clara to live another second.. after her betrayel On the other hand Why is Hanna a trainee???? She can even teach the trainers better wtf man No good at all

The Last Days of American Crime

Wtf netflix
No good no good at all. Still wanna watch? Suit yourselves.

White Lines

Thought it was worthed to watch lots of bs
If you have lots of time to waste, then have a look I mean I admire the subject even the story that could be told so much better. Poor Acting in so many ways well. Have fun.

The Valhalla Murders

Boring No. incompetency Yes a lot
If this is the way Icelandic detectives work God or Odin saves the Island. Well what I see and suggest is that let them have a training for 4 weeks. First week they should be beaten up next 3 weeks learn how to beat hence be trained how to fight I wonder how they struggle with the real criminals

Criminal Minds

Fiinal season is very pushy
Very boring bringing all old stuff; Team is weak, and subjects go all around with Spence, Criminals are always more clever and better equipped with their smart heads to play well with FBI


Do not watch the Season 2
Such an awful script, poor police works, nonsense from beginning to the end. If British Police force work like this, God save the Queen Got save the Brits. Due to lack of police knowledge, police can be that dumb to ignore a DNA check Imagine a police chief intervanes the interrogation and shuts down to stop further investigation for no solid reason. Total bs. Well do not waste your time to watch eventhough you got some time to kill.

El dragón

Bad copy of Samurai like stories Beginning was amusing, then boring
Lots of talks, bad senseless actions, very bad Samurai acting, too poor fight scenes and endless nonsenses, just one man kills, 2 bad guys do everything

The Blacklist: Orion Relocation Services (No. 159)
Episode 9, Season 7

This is getting boring. How come such an idiot is an FBI agent
Mrs Keen If you leave your child with your neighbor and trust, you as an Fbi agent you could do a back ground check This Katarina Rostova will come an end?? Please do that soon. Boring

The Rook

Average is the word for this
At the beginning The Rook attracted my attention, later episodes got me thinking, where the heck is this supernatural power of Myffany? All this show circles around very few people. In the auction why poor Chineese auctioneer never gets lucky, that got me laughing

Jack Ryan

American Dream 🤓😩
You wish you had that dream came true right?? All good Americans put an order to the world Well Tom Clancy wouldn't be that happy to see his real Jack Ryan that has to turned to a Rambo!! Well if you just wanna see some action without seeking logic This is the one

The Murders

Don't get thrilled with the headline just waste of time
Totally bad acting poor scripts never seen such detective who is fearfull coward and incapaciated

The Blacklist

From a great show to a BS
Liz should have been out long AGO poor acting, super unsympathetic and the script is really low and childish comic book like Shame for James Spader's super acting .. Hope you let Lizzy die soon

Bizim Için Sampiyon

Such a great movie that is taking us back to life of a Legend , Bold Pilot She is more than a horse
This is a real story of an ambitious horse rider Halis Karatas and fastest Racing horse BOLD PILOT ..This horse is definitely more than a racing horse who touched many lives of many people around her and the people who watched her on the racing tracks.. Just a small example to show you how precious she was, when Bold Pilot is prepared for the start box, the whole hippodrum, race track with audiences kept quite ..that is How this wonderful horse was...

The Last Ship: Honor
Episode 8, Season 5

Just a hack brought US down on the knees!!!!
This has been a good show until this one.. One man with one hacker made the US weaker weaker.. well thanks God its been over....

Keeping Faith

Too freaking slow like the old good Brasilian shows..
I agree most of the reviews this show has been too slow and exteremely nonsense.. I wonder the Welsh lawyers really got no clue to use their brains..Its all about Faith her hair her ridiciliously movings actings ..This could have been brilliantly better with a better crew..and directors..well got bored with nonsenses..

Killing Eve

Foolish bad show
I just thought its waste of time to watch this bs.. screw this

Designated Survivor: Bad Reception
Episode 20, Season 2

Bad Reception Bad Episode Bad President
This show has become like a citcom.. screw it.. Lots of Bs with hacking, Agent Wells working as usual as a lone star anyway, In this show it always irritates me the arrogance of the US presidency towards all the other nations who look like they are all bad US is an angel country.. Wowwww a country that blew up her own Capitol Hill. See that's my point from an very ugly evil work to a such an angel like administration awkward isn't it?


This becomes like a screwed sitcom show
This show has started sooo good and promising and turned to be screwup sitcom boring and boring. I think you shouldnt change so often the scriptwriters

Madam Secretary: Refuge
Episode 14, Season 4

This show is becoming Disgracefully and Stubbornly ignorance of Ms. Barbara Hall
I think this willl end me to see more of Madam Secretary after this episode.. Well always blaming the other countries harsh, and showing US administration soo liberal Humanist and makes no mistake at all..always threatening the others.. Wake up your admini,stration is republican .. Ms Hall Do you really think LGBT is a real issue here among all the world's suffering refugees and people are torn apart from their own land and try to survive and those doing whatever necessary stay a live whereever they can.. Turkey is that country you are blaming as hater of lgbt so ask yourself how many gays and lesbians are killed by the state or put in prison because they are gay or lesbian transexual ??!! You present this country as Kurdish hater where there are more than 20 mil Kurdish people live . So especially in Middle East ..Turks dont hate Kurdish people But they hate terrorists who kill This is a political show and should be aware of your allies..Ms Hall i am fond of this show Homeland, You had also written there hopefully you don't screw like you screw here..

Scandal: The Noise
Episode 15, Season 7

Never seen a show so ridicilously alter, goods become bad, evils become angels
I mean does anybody know where thi is going? looks like latest episodes bored the people with Olivia's ambition, once Cyrus was a victim now he is becoming evil again.. that fella Jake is an a complete ass.. got no vision no solidarity or belief once he is like a real tough one next easily convinced to convert.. well does that really look like an American Administration that has only bunch of people who influnce and rule?? Sccrew all these nonsense and end this retarted show

La Casa de Papel

Lots of nonsense afterwards even if it has started too good
This is the most overrated show i have ever seen, the downhill is so hard that it hurt me psychologically. The romance is very bad and stupid with no sense plot. The characters in the beginning seem to be very pro and you can find later that they are a bunch of amateurs, they will make you hate the characters instead of develop them, the insteresting ones...well... you will see the show calls you for the plottwist and the drama but there is like only 2/3 things that happens that you will think "damn nice..." the rest is only them arguing and pointing themselves with the guns lol. the ending is cliche and the story plot has many fails. its sad because it had potencial but they just downhill the show.

Arrow: Collision Course
Episode 14, Season 6

Arrow Keeps going on with the screwed up nonsense
First of all, the show has lost the track and I am not sure if the writers of last episodes try to fix the show to bring back to its track.. I have no hope Do you?? 2 teams, one Oliver who has become nothing more than an a-hole.. Second team's poor resistance against the green arrow does not make any sense at all.. Laurel is gonna be a good girl again??? screw this.. what on the earth do you really think you can change your emotions from one second to another like that??

Strike Back

Lots of BS
This show has become lots of nonsense ..Where is this going noone knows.. One woman Lowery goes everywhere easily kills easily .. well only the Brits are intelligent and good guys rest of the world is dumb..Can you believe this??

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