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  • Good movie with an important message about the chemicals poisoning us all.
  • 20 September 2018
    Life Itself could have been a lot better if it hadn't tried so hard. The writing, cinematography, editing and music were just over-the-top. Dramatic moments are repeatedly shoved in your face with a giant sledge hammer, instead of artfully delivered. The saving grace for this film is the excellent cast and excellent acting, but it is not enough to save Life Itself from the island of forgotten movies.
  • Don't believe the negative reviews. This movie was super enjoyable and super fun! We walked out of the theater and both said "wow that was great!" All the actors were good, the storyline was good, of course the special effects and music were great, and there are a lot of different tidbits of the Star Wars universe in there to look for. We saw it Thursday night and are planning on going back to see it again tomorrow. So, from a couple Star Wars fans to all the other fans out there: do yourself a favor and go enjoy the adventure!
  • Whenever these topics come up online, meat lovers defiantly shout down anything that dares to expose the health risks of eating meat and dairy. Just look at all the bottom ratings here from the "muh bacon" reviewers crying about this documentary. Whether you agree with the content, this documentary is well done and engaging. It may not be a 10 but it's nowhere near a 1 or a 2.

    This documentary is made by the same people that produced Cowspiracy and is a continuation of the same theme. While this was engaging and dropped many truth bombs, it fell just a little short of the "wow" effect Cowspiracy had. What The Health is still a great documentary and should be watched by all.