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This is what great TV programming is!
This is a very different show. It's unique, well acted and the pacing is great. The writing and story development is intelligent and sophisticated. You're not spoon fed, but required to think about what plays out and motivated to discover the depths of the characters. A fun ride and worth the watch! Wish there was more quality programming like this.

The Exorcist

I'm liking TV like this!
I'm posting my review after just watching episode one, at this point. So far, so good. My initial reaction is "show me more". I'm buying in because the writing is well done and realistic, characters seem like there's more than meets the eye, the style of it is well done and it looks like they're working with higher production values than typical network TV fare. Lastly, there's real acting talent present. The groundwork for a fuller story line and fleshier characters with a potential for good back stories appears to be laid out nicely accounting for the lengthier format of a series instead of a 2 hour film. The handful of initial scares are being doled out at a slow and steady pace, hopefully as a nice build up for some good possession horror later on and they aren't cheesy either, ending with a surprise twist that had a good hook to it. The makers are definitely flexing their creative, suspense muscles considering censorship limits on network television for language and graphic images. I think the networks are definitely upping the ante as a result of the competitive heat from pay services, i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu also certainly premium cable channels, and I'm glad! The tone is being set and it's definitely hitting the right note for me. I'm settling in for a nice ride and I hope there's no let down at the end; I'd like to finish the series with a resounding "gimme more". We'll see...

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