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Bad Influence

Take off on "The Graduate" with son of a Smothers!
This comedy is a take-off on the classic 1960's movie "The Graduate" - complete with Simon & Garfunkle sounding songs. Dick Smothers Jr., the son of Dick Smothers of The Smothers Brothers, made his adult movie debut in this - and bares all - in a part similar to that which Dustin Hoffman played in the mainstream film. Ona Zee, a porn legend from the 1980s and early '90s, came out of retirement to play the Mrs. Robinson character, known here as Mrs. Wilkinson. In January 2004, at the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, this movie was nominated for "Best Screenplay," and Dick Smothers Jr., for his performance here, was up for "Best Male Newcomer" and "Best Actor." Smothers remained in the business for three years, mostly appearing in movies made by Cash Markman, the writer/director of this, such as "American Sex Idol," "Sex for Sale," "Get Lucky," and "Surreal Sex Life," all of which received Best Sex Comedy nominations at various AVN awards shows between 2004 and 2007.

The Legends of Sex

One of the strangest sex movies ever takes on Lewis & Martin!
This may take some imagination, but try to picture Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, back in their comedy team heyday, as song and dance sex performers. And that's exactly what this movie does! But there's more. It takes place twenty years after the adult movie team of Langley & Martini broke up. Gerry Langley and Dizzy Martini are now trying to bury the hatchet and make a come back, but the kind of dirty movies they did, back in the Golden Era of the 1970s, are long out of style - and so are they, as performers. Interviews with real adult movie legends, like Nina Hartley, Ona Zee, and Buck Adams, treat Langley & Martini as if they really existed, and we see many vintage clips of them doing their schtick from their glory days, all intercut with them as older but not necessarily wiser has-been celebrities. It's a strange premise, and stranger movie, but Steve Austin, doing a dead on Jerry Lewis impression (both young and old), and Herschel Savage, acting very much like Dean Martin, will prove that there is talent out there in Porn Valley.

Swinging in the Rain

Tag line: "All Swinging, All Dancing, All Schtooping!"
The better version of this movie is the director's cut which was released on DVD by Dreamland USA. The movie was shot in February 1997 in just two days on a sound stage in the San Fernando Valley. Sprinklers were extended over the set to create the rain needed for the song and dance finale between Mike Horner and Alexandra Dane. Everyone in the cast does their own singing and there are a half dozen musical numbers. The story was a take-off on the classic "Singing in the Rain," which takes place in the 1920s and is about the making of the first talkie. "Swinging in the Rain" also takes place in the 1920s, but is about the making of the first X rated talkie! At the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, in January 1998, this movie was up for 9 awards, including Best Sex Comedy, Best Screenplay (yes, there is one!), and Best Director. Of all these nominations, no one in the cast was honored for their singing! Cash Markman was singled out by Hustler magazine and named Worst Director of the Decade for doing this movie.

Ginger's Island

Just sit right down and you'll see some tail ...
This movie is actually a take-off on "Gilligan's Island." The cast does a pretty good job - most even look like the mainstream actors they are imitating. Milton Ingley made a return to adult movies to play the slightly overweight "Skipper," and string-bean Mike Horner is cast as his little buddy, "Gideon." Frank Bukkwyd, adult movies most celebrated "non-sex actor" plays the "billionaire," and Nina Hartley appears as his sexually-frustrated wife "Lovie-Poo." The storyline is right out of the 1960's sitcom. Gideon is fishing in the lagoon and reels in a crate. Inside the box: a wide variety of sex toys. And that's when these seven castaways, who "haven't gotten any" in many a moon, start making up for lost time. The critics hated this, but grown-up fans of "Gilligan's Island" may find it to be a bit of a hoot.

XXX Trek: The Final Orgasm

For hardcore Star Trek fans!
Randy Spears is back for his fifth turn as Captain James Quirk, with Mike Horner as Mr. Sperm, the half human/half Horny science officer, close at his side. The costumes and sets are made to look like original Star Trek - just a little bit cheaper. Storyline is a take off on original series episode "The Imuunity Sybdrome." This installment was shot at same time in early 1999 as "Sex Trek: The Man Eater" (AKA "XXX Trek: The Man Eater"). At the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas in January 2000, "Final Orgasm" was nominated as Best Sex Comedy of the Year. More episodes followed in 2007 with same cast, writer and director.

I Spy

Historic series opened numerous doors
"I Spy" cannot be denied its contributions to history, both in television production and the Civil Rights movement. As documented in the book, "I Spy: A History of the Groundbreaking Television Series," this was the first series to cast a black actor opposite a White, with equal status and billing. And, by doing so, Bill Cosby become the first Black to win an Emmy - and he would win three in a row, as Best Lead Actor in a Drama for his work here. During that first year, show business trade magazine Variety wrote that "I Spy" was a "test show," putting NBC southern affiliates "on the spot," and that the series would show "which way the winds were blowing in Dixie." The door swung open in September 1965, and, within one year, black performers were finding regular work with non-stereotypical roles on "Mission: Impossible" and "Star Trek," and, just a couple years after that, being cast as series leads, with equal or greater status than Whites, in shows such as "N.Y.P.D.," "Room 222," and "Julia." TV, and the world, changed that quickly.

"I Spy" was also the first series to shoot around the world, introducing the technology needed to achieve this. And many believe that this is where the "buddy picture" began. Series such as "Starsky & Hutch" and "Miami Vice," and even movies like "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid," certainly took their lead from "I Spy."

This historic series proved that sometimes television can do more than just entertain.

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