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To the Stars

I didn't know what to expect from this movie that I randomly chose on Amazon. Beautiful story about Iris, a small town girl stifled and controlled by her unhappy, unfulfilled mom, and by the petty and narrow minded townsfolk. Then a newcomer, Maggie, arrives, turning Iris' world into something completely unexpected, and welcomed.

Loved the film, the setting, the costumes, the acting. So many great actors in this film. I recommend it.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

I got back on my treadmill
I really enjoyed this movie. Brittany had many layers; I could relate to her insecurities. I found myself cheering for her as she persisted with her goal of running the marathon. I could also relate to Brittany when she felt out of control when her weight was coming back up and she kept checking the scale. She could not accept nor believe that Jern was interested in her. I really liked the end of the movie; surprised that it is based on a real character, true story. I would recommend this movie. It made me get back on the treadmill and run....for the first time since the pandemic started.

Diana: In Her Own Words

The People's Princess
This documentary solidifies what I read in Andrew Morton's book many years ago. One wonders Diana's motivation for bringing out into the public all the intricacies of her private life. I imagine she felt completely alone, and I learned from the film that many in the monarchy blamed her for her failed marriage. This was a way for Diana to be heard. It really does make me look at Charles and the Queen as completely unaware, selfish people who completely disregarded (or didn't care) that Charles was marrying a child who may have needed more time and care to grow into her role as princess. He was too busy swanning off to his lover, Camilla.

In time, Diana was able to find her role in the monarchy: the People's princess. She seemed to have a genuine concern for the downtrodden, the marginalized. She related to them. So sorry that she left us so soon.

The Road to Christmas

My favourite Hallmark Christmas movie
I have been watching this movie every year since its release. Love the premise, although Claire is essentially emotionally cheating on her fiance prior to finding out that he may be gay. Initially I couldn't place Jennifer Grey, she looks so different from her Ferris Bueller and Dirty Dancing days. Plastic surgery. Interesting that her love interest Tom is actually her real-life husband. Filmed in Toronto and Hamilton.


Not Great
This movie could have been made to cater to all audiences, a little less vulgar - the vulgarity and references to casual sex and for example the scene in the car where it looks like Sloan is doing somethin sexual to Jackson didn't add anything to the story or did it make it funnier. I thought Emma Roberts' performance was overdone, cringey. I didn't care about the two main characters, Jackson and Sloan. I didn't really get the premise of a "Holidate", except that they would not need to be subjected to set ups by well-intentioned family, and then, oh no, they got to avoid friends with benefits. "So then what's the point," an astute family member asks Sloan. There were some parts that were ok, I usually like Kristin Chenoweth but again, her character was so overdone it felt forced. In summary, this movie could have been better and a cute Christmas movie if the dialogue and focus were just slightly different.

The Perfect Bride: The Perfect Bride
Episode 1, Season 1

Aerobics Marriage Instructor - Smacks of a Great Movie
Hallmark sure knows how to write 'em. Molly is a marriage counselor/fitness instructor. I think that's all that needs to be said. Oh yes, and she meets the man of her dreams and of course, lots of predictability because it's Hallmark. But a cute movie, and what you would expect.

American Gospel: Christ Alone

Religion's Gospel
First let me say that this movie is highly biased and lumps many different preachers unfairly into one group. The creators and interviewed of this movie certainly do not allow the Bible to get in the way of what they believe.

Todd White, although I do not know much about him, only heard of him through American Gospel, is 100% correct in his assertion that God wants to heal every time. The movie is incorrect when it couples suffering with sickness, claiming that God will purify, humble, cause us to relate to others through sickness. Jesus healed ALL (Acts 10:38). Jesus told us that we, as His discliples would heal the sick. He said we would do greater works, because He would send us the Holy Spirit. He said whatever we asked, in His name, would be done for is. He told us to speak to the mountain and it would be moved. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Even if in our own circumstances we do not see Truth come to pass and the finished work of healing not being manifest in our own lives, do not discount the Truth. God wants all of us well. My condolences to Nabeel Qureshi and his family for his death. The thief took his life. This was not God's will. And yet, this apologist prayed in his hospital bed "God, if healing should not be Your will..." How did he not know that healing is the children's bread?

This movie focused a lot on prosperity. While I do agree that some preachers have not used God's wisdom and have taken advantage of their position by living lavishly, it is not God's will for us to be destitute. John Piper may be arguing that an African living in a tiny village does not need a BMW, but he sure does want God to supply all his needs. Even Jesus had a treasurer. When Jesus said that He had nowhere to lay His head, he meant that this earth was not His home. The reality is that the advancement of the Gospel requires momey. Poverty will not advance the Gospel. Jets and lavish hotels? That's indulgent, of course, and someone may have lost sight of what is truly important. But the truth us found in 3 John 2; "Beloved I wish you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers". God's desire is for us to prosper. Then we can sow back into the Gospel.

When preachers say that man is like God, I don't agree that they are attempting to remove Jesus' deity. Jesus was fully God and fully man. As believers we have the same power that raised Christ from the dead dwelling in our mortal bodies. When we receive Christ we put on Christ. Jesus identified believers as part of Himself. What did He say to Saul on the road to Damascus? "Why do you persecute ME?" And as an aside, the commemt made by the dear Christian lady about the 9 lepers not repenting and believing has nothing to do with the statement of Mark 16:20, confirming the Word with signs following. The signs were there, Jesus healed the 10 lepers, the Word was confirmed.

There is a real problem in the movie's understanding of sovereignty. Does God reign supreme? Yes. Is God in charge? Yes. Does He control everything like we are puppets and he is pulling the strings? Of course not. That's why the Bible says "God does not wish for any to perish." 2 Pet 3:9. The truth is that some do perish when they do not receive the Gospel, which is against His will. It is also true that many think that the terrible things that happen to them are result of God's sovereignty, so instead of resisting the devil and fleeing from him, they lay down and submit to his schemes.

How about the line where someone said "God's goodness is sometimes telling us how bad we really are" Really? I don't remember Jesus EVER doing that. Only, of course, to the religious of the day who were quite happy following the letter of the law in their own strength, but Jesus knew their hearts and called them whitewashed tombs. Jesus had grace for sinners. He loved them. And so what's wrong with evangelism by blessing? Didn't Jesus bless?

As a former Roman Catholic, I was offended by the statement that the Catholics are seeking out the "soft" Christians like Todd White and Rick Warren. Did it ever occur to the creators of this movie that some Catholics may actually be Christian? I was. I believed that Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead to save me. Many Catholics do. The problem with the church is this: we separate ourselves from denominations that don't believe as we do and we make the church weak. Do we believe that Jesus was the Son of God, died, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day to save us from our sins? Then that is what is most important and we should work together and leave the other disagreements out of it. That is what is fundamentally wrong with this movie.

There is so much more I could say about this movie, created by Christians who think they have to "save" people from the American Gospel. Might I submit to you that there is only one Gospel with the power to save. And save in the Greek means Sozo which is translated to deliver, to heal, to provide and to prosper. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness. And ALL these things shall be added unto you". Jesus + 0=Everything

Mrs. Fletcher

Here's My Old-Fashioned Slanted Review🙄
I have so many thoughts about this short series. I enjoyed it, I didn't think it needed to be as explicit as it was, at times I found it distracting from the story. I understand that the obsession Eve had with pornography was meant to be funny at some points in the story; I find it sad that her life was reduced to the online porn, and her resorting to watching porn at home alone every night. I didn't feel that she gained anything by having thatbone night stand with the stranger. I actually think they portrayed her disappointment well while she was beyomd the point of no return with that man. I'm supposing at the end when Eve does have her encounter with Julian and Amanda that she feels she has arrived; for me, and maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think there is something to be said for letting Julian go. She was the adult in that relationship, and she didn't need to let their relationship go beyond a friendship. How would she have felt if Brendan ended up with one of her friends?

A lot of reviews are really negative toward Brendan, and I agree that he is portrayed as the loud-mouth, obnoxious, popular jock of high school, who coincidentally knows Julian, and doesn't treat him nicely, ever. He seems to only know one way to treat women, and he "gets his" when his friend punches him during their encounter (rightly so), but I can't help thinking that young men of this age have learned this behaviour from hours and hours and hours of watching porn, and getting aggressive with their "real life" encounters is the only way they can climax, unfortunately. Watching his hook ups frankly made me very sad, because I think this is the new reality for young people, thanks to pornography, and I think young women would be wise to rethink all the free love being thrown around like it's a handshake. As an aside, I truly felt sorry for Julian when his idiot father came to visit, because there was absolutely no consideration paid to Julian by his dad. To me, his father's visit to college was just a way of having a fun weekend away from home with his new wife and newer, autistic son. "You got this". How would you know, Dad? Did you bother to ask your son? It broke my heart when Julian asked why he liked his new son better than him. But I guess that is the reality of blended families. The kids ultimately suffer at the hands of their parents' whims.

And finally, Eve and her three way. I couldn't help but think, wow, so wrong. This kid you're sleeping with, he's a child. You should know better. And Amanda being that sexually free only means that there's something huge thats missing in her life.

Almost Christmas

Long and Forgettable
I don't know why this movie left me feeling that something was missing. The acting was good, the plot was alright, and yet it seemed disjointed and "off". I was thinking about other movies that I've watched that have a similar theme: dysfunctional family gets together for a holiday - like Holiday Engagement, with Shelley Long. That was a t.v. movieI, and it was delightful, and my family watches it every year. Almost Christmas was tedious; I could barely get through it. I'm surprised by that as it starred Danny Glover, and JB Smoove. Disappointing.


I remember Waco and the tragedy of how many lives were lost. Watching this series, it struck how anti-government the bias was. They portrayed David Koresh as quite "normal", as far as cult leaders go. In doing some research on Waco now, you hear clips of him screaming at his congregation, calling them stupid idiots. He slept with the senior citizen who was running the compound in a power play to take over Mt Carmel instead of it being left to her son. He had sex and married children as young as 11 years old. They portrayed the group as a lovely bunch. That's not how it was. There was systemic abuse in Waco, and many of the followers were also guilty of that. The ATF were called in because there were reports of grenades being delivered to the compound, and semi-automatic weapons being changed into automatic weapons without proper approval by the government. Koresh was a classic sociopath. He cared about his needs, and he loved the power. They did not portray that in the series well.

ATF and FBI admit they made mistakes during the siege and the standoff. It's inexcusable as innocent lives were lost. Children. I think the errors of the government were played up in the series while the craziness going on in the Branch Davidian compound was played down. Perry Jones essentially gave his under age daughter to Koresh because he was the prophet, and because he asked for her. You don't need to hear from God to know that's ass backwards.

Driving with Selvi

Very Inspiring
Loved this story. Selvi has a quiet strength, able to endure betrayal from family and the misfortunes that befall a young girl living in India to find a second chance at life.


We All Knew a Tracey Flick
I think this movie captured the classic stereotypes: overachiever, jock, sexually confused and troubled teen. I so wanted Tracey Flick to get hers-- I guess the movie tried to show that nobody's perfect, and life isn't always fair.

The Wrong Patient

Wow this was bad
This was really bad. What a stupid premise. The patient didn't look anything like the plastic surgeon. At the end of the movie why did the villain switch to a gun instead of using the perfume? She would have killed the plastic surgeon. The acting was next-level bad. Really, really, bad movie.

The Office

Ricky Gervais Never Disappoints
The Office is simple genius. Subtly done, and great development of characters. You want to hate David Brent, and you can't help cheering at the end when he finally has some luck in love. And all the stereotypical things that are part of what makes an office are in there. I binge watched the two seasons. I loved Tim and Dawn. And Gareth. It's such a good series. I can't really compare it to the US version. I love that as well, but I have to say I love this more. Ricky Gervais is a writing genius. Somehow the comedy is so happy, and it evokes so much more emotion than that. Please watch it!


Ricky Gervais doesn't get enough credit
I binge watched through the series in a matter of days. I laughed and cried all through. What a beautifully written story about everyday people who make a profound difference in the simplest of ways: showing that others matter, they are valued, they have worth, acceptance, friendship, love. I love you, Ricky Gervais. Beautiful.

Mommy's Little Princess

This is Really a Movie
Wow. I'm so glad my Canadian tax dollars are paying for a production like this. The story sounds good at the start: abused child goes into care, she is troubled, gets adopted by a supportive family. She is more troubled than anyone can guess. She almost murders her camp counselor, almost causes fatal anaphylaxis to a fellow camper, and her mom thinks it's best if they have a frappuccino before she takes her to the police station. Why do Canadian productions always feel satirical? Acting was alright, the dialogue at times was super cringey. The whole story was exceptionally unbelievable. There were times where we couldn't stop laughing it was that bad.

Little Women

I Fell Asleep
I remember reading the book forty years ago and vaguely remember the story. In the movie, I did fall asleep as the story moved so slowly. There were times that the dialogue went nowhere and I kept checking my phone as time felt that it stood still. Timothee Chalamet did not seem like the obvious choice for Laurie. He did not fit with Saoirse Ronan, in my opinion. I really didn't care about the story, as I had no idea where it was going. And the most annoying part was the flashbacks every five minutes, eliminating any shred of continuity. Wait, no, the most annoying part were the actors talking straight at the camera. I don't recommend this movie ever. Just read the book.

The Green Mile

Amazing Film
What an outstanding performance by Michael Duncan Clark. So sad to hear of his passing. He should have won the Oscar for this performance. Tom Hanks great as always and the rest of the supporting cast, especially Sam Rockwell and the actor who played villain Percy. What a story. I was gripped the whole time. Never wanted to watch it up to now because I knew it would be sad. But wow. So worth it to watch. I cried and cried.

Psycho Wedding Crasher

Soooo Bad
That my daughter walked in near the end of the movie and asked if this was a skit from a comedy show she thought it was a parody. Acting was horrible, plot was ridiculous, I don't have words.

Erin Brockovich

Must see
Julia Robert's and Albert Finney do a wonderful job in this real-life story. I've watched it many times and highly recommend it.


Canadiana indie; recognized the pharmacist and the dad (they're ubiquitous in Canadian productions). Interesting story. Great acting by main character and sweet romance played out with caring neighbour. I actually didn't see where the story was going; thought it was clever.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The Real Fred Roger's Movie
Came home from watching A Beauriful Day in the Neighborhood feeling cheated and learning very little about the man, Fred Rogers. Thankfully, found this documentary and I am glad I did. What a special man he was. Makes me want to be a better person.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Movie About Lloyd Vogel
I'm giving this movie 7 instead of 5 or 6 simply because of Tom Hanks. Fred Rogers' life would have been so interesting to make into a film. His childhood, his being bullied, his college years, becoming a minister, going into television, his personal life. Instead, the film is about an angry fictitious journalist who must write a piece on Fred Rogers. The movie was slow, and weird. I saw more than one person sleeping in the theatre. I left the movie not knowing much more about Fred Rogers. This was a disappointment, weirdly made. Apart from Tom Hanks' performance I don't know what the hype is about

I'm Going to Break Your Heart

I was interested in watching because this couple has a history in the Canadian music scene. I found the whole thing indulgent and frankly, a bit of a head scratcher. Are there no real problems with these two? Speaking rudely? Being dismissive or abrupt? Wow. I'm confused. Is this a way to promote a new album?

Liked one of the songs, "I can change".

Interesting to learn about St. Pierre. That's what I got out of this film.

Christmas in the Wild

I really like Rob Lowe and the movie was cute. It was more like a Hallmark movie so it was quite predictable. Beautiful scenes, important message about endangered elephants. Liked the Christmas in Africa scenes.

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