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Perfect Couples

Best TV show of the decade!
Found this show on Channel 4 and got into it right away. The writing is very sharp and the characters are perfectly cast. It is the best observational comedy that I have seen this decade, maybe ever.

The episodes are all very strong and the characters so likable that it seems like the writes don't even need to give their characters lines. The characters simply generate comedy. Julia has given me 2 out of my all time top five 'laughter' moments in television history. Rex, Vance, and Dave all have amazing moments. Leigh is very amusing. The one minor criticism that I find when watching the show is that Amy doesn't seem to be very likable. However, I have often found that a show needs one character that isn't entirely likable for the show to work.

I can't believe it was cancelled mid season as I felt that the characters were so strong that the show could run and run. So thank you to the writers, the actors, and anyone else involved in the making of the show for creating a comedy that has truly made my wife and I love TV again!

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