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Carter High

Not a good movie, Period
Gave this a 3, maybe a TV movie. Carter has had a couple WAY better movies. This one is TERRIBLE. B acting overall, story a mess, not sure what these other reviewers watched, but don't waste your time on this one. There is a reason why this movie didn't even make 150k, its just a TV movie at best. We have seen this concept plenty of times in better movies. Or just watch the TV series Friday Night Lights. That covers all of this and MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Or the Program, or Facing the Giants or When the Game stands Tall. I know this touches on a very specific event but its a common theme and done so commonly that there is nothing special about this movie at all.


Great horror
I watch a lot of horror and its my favorite genre. This one does like the other review states, start like other recent ones that have failed to work. This one is outstanding and gave me multiple frights, goosebumps and actually got scared, which I never get scared. Excorcist and poltergeist was the best ones back in the day for me that worked well, this one is up there in my top 5 for scare factor for sure. It takes a little to get into it but great middle, great end, Definitely give this one a chance, way way way better then expected. They did it right, the first person recording type poltergeist type theme, all the way to the ending. Great acting, good writing, a 10 for sure. Do not miss this one if you like horror films. Scary films, not the blood and guts kind but the creepy style, this one is up there on the creepy, could be real type side of horror.

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