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Young Royals

Why is this SO GOOD?!
I don't want to put pressure or false expectation on the viewing experience of those who have not seen this series yet. BUT... this is about the most flawless coming-of-age series ever. This first season is so great that I am afraid for how the next season is going to turn out.

Here is my remarks:
  • Surprisingly good acting from the young casts, especially Edvin Ryding (as Wilhelm).

  • Refreshing writing style, for those audiences who are kind of fed up with US writing styles (aka me).

  • Great character building. Every character has layers that are not forcefully presented.

  • *chef kiss* Production.

All of those, and there's a beautiful and pure love story that captures my heart. I am happy that I found this precious story.

Assassin's Creed

Much Better Than Expected. Waiting for Sequel.
I didn't play the game, and before watching the movie I have realized that it was deemed as "boring". However, I am glad I watched it. I LIKE IT! for: - Not being "cheap" action movie. - Not having "so much explanation", yet, comprehensible enough. For a person who just knows a little about the game, I need to research to understand deeper, however, the movie excited me to do so. - Good action scenes that were simplified and well-executed. I love the fighting style. - Superb acting of the casts (Fassbender and Cotillard did the movie justice). - No "cheesy" moments (for me). Thus, I really want to see the sequel (if any), and hope it would not be modified to please the haters.

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