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The House Where Evil Dwells

The Shining Remixed?
After watching this movie I had to ask myself was this a rip-off of the shining? They are too similar in content. Here we have a couple with a child he's a writer, and they move into a new place (a house in Japan that was gotten cheaply due to it supposedly being haunted) where the fun begins (Sound Familiar?) The house IS haunted and the spirits like to posess the occupants. With all thats going on the husband won't leave the house until he finishes his writing (Talk about putting work ahead of the family). I imagine if your into "any" haunted movie this will be a pleasure for you, but their are no scares to be had in this in my opinion. Although I wont go into detail I will say the ending was un-expected.

The Incredible Torture Show

Sick Gross And Absolutly Revolting I Love It!
If you enjoy a movie full of weird, sick and revolting content this is the one to watch! I absolutly love this movie. No their isnt any vampires in it (Although it does have similarities) but it is filled with sadistic, gross, torturistic images sure to satisfy any vampiristic desires..

Think of it as a sideshow of the grotesque for that is how I view it. If I had to point out the shortfalls in the movie I would say the ending although ok, could have been better and at times the content moves along rather slow but once it gets going you will love it..

In a strange way it reminds me of the "suicide club" segment in the "Nighttrain To Terror" movie.. You find yourself anticipating the next scene. Is this movie sick? Depends on the viewer and their outlook. I would say it was great grotesque entertainment..

The Last Man on Earth

Excellent Movie For Its Time
This is a great movie for those who love to use their imagination over special effects. I dont know why it seems to have such negative reviews here? Apparently others liked it since "The Omega Man" with charles heston was based on this movie!

Some sort of illness is going around which is deadly but once dead the dead come back to life. Vincent is indeed the last man on earth and the zombies try to get in every night. I absolutly love this story but if your one of those who wants spectacular visuals and special effects galore you will be highly disappointed. However if you are one that loves a great storyline and ghoulish movies then this one is for you. It is in black and white but, arent all the great horror movies?

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