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Bouquet of Barbed Wire

This was the very first TV drama I'd ever seen. I remember watching it on TV as my marriage disintegrated about me. so, now, whenever I see or hear a reference to this TV series, I get a huge "flashback"reminding me of all the things I lived thru' back then. And isn't this a nostalgic series? I must admit, that even though 70's TV is generally horrific( esp. American sitcoms) British TV managed to "hold its own". This means you (one) can watch "BOUQUET OF BARBED WIRE" without cringing. I'd welcome comments from like-minded viewers of old Brit-Drama series. Cheers( and to see Susan Penhaligon in Emmerdale in Australia, thanks to Austar/ cable TV is brill...!!) and looking forward to hearing from you "watching re-runs of "A GOOD LIFE" is almost "heaven on a stick", n'est-ce-pas?

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