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Blue Jay

Unexpctedly good!
I saw this film thinking its other Blue Jay 2016. I don't know much about another movie too other than it has Mark Duplass so kinda waited for him throughout the film. But before I realized it the other movie I was hooked. It's a nice little movie made with heart. Totally good if you want good Sunday afternoon thriller. Nothing great but not bad at all. Thriller for trekkers and hikers. The climax is not very impact full but its descent. Anyways in thrillers, good climax add additional start in the review. In this case it is just descent. Watch it if you like slow thrillers. acting is good too. Just don't go with your potential girlfriend /boyfriend ;)


in tamasha imitiaz ali does better than what he does best..
..seriously. i mean, if Bollywood film making is science, imtiaz ali would be the leading researcher who is inventing new things which will catch up in mainstream few years in future. i was luckily free to watch the first day first show of this film so i grabbed it as i i was sure about me liking this film. having liked all previous imtiaz ali films i gave this film a blind shot. the film was engaging from first moment till last, also to the audience who just came for a paisa wasool (bang for a buck) spoon feeding. but as it progresses i could sense that this would one of those films which i am going to watch multiple times. the film is extremely well written. it seems like instead of getting tired with more drafts imtiaz gets kicks out of them. the writer (imitiaz only) purely romanced with script, makes it multiple watch. of course the result of that is all good things happened in film like acting. actors normally shine through roles written in such films and every actors has done that effortlessly. film has fast paced narrative style jumping back and forth. many things to say, but for people who are going through meaningless career, tamasha touches a personal chord. tamasha is absolutely must watch for them. so is for imtiaz alis fans. and all those who wonder about the what kind of tamasha our lives are!


pure fun with really good concept and great special effects
i had to write this review..looking at the ratings above.

this is the movie which brings back your childhood. it may not be very smart for avid cinema viewer still great concept for anyone who loves comedy, sandler and funny concepts.

pixels is must watch if you want break from your pacey life and pretentious smart media consumption we are currently bombarded with.

give it a try.

don't miss it if you played pacman type video games in your childhood. and if you like adam sandler movies.

and just follow the IMDb ratings for this one.

Karamati Coat

before internet i thought i lost this movie forever
i was very small when i saw this movie on TV. it was aired back to back for few days on a channel. i remember talking about this movie in schools with my friends. i remember its song 'raghu saab' maybe because it was my 1st ever fantasy children movie with realistic touch which came because of low budget maybe but any way it worked on my generation. at least on those who got to see this. i am rating this movie just on the basis of nostalgia and going to watch it again. i just remember its about a boy who finds a kind of a magical coat which does what..well i am not going to reveal here. but sure i am gonna like it again. perfect movie for kids.


Bollywood's fight-club
earlier when Bollywood used to have limited budget, technicians, etc actors used to be the captain of the ship. this one has the one of the most capable actors of last few decades. thought i would like to encourage people to watch this film because of mehul kumar. this guy had a vision and it shows with every frame. its a full entertainment riot. Bollywood's fight club. it made me think for days when i 1st saw it when i was hardly 10. see it to believe in one man revolution. look it for acting, direction, story possibly every basic thing you can expect from a great film. surprisingly it has some funky music which was super-hit at that time and even today it will entertain you with lyrics. finally, this one is not for a miss.

Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai

fresh, funny, full of life, Korean apple
this is a typical Korean romcom with fresh touch. its amazing how Koreans implement their kick ass super funny ideas in pg13 movie. of course it changes its course to drama in middle and before it starts boring you it gets back on track. direction and story are great, acting is nice, and overall feel of the movie is such that it after seeing it, it doesn't go into regular Korean romcom category. it stands out of it with a distinctly new spark. recommended for every teenager. love, friendship, life, and being cool n stupid at the same time. even if you don't like Korean cinema or bored of watching similar once this movie has some fresh offerings. watch it with your best friend on a Sunday.

Rebel Without a Cause

"you are tearing me APP....ART!"
i am a English movie fan but haven't watched much of old films. my range is mostly movies from late 90s till date. rarely i watch movies of 50s to 70s with proper ratings and all other researching. but this film caught me when i was completely open.

i have a theory that 1999 was the best year for Hollywood as many of my favorites, all time favorites, long term no 1 movies are from this year containing matrix and fight club which changed my life forever. when i watched fight club on and half years back after that no movie moved me like this one. i was so much moved by it that no other movie seems to had similar effect on me. obviously every time after watching a good movie failing to touch me deep inside i researched for movie similar to fight club. recently while checking Wikipedia of fight club i found this movie many people found similar to fight club.

i downloaded it without checking anything and saw. this will never replace fight club for me but now this movie has its own place. what a timeless masterpiece. as down looking as fight club and high on content and acting at the same time. hardly we find movies this entertaining made on social issues of particular time.

time to meet fathers of film making. 50s let me see what you have.


Barfi will no more only mean the Indian peoples favorite sweet
1st of all if you like south Korean romantic comedies you will figure out the influences. talking about influences there are so many. many scenes remind us of Charlie Chaplin even use of background music. but like in contest once was taken to find out who can act similar to Charlie Chaplin, he himself came 3rd, this movie take the influences and pushes the limits.

but don't let your hopes very high. this movie can be watched best when you expect nothing more than genuine entertainment. it amazes us with the perfection at all levels and genres this movie serves. watch this movie as a child. this movie makes our understanding of love more mature unless you have experienced the exact same story in your life.

one of those movies of which its casts, director, the team and probably the nation will be proud of for many decades.

must see for everyone, whatever mood you are in. just give it a try.

Waiting for Forever

in my hard drive forever.
i would have never seen this movie because of its ratings here. but the lead actress has the face very similar to girl i liked secretly for last 19 months. i searched for Rachael Bronson movies after i saw her in jumper. and waiting for forever seemed perfect.

it really moved me in spite of having similar character as me having his own reasons for the similar situation he had in movie as me. maybe because its the magical touch of the director to the character that he is so likable even if haven't really achieved anything in (traditional sense) in life to tell others. its similar to the our idiot brother feel but in most romantic way so more likable.

even people in the small roles are likable. i am keeping this movie in my hard drive forever for you know what occasion ;)

watch it with you loved once and don't miss it if you have an awesome love story of your own with your partner.


thank god Chris Evans is casted in this one
because Chris Evans is casted in puncture i saw it. its not that i am a very big fan of his but the subject of the movie is exactly the opposite of my current mood. after watching 12 continuous Korean romantic comedies thank god i dared to watch this movie.

i am not gonna talk about film-making here but the guy who made difference and saving millions of lives every year worldwide is portrayed in very unexpected manner. and its surprisingly true story. its one of that story of a guy who silently changes the world for his own reason.

watch it if you like to know about world changers.

Front of the Class

you just cant dislike this movie.
i have been checking IMDb since a long time and i am a member too. matrix was on number 1 in my favorite movie list for 4 years and now its fight club and i always suggested my friends and everyone to watch those. i always wanted to review them on IMDb but just kept thinking what to write and now i am writing my 1st review here for front of the class and its so easy because you know what there is simply nothing you cant like except you are not in a right mood and so many thing from acting, direction to simplicity in story and attachment we develop with character that you like in this movie.

its an awesome feel good inspirational movie for everyone and perfect for those who are depressed in their lives. my gift for all my friends on their birthdays and to those who are reading this review and planning to watch.

genuinely recommended.

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