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  • Disappointing, no clear characters, odd casting. Harley Quinn's outfit is as not as sexy as her appearance in Suicide Squad
  • Harley Quinn is so lively and makes this movie so live and colorful, she is very sexy and funny at the same time. I watch this movie over and over again because of sexy Harley Quinn
  • This SciFi series shown excellent plot twist and also the very realistic nature disaster scenes, real SciFi gadgets that makes really make senses for the technology not far from our future now. This SciFi series shows how important the Family bond in solving many problems together, family is number one.
  • Discovery provides a very elegant and sweet cover to the era of USS Enterprise. Cast Captain Pike is very authoritative and gives us a deeper understanding of this very important character leading to the era of the legendary Captain Kirk

    The music composition at the end of Season 2 makes me sobbed in tears, with a very beautiful music composition, combining modern music composition and classic song Star Trek

    I really hope Captain Chris Pike's character can be given a more important role in the upcoming story before entering the era of Captain Kirk

    So far, I believe the action and the science in Discovery is represents Gene Roddenberry's vision of Star Trek original.

    Only 1 minor, I don't like the Gay/homosexual character Stamets and Culber. The rest I give 9 point but for the Gay story side that's dragging down the scores

    One more thing, don't focus only on Michael Burnham! This is STAR TREK not a Michael Burnham TREK!
  • Me and my wife watched together, we laughinh together. I can learn some new things for our relationship. Very good movie
  • "I still see you", actually have a unique story plot and good scenario. But the cast selection is not appropriate. supposedly the main cast that matches the main character role as 16 years old teenager is Chloe Grace Moretz or Malina Weissman.

    If the Producer or Movie Director wants to accentuate Bella Thorne, this film should not be given a PG-13 rating, the story plot must be changed a little, not teenagers aged 16 years but 19 or 20 years old and show Bella Thorne's sexuality side, make this film rated Rated R, that's precisely will make the Director more able to explore and freely express. Maybe the rating of this movie could be higher
  • In this bad film, the Church is described as very evil and corrupt, even though the Church participated in the crusade because it wanted to liberate Jerusalem so that pilgrims had the right to visit Jerusalem. Very bad acting from the characters, absurd storylines and very unreasonable actions
  • In the beginning, Sandra Bullock doesn't want to become a mother and really hard to the kids. During the time, she became a passionate mother and really love the kids. Very lovely
  • You will waste 312 minutes of your life when you watching this movie. This is garbage and very bad movie I had ever watch
  • We and friends are big fans of Marvel series like Dare Devil. But when we saw the first episode of this Titans, this series will greatly promise exciting shows.

    The fight choreography are hard and fast. Very realistic as a typical martial arts teaching of Batman. Robin, should not be arrogant, he has no identity without Batman. Dick Grayson will only become a homeless person without the meaning of life if there was no Bruce Wayne in his life.

    Robin must repent and make peace with Batman in Season 2
  • Great Christmas movie, very touching and lovely. It's good to have lovely Christmas with Family
  • This horror film is not a film that is compared with serious horror films such as MATA BATIN, or MEREKA YANG TAK TERLIHAT, or Jailangkung. This Suzzana film is aimed at selling the nostalgia of the past in 1980 era.

    In this movie, setting items ranging from cars, kitchen utensils, extinct President Taxi, all reminded of the past of the 80 era that triumphed with national films.

    Honestly, I watched with family because of the star Luna Maya. Then, hope this film evokes memories of the 80th era national comedy horror film. Unfortunately, the director did not use the momentum of smart comedy in the middle of the film. When the helpers left the village due to fear, the acting of Asri Welas and Opi Kumis was actually good. The director should dig deeper into this intelligent situation comedy by exploring the appearance of Suzzana in front of the villagers, for example by buying raw Sate 200 with raw, or appearing to villagers with slapstick comedy cuteness before going back into the serious and scary scenes.

    The director is carelesst and less able to take advantage of the spooky and comedy momentum that became the mainstay of Suzzana films and Indonesian horror films in the era of the 80s.
  • The film depicts the real life of the biggest living statesman of the Republic of Indonesia, living legends, all of whose actions are solely thinking of the poor, who are marginalized, helping the small people who are acted upon by the authorities, Ahok is a great statesman in this is being imprisoned for being defamed by the Islamic blasphemy. The Indonesian state is threatened to be divided by radicalism and intolerance. The film teaches how should the wise nature of manners and tolerance live in this country.
  • There are two major weaknesses of this film. First, the Blood of Jesus Christ in the container of relic. Every Christian who has read the Bible knows that when Jesus Christ was arrested, tortured and crucified by the Roman Empire, all disciples of Jesus' followers fled in fear. Around the Cross of Jesus Christ, were Roman soldiers who ridiculed him, and the Pharisees who were grudgingly against Jesus Christ, and Mary the weak mother of Jesus was frightened by John the melancholic disciple of Jesus. No person at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus who thought could accommodate or take the blood of Jesus. When the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, no one believed that Lord Jesus Christ would rise and rule over Satan and death. When Jesus died on the cross, the devil and all the political enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ thought they had won. No one thinks that the Power of Jesus' Blood defeats the devil.

    When the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, He died of blood. Out of blood from being tortured by Roman Empire soldiers. The Lord Jesus Christ ran out of blood when the whole body of the wound was whipped, lifted the cross, and then hung on the cross for 3 hours. That is the original idea of the death penalty on the cross, that prisoners will die of blood when crucified. This is evidenced by the Bible record, that when the Lord Jesus Christ died, the Roman army thrust the spear into his stomach which came out was no longer fresh blood, but blood mixed with water, which indicated that Jesus Christ had died, the cause was run out of blood. Second thing: The Pastor figure who should have the power to do an exorcism, just screaming in panic when there was a demon attack. There is no spiritual authority displayed in this Pastor's figure.

    This film is very weak in terms of spirituality. The director and screenwriter did not know the process of exorcism and the power of the priest's ritual. If the film director wants to make a Pastor's character against Satan, watch The RITE movie first, which is based on a true story.

    The NUN film is only good in terms of cinematography because of Romanian nature and monastery buildings that are spooky, but the scenario is very bad and the story is too weak
  • I grew up as teenager in 1980's and I knew Wiro Sableng character from the novels. When I watch this movie it feels nostalgic to remember the memories of adolescence. The opposite for my teenage son, who grew up with Marvel comic characters, Batman v Superman movie, and Avengers films with super sophisticated CGI techniques, they were rather unable to enjoy this film.

    This Wiro Sableng film is very extraordinary in terms of artistic, camera system, lighting, and the natural beauty presented. However, the scenario is a lot of holes and deficiencies in terms of building character to be recognized by laypeople who do not know the characters in the novel Wiro Sableng.

    Don't expect too much to introduce the character of Wiro Sableng's stories to the international world, many Indonesian teenagers alone do not fully understand the characters displayed in this Wiro Sableng film. The uniqueness of Wiro Sableng's combat skills and Wiro's inner sanctum identity search should be explored in depth.

    Wiro Sableng movie Director is supposed to learn from the movie director "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" movie which was able to make the lay audience understand the deep character and the complicated storyline without having to read the book's own story. Another example is the SWORDSMAN film in the 1990s played by Jet Li. Although ordinary audiences never read the original novel, the audience understood the names of the characters and the greatness of the characters through the Swordsman story.

    Many lay audience who have never read Wiro Sableng's story are confused with many characters that appear because of "being forced" to appear in a very limited /short of time, without explanation of the background of the characters and the background history/review of the greatness of each character's combat skills.

    I am very proud that Indonesian films can cooperate with international film distributors. Screenwriters and directors should be able to display more in-depth information about the uniqueness of the character with the perspective of a new audience who have never heard of the story of Wiro Sableng.

    Most viewers who are able to be fascinated by this film are people who already understand the story of Wiro Sableng. But for lay audiences and teenagers who have never known the novel character Wiro Sableng will be confused with the appearance of characters which are explained in the novel but there is no explanation in the film so that the unique characters in the novel only appear very shallow and as if only a supplementary figures.

    I hope a lot from this Wiro Sableng's Film producer. Hopefully, if the sequel will be made, it can involve international class actors such as Iko Uwais or Joe Taslim. The movie director needs to learn a lot from the movie director: TSUI HARK in terms of storytelling techniques; or learn from William Kong; Hsu Li-kong; Ang Lee when they make "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" movie.